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Thread: Clearance Multi Tool with flexible shaft
19/09/2016 11:27:21

I had a very similar LIDL/Aldi item - also recommended on this forum, as it happens, a few years ago - but that one has almost breathed it's last

The flex shaft is an absolute godsend in tight situations - a steal at this price.

It's a collett rather than a chuck fitting, which would be preferable, but at this price I guess that's to be expected


Edited By IanN on 19/09/2016 11:38:17

19/09/2016 08:34:33

Lots of this range of Power Tools in clearance at the moment, but this dremel type multi tool - complete with flexible shaft nb - looks good for our needs at £16.93


Thread: How to reattach rear fuselage
17/09/2016 12:33:51
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 17/09/2016 09:03:40:
I know that it is very tempting to add all sorts of reinforcement. ............................................... Its your call clearly, but in my view all a load of cloth, carbon and resin is going to do is add weight to the back end!


+1 for that. Don't build in unnecessary strong points. All that will happen is that the next breakage will be right next to that point

I had a tail come adrift from the rear end of a sports model ( a Super Air, I think). Rather than be content with just gluing it back into it's seat, I added a couple of small external balsa triangular fillets and - for good measure - put a dowel each side of the fin down through the tailplane into the fus.

Result? Next time I had an "arrival" there was no way that tailplane was going to simply "pop off" again, so what happened? The whole fus snapped just in front of the tail assembly. Doh!

There used to be a saying. Every time you have a crash, look at everything that DIDN'T break and next time make it lighter

Edited By IanN on 17/09/2016 12:34:30

Thread: going back to glow
15/09/2016 12:38:16

Horses for courses

The explosion in nos of petrol engines in recent years has probably been due to the cheapness of the entry level stuff - DLE30 etc - which got a lot of peeps into models "the next size up" for very reasonable money

Yes, some have had problems with petrol power - but then, so do others with electric or glow

Plenty are happy with petrol and will stick with it but I think some regression back to larger glows is perfectly natural. Flyers decide they like the larger models they have become used to, but have come to realise they also need to buy or fabricate additional silencing, sometimes iso mounts, plus make provision for the vibration etc. All of a sudden that petrol engine isn't as cheap as it first appeared, and involves a bit of extra work. Then, when you come to the next engine purchase you start thinking "actually, with hindsight, a bigger glow is a perfectly reasonable alternative after all"

Thread: Durafly Excalibur
14/09/2016 15:05:56
Posted by MattyB on 14/09/2016 10:39:47:
Warning - Marketing-speak alert... wink
Forged by a King in a distant realm, the legendary Excalibur is here.

Makes you wonder what additional feats Arthur might have achieved if Excalibur did indeed have

"a whopping 3542 800kv Aerostar brushless outrunner motor"

installed up front. No H&S police around in those days to say "Now, Arthur, be sure you take the prop of before you start waving that sword at people, otherwise it could be VERY dangerous"

Thread: ammo box
07/09/2016 12:36:56
Posted by Barrie Dav 2 on 07/09/2016 08:14:59:

If you store your lipo batteries all together, in a box for example, and one 'goes whoof'' don't you think that that may set the others off too?? Seems logical to me....

Well, unless you store all your LiPos with a very good margin of separation - probably requires more space than most of us have - then if one does indeed go "whoof", then (unless you get to it very quickly) the resultant fire will likely spread so quickly that the rest will all go up anyway

Most incidents occur due to user error - boxes, bags etc buy you a little time if that were to occur. Nothing more

Thread: LMA Much Marcle
05/09/2016 07:30:25

Ah, would have said hello if I'd realised. I wouldn't worry re the landing. Conditions were a bit breezy and bumpy, we saw plenty worse, and for some of us "a bit messy" counts as quite a good landing providing the model is still in one peice wink

04/09/2016 23:06:50

Was that your Rothmans Stampe flying with N.T.'s Tiger Moth towards the end of the afternoon, then?

04/09/2016 21:09:26

A very enjoyable Sunday at Much Marcle today, plenty of variety

Does anyone know what size / scale / origin the multiple Fokker DR-1s were - the Flair kit design perhaps?

02/09/2016 22:26:00

Yep the LMA forum lists the traders - copied and pasted below .....

I'll be going Sunday, meeting with Dad and hopefully an uncle and a cousin or two. Much Marcle is one of my favourites. Usually has a great programme and a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Not one of the biggest shows, but all the better for that imo

UPDATED 29/08/16

A B Military
Als Hobbies
Balsa Cabin
Cambrian Model Co
DB Sport & Scale Ltd
De Maniss UK Ltd
Esoaring Gadgets UK
Falcon Aviation
Flying Tech ltd
Grabit Adhesives
Kingfisher Aviation
Lena's Books & Toys
Liquid Weld
Microaces Ltd
Midlands Air Ambulance
Model Technics Ltd
Old English Sweets
Peak Tools
Puffin Models Ltd
R C Heliguru
Real Model Pilots
Southern Modelcraft
SSD Sunglasses
The Drone Worx
Turbine Solutions
W E Models

Thread: Model shop - Al's Hobbies
01/09/2016 20:35:18
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 01/09/2016 19:42:23:

Al's have closed at least two shops in the past,

As have a huge no of other retailers, large and small, in recent years to survive, adapt, and progress as economic circumstances change

31/08/2016 17:07:44

Als in MK (actually, Wolverton) is indeed very helpful. I can (just about, if I get a move on) get there and back in my lunch break from work, and that's baled me out a few times when I've been in urgent need of something or other.

Anyone planning on going out of their way to make a special visit may want to be aware that the shop isn't huge and that the range - in some areas - is a little idiosyncratic. For example engine mounts are, bar just one or two items, almost exclusively AlsZone own brand, so if its a direct replacement for e.g. a SLEC or RadioActive etc item that you need then you're likely to be out of luck. They also didn't used to stock snakes - none at all - although I now see there are now a small no on the website.

That isn't a criticism, just an observation - peeps can always phone ahead and check any particular requirements. For my part, I always find it impossible to go in without lingering over the vintage kits that are always on display in the left hand window at the entrance. Pure nostalgia!

Edited By IanN on 31/08/2016 17:08:28

Thread: Airlander 10 makes an unexpected method of landing
24/08/2016 15:41:22

A lot gentler than some of our crashes smiley

Thread: diesel fuel tank
22/08/2016 20:48:22

I flew an aileron/elevator model powered by a PAW 1.5 fed from an old Keil Kraft type team race tank - basically, a rectangular tin box with the fuel feed pipe going to the rear at the bottom - and it was fine. Looped and rolled without so much as a burp

Thread: Wire tricycle undercart.
19/08/2016 12:23:11
Posted by Martin Harris on 19/08/2016 11:18:26:

Length of piano wire and a vice?

We never did anything else, back in the day smiley

If this were me I'd bend up the main legs myself, and buy a coil sprung noseleg - there's bound to be one that's close enough to do the job from the plethora available in LMS's and on the net

Thread: LIPO charging bags - are they any use ?
18/08/2016 10:21:09
Posted by John F on 18/08/2016 08:03:54:

If we really were talking about a "what if" moment why do we not have fireproof bags for mobile phones, laptops, cordless drills etc? They are known to catch fire, so why not them too?

To my mind lipos are safe and you don't need a fireproof bag especially if you consider the safety precautions that you should consider with all battery charging; don't charge a damaged battery, charge at the correct rate and don't leave them unattended.

Because there are more variables and therefore more potential for getting it wrong with our r/c use LiPos then there are with your lap top or phone. Those generally use a wall wart type charger with no ability to select the wrong battery type, or charge rate, or change the settings, or plug it in the wrong way round, or introduce other bits of kit into the equation (parallel charging e.g) etc etc

I don't use one, but I charge all mine outside as a result of an incident when one "spat" at me. Turned out the balance lead socket was shorted on a parallel charge board. Melted the balance lead to one of the three packs that were connected. The pack didn't catch fire but once experienced, never forgotten.

Statistically, incidents are very rare indeed v the nos of LiPos in use, but statistics are of zero comfort if you are the one that the very rare incident happens to. A medical procedure may be 99.9% safe but if you happen to be the unfortunate one in a thousand who dies on the operating table then you are 100% dead .....

I totally agree that LiPos are inherently safe. Bags provide a bit of leeway if you make a mistake

Thread: Caption Competition!
15/08/2016 14:57:23

Wots Wot demonstrates it's tremendous low speed handling on a back yard low puss

Thread: Are all aeromodellers aviation enthusiasts?
15/08/2016 10:53:52
Posted by Terry Walters on 15/08/2016 10:40:02:

Anything that flies except wasps and hornets!

Exactly, but add pigeons to that

Thread: Easy Built PBY Catalina a 20 year wait is over
14/08/2016 20:33:13

I saw a full size Catalina at close quarters once. I was doing my PPL at Redbird Airport (now known as Dallas Executive), Texas, when one landed and taxied across the apron right in front of us. Even the most grizzled and cynical of our instructors rushed out to watch it.

One of our group of students had a scary moment when he unwisely taxied behind it, just as it ran its engines up, and the Tomahawk was in serious danger of getting blown over until someone got word to the tower to alert the Cat's crew and the danger passed. Happy days!

Looking forwards to seeing this one finished smiley

Thread: Fuel proofing for diesels
11/08/2016 10:44:53

This is c 35 years old, original covering, still good. Wing covered in bog standard solarfilm, no additional fuel proofing to the film - just over the transfers.

The key is not to let any fuel - neat or exhaust - lie on the film for any length of time. That said, I would think twice before using it in the engine bay area. For that I would probably, as suggested above, use one of the Polyester based products


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