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Thread: What's flying over your house
22/04/2020 17:02:16

Just a short while ago there were three heavies inbound, two to LHR and one to LGW, non-UK airlines originating from Jeddah, Instanbul, and Algiers.

Seems to me if you think we are being protected by flights not taking place you are wrong, as this sort of traffic has been taking place throughout, inc regular flights to and from Pakistan, Dohah, Singapore, various mainland China, etc, etc.

There were also quite a few GA around today doing what appeared to be non-essential flying, inc circuits and bumps.

What conclusion is to be made? Follow the money.

Thread: Aldi 3d printer
23/11/2018 07:08:12
Posted by Jason Channing on 22/11/2018 23:29:18:

things that are dangerously wrong with the Anet..

If anyone is set on purchasing an ANET, please read all the Internet information on it.

It can be a fine printer, but it is not by reputation and report an out of the box "bolt together and run" solution, and might require attention inc careful safety risk assessment and attention with modding that an uninformed first time newbie is ill equipped to recognise and provide. This of course adds extra cost.

A problem with all 3D printers is that they are ssslllllllooooooooowwwww, and no-one is going to be by one for 8 hours or more. And they have highly heated areas and flammable materials, so if things go awry badly, or parts are suspect or assembled poorly, the results can be catastrophic. Used carefully they are a good addition to a modellers tools.

23/11/2018 06:50:07

If you want to test the waters on 3D printing then the Fabrikator II Mini from HKing is a decent ready to go start. Yes, it's "only" 100x100, but it has a small footprint for desktop use and despite having a Prusa Mk3 I still use it, and both are used several times every week. Parts over size can usually be cut to sections if you have to print larger, though many items are within that size.

The only mods that improve the Fab II Mini is to make a magnetic flexible bed sheet so parts can be MUCH more easily removed. Not the place here to elaborate, but its quite easy. The other mod is to add an internal LED strip to make viewing easier.

Thread: DX7 - Mixing issue?
22/11/2018 21:19:53

OH, and the DX7 involved is the earliest possible one (they both are). One was given to me with no antenna cover and now sports a pen top!!

22/11/2018 21:17:15

Thanks Gents. The mix John was exactly what I had done, so that bit wasn't me.

What WAS me (though I don't know how) was that somehow or other the Aileron dual rate was set to 0%.............


22/11/2018 11:36:28

I rarely have to wrestle a Spektrum TX these days and I'm stuck!

I have to hand a couple of "Whoover" micro hovercraft using quad parts that came from old NanoQX quads. The FC board cannot be programmed. I have a couple of DX7 and a DX6i spare.

I want the steering on the right stick (aileron) but the quad "steering" is on the Rudder channel so left stick along with throttle. I'd prefer the rudder stick to be disabled too if possible so it does NOT affect steering, so the Tx operates like a two stick two channel car Tx.

Easy Eh? Just do a Mix, like I have done on Taranis and Horus with no problems. Let's say just to do the two DX7 so only dealing with one type. Well, NO, I have not been able to do it so far.

It has to be me, so how can it be achieved please?

Thread: What's flying over your house
04/09/2018 16:37:54

Last night a Chinook heading into Central London. Woka Woka Woka.........................

Today, a perfect equal both legs (as heading dead into wind) large formation of Canada Geese.

Thread: TDF 2018
18/07/2018 17:38:08

Watched it.................. agreed.................... wink

Thread: What's flying over your house
13/07/2018 11:17:06

Two Gunships two mins ago right over my house heading north.

04/07/2018 08:02:24
Posted by Ron Gray on 04/07/2018 07:32:53:

Talking of Ospreys, have you seen them at night with rotor tip lights? The first time I saw one was when I was driving home and suddenly I saw these two big green circles and red flashing lights crossing in front of me. I was somewhat unnerved until I realised what it was!

No, but put "Osprey at Night" into google for loads of pics.............................

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
03/07/2018 15:43:27

Correct on the tiny code BEB, but the second page heads in large red triangle and flags in big yellow Tag as referring to Digital Subscriptions and online. I did not want Digital nor did I order online.

I followed the printed order form, filling out the required sections, all of them.

Please look again, Where on that form should you put the code? Where does it state you MUST put the code ON THE FORM?

I sent in a copy of the published order form, they had ALL the data required.

03/07/2018 14:22:41

This is the reply received (with minimal clipping)

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your recent email.

Our records show your renewal/order was submitted to us via a discounted offer and does not include a gift.

Please allow me explain why this must have happened. In the subscription advertisement within our magazine it gave you an offer "Quote Code" to use when placing your subscription order either by phone on online. This code needed to be used at the time you entered your online order, as the gift offer's are exclusive to our readers and as such are only promoted within the magazine as not on our website, our website does however offer discounted subscriptions prices to all of our publications as many of our readers prefer to chose this option.

When you placed your subscription, unfortunately you did not use the promotional offer code as directed within the advertisement and instead you selected our discounted offer, as I confirmed previously this offer does not entitle you to a gift therefore no gift was generated to be sent to you, if the correct code had been used when placing your order this would have generated the gift.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If there is anything else that I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For and on behalf of RCME

And this is my reply back:-


I have the two page original magazine advert in front of me. Vol 61, No5, May 2018.

  1. There is NO “Quote Code” mentioned to be able to state ON EITHER PAGE.
  2. At no point does it state it is only for direct magazine applicants.
  3. It states for a Print Subscription I should receive a “Free Overlander Aluminium Transmitter Case” and the line is given a single asterisk qualification, which in the small print ONLY limits the offer to UK Subscribers. I am.
  4. IN ANY EVENT, you are stating that I paid online or by phone and failed to state the code when ordering – this is BLATANTLY INCORRECT as I ordered on a photocopy of the order page (to avoid defacing the magazine and retain a copy) AND I PAID BY CHEQUE No 11947 on Nat West. This was posted to yourselves. I have that payment recorded on my account.

NOT my error, your records are wrong, please advise your actions to correct.

Only a LITTLE upset..............................

02/07/2018 18:22:58

As the second paper edition of my subscription (arranged 4th MAY) arrived today, and still no sign of accompanying "deal" item (Metal Case), I went back to my paperwork, to the dawning realisation that this may be due to the confirmation wording saying "renewal", a nuance that had escaped me at the time. (I'm obviously far too trusting)

Remembering the now locked thread here from 2014, a sense of concerned Deja Vu ensued.

My subscription was NOT a renewal. (Certainly there will not be another!)

I have sent Email to the required address, so this post is information only, and I'll unlikely be here to see reply, so no need to bother.

Thread: What's flying over your house
26/03/2018 18:46:38


26/03/2018 18:44:49


Thread: Electric Cars.
21/03/2018 20:33:59

If you have limited time, come in around 3m 20s or so.....................

Edited By Dave Bran on 21/03/2018 20:35:03

21/03/2018 20:32:04
Posted by Cuban8 on 21/03/2018 10:05:06:

Another issue is 'cat's eyes' or rather the lack of them! I notice that it's become a habit to often not reinstate CEs when some minor roads are resurfaced. A two mile stretch of winding country road has succumbed to this near my home. Where they are replaced after roadworks, they appear to be of inferior quality and for some reason fail within a matter of a few months and are then just left dark.

This is because we have allowed private vehicles to "grow" so they are unable to keep to the left of them or fit half the available road space.

Thread: Soaked In Fuel Removal
19/03/2018 17:30:47

I'm another talcum powder and patience man, my wife even went and bought me a huge scentless puffer bottle, so I would not get strange looks when in the pits.................................. I keep all rubber bands in a contained with some and shake well after use, bands last FAR longer.

Thread: Electric Cars.
15/03/2018 18:10:55

Teething Trouble 2....................................


In this case the car was speeding by report.

15/03/2018 18:05:09

So, lets assemble what we can from that incident.

The road which was being altered and was lane restricted was subject to a low 60k limit. It's unlikely the woman driver was speeding?

The car hit a barrier, no other vehicle involved, yet immolated completely, and the fire crew found it "difficult" to put out. Unsurprising when the batteries are buried underfloor.

Since its unclear when out is really out, there is a strong probability that emergency services are going to be slow to clear away such incidents (after all if it was YOUR tow away lorry would YOU load it on and fan it down the road?)

Deep joy...................

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