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Thread: Electric Cars.
21/01/2018 15:19:02

You mean are we burning enough energy to make and fuel power stations and the extra infrastructure to be able to charge the cars that will save a little energy while running??

Thread: Club subs payment methods
20/01/2018 12:14:23

Club 1

BACS, Email when done. Only notify on changes. Easy no hassle, Treasurer loves simplicity.

Club 2

BACS, Email when done.Only notify on Changes. Easy no hassle, Treasurer loves simplicity.

Club 3

Payment expected by Cheque, anything else frowned on, have to fill out large form reconfirming all details EVERY time even if no changes. Have to provide hard copy of BMFA (which in itself is a concession as formerly you had to send original for it to be returned!) Form payment boxes do not allow for cost reduction of already having BMFA. Unable to cope with people who have more than one active EMail address. All membership comms have to be Snail Mail.

Thread: FMS Typhoon
19/01/2018 21:15:52

Subscribed................Want One............................. wink

Thread: S6r Rx downloads
19/01/2018 10:06:47
Posted by trebor on 18/01/2018 18:41:17:

I have a Taranis x9d+ but looking at the firmware downloads there is 4 versions to chose from, on the tool downloads there is also 4 versions to chose from, could someone tell me which ones I need or do I need all versions ?

As with all FrSky (and other makes) firmware alterable receivers, the firmware they are running must pair (match) with the firmware version used in the Transmitter.

You have a Taranis, but what RF section firmware is it running?

Turn on, long press on Menu, then page to "Version" screen.

It could for example be on wordwide (also from history called FAA) or it could be on Euro or on Euro LBT (The current standard for UK). This apart from versions of each as each is updated to add features or eliminate bugs found in use. Yes, you want in principle the latest, but it has to be able to pair with the Tx.

If you don't want to update your Transmitter (and possibkly/probably any other receivers in use), check what version of firmware is being used in it, then match any Rx firmware to it.

It is not FrSky's fault they now have to provide differing versions for Europe than elsewhere. Legally, if you have pre-Euro in your Transmitter from before the Euro legislation dates you do not HAVE to change to Euro. Who would know or care is a differing matter!

Thread: My Charger, a Vislero A6 will not read the batteries correctly.
19/01/2018 08:45:12

Further, Gens-Ace of the age of yours have a history of high impedance/internal resistance failure, they look OK, they appear to charge OK, but try getting current out of them for more than seconds!

I have some Loong-Max Tipple still in use, but they are old now and in your case, four years unused is unlikely to have helped them.

Get them on another known working charger, there must be someone nearby who can help.

19/01/2018 08:36:25

Firstly, I'm a little surprised that chipset is being used in a charger that has auto battery type sensing, they do not normally include that option.

Also usually that chipset not only is manual battery type choice, but also manual battery choice between LiPo balance and non-balance charge. Suggests to me the maker was pushing the thing harder than most case packagers.

Secondly, there is easily found info from enough users on the Internet which suggests this charger has a habit of failing to "Current Error". (And with some dating back ages with no solution found)

For the price of a charger of that similar amount of features, I'd bin it before it bit me.

Thread: Mig 29 Colour schemes
18/01/2018 05:42:04

Now if you want REAL distinction twixt up and down...............................


Edited By Dave Bran on 18/01/2018 05:44:43

18/01/2018 05:39:33

Your call, your plane, but presuming you posted for comment, it's not one I would have chosen if I needed orientation beyond the damn great fins as top and bottom are fairly close and at scale sizes the black and white "animal camo" will just look grey, not distinct enough. There are a LOT of schemes other than "winter washout" to choose from if you need the help.

Having said that, I have a '29, only a foamie, in std winter soviet scheme, and its not really any problem even at boundary range. Just don't think that the B&W "tiger" will help as I'm sure it won't.

Thread: Flummoxed?????
10/01/2018 12:07:47
Posted by Peter Miller on 10/01/2018 11:00:41:

Quite frankly I should put your Part Kit aside and invest in a good kit with good instructions. THis will be more expensive but will guide you through the construction step by step and give you a good basis for your next model


Thread: Rc delta undercarriage
09/01/2018 18:30:30

Does it have a rudder or rudders?

Thread: Kittyhawk ruined?
04/01/2018 19:34:11

Expect an ARTF to follow...............................after all, if a real one is finished like that they MUST have been real.

I'm with PatMc.

I worked for some time in a Museum recreating the 1920-1930 period. A "new" period correct Fire Station was to be built, so plans were submitted to council but rejected until a pitch roof was added " because people looking down on it would be upset".

EVERY station of that size and period in that county was flat roofed.

ONE farmhouse could be said to overlook the site (if trees were cut down to gain view).

Sanity never prevailed and it was built with pitched roof, so now all visitors likely think they had pitched roofs.

I know of someone who destroyed the original exquisitely patterned and lettered cut and etched glass on a vehicle awaiting rebuild to be able to claim it was a London bus rather than a Brighton one, worth more you see!! Nice resto, totally inaccurate.

Does it matter? I say yes, but in the case of that plane, its not ours, or in our country, and we have SO many cases of self sown idiocy here when it comes to preservation/historical accuracy I do not feel we have ANY right to comment so aggressively!

I emitted a quiet "tut tut" (not Tutt) and wandered's always best.

Thread: Scammer warning
02/01/2018 16:23:39

You have named two people in the title, only one in the text. You may be really angry, but be careful who you defame.

I assume you paid PayPal "friends", or you'd have a decent claim with them, if of course you have the documentation to match your statement?

Thread: Unable to connect to transmitter after downloading software
01/01/2018 07:39:53
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 31/12/2017 22:31:56:
Posted by Andy48 on 31/12/2017 18:24:13:

There is an easy way to overcome this error without having to copy everything on the SD Card. .....At the botton is the highlighted version file. Open it with something like notepad and change the version number to the one expected. Resave the file, job done and no more error messages.

Bet you cheated at school too cheeky

And got caught when something was altered in the file set to come along and hit you later...................................

31/12/2017 17:03:15
Posted by PatMc on 31/12/2017 15:32:20:

I don't think that the control, timers & several other options available on the DX8 or DX9 would suit me. Do they give verbal info & can they be programmed conveniently via an app ?

1. yes 2. They are perfectly easily set up on the Tx.

(I'm a big FrSky fan, but there is nothing wrong with Spektrums onboard setup system)

31/12/2017 17:00:00
Posted by Brian Anderson 2 on 31/12/2017 16:36:26:

Ok so latest on this problem. I am using a Taranis x7. I have put in a new 32gb class 10 SD card. I now have the amber sound pack working ok. Everything seems to work on the models. But when I turn on the transmitter I still get this error message. " SD Card warning expected version 2.2V0013 press any key". Can anyone help resolve this issue please.

The Tx firmware has to match the SD card contents, they do not automatically "pair".

31/12/2017 16:58:38

Oh Dear Oh Dear.

Since I use a DX6i, Dx7 (2), DX9, Futaba 6EX (2), Futaba 10CG, FlySky FS-i6, Frsky Taranis and two Horus, (and a lot of legacy 35, 40 and 27MHz) maybe I have a less Partisan (Biased?) view than some here. (Tee Hee) cheeky

IF you upgrade PROPERLY and SENSIBLY, you FIRST look at the listed offered improvements and bug fixes, and decide if they are "for you" and warrant the time and trouble. Or do you blindly "upgrade" not knowing what in hells name you are getting?

You know, like buying a new car when the old one is good for tens if not hundreds of thousands of miles yet! laugh

Many years ago I inherited a JR 35MHz Tx. The menu system was a travesty, it was easier to change Mode than it was to change Model! Now that desperately needed "upgrade", but that was then and no change was possible.

As an example closer to date, the DX6i was released with a bug in Elevon mixing, and its still there, since updating was not part of the Tx design at that time.

Your choice!

BTW, I laughed like a drain when Spektrum (Horizon Hobbies) did an update to give a Multirotor model type, just as Blade (Horizon Hobbies) decided to base all their issued MRs on the Airplane model!!! You could not make it up...........................wink

31/12/2017 06:04:13

"from tx-org" ???

Thread: Never been known to be silent for this long?
29/12/2017 07:09:56

Possibly "aloof" might be a little harsh?

Aloof - not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant.

Hopefully he's somewhere with good weather and friends................

Thread: Pulled or pushed ?
29/12/2017 07:04:58

I have it on good authority the fuel doesn't care.....................wink

Thread: Servo chatter & buzz - HK Raven 990 DLG
28/12/2017 12:04:13

Firstly, nearly all my HobbyKing sourced ARTF are running with the originally supplied servos, despite LOTS of use, some of it five years plus. This includes some very fast and very nervous/aerobatic machines putting high loading on them. There simply in my extensive experience is NO hard on link between HK ARTF and poor servos across all their output. What if anything they do not do is QC bought in product before sale well enough.

The Gening servos I mention above as rubbish were sold to me by a reputable respected UK seller along with foam glider plane kits.

Reminds of many years ago when I bought a multi charger lead that when I checked before use was shorted! When it went to the suppliers "warranty checker" the reply to seller, copied to me, said "this product was so bad it could have been made by DYS" (DYS at the time were selling lots of budget servos via UK sellers, ones I had tested and rejected long before)

What I do is to release links and check the hinging is not too stiff and work it manually for a while, part slitting if really required on the thicker foam hinge lines. I then set the throws/end points so no end binding and run monitor on the Tx for at least ten mins per servo (NOT a servo cycler which usually over travels surfaces)

With regard screw type wire ends (EZGrip, etc), I have many in use over more than ten years. I do not use threadlock and have NEVER EVER had one loosen, though that does not stop me checking under the assembly checks and maintenance that many seem not to do. To "ban" screw type fixings blanket fashion is "safety overkill". NO system is free from the need for checks.

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