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Thread: Opinion's
06/07/2007 20:39:00
I'm going to do a smaller EP version of the CorroRoo delta...with folded box correx fus rather than drainpipe.

Have been given a pack of translucent 2mm correx, so would be rude not to..... :-))

Thread: Hand Launching
05/07/2007 22:33:00
Thanks Guys, Useful info......

Just got back from two long days doing the Shell Eco Challenge with 18 kids....but will investigate your comments further a.s.a.p........

For now, bed beckons.............

Thread: Opinion's
02/07/2007 08:44:00
SPADS are usually driver error.........

Oh, you don't mean Signal Passed At Danger???


Anything being thrown in the air, especially with a whirry thing on the front, has the capacity for danger, why should any one material type be inherently a much greater concern???

It's down to the person wot built it to mantle it up proper like...........or it'll dismantle itself pretty pronto.........

Surely the BMFA doesn't need specific rules ??

Oh, BTW, my chocolate Tea-Pot works perfectly, thanks..but then I only drink iced tea........




Thread: EPP Models
02/07/2007 08:22:00
Zooot aloress, Moi EPP est totalie non rough dead slipperie, danke mainsewer, but, and est une grand but, moi cannot hand launch it no mores as ist keeps falling dans the terra from moi's appennage....


(useful thread as I'm planning an EPP scale parkflyer!!)

Thread: Hand Launching
01/07/2007 06:35:00
Just realised I have somehow managed to get myself two identities....... (I have to operate from two places, so two computers, but I thought I'd just set up the existing account on the second one, clearly not......).

This is not intentional and I'll resolve it a.s.a.p. (Embarrassed grin)
01/07/2007 06:30:00
Thanks for reply Scott.

I'm assuming Ultrafly is :-

and the plane is :-

FW 190

as there are others using Ultrafly name, but these are the only ones listing a FW190.

It comes with motor, and looks very good, being all balsa.

What spec items are you using? Does it have power to fly off hand without any active "chuck"??

Edited By Chris Card - Moderator on 23/07/2010 07:20:40

Thread: Futaba 6 EXP 2.4
30/06/2007 07:03:00
Small point slightly off topic but raised above.......It IS policy to train pupils to adjust trims while in flight, so they know where they are, how they work, can reach them without looking, and can therefore set up their own planes.

So I DO when beyond the basics and ONLY AFTER a ground demo give an out of trim plane to pupils so they have to re-adjust it to proper flight cannot do that on the ground, and it's a essential part of learning to fly RC successfully.


Thread: Toy Pilots
29/06/2007 19:55:00
"Model" planes also doing real work should include Target Drones.

I go with the "if its a model of a real world article, it needs a pilot/driver/etc", but if its a model model (like most 3D planes or helicopters) it might as well be pilotless...but to me it still does not look right to have NO cockpit or an obviously gapingly empty I use and prefer the "dark tint" canopy, which hides the body count absence nicely!!

Thread: Futaba 6 EXP 2.4
29/06/2007 19:16:00

Thanks! I have two 35MHz 6EX's, the early "pot" flap one and the later "switch" type (as 2.4 variant).

These are used either way round on Buddy no probs.

I want to make next one a 2.4, but cannot transfer if Buddy not fully operable.

I have also been told by LMS that Futaba buddy system is more than just use of pots, as the digital trims are also used, enabling a pupil to be handed an "out of trim" model to make him/her trim it, while the instructor has a trimmed master ready to save the model.....

So, again as I understand it, yes, the "Trainee" TX does not need a crystal, but as I understand it, it does have to be switched on.


29/06/2007 18:02:00
Thanks for that.

Just to cross a few t's and dot a few i's...

Have you actually used the 2.4 TX with a 35MHz in buddy mode??........and both ways round??

Reason for asking as my LMS guys state it will not work, and they are pretty experienced people, who people listen to.........including up to now me!!

Also to reinforce that this site could be useful to ensure we are not being ripped off. Tell us where guys and how much, and if you got good service!!!
Thread: Brian Taylor Plans
23/03/2007 20:43:00
It desperately needs "last in" posts at top, too, my scroll wheels wearing out already!!

Prosynth?..........I have a Yamaha doesn't smell as far as I know....but it does make some awful noises.

I'm no better at Music than Flying....

That's why I like the Tempest and the Sea Fury, they LOOK like they can take punishment (and they did)

SEE, kept it on topic...just.......

No knowledge of X-Twins?? Errr, have you been away......did HM make you an offer you could not refuse?? :-))

I use them for a club for 11 year olds.......the next generation of flyers.......modified so the TX gives steering thrust on the right stick, they are nothing short of brilliant.

Got them for 15 each in the great Maplins giveaway, an absolute steal.......great fun.......

23/03/2007 17:57:00
Quote "Any body else want to come out?"

I have six X-Twins...........

THERE, I feel better now............... ;-))

This forum desperately needs smilies, insert pictures, remote links, etc...then I could see what is being talked of and what's being achieved/built........something like:-

A nice big electric powered Tempest V sounds really attractive, but not before the Sea Fury......

Yes, there's another one with a Sea Fury fetish................

Ah, No 5 X-Twin has charged up, got to go........
Thread: Looking for a brushless heli'
22/03/2007 09:17:00

Me too.........exactly my "want"

Have Medevac, Mk 1 Bell, and Twister CP.......

Need to be able to also fly outdoors in more wind than above stud offer, basically......and also would like it to look more "real world" if poss.......
Thread: Futaba 6EXA
18/03/2007 08:53:00
Have the recent 6EXAP.

Feeling my way with it, but here's my initial view.

I LIKE the feel, and the model memory function seems pretty good. (Set up for two so far)

The settings programming is OK, no more, not that intuative.

I HATE the absence of clear battery state lights, the difficult to see at a glance visual and almost inaudible "warning" is pure rubbish and a BIG issue....... FIX IT FUTABA!!!
Thread: Pick a Plane: shortlist
18/03/2007 08:42:00
Beaufighter (Electric Power)
Hurricane (Electric Power)
Hellcat (Electric Power)

Is there a theme???? ;-)
Thread: Simulators
07/03/2007 18:06:00
Bear in mind the Electrofun is 3 Channel but the TX with it is 2 Channel plus all or nothing throttle switch...the ESC IS full proportional, so I got the LMS to swap the receiver (I installed it) for a cheap 35MHz........and I used a 6EX Futaba TX.......and just to suit myself, I run it with Rudder on the Aileron stick, so you do have to waggle the right hand stick in both planes.......don't flinch, works for me.. ;-)

Point I was making was that if you "fly" everything in the Sim, the differences on a real model will not seems any issue.

Good Luck......

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