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Thread: Calypso Contest 3m
21/10/2020 19:39:24

Hi Martin, thanks for the further advice.

just remembered a friends son is a Math teacher, so asked the question 6degrees for a length of 75 cm. what is the vertical height from the horizontal.

Answer: 7.839634745074011

So Guess l will go for 8cm block 👍👍🤣🤣

Thanks again everyone for your input

21/10/2020 18:10:43

Many thanks Martin, l do have the plan and sketch of the Chamfering of the carbon fibre sections top and bottom of the spar . However the sketch only seems to indicate a Chamfer of an inch or so, maybe 2” maximum and like a previous jcomment it looked a bit iffy as a reinforcement joint.

So l think the answer is to do that chamfer joint and then reinforce with tapered layers out to about 6”. I will then glass the entire wing.

most important on your plan( and what l wanted to know ) was the dihedral angle.

My plan does not have a figure in degrees below the sketch, so you have wonderfully answered my fundamental question 👌👌

So that will be 6 degrees with one wing flat on the board.

Just thinking out loud..... 6 degrees itself difficult to see when joining a wing.

the inner wing panels are 75 cm in length, so if l draw a line out at 6 degrees on my plan from a horizontal line and then measure 75cm l will have a measurement down to the horizontal line of x cm or mm and use that for a block to hold up the wing🤔🤔🤔

l am sure some clever math person could work it out on paper but not me 🤣🤣.

please do tell me l am on the right track here. I want to do justice to the build.

thanks for all your responses

21/10/2020 15:09:21

Thanks Matty. Try as l may l just cannot transfer the photos in my IPhone album into this site.

l have no problem sending by email or WhatsApp etc and a Google search tells me they will be in jpeg.

when l next see my son in law he might be able to help since far more IT than me.

Anyway although the Model was advertised as aContest, the legend on the plan reads,

Calypso Sport: A high Performance F3B Sport plane and:

Caypso Racer: A high Performance Aerobatic Saiplane

By Model Technology 1992

The plan is dated Issue 7 : 01-12-92, although the model was shipped to purchaser on 02-09-92.

yes had planned to glass the wings.

How far out would you go in layering from central join - 6” either side sufficient ???

21/10/2020 12:12:34

Thanks Matt, that helps. I actually have 8 wing panels , 4 make up the the 3m span wing and the other 4 the 3.3 m wing. I am told the 3m was generally for Slope and 3.3 for flat field. I only intend making the 3m wing at present for Slope.

l have taken photos on my iPhone but when l click on the camera icon on this reply it says no photo albums found so l do not know how to attach on this site

my email is

if you would be kind enough to email me l will send my pictures via email and we can discuss further.

21/10/2020 08:43:02

I was able to contact Mike Shellim but he no longer has the model or plans so could not assist me

So still need assistance if anyone can help . Thanks.

20/10/2020 18:02:40

Thanks for the reply. I saw this review when l was researching the Model for best information. How would l contact Mike Shellim ??


20/10/2020 16:31:43

Hi, l have just purchased this elderly Kit ,still in original box and as good as the day it was manufactured in 1992. Plan is dated 1992 and original Royal Mail label to purchaser is September 1992. !!!!

Comes with both the 3m and 3.3m set of wings. Research informs me the 2 inner panels are joined with dihedral. The plan however gives no dihedral amount/ angle The outer wing panels fit on straight to the inner panel.

if someone has this model could they kindly tell me the height of one inner panel at the end with the other panel flat, so l have a dihedral amount to work to.

Also there is no dihedral spar to fit and equally no holes in the root ribs to take any spar. One can see however the sanded ends of carbon and wooden spars built into the blue foam cut wings.

would it be strong enough just to epoxy the root ribs of the inner panels together with say 30 minutes epoxy.

Any Information/ advice much appreciated

Thread: Rx AR8010T
29/08/2019 18:30:13

I have just purchased the above 8 channel Rx. There are however 11 ports.

On row one the first port is Bind. However why is this there when the binding is undertaken by the bind button on top of the Rx. I have just used the button and bound it to my JR Tx, so no necessity to use this port. Can it be used for something else??

The second Port is marked SRXL but the instruction manual says nothing about this. What is this for ??!

Any explanation appreciated.

Thread: Servo size
05/04/2019 18:05:51

Thanks Martin for your contribution.

problem now solved.

l have been pursuing my research and decided to relax and catch up with the March RCM&E magazine.

l decided to read first the Simon Cocker Silent Wings column.

For those who do not know Simon is the Slope soaring Guru especially on large Sailplanes.

On page 80 he comments on some new Servo mounts and says

” I use mainly Hitech HS5245 and Hitech HS7954H standard size servos in the wings of 1/3 scale sailplane projects”

I think the 5245 will do fine for me at about £26 each

If good enough for Mr Cocker , good enough for me.

Job done 👌👌😎😎

05/04/2019 09:24:18

Thanks for replies. I was just aware that with a Floaty flat field electric glider there was not a huge force on a servo so a simple Standard would be fine.

But with a large Glass Sailplane the Dynamic forces are much greater and did not want to run the risk of stripping gears. I seem to recall an article in RCM& E some time ago on Choosing the correct size Servo but blowed if l can find it.

As to Nigel’s question the Airtron leads have ‘Open ‘ pin connections, 2 are quite close together the third is perhaps 2 spaces further apart, on a small block

Clearly would not fit a Spectrum Rx and l do not fancy trying to fit new plugs!!

04/04/2019 19:57:21

Continuing the refurb of this 3.75m Discus type Glider for Slope.

l have just removed some very old Servos..... anyone heard of Airtron.???

l will be replacing all servos.

Rudder,Elevator, Airbrake and Aileron

Airbrake needs one servo, pull push from servo in fuselage and same for Aileron

The controls are built into wing so no wing servos.

So that is 4 servos in total.

Normally l would go for 5/6 Kg/cm on smaller gliders.

Not having had a glider of this size would you consider this sufficient or do l need to go bigger?

Any recommendation for servos greatly appreciated.

Thread: Taping Aileron and Elevator
04/04/2019 12:14:45

Many thanks to all for advice and the last picture.

That is the way l have taped before, so good to know using correct method.

Decided to go with taping first. Just cleaned all taping area with Alcohol and have applied 3mtape.

Looks the business and do not see it going anywhere soon.

If any subsequent issues will try the pin method.

Happy Gliding

03/04/2019 19:07:34

The leading edge of Ailreons and Elevator are angled at about 40 degrees.

So normal hinges no good. Guess l could use Pin hinges but never used them myself.

Any help here how to fit. The drilling of trailing edge of wing and leading edge of aileron would need to be very accurate!!!!!!

03/04/2019 18:04:38

Another Glider project. I am putting together a large pre owned Glider for Slope.

l doubt it has ever flown. Not sure of Model, but of Discus type.

l can just see part of an old label in Fuselage which is Multiplex.

Each wing is 180cm with built in air brake and aileron, so no servos in wing and large under-camber aero foil.

Ailerions are750mm long and Elevator 650mm.

l want to tape ailerons and Elevator rather than use hinges.

In the past on smaller gliders l have used 3m type cellotape.

Any recommendation please for taping this size model

Thread: RCM Pelican Grace
02/04/2019 09:28:37

I am refurbing this 2.7 m Glider. I have no Instruction sheet.

l have made a C of G calculation which comes out at 62mm from L E. at wing root

The wing root cord is 230mm, so approx. 27%

Just seems a little forward but could be correct and will need a fair bit of Pb to balance

If any one has this Glider could you tell me the Manufacturer Cof G , or where yours balances.

Always reassuring to know for a maiden flight

Many thanks

Thread: Setting up for Flaps
02/04/2019 09:17:31

Thanks John . Will do.

01/04/2019 19:10:56

Just a follow up.

Does anyone know who manufactured the Pelican Grace 2.7m Glider.

l have done a Cof G Calc, which comes out at 62 mm from LE on a cord of 230 mm, so about 27%.

Will need a fair bit of Pb to balance so just wondering if anyone has this Glider, and could tell me the Manufacturer figure for C of G.

Otherwise would you more experienced Glider Guys think 27% about right.

many thanks

29/03/2019 18:32:31

Just to bring this blog to a conclusion.

Many many thanks to all who responded.

l have certainly learnt a lot about programming following all the links.!

A particular thanks to John Lee for the video which is very informative.

The prize however goes to Flyin Brian who sent me a link for a set up.

it was an easy written Instruction sheet dealing with a full 7 house Glider set up for the JR. and best of all works 👌👌.

The Power of such Forums is amazing

Thanks again to everyone

Geoff , A happy Glider boy and looking foreword to maiden flight.

28/03/2019 10:29:06

Hi Martin, thanks for input. Just working my way through the various suggested options.

Pretty Happy my Rx set up ,as set out in original Blog ,is good.This seems to be the same for the Spectrum DX Rx’s which makes sense since we both operate on Spectrum technology.

looking at various Dx set up blogs /U tube videos the problem l have is that the Screen system and set up program

method is very different ,so l cannot follow that program method.

The more modern DX system looks so much easier to use !!!

It seems obvious to me l am just missing one simple matter to get the Flaps working in the Tx set up but at the moment l still cannot find it.

will persevere.

27/03/2019 19:08:38

Hi John. Sorry to be stupid but what is PM my Address and how do l do it !🤔. Thank you for your interest and offer.


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