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Thread: New Spektrum NX range
25/11/2020 12:05:18

David you mention in an earlier post that you corresponded with Horizon Hobbies (Spektrum) Germany in German.

Might you consider taking another look at the Multiplex 'Cockpit'? I know you were put off by a bad report but 'one swallow doesn't make a summer' (or vice versa probably!). There are lots of German language reviews / tutorials, (English ones too!) plus a technical forum to answer your questions. Worth another look for a radio you may find fits your desire for a simple radio. You can set the menu to French should you desire too.

Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
25/11/2020 11:14:01

As a digital subscriber, is there a best way e.g. method, settings on printer etc. for printing out specific articles for reference?

For example: The October Issue featured a review describing operation etc. of a 4-MAX ESC programming card.

Having obtained one of these, I wished to refer to the article as well as the 4-MAX instructions whilst setting the item up.

Similarly, I may be building a model that has been reviewed in RCME and wish to have the article to hand and perhaps avoid a pitfall the reviewer discovered in his build and so on.

It's all well and good having the PC or tablet alongside, assuming that is practical, but a paper copy on the work bench is much easier. It's less risky to the electronic item too i.e. electronics and glue, paints not to mention balsa dust in the works!)

Thread: The Advent Prize Draw is returning!
24/11/2020 20:02:03


Thread: BMFA kick backs/discounts for clubs
16/11/2020 10:24:14

C8 do you have a link please? Tried searching the BMFA site and all I get is AGM motor info !!!!

Thread: platform migration plans, a 'heads-up' for everyone
11/11/2020 17:58:49

Appreciating we have many a very qualified and successful IT folk here, a plea from a mere mortal. Please run the new program / format by a few lay persons. Far too often those wonderful instruction manuals and programs that come with IT technology (insert device here), are complete gobbledygook to the ordinary end user.

Thread: Covering Materials Availability-Alternatives
11/11/2020 13:11:07

Although I have not had occasion to try, laminating film e.g. 'Doculam', (various thickness available), may be a way forward. For traditional fans, tissue may be applied over this for a robust and more durable finish.

This requires paint application in a colour of your choice plus the adhesive e.g. 'Cover Grip'. How this compares weight wise v purpose made model coverings I don't know.

Thread: Remembrance
11/11/2020 13:03:51

Sadly, we were the only two, both Sunday & today.

A few did have the British Legion downloadable poster Poppies in their windows though.

Thread: platform migration plans, a 'heads-up' for everyone
11/11/2020 08:54:00

Unless I'm currently missing a trick, might it be possible to add a print pages to the digital back issues? At present 'Print Screen' is not ideal. Other publishers have this e.g. FMT in Germany. Very useful when you come to build a model or use an item that was reviewed many issues ago and you (or your CEO wink) has had a tidy and clear out!

Thread: Flair SE5a restoration
04/11/2020 22:08:54

My Flair 'SE5a' uses a eFlite 46 power 670 kv turning a 13x8 prop on 4S. (Any similar set up should be fine). Cruises at a 'tick-over'.

Needed a little bit of 'church roofing' material concealed in the back of the radiator to fit the correct C of G.

PS Afraid to electrify it ???? Nay, enjoy reliable electric as it purrs around the circuit.

Thread: Why Do We Blunt The Leading Edges Of Our Wings?
01/11/2020 17:00:17

For a common example of a sharp stall strip, look at the inward wing, leading edge of a 'RAF' origin D H Chipmunk. (The Canadian Chippies don't have it !)

Thread: Traditional thermal / electric glider kits
01/11/2020 12:03:57

Can thoroughly recommend Hollein.

Traditional Balsa & Ply build with CNC cut parts and CAD drawn plans.


Order today (Sunday), it would be on your doorstep by Weds, Thursday latest.

Thread: Top Flite Antares 100inch
31/10/2020 13:26:07

Depends ...

For collectors of 'classic' kits it has a certain attraction though not in the league of the 'Sagitta' or 'Graupner Cirrus'.

Realistically, flight performance is poor / mediocre at best. (Off the slop is usually slightly better than the flat).

The kit quality itself shows its age and quality of materials, well shall we be kind and just say there are better.

Thread: Aeronaut Prop Replacement
31/10/2020 11:59:17

Mmm ... that's interesting John.

Do you fly off grass or hard surface runways?

I fly off (short) grass, but nevertheless notice grass staining/streaking on the outer third of each blade.

A quick wipe over with Iso-P-Alcohol back at the hangar and the blades come up bright, shiny clean.

Both Aeronaut and APC 'E' props seem very close in balance straight out of the packet. I find it's the hub that is usually a fraction heavy on one side. I add a small blob of hot melt glue on the light side and that does the job.

What do others find regarding balance and what is your preferred correction technique?

31/10/2020 11:01:39

On this wet 'n windy day, what better way to spend it than balancing some brand new 'Aeronaut' fixed power props for electric flight. I have enjoyed using these, and the companies folding props for years. Practical experience using these is very good. They seem quieter in the cruise, (others have commented so it's not just my ears !), perform equal and often better than the APC 'E' prop of the same size and pitch.

Whilst opening the prop packets today, I actually read the enclosed user leaflet. The last line of which says, quote:

"The propeller must be replaced with a new one after a maximum of fifty flights".

Aeronaut prop users do you follow this advice?

I must admit I haven't, with usually well over over a hundred or more flights on some of my airframes. Apart from the occasional chipped or broken one in that (rare?) hard arrival, I have not found any noticeable deterioration in these props.

Edited By Capt Kremen on 31/10/2020 11:12:09

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
29/10/2020 20:04:26

I realise Wind Turbines are not on a model builders most liked list at the moment but for a fascinating insight into their construction, (with balsa !) and the operation, checkout BBC 2 'Powering Britain' - 'Wind' on iPlayer. (The programme was broadcast this evening at 07:30).

29/10/2020 16:21:44

And remember went it used to cost 'd' pennies a sheet/strip !!!


Thread: Cambrian Model Company's Spartan.
29/10/2020 16:16:03

Here's my 'Spartan' plus original adverts for the model from the 'Halfax' catalogue. ( 'Halfax' based in Hal i fax !).

Also an 'Aeromodeller' advert for the model.

A superb kit by 'Cambrian' and a fabulous flying machine.

spartan #1.jpg

spartan #3.jpg

halfax+spartan catalogue.jpg

aeromodeller spartan advert.jpg

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
28/10/2020 19:03:11

Most, if not all, sports including high level popular ones like Football, rely on significant investment in the form of sponsorship, TV rights, expensive souvenirs e.g. supporter shirts. Unfortunately model flying is not in that league if you'll pardon the expression!

I echo Ken's findings at club level, an increasingly elderly membership, many of which are inactive for a variety of reasons, those that are just want, (and are required to pay for), insurance. BMFA, bless them, continue to joust at their windmills. Most in my club are not fussed about NFC, comps, Area delegates et al. Sad I know because only members can affect a change by getting involved, fight punitive legislation etc.. Enjoy our flying while we are still physically able.

Edited By Capt Kremen on 28/10/2020 19:09:35

Thread: What happened to the great model magazines?
28/10/2020 18:01:55

And the 'little format' 'Radio Modeller'.

Plenty of meaty content in the articles with less of the advertiser pleasing puff.

Also, the competition that kept all on their toes - 'RC Model World', ' QFI', 'Quiet & Electric Flight', 'Scale Models', 'Aviation Modeller' and others.

Plus all the American magazines - 'Flying Models', 'RCM', 'Model Aviation'.

Used to spend hours in the backroom of 'Aviation Bookshop' in Holloway Road rummaging through the back copies.

Them were the (golden) days! wink

Thread: Will old electric motors ever have the fascination that IC engines do?
26/10/2020 10:01:44

Having flown electric for close to 40 years, (previously Oliver Tiger, Merco, K&B, OS, Webra, Cox, etc. etc.), I take a more positive approach.

The likes of Mabuchi (= most brushed motors badged by everyone of the time e.g. Graupner SPEED 400, 500, 600 etc.), Unger, Geist, Keller, Plettenberg and Astro were/are trailblazing electric motive power pioneers which have opened up and made accessible powered model flight to far more than i/c ever did IMHO.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a well engineered electric motor is a joy to own and operate.

Edited By Capt Kremen on 26/10/2020 10:05:32

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