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Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
04/01/2020 18:45:04


Fair enough, and I don't blame you given the 'qualities' (sic) you have experienced of the 'Riot'!

I have a family of Chris Foss designs (all-electric powered) - 'WOT4', 'WOT4 PRO', 'Acrowot', 'UNO-Wot', and 'WOT Trainer'. Surprised as I am to admit, but I get as much 'fun' out of my 'Riot' as the 'Wotties' ('WOT Trainer' excepted which is fabulous all-rounder IMHO). The 'WOT' range of ARTFs (foam or wood/ply), I found had as many deficiencies and shortcomings, poor materials, fittings etc. and thought typical par for the course for ANY ARTFs, i/c or electric.

04/01/2020 17:08:35

Here are some pics of my 'mod' to allow larger capacity 3S (and 4S at a push) LiPo into the 'Riot'. Also the 'velcro' style wrap over strap securely holds that awful brittle plastic battery hatch closed. The strap passes through slots on the top side of the fuselage such that the ply inner frame, (trimmed down to let the LiPo in!), stops the strap see-saw cutting its way through the foam fuselage sides.

riot lipo#1.jpg

riot lipo #2.jpg

riot lipo#4.jpg

03/01/2020 12:04:11

Just servicing my very much tinkered with 'Riot' before another seasons flying. (Now eight (8) years old according to my flight log book!)

My previous posts and review have detailed the numerous changes and substitutions of equipment I made to this airframe.

As this topic is about upgrades and motor/battery performance here are my notes:

Currently using a, (now discontinued), 4-Max PPO-3530-1100Kv motor on 3S and a 10x5 prop. The model is far from 'supersonic' but it can easily perform all sport manoeuvres i.e. Loops, Bunts, Rolls, Spins, Stall Turn and combinations of these. I did try a 4S pack with a(nother) motor but personally found the extra omph wasn't warranted and if anything wasteful as the airframe reached its VNE i.e. max speed and unlikely to go faster before flutter and self-destruct took hold!

The comment from 'MaxThrust' about the change of prop ... Mmmm well they may say that, but any supplier with a job lot of props as 12x6 were perhaps not available, (or any substitute items), would likely do that!

Meanwhile, my 'Riot' has had its 'Major' and is serviceable for another seasons 'hack' flying in all winds 'n weather, for training, fun sport aeroes, touch 'n go, refresher training, an all-rounder providing IMHO, parts are changed and modified.

Thread: Renovation Of An Old Friend
29/12/2019 13:22:39

Oh yes, just taken the 'renovation pics' in the back garden. Copious 'fresh', non-perished bands, will be used come the first flight.

It's a lightweight now, I expect it will easily putter around on less than half throttle or less!

29/12/2019 12:54:43

With seasonal weather i.e. torrential rain and strong winds plus only odd '5-mins' snatched between mince pies and entertaining relatives, what to do modelling wise?

Probably like many of the folk on this forum, I have a fair share of airframes that like last years Christmas toys, now reside forlorn in the get-round-to-it-n-fix-it/mothballed corner of the storage hangar.

I pulled out a 30 year old electric - 'Todays Hobbies SkyVolt'. This had last seen the light of day when Astro05 Cobalts ruled the roost and SANYO 'Reds' or 'Yellows' were the electrons of choice!

Fortunately, as is the case with most electrics not subject to 'goo-fuel' residues, the airframe and Solarfilm Fibafilm covering, were in reasonably good condition.

The 'odd '5-minutes' were therefore sufficient to run the film iron over the odd slack panel and generally patch areas in need of care and maintenance.

A modern brushless AXI motor fitted with appropriate ESC and new HiTec servo inserted into long vacant locations. The New Year weather is looking promising ... hope so.

Anyone else renovating and renewing old model acquaintances?


Thread: Building an electric Super Scorpion
24/12/2019 13:34:12

In my electric 'Super Scorpion', (and other short nose vintage types too), I insert the LiPo vertically, usually parallel next to 'F1' bulkhead. In many cases this negates the need for 'church roofing' material to achieve an R/C C of G. (I appreciate Free Flight i.e. as the original types usually were, often had very rear locations).

Thread: What make is this
21/12/2019 20:43:43

You have my sympathy Erfolg having recently been in a not dissimilar position with a downstairs/cloakroom WC.

Is this 2019-20 or 1819-20 I ask myself? We have 3 WC (Bathroom, ensuite and the cloakroom), no two feature the same mechanisms inside, even though they are all modern(?) 'push-button' low level types. When they require maintenance, go to the plumbers merchants ' Nah mate, haven't done those for years you need ...' .... Argh!!!!

As you have already discovered, even a trace of a calcium deposit, seems to upset these delicate mechanisms.

Why is it so difficult to design a simple WC innards that features common, readily available components to service as required? Instead it seems throw away and fit a new (now different), unit everytime.

I eventually fixed our WC after draining and scrupulously cleaning the inside of the loft water tank. (We live an a hard water area unfortunately). Removed the 'left and right-hand' parts and renewed, plus running numerous flush load through the system to purge of any remaining impurities/calcium particles.

Fingers crossed all is well until the next failure. Which unit will that be I wonder, no doubt now obsolete!!!

Thread: Torque rods vs wing servos
21/12/2019 16:37:09

aileron#1.jpgI'm in the process of renovating a 1990s (successful!) electric model, the 'Todays Hobbies Inc. " SkyVolt". This was a kitted version of the design from the pioneering US electric flight enthusiast and 'Model Aviation' columnist Bob Kopski. Although these days I would always use separate aileron servo, one in each wing panel, this design features a single centre(center!) servo.

The 'built up' ailerons are top hinged. I let-in a small off cut plastic tubing to the top surface and covered this with thin ply to strengthen and support the buried aileron wire. The attached pics I hope show this sufficiently clearly. Covering is no problem, at least the Solarfilm Fibafilm covering is still strongly attached some 30 years on from first application!

Thread: Pureists Look Away
20/12/2019 18:56:07

There's a 'cottage industry' German modeller/engineer that sells the whole range of Cox motors from 'PeeWee' upward or else will convert your own Cox engine to electric motive power. From memory, I don't think they were cheap though!

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
14/12/2019 11:44:41

Recently, whilst being 'chaperoned' by my CEO around a certain major 'Penny Bazaar' high street/mall shop. I noticed a pile of quad copters for sale (£25-00).

Picking a box up, I flipped it over to read the smallish print on the back. Whilst the text did say not to fly near airports and a few other cautionary points, it hardly leapt out to me and, dare I say, would it to an eager youngster who just rips open the carton on the 25th!

Thread: Bespoke water slide decals
13/12/2019 15:39:27

I've used a 'hybrid' method - printed decal paper + clear vinyl scrap (from a kit decal sheet).

Having a Multiplex 'Fun Cub', I fancied a fun scale 'Piper J3' scheme including the iconic cub bear insignia that adorns the tail of those yellow J3 aircraft.

After downloading the image from the net, I printed it on decal paper. Then, using clear self-adhesive vinyl from the surround area of the MPX kit insignia, covered the 'cub', allowing sufficient surround to attach to the model.

After several seasons, the 'FunCub' displays the usual foam model 'hangar rash' but the insignia remains firmly attached and in perfect nick with cub transfer #1.jpgno peeling or curling.

For Foam models, this would seem a very practical and certainly durable option as water slide decals alone, tend not to adhere long term to these surfaces.

Thread: Park Zone Mini Vapor
11/12/2019 18:45:46

Just found (a new) mini-motor specified for the 'Micro Vapor' on the 'bay' for £7-50, so will give that a try.

Comparing my (original) 'Mini Vapor' instruction manual spare parts list with the currently available manual, quotes different part numbers. As to whether they are one and the same, don't honestly know.

The version I have has the motor hard wired (soldered) to the Rx board, whilst the current model's motor shows a micro +/- plug fitted. Obviously much easier and practical for motor or Rx board replacement.

Incidentally, a replacement brand new Rx/ESC board is almost 2/3rds the price of a complete new model, hope my new motor is all I need to 'refurbish' my oldie.

11/12/2019 18:14:35

Thanks Don.

Alas, I have been using the same cells with the types bigger brother, 'Night Vapor' with success, though I know what you mean about these little cells 'perishing' after a seasons use.

Reading in other places, suggests these tiny brushed motors are only good for 50-60 flights(?) before replacement being required. Whilst I haven't kept count, I must have had the 'Mini Vapor' a good few years/indoor seasons flying, maybe the motor has 'burnt its brushes'?

11/12/2019 15:45:47

My club's indoor flying sessions are now in full swingso I dug out my Park Zone 'Mini Vapor' from its summer hibernation to have a flight or three!

With a freshly charged 1S liPo, the model binds OK, rudder and elevator operating normally, however the motor is very intermittent and when it runs, does so at quite slow revs.

The Spektrum DX6i Tx operates other models OK i.e. the pot on the throttle channel is working and not a culprit.

Several freshly charged LiPo have been tried just in case it was an odd duff cell when under load, no luck.

The connecting wires at both motor and Rx board end, gently waggled to see if it is a 'make and break' connection that can be made, no joy.

So, what would folk suggest trying, if possible, to avoid major surgery on minute components and the micro soldered wire connections?

Most of the time the motor does not work at all, just the occasional whirr.

So to me that suggests the ESC is possibly still intact and the motor too, but the pair not continuously!!!

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
08/12/2019 13:30:02

Looks like a lot of 'hoops 'n hurdles' and restrictions apply on most venues/shops, In most, if not all, it's not a straight present the card and get 10% off. e.g. Obtain a voucher, only valid on certain items, must be presented before getting the bill etc. etc. Will be interested to hear user experience(s) once/if it gets wide spread adoption by the BMFA community.

Thread: Electric Flair SE5a
06/12/2019 15:43:18

My 'Electric' Flair SE5A needed a few lumps of those weights, (I presume they are no longer actually lead!). These were secured in the inside lip of the front radiator. It flies serenely on a dumpy 4S HobbyKing 'Graphene' 4000mAh LiPo driving a EFlite46 that turns a 14x6 APC E prop. This was a conversion from an APC 40 i/c 'goo' engine!

Co-ordinated aileron and rudder for turns, just love sedate fly-bys on those balmy sunny days we always have in the summer (LOL!).

Pity they are no longer made. The recent 'Ripmax' ARTF version seems to have been an' gone without trace or reports/review in the 'comic'.

Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
03/12/2019 15:56:37

Out flying in the glorious sunshine today, a fellow club mate was about to fly his 'Riot'.

Doing his pre-flight checks, (as we all conscientiously do ... don't we!!!) .... one of the original aileron clevis literally disintegrated in his fingers as he checked their security! This person is a relative newcomer, not from a modelling background. As others have said or alluded to, how many newcomers purchasing this model would literally fly it as is full of all the shortcomings in quality of items, construction, supplied servo, motor, esc etc.? then suffer a unexplained failure or worse whilst flying. Put it down to their inexperience when it is the quality of the product all along that is at fault.

Once ALL the issues with the components and construction are rectified, the 'Riot' is a great hack model, but as it comes out of the box ... ??????

Thread: Radio Queen ailerons
02/12/2019 16:48:30

Ailerons on a 'Radio Queen'????

If you really must, but it doesn't need them and unless you are flying it 'out-of-character' of the original 'guided R/C' style, it's a fantastic flying model on just rudder/elevator and throttle, i/c or electric powered.

Thread: Graupner SJ close down German office
22/11/2019 11:50:32

I recently visited the huge German model expo in Friedrichshafen.

Graupner, (among numerous others), had a small stand there. IMO, very little of any consequence on display and a shadow of former years pre their take-over, very, very sad.

The original Graupner stood for high quality and their wood kits were beautifully crafted, together with superb construction plans and instructions.

Only AeroNaut and Krick (the later in a limited way), seem to be uphold the finest tradition of German balsa/ply kit manufacture now. Whilst acknowledging Multiplex for their all 'Elapor' foam range, Simprop, Robbe and the other lesser players now merely import and re-badge far eastern ARTF in a mix of wood and foam constructions.

Sadly signs of the times ....

Thread: flight Simulator 8 or 9 no stock????
21/11/2019 21:43:42

FS2020 is coming soon!

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