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Thread: Gyro Training Buddybox Transfer
20/01/2019 13:14:56

I have dabbled with various makes of gyro, to greater or lesser success, using a variety of models & two major brands of R/C gear.

(See latest RCM&E article if unfamiliar with such devices).

As a club instructor, I have to date not installed a gyro in any of the training airframes used. However, the recent magazine article rekindled a possible interest and wonder the following.

If a training airframe, operating satisfactorily with a gyro switched 'on' using the 'Master/Instructor' Tx by the instructor, then transfers control to the 'Pupil/Slave' Tx, does the gyro operation transfer (satisfactorily) with it?

Of the several gyro systems used, some, (if not most?) have the ability to be switched on/off and often into other modes of operation such as heading hold.

However, Basic, (in terms of control function), Tx that might be used for the 'Pupil/Buddybox' Tx, may only have 4 controls i.e. Rudder, Elevator, Aileron (Single or One per aileron) & Throttle. Other controls & functionality may be restricted hence seeking confirmation it would be safe & practical to use a gyro for buddybox training.

If there are no issues with 'gyro' buddybox training, the advantages can potentially be many. Flying and exposure of a pupil to livelier weather conditions i.e. switching the gyro in/out so the pupil can learn to cope with a bit of a blow unaided! Flying more advanced types, such as conversion from high wing to possible less stable low wing and so on.

Instructors using gyros, your experiences, any aspects to beware of/avoid etc. etc.?

Thread: Metalised Covering Strip
08/01/2019 11:24:11

Thanks Ken

Compared to your 'original(?) red, white & blue striped' colour scheme, how do you find orientation and general visibility using the 'metal-look' finish?

(I only put a (thin) 'metal' strip on my 'Acrowot' to catch the occasional sun-beam we have and glint back i.e when turning finals downwind, as an aid to these ageing eyes!).

08/01/2019 10:18:21

In the process of redecorating my 'AcroWot' in an alternate colour scheme, I have applied a relatively thin, (2 ins wide) strip of self adhesive metalic silver tape, spanwise along the top of the wing. OK, it's not going to continuously glint at me in our glorious grey overcast skies but maybe now and then, just sufficient to assist distant orientation. However, browsing the web info, I'm having second thoughts as at least one post reports radio issues having applied small quantities of similar metal/holographic tape.

Is it worth the possible risk, (assuming there is any)?

Is the amount so small as not to affect a correctly orientated, twin aerial 2.4 MPX Rx?

The value and observable effect so small as not be worth it anyway?

Your valued experience appreciated.

Thread: Keeping Warm In Winter Weather
04/01/2019 17:24:17

Hopefully, many of you have managed to escape 'The Sound of Music', 'Mary Poppins' & 'Jungle Book' on the box for the x+million time and get out to enjoy a flight or three. I have been that fortunate, though the last few days have been a bit nippy to say the least!

What clothing do you die hard winter flying folk find best? (I do appreciate this will be rather subjective & personal choice).

I have tried, (with varying degrees of success!), assorted long-john/thermal vests from the likes of 'M&S', 'Mountain Equipment'. Gloves, mittens in full & finger-less style in wool, leather, cycling/running style. (The latter made my hands colder if anything!). Woolly hats various, scarves and neck warmers too. Socks - thermal for the use of etc. etc.

So Polar explorers and cold weather model fliers, what's your warmest clobber?

Thread: New Tv. It's Good But...........
02/01/2019 21:07:23

Since the realignment of some channels to other use, have experienced similar 'pixilating' issues And loss of some channels.

Rang 'Freeview' and they sent, 'free-of-charge' a couple of signal attenuators to plug between aerial and the TV set aerial socket. Sort of improved things but still missing a few channels and getting some pixelated ones too.

Tried to book a TV Aerial engineer via local 'Check-A-Trade', in the absence of personal recommendations/experiences of friends/neighbours. Result = a complete waste of time and several 'cowboys' either failing to turn up or else trying it on i.e. no two gave the same (very dubious) opinions but certainly wanted to charge for it! Pity the poor old lady unable to see through their blather.

Thread: HK SK3 Aerodrive 4250 500kv
23/12/2018 13:14:07

I have a balsa/ply 'AcroWot' (Mk2?) fitted with a Hobby King SK3 Aerodrive 4250 500kv brushless motor. After a while 'resting' in my hangar, I'm dusting it down during the hols, in readiness for resuming flights with it.

As is often the case, the HK web page for this motor is scant on best prop. (I had previously flown this model on 5S and a cautious 14x6). Having reconfigured the flight battery access to a 'top hatch', I can now easily fit a 6S LiPo.

So anyone out there using this motor? If so, with what Cell Number & Prop Combinations or could you run data thru a e-calc programme to suggest best props. I reckon on using 5 and 6 cell LiPo packs. I have a 100A ESC fitted so plenty of headroom to cope with current draw and some in reserve.

Thanks for any practical suggestions AND Compliments of the season to all.

Thread: Wanted Jet Pilot Figure (The Smaller One)
18/12/2018 20:19:24

Yep! That's the fella but I need the 'smaller' size one of two made.

18/12/2018 15:48:54

Anyone have a surplus spare or know a shop with a SMALLER of two sizes available, RAF Style Jet Pilot Torso Bust figure? (Top of torso & arms with Helmet, Face Mask and Visor in Up Position - all moulded in vinyl(?)).

I have one but need another as a 'pupil pilot' for my 'Tucano'. He is 70mm high from base to top of his 'Bone Dome', 55mm shoulder to shoulder wide, wears a Green Flying Suit 'Grow Bag' and is/was available to purchase with/without a separate oxygen mask, ridged pipe.

(SMC show the larger one, 1/7th scale as do several other sites, but I cannot find anyone with the smaller one Perahaps1/8? 1/9? scale??).

Thanks for any help.

Thread: Christmas films worth recording
16/12/2018 21:45:17

'INXS' ....

Thread: HiTec Gyro 3 channel gyro HG3XA
27/11/2018 12:28:20

A fellow club mate is interested in obtaining a HiTec Gyro HG3XA, (He uses HiTec radio equipment).

There doesn't seem to be any of these this side of that 'Big Pond' i.e. only HiTec USA, TowerHobbies USA etc. seem to sell them, none showing in Germany e.g. Hollein or Lindinger.

I use MPX and to my casual observation, the Hitec Gyro looks the same as the MPX G3 unit that I and other (non MPX) fliers use in my club.

So ... Questions:

Anyone know of a HiTec HG3XA gyro unit for sale in the UK?

Is the MPX G3 gyro the same as the HiTec unit, just a different makers label on the unit?

Many thanks.

Thread: The Bunt
19/10/2018 22:19:12

Whilst up at the strip today, all present took their turns attempting the 'Bunt'/Outside Loop manoeuvre as prescribed for the BMFA 'B' test. All used their own, (well-flown models), a few Wot4s of different vintages, only one (Wot4) succeeded.

The majority of models 'snap-rolled' out on the downward portion of the manoeuvre. Now back at 'the hangar', had a look around on line and I was only able to find a few videos/web pages with any details on performing this. Most often they show the outside loop being commence from a roll inverted and then climbing up.

OK Ex-spurts out there, what are the prerequisites?

Type of model? (Any one layout/type better than another?) Control throw(s) ? C of G location (i.e.fore/aft), Model Power, Control input(s) - When & How Much etc. etc.

Thread: Unable to Contact Carbon Copy
19/10/2018 22:02:11

I can only echo the (poor) customer service experiences of previous posts.

I had to repeatedly phone this company and was told 'The goods are in the post ....' de dah de dah de dah! Of course they never were but after continual calls eventually, surprise, surprise the carbon u/c ordered turned up.

I don't know what issues this company may be having but I will not be using them again.

Thread: Foamies for beginners?
07/10/2018 12:28:39

+1 Engine Doctor & David Mellor

Also ... (And I'm sure your preferred model shop/dealer would never, ever do this), what some model suppliers off-load and sell to a newbie.

Time after time we've had newcomers present at our club site with models barely flyable even by our ace-of-the-base top flier members let alone a raw beginner.

I appreciate it may come down to base human instinct for survival, pay the rates this week on the shop and clear a few of these glossy far-eastern boxes or not!!!

Thread: Great Model Railway Challenge
07/10/2018 11:56:36

Did many of you catch the CH5 programme 'The Great Model Railway Challenge' on Friday?

I appreciate we are aeromodellers, but to have any modelling orientated programme on mainstream, prime time (8pm) telly is unusual.

After the recent 'Battle of Britain' prog which featured flying models, curious to see how well received or otherwise this was by the general viewer.

I'll give it another chance but personally wasn't too impressed and by the time the 2nd ad break came around I was off to make a brew and thinking how much longer is this going to drag on.

There were attempts at TV drama, the odd-ball characters, disputes to raise the fake tensions, the PC correct balance of participants etc. etc. but sadly it all failed for me so what 'Joe Public' viewer thought???? Probably went for the remote and switched over I expect.

A 'B-' for effort perhaps, could do better.

Your thoughts ....

Thread: Battery ejection - bad crash
29/09/2018 12:37:02

To reply to Trebor - Mmmm ... it was OK but, IMHO, had lots of imperfections, as said 'down to an (expensive) price, not necessarily up to TOP quality'. If purchasing again, would get basic airframe, no motor, servos or linkages and improve U/C, axles, wheels, LiPo & canopy retention AND add a missing pilot in that canopy!.

29/09/2018 10:20:26

Commiserations and sympathies Tony.

My MaxThrust 'Ruckus', (recently reviewed here too!), has suffered a not dissimilar fate.

The LiPo secured with two(2) strong velcro straps around the pack passing thru the fuselage so no sticky to come unstuck. Then the magnetic top canopy/hatch, lip engaged on the front so slipstream forces it down and can't get under to blow off - hmmm or so I thought!!!

I'd been successfully flying the aircraft for numerous flights, including the usual sports aerobatics of loops, rolls, stall-turns, inverted etc. all with the battery securing arrangement and position as described above, no issues. After the usual pre-flight safety checks including pulling both velcro straps tight around the Lipo, taxied out to the runway.

After a steady, straight ahead take-off, a very gentle bank to the left, away from the flight line, (of course!), was commenced. Hardly established in the turn, canopy/hatch flew off and the LiPo ejected itself. With no power, the airframe spun in, exit one aircraft as a write-off!

Moral of this tale - Don't totally rely on velcro or magnetic hatches, even in very gentle, non-aerobatic flight.

Thread: Multiplex Cockpit Sx 9
26/09/2018 14:05:16

Thanks Andy, Frank et al., appreciate your MPX inputs as always. Google auto translations are sometimes quite 'interesting' though!

Surely it is not beyond the capabilities of a leading manufacturer to offer their instruction translations to several local native speakers in the intended other countries of use. This prior to printing or putting them up on their web site. They can then adjust regional translations into better formats, making a better and more easily read text. It needs to be in a comprehensive format too where needed. Why not pick half-a-dozen users in the countries e.g. France, UK, Spain etc. They should be from ALL levels, not just IT, manual writer or model flier experts, see how they get on, what information or way of explanation would improve the original manufacturers texts(?)

Yes, I have (eventually), achieved the results I required but why the head scratching needed re-reading literal translations??? I'm sure we've all encountered the quaint 'Chinglish' ones found in many ARTFs!

I appreciate once you've done it a few times, it's usually straightforward and easy but so often manual/instruction writers of all manner of equipment, do not test their output on novice end users before going to print. What's obvious to the expert ain't necessary to a newbie e.g. jargon and prior knowledge. In days past those classic car maintenance manuals often featured simple one liners such as 'Remove clutch assembly' ... Mmmm yes but that needs a little elaboration on 'How to' ... Any manual authors out there care to expand?

26/09/2018 09:48:38

MPX is brilliant gear but their instructions are .... Mmmm .... challenging!

My club mate & I, have the 'Co-Pilot' installed in my 'Teacher' Tx, 'Cockpit 9' and although early days as yet, has worked successfully with his 'Cockpit 7' as pupil.

Meanwhile, I'm struggling 'hit 'n miss' with the MPX Gyro 3 instruction manual. Got it to work but how was more luck than judgement following all the 'blinks' of LEDs!

Thread: Battle of Britain: Model Squadron
22/09/2018 13:37:26

Caught a trailer for an another modellers programme on C5 'The Great Model Railway Challenge'.

Anoraks and men's sheds are coming back in fashion big time!

Thread: Max Thrust Ruckus
30/08/2018 10:52:28

The wing is the same as the 'Riot' wing so essentially yes, the u/c position most probably will cause spray and grass clippings onto the aileron servo area. (My strip wasn't wet when I flew my 'Ruckus' so can't tell for certain yet).

My personal preference, I replaced all the supplied servos and those tapped and 'L' shape bent control rods together with the soft clevises and puny silicon keepers. (I use ball links and eliminated the slop and free play found in the supplied set-up as supplied).

One improvement to report, the 'Nav Light' LED connections are much better, gone is the tiny connection to a board as found on the Mk 1 'Riot'.

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