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Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
18/01/2019 20:10:51


Only today have I moved the CG forward by moving the Lipo. I have adjusted the servo end of the elevator arm, to reduce the throw. The rest will have to be done at the Tx end.


i think the problem is that the kit is for IC, which i have made changes to enable electric flight power to be used conveniently, but it is one of weight. I may have added an ounce. Yet if designed for electric power from the beginning it would have been much lighter.

I do not think it has much longer for this world, as the CG appears to be a lot less than the 20% average chord. If it is not a pussy cat at that, well it becomes a hanger queen, not much use to any one.

The kit is an early laser cut type. I have not helped by using glue, that being PVA, perhaps Cyno would have been better.

Here is a link to the build.

Edited By Erfolg on 18/01/2019 20:11:43

18/01/2019 14:43:08

Its 2019, and it is now winter and today it feels like it.>>

I have managed to get a few days of flying in since the new year, alas, not today. Today I spent a short period sanding some wing tips, remarking on the bitter cold, sweeping in from the Irish Sea. I could not decided if It was sensible, possible to go flying. Then a snow flurry surrounded me, which sent me indoors once I had finished the tips. Now there is rain to add to the misery.>>

The three times i did manage to get out, the first day was dark, the colours of nature subdued and tending to various hues of the grey scale. Remarkably the wind was non existent. For me flying was difficult, no hint of colour to be assessed on the model, just a silhouette. Everything done by memory, of where it should be heading, pitch, was pretty much a guess. The relative humidity was high, as the town in the distance was fogged out.>>

The second time was better, although not by much.>>

The third outing was acceptable, still dull. A good crowd had gathered, some chatting, all with hands firmly thrust into pockets, all displaying various forms of winter head gear. I pondered was my fur hat faux, or real fur? I did wonder if it really matters, thinking of Poland and remembering that people were more interested in staying alive and warm, than if the coat and hats were real fur or not. More importantly I decided was the first flight of my Great Planes, Giles 202. Lat time out, it did not fly due to teething problems, the first being that the spun spinner was not running true, the second I had not charged the new Lipo. All the testing of current and revs using an old Lipo. Now the test pilot was satisfied, that all the checks, of Failsafe, balance (CG), surface throws and senses were acceptable. The Tx was set to high rates, timer started (for guidance only). The model was placed on the strip, the taps opened, the model initially zig zagging along, then it was in the air. It was quickly apparent all was not well, low rates was selected, all was still iffy, the model being particularly sensitive in pitch. The model was brought in to a successful landing. The debrief requires the CG to move forward by 12 mm and the high rates reduced to low, the low being 2/3 of the original setting.>>

For me the drive to and from the field is a continuous grind. Both United Utilities and Gas contractors are engaged in a never ending hole digging exercise. On one occasion I saw a group of 6 men staring into a hole, passing the next day, they were still in the same positions staring down into the hole. Now is that not dedication, standing there for a full 24 hours? Particularly when mostly the holes are dug and left, more often with traffic lights.>>

The fracking protestors, are still there, in fewer numbers. Their wood burning stove spewing part

Thread: Electric Cars.
11/01/2019 20:25:54


I am not at all clear that for the average punter if the message matters one jot. Will it be a deciding factor in what they do and do not buy?>>

A few weeks ago I was in the Teslar showroom in Knutsford. I was less than impressed on what I saw and was told. The chassis is a typical ladder chassis, more commonly seen with basic kit cars. The batteries appear to sandwiched in the frame of the ladder. In the early 60s I would have been OK with rest, particularly crash issues, now, well, I will be waiting to see if others can do better.>>

As for the mechanicals and electric drive, does not appear to be ground breaking technology, looked pretty basic stuff, that should be cheap. That is other than the battery that seems to multiply costs>>

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
09/01/2019 12:01:10

At best drones/quads what ever anybody chooses to call them are arguably RC flying machines. Many of them are not RC controlled in the manner as a fixed wing model.

In reality they occupy a sub set, within that sub set there again other sub sets, as to how they are and can be controlled. The complication is that there are fixed wing machines, that also can in essence be controlled in a similar manner.

To most of us fixed wing RC model flyers, these devices are significantly different to our line of sight, visually controlled models.

Yet if only everything could be neatly divided, in reality the lines are blurred, due to gyros and other devices that more frequently turning up on RTF/ARTF models, particularly machines marketed as Novice/beginners models.

The reporting by the BBC seems to becoming less reliable than ever, or maybe, it is because some of the announcements can be checked against published Government publications. Today the BBC has stated that one of their employees with experience of operating drones, saw the device, very high, at approx 300 feet. Apparently a green and red flashing light could be clearly seen. A image was then shown. On reflection the clarity of the image and apparent close proximity to the viewer would suggest that they were essentially immediately in its vicinity. I just wonder was this from an archive? If not, where was the viewer in the airport. More questions and possibilities come to mind than are answered,

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
07/01/2019 22:22:35

The BBC news suggested each model will require individual registration.

Also that there will be a test, which sounded as being more than cursory.

On the other hand the news item was very sketchy

Thread: Which are recommended
07/01/2019 18:58:29

Now that my local so called LMS has stopped dealing with us modelers direct. All my purchases must be mail order.

On that basis considering I need light ply as well as balsa sheet, which are the better suppliers. From a mail order perspective?

Thread: Dihedral and aerofoil profile
07/01/2019 17:32:06

As has been high lighted small chords, small models (wing area) tend to fly faster than you like. it is the V^2 that is the problem in W/S = 0.5 RoeV^2Cl(coefficient of lift). There are a few rearrangement about of this relationship. Generally a bit of speed is required just to balance the weight and wing area, just to keep flying, with the V^2 being there, all the lift can disappear in an instance when landing, with no amount of aerodynamic devices, preventing the sudden stall.>>

That is why most successful small models are light as can be. >>

I have tried the blunting of the wing LE, or that should really be well rounded. For me it did not noticeably work. As the triangular wing root idea suggests, sharp leading edges suffer from a sudden transition from a streamline type flow, to a very disturbed turbulent flow. Although I am sure it does work dependant to some degree on Re numbers etc., I am really suggesting broadish chords and reasonable aspect ratios.>>

I have tried wing fences, but they seem to need being large, to do anything on small models, at our speeds.>>

I have raised the ailerons, although this seems to work best with tip types.>>

I think why plank/solid small wings work OK, is that the thickness ratio is often greater than you at first think, approaching 10%. If the wing is tapered, this increases. Probably more importantly the camber increases. The one issue I have played with solid wings is where the LE radius is, how high and how well rounded. Both affecting camber and flow around the LE. I have noted that some chuck gliders have a sharp LE, although the thrower, has often used the stall characteristics in conjunction with the other trim settings to get a one speed glide. Sometimes these models do not do what was intended or seen in previous flights.>>

It would be interesting to know how small we are talking>>

07/01/2019 12:25:45

I have no idea with respect to dihedral. Other than arguments put forward with respect to how dihedral helps in rudder turning models.

The issue will be related to the wing loading. Yet I guess no weight can realistically be shed.

It is well known that swept back wings are liable to stalling, at low speeds, due to air moving along the span (energetics).

Washout at the tips helps greatly with a controlled stall.

Yes some are able to build in washout by use of aerodynamics, that is using sections that will tend to stall at lower speed at the tip, at the same AoA. A bit late on an already built wing.

It sounds that you have a 1970s club 20 pylon racer type handling model, that is flown onto the ground or better still long arrestor type grass.

Thread: Reserve Model engine choice for the Coupe Des Barons Competition.
04/01/2019 17:00:41

It is not only about practice, it is at distance, as the flight line seems to be in the next country.

Have you thought of hewing the airframe and wing out of solid? As the event is a war of attrition, the last thing you want is light and fragile or heavy and prone to damage. You need robustsmiley

Robust is about all those things we aspire to, light yet strong. Titanium comes to mind, what you do not have any? Perhaps good quality ply, FG, all used in the right places. Particularly the wing. The type of construction that allows gaffer tape, cyno etc to used as you go along. Built in redundancy of structure, so that the first bit of damage does not eliminate.

Above all, a willingness to accept that your models may be a lot smaller when going home, that the bin bag was not a waste of time carrying in the boot.

Edited By Erfolg on 04/01/2019 17:01:12

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
04/01/2019 11:54:49

One aspect of David that non of us have mentioned, is his relatively humble academic beginnings. I am sure that they have provided inspiration to his children and probably indirectly to many others, who would be unaware of his path to being a Professor, although aware of his patience when working through issues with others.>>

I am referring to the fact that his path was via ONC, HNC, Honors Degree, PHD. No faster track that "A" level provides. >>

I expect that others will have a more detailed knowledge of this aspect of his life and how it formed a part of his exceptional character.

Thread: A bit of nostalgia
04/01/2019 11:43:31

Now that is a well built and finished Deacon.

The Deacon was my OK model in most respects. My Frog Minx had baggy tissue covering, with a good thick coat of yellow and black Humbrol. My Short Seamew, never got covered. A Keil Kraft Sopwith Camel was over weight, which ended up with a 3v motor in it, a tiny battery, crashing from the bedroom window into the yard below.

However the Deacon, taught me how to burn your fingers, whilst attempting to steam the curved top stringers. That simplicity is good. That the silly eye dropper sized tank with an ED Hornet, perhaps made better sense that the CL tank, in a free flight model. Also the elastic bands actuating the tip up tail, work better, when the tail is fully tipped up. Rather than a descending model, whilst still in flight, at its top speed, with the engine still running minutes after being picked of the ground.

I think the tissue came out better partially because I seem to remember the kit came with it. I think until then I had used tissue that came from one of the local shirt manufacturers that used it for packing. Coming buck free.

I also learnt that the colour went on best very thinly.

It ended its life, when a (then fashionable) pelmet my father had put up, took of the wing tip off, as it fell of one night, whilst it resided in state on top of my wardrobe.


Edited By Erfolg on 04/01/2019 11:44:30

Edited By Erfolg on 04/01/2019 11:46:15

03/01/2019 19:52:47

You have got it, KC, once you see it written down, then you remember.

Over the years I have considered cutting it in half and then adding a section. Like Cammell Lairds have done on a number of full size ships to lengthen them. Mainly as the forecastle area seemed to big. Then I have thought of buying some ISO freight containers and stacking them as you now see, entering Liverpool. Putting modern cranes on.

Then I just continue with the next model aircraft,

Anyway what would Phil Smith have thought.

Thread: Reserve Model engine choice for the Coupe Des Barons Competition.
03/01/2019 14:10:32

I personally would not. To much effort for little or no gain.>>

If the model is nose heavy, against the ideal CG, although at a psychological level an anathema, I would attach as small bit of lead to the tail, somewhere. It will be so little due to the moment arm, it will not make a jot of difference to the wing loading.>>

Thread: A bit of nostalgia
03/01/2019 12:47:10

This is about 60 years old, showing the ravages of time.


Although the model was marketed as having a spindle moulded hull. The reality was that it was made from blocks of balsa, some of which were pretty much rough cut, requiring an incredible amount of sanding for a 13 year old boy, with a sheet of sandpaper, and some rusty old metal files. In the end it was done.

Probably the weakest bit is that the superstructure will have been balsa cemented together. The hull from something called Aero glue? A two pack adhesive, one a powder mixed with water, the other bit I think was probably acid based.

Thread: Reserve Model engine choice for the Coupe Des Barons Competition.
02/01/2019 18:40:54

Looking at the video, the main issue is keeping the model flyable.

To that end the model needs to be clearly seen, able to differentiate which way up it is.

The biggest factor seems to be pilot depth perception.

I am also suggest a model with a reasonable speed range. Being flat out only matters in the pylon race, and perhaps chasing the combat ribbon. Although in all good solid handling characteristics matter, particularly where Limbo is concerned.

As for motor or engine. Electric power just does not have the duration, with slowly dwindling power. IC the power is there until the last drop of fuel. With IC it has to be relaiable running, at all speeds. The tank installation needs not to be sensitive to the models orientation or if the flight is starting or ending.

It seems that the event is a war of attrition, and keep of the vino, until you are finished.

Thread: Hobby King's Web site ????
02/01/2019 11:47:15


Reading your comments with respect to Paypal, gave me cause to think about a recent transaction.

At around the Christmas period I purchased a kit from RBC, the price was quoted in Euros. I converted this price on a on-line tourist currency converter. It came out at pretty much spot £200. I choose to pay on the sites options via Paypal, the cost had risen to £208, which I paid.

It was only after that I wondered why such a significant difference of about 3.5%. I am guessing that Paypal are the issue, applying quite a large conversion charge, even though they will be getting a interbank currency rate.

Apologies to HK.

01/01/2019 22:06:31

There appears to be an number of issues with their site at present.

Just today I placed a very small order, with the currency set in £. I went to the check out using Paypal and the cost had gone up by appox 60p. I placed the order using a card, then the cost returned to the original value.

At present the site is very clunky, assembled searches poorly and is also painfully slow.

The site is becoming unuseable.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
01/01/2019 21:26:32

As with the majority of people on this forum I had no idea that David was ill. I just thought he retired early, expecting him to have more time to write for the RCM&E, now no longer constrained by the Day Job.

I met David twice, as others, at Greenacres Fly-ins. On both occasions David encouraged me to fly at the event, as I was reluctant. Others have alluded to his generous, inclusive nature. Watching him on those days you could not but admire his enthusiasm and energy.

I remember a short piece he did on servo torque requirements, on control surfaces. Another piece on what determines the smallest loop that can be flown. I had hoped that he would turn his attention to DF science. Alas he will not be doing that now.

I do not know if David Liverpudlian or from the Wirral. I only know he flew at Arrow Park.

Like so many others I will miss the various contributions that he made to our hobby, I am sure that Liverpool University will feel very much the same as us, here.

My most sincere sympathies are with his family, as we all know for them the loss is very personal, affecting their lives in ways we can never truly appreciate.

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
31/12/2018 20:20:50

I prefer Johns interpretation as to what could have happened. It is not the ordinary police officer that sets the priorities, it is higher up.

As to the Severn bridge incident, what can you say? It is either a case of being thick, not caring or sticking two fingers up to every one. It becomes inevitable that restrictions will be introduced

30/12/2018 14:23:56

Being cynical, could the reason no prints were found, all down to something very simple. Find a print, then more work is required to go through the images to seek out a match.

If any of the newspaper and television news reports are to be believed, that burglary is so low on the polices list of priorities, often no one does even a superficially examination of the case. Just filed as unsolved. Was there a case last week or so ago, where a house was being burgled with the householders in the house, yet the police did nothing, sent no one?

Was Cressida Dick involved with the Mendezes case, then subsequently promoted? Yes the truth will come out if the Met is in charge.

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