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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
18/02/2020 13:40:53

I see the way I reference Grant Shapps, it gives the impression I thought he was the replacement Under Secretary. What I was trying to convey, was that when Grant Shapps became the secretary, he replaced the undersecretary.

Seems I need to try harder.blush

In an not critical of any one on (what I call) our side. Although from where we started we have failed. That is there would be no substantive changes to how we pursue our hobby. It is a task (negotiating), where success, is failure, in that there has been change. All you can argue is that the change has been limited, with respect to a worse case scenario. Which may or may not be true, as the "Messenger" you stand a good chance of being shot.

I am expecting that our representatives, will be or are back trying to limit the threats to the hobby. By now I am sure that the repeated pressures of dealing with the constant changes that the Dft makes, as it is pushing its agenda, will lead many to be jaded, A solution (one of many I imagine) is to bring some of the other BMFA officers into the battle, whilst they take a rest, perhaps developing a strategy for the negotiators, or for the team when they return to the fray.

Unlike many, I have and remain, a believer that these developments are currently the greatest threat to our part of the hobby.

18/02/2020 12:06:25

With reference to the Baroness, I have been back through the many posts and a similar thread, to date I have not positively identified the person. I do seem to remember that it was Baroness Sugg. The important aspect was that many forumites were very very pleased with her replacement (I think as an undersecretary by Grant Shapps), as many took the view she had an apparent disregard to cogent argument and facts.

What was apparent that the then agenda was not only the prevention of reckless and regulation flights by drones, it was primarily the creation of an environment for the future broader usage of drones in a commercial environment.

So we had moved from a scenario of no changes to us, to one where there would be change.

From a political perspective you can see that it was necessary to be seen to undertake measures that were designed to reduce the chances of another set of incidents that bedeviled many London airports, one of which being significant.

Looking back through the posts, I saw that I suggested that the present situation with regard to the issue of unique identifiers was predicted, whilst some poohed the suggestion. Not that I have any clairvoyance abilities, just that it is par for the course.

One of my current concerns, is with respect to our first Baroness's vision. That is creating a commercial viable set of regulations, environment and controls for drones. Assuming this remains part of the Dft driver, creating, and managing such a system comes at a price. Any system that makes use of transponders in real time I imagine comes with a price tag. Creating a data base of transponder identifiers is just the beginning. Making use of real time data, I would expect to be quite costly.

Possibly the best we can hope for is a exemption from the system if operating from designated sites. Even the site have a collective transponder/marker, could require a contribution to the system.

At present one of our difficulties, is not understanding what the long term Dft goals are. The CAA is in a similar position to us, being told what to do.

I wonder what the EASA regulations state or indicate what the minimum expectation is to be compliant with their current regulations? Are they as far reaching as the development of UK regs appear to be heading?

Edited By Erfolg on 18/02/2020 12:07:07

Thread: Bargain
17/02/2020 16:29:37

I could not find a general bargain thread, so i created this one, if there is one please transfer to it.

I use a lot of clamps and thousands of clothes pegs in building. Yet I am always seemingly short of the clamps every one seems to have.

In Poundland I came across these a few weeks back, I have now been back to buy more, as they work and are cheap. Go on guess the price.wink


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
17/02/2020 16:20:02

I was referring to a different Baroness, just shows you how easily confused I can get.

Non the less, it is very disappointing that two baronets, appear, from reports, to have such disproportionate and apparently negatively fixed view of model aircraft. That is whatever the history, operating record demonstrate.

Being tough, does not make you right. A good attribute along with determination when you are right, something different when of a fixed opinion, in the face of facts. I cannot quite remember what that could be calledwink

17/02/2020 14:16:14

Well, I have read it, I now need someone to tell me (and maybe others) what it means in everyday terms. Also how will effect us in flying models.

I take it that this is good news.

Again hopefully the BMFA will get subject into the mag.

Given that the BMFA has updated its IT, this is something that could be circulated to all members that have provided a Email address.

Personally I have found the BMFA web site, not as attractive/friendly as I would like. Perhaps what I am looking for is things like this to leap out at me, tell me the story. To some my wishes will appear to be anti BMFA. It is not my intention.

IMO the two threats to our part of modeling, is the retention of aeromodelers, and anything that could put of potential future aeromodelers. Being rather old, you may think it does not matter to me, yet it does, I want our hobby to have a future. I want the children, both boys and girls to have the option to fly model aeroplanes, inspite of their X boxes(I am now of to play on my own)..

Thread: So what is the FAA trying to do in the USA ?
16/02/2020 16:12:52

My concerns around what is it that is being pursued, is it revenue, is it reducing the numbers of flying modelers, maybe control of airspace?

When we understand what the motives/drivers are, we might better understand how both short and long term, the authorities will attempt to reach their goals.

15/02/2020 21:23:35

The concept does on the face of the proposal may be designed to eliminate us hobby fliers, by instigating a high cost regime, when seen from the perspective as a hobby. Seen as a commercial operator, the cost would be part and parcel of the operating costs, which means ther is or is not a viable business.

From a security stand point, I am not convinced it tells any one anything, before a event. Perhaps if an event occurs, examination of the records, retrospectively, some clue may be then be apparent. Even the use of algorithms to identify potential threats, would be circumvented by those who are aware that such a system exists.

All of which leaves me wondering as to why bother?

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
15/02/2020 15:35:32


Who mentioned Ms Veres?

The Baroness however is frequently referenced, I had thought she had departed the scene. Reading some of the posts, apparently not, a different less public facing role?

Perhaps another aspect that would enlighten many of us, who are the current players at Westminster, what is their apparent positions.

15/02/2020 12:56:52

I can read that some believe that discussion within the thread is about the next phase of the legislation. I find myself taking a similar view of others, in that the discussion has principally dealt with the practicalities of how such a requirement could look and feel.

What has not been discussed is the response of the representatives of the aeromodeling communities. Principally in the UK, although the rest of the European modeling representatives. as non EU countries seem to have signed of with EASA policy in this area, could be relevant.

The position in Canada, does not bode well either, as at first sight does not appear to be a coherent policy, with respect who has and does not need a transponder.

Many of us are interested in the response of our representatives.

Personally I do find the the approach by the Baroness, difficult to understand. From my perspective it appears she does hold strong, unreasonable believes, which are not supported by fact, or any other lucid argument.

I would like a better understanding on what is really is the driving force, what and why the concept of transponders is being pursued.

I cannot but return to every time we are told, every thing will be alright, a new requirement pops up, after we are told "this is it boys and girls", then something else which in some cases has been dismissed as some posters being alarmist, and often ill-informed. Is there the potential for other requirements to pop out of the concepts of the legislation, As far as I can see these new requirements are potentially very significant and possibly very costly.

Edited By Erfolg on 15/02/2020 13:00:28

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
14/02/2020 16:07:24

Don, do you really need the hot water? Or is it there to combine the honey into the Whisky, if so, best make it warm, to avoid evaporation of the Honey.

Recently I have been reading about the weight penalty of pusher drive shafts as discussed at a WW2 German conference considering the specification of a fighter invitation to tender. It was thought that the shaft assembly would add approx. 120 lb per engine.

When you consider the mass of the Wasp Major as used in the B36 of 3,400 lbs (I know weight).

3000 hp.jpg

You can see that whatever you do, either the engine on the wrong side of the CG, or an increase in weight, with a drive shaft, there is a penalty. Particularly when the improved aerodynamics from the arrangement were thought to be less than 10%, tractor arrangements become more attractive.

With a thickness of 21% (max) I guess the drag was high if you wanted to go fast, hence all the power. I assume the section was also chosen due to the high aspect ratio. Even with the YB60.

I wonder what the B52 used as an airfoil, could that why it was a bit faster.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
14/02/2020 12:43:34


I cannot but remember, that at the start of this process, that we received assurances that little, if anything, would change for us.How optimistic that now seems.

I do agree that the cost of these units does appear to be potentially affordable. I also fear that it is the administration costs that could be a major issue.

What disturbs me most, is that the requirements will be obstacles which will deter those who at present consider having a go at aeromodeling. I did anticipate that the initial response would be an increase in BMFA membership, for a variety of reasons. My longer term fear has been a reduction not only in BMFA membership, but modelers in general. If this were to occur, the retail trade in model ling trade would change substantially, to boats, cars and trains, many of our present distributors would also have to change or disappear. For me it is the potential loss of airomodeling that saddens me.

I urge the BMFA to engage in fighting for a reasonable outcome, that satisfies the authorities (although probably not the Baroness) whilst not imposing barriers to those who presently fly and in the future those who come to think, I would like to have a go at that.

Edited By David Ashby - Moderator on 14/02/2020 15:41:26

Thread: Gee Bee Model D
13/02/2020 15:16:20

A photo of the model "X".

That it is a little different to your model, does not matter, unless you are of an anal disposition. It is what pleases you, that is important.

I really like the Lockheed, in the background.

Edited By Erfolg on 13/02/2020 15:17:46

Thread: What weight cloth for Cowl?
12/02/2020 15:12:17

I have gone for 500 ml of easy composites.

Like others I have both cowls and models made from Polyester resin.

Probably what has decided me is the smell from polyester, with an integral garage, I do not wish to upset the better half.

Another consideration is that the rear cowl may not fit without some persuasion and maybe cutting etc.

Then there is the issue of getting the mouldings out of the mould. I am hoping that the rear moulding can be persuaded out, Using propellor blades, so if need be I can make an other. I do not think there is any hope with the front moulding, as there is no taper at all. If it were strictly scale, I think there should be a reverse taper, making the cowl barrel like.

Anyway, the weather is against me at present, being to cold by far. It was just hail stoning a few minutes ago, mountainous waves are crashing onto the nearby beach, where the residual water runs up the beach for hundreds of yards. Helped along by very strong wind. The weather is nasty right now.

Edited By Erfolg on 12/02/2020 15:12:47

12/02/2020 11:45:25

Back again

I have now measured the cowl, it is approx 5" dia and 3" deep.


As can be seen there two of them.

I have waxed the mould and polished 6 times.

I will paint with the blue PVA before I start to lay up.

Just a few more pictures.



As can be seen I have made some patterns and the cut some cloth. The cloth works out at approx 200 grm M^-2. I have some 1.5 oz stuff which I have toyed with using to pick up the fine detail. I had not intend to show them here as they more appropriately belong on an other thread.

Once upon a time I did quite a lot of laying up for both polyester and epoxy resins, from canoe to fuz, to wings. The trouble is I have forgotten much of how I did things, the bits and pieces lost or just binned. I am talking 40 years ago, in some cases.

You are correct in thinking that I had intended using the Halfords, Davids resin. I will reconsider, particularly as the temperature is a little low for working in the garage. IMO these are not materials to use in the house, particularly with carpeted model room. I would be dead if I got any gunge on any of the other house carpets.

I will be looking for no more than 500ml, ideally with a long shelf life, as i will probably not use again for some time if ever. Some ideas please, remembering I know little of the current products.

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
12/02/2020 11:27:10

You have not posted for a little while. Are yo actually ill at the moment? If so , then best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thread: What weight cloth for Cowl?
11/02/2020 20:09:27

Polyester is available where I live, epoxy resin needs me to send away.

11/02/2020 17:38:17

I am about to lay up a cowl from glass cloth and polyester resin. There is a problem, I do not remember or have a feel what weight cloth will produce a useful moulding.

I know that most of us no longer do this sort of thing, i am hoping that some peoples memories are better than my own. sadOr may be they have a note book in which they recorded what they have done.

Here's hoping.smiley

Thread: Model shops - Edinburgh
10/02/2020 16:25:21

My daughter worked in the hospital as a registrar, she then lived in a flat on a short bit of road called the Causeway. She moved from there to Bonneyrigg. From their to Bruntsfield. Then the hospital was closed and converted into prestigious living accommodation. A new hospital being built on the outskirts

I obviously do not know Edinburgh like you guys. When she lived there although the main road was fine. Behind the road on one side were a number of shady clubs. On the opposite side and behind the road there was a something which I took to be a cinema type building, converted to a nightclub with a scruffy exterior, most if not all of the other buildings were semi derelict, awaiting redevelopment. How ever heading towards Bruntsfield, on the same high street there was, what I would call a review bar. The son-in-law used to joke that we must go for a drink there.

However there were some brand new prestigious office blocks further along.Scottish Widows I think was one, maybe Lloyds Bank. At the basin where the Edinburgh to Falkirk Canal terminated, again there were prestigious buildings with quality restaurants . walking a little further along the canal, was Scottish and Newcastle Brewery, that had shut down and was starting to look sad.

I guess that now the whole area has been transformed into a very upmarket district. A modern day New Town (as in Edinburgh).



Edited By Erfolg on 10/02/2020 16:27:39

Edited By Erfolg on 10/02/2020 16:28:30

09/02/2020 16:37:57

Ha, Ha, nice one, I think the shop is called something like "Wonderland". I fact it is called Wonderland.

My daughter and son-in-law lived in Bruntsfield, overlooking the castle and the meadows, you are correct, in that it is not dodgy. Where the model shop is, sandwiched between Haymarket and Bruntsfield. I was not overly impressed though with Bruntsfield, it had its good points, a brilliant cycle shop, restaurants, and some Chinese supermarkets. I was put off by the Seagull, that did not like what it took for an Englishman, it attacked without Mersey. I would repulse the attack, by suddenly opening my umbrella, as it is always grinning in Scotland, or just cold (I am almost joking).

On the other hand I really liked Inverness and Culloden where they also lived, weather and all.

Edited By Erfolg on 09/02/2020 16:38:38

Thread: I guess there is no problem
08/02/2020 20:50:18

Ken, agreed.

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