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Thread: Lap top Computers
29/09/2020 17:54:14

I have just realised another must.

Needs a camera and microphone for Zoom meetings, as I am guessing that in the future some BMFA meetings will be done via ZOOM/

29/09/2020 14:06:01

Thank you for your reply Plummet, much appreciated.

I have just been looking at a Lenovo IdeaPad D330 10.1" Touch 2-in-1 Laptops

I noted that it did not have an Optical Drive, it struck me that the cutter I have purchased comes with a CD for the software. Initially I dismissed the Lenovo, then thought of purchasing an external optical drive, then I thought, perhaps I could use the drive on my PC to copy the program to a Memory Stick, which I could plug into a Laptop, with no drive. Is this possible, or am I missing something?

29/09/2020 13:07:09

I am being urged to buy a Laptop.

When working I had (at least) two of the things, I found two when moving house, which went into the skip, as they were not capable of handling much in the way of graphics, and rather low in memory. The input methods were limited

It has struck me that little ages faster than a computer. Memory sticks seem common, but are they being replaced? Interacting wirelessly with the WiFi seems to be common? What else is now normal, that a dinosaur probably is unaware of.

What do actually need, and its capability?

I play games on my Xbox360. I want to drive my laser cutter from it. I will probably use the Inter-net via the laptop.

I see apparently current Laptops from as little as circa £400 some as much as £1,500.

Where should I be looking, for what, at what price point? Any ideas?

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
29/09/2020 11:12:13

Matt & Barrie briefly mentioned the relative qualities of spruce via balsa.

In reality the answers in engineering terms are often not straight forward. We all can appreciate that if the section is the same a property, often referred to as the "I" or "Second Moment of Area" are identical.

Then comes the bit which is all about the loading regime and relationships which govern them (such as Youngs Modulus), also down at model size with the variability of the natural materials we use.

For example in tension, spruce types are probably better than balsa, by a margin. In compression, dependent on length and loading, in very short lengths spruce is probably better, Where the lengths is greater, not sure at all.

Most of us modelers and engineers (ex in my case by, well, arguably +40 years) have always relied on Intuition and custom and practice. Then a dose of observation.

We all can see that weight is a major issue in material selection with models. We all can see that non balsa materials are often much stronger, but also heavier. We are now back to the "I" value. We can see from shear force diagrams etc, or just plain observation that the major stress in bending occurs on the outer fibers. Hence spars are best with the bulk of the material on the outer surfaces. At the middle no stresses are theoretically apparent. But we need to keep that material to the outside, hence a shear type web is useful. We all know that tubes are very strong and make best use of a material for a given weight.

Back to Corex and foam board et al, Corex has multiple box sections as an array, foam board uses a light weight cheap filler to achieve something very similar.

So why not use these materials far more. The first issue is that they do not bend well, certainly when compared to balsa. Secondly joining pieces together can be an issue. In a way judicious use of some balsa can alleviate some of the issues, for leading and trailing edges etc.

The biggest problem, many of us like balsa wood, for the properties of forming, planing, sanding, cutting and ease of joining.

On the other hand I no longer fly model gliders as composite models are better than my traditional efforts. There is also a hefty financial costs with composite models.

28/09/2020 14:14:46

I do not pretend to be able to predict the future, other than, the older proportion of the population are more certain of their future. From what little I have seen, there is a large proportion of the Modeling population are over 60.

I also agree that many aspects of our hobby are now proportionally, adjusted for inflation, and so on, are much more affordable. Also much is of higher quality.

Recognising the various aspects, it is apparent that large increases in the cost of balsa will have an impact on many models, be it ARTF and kits. Normal influences on material costs will decided from what materials models will be made. The increased use of polymers seems a done deal, at least in the immediate future.

Cost and affordability does influences us all, all along the Modeling spectrum. In reality to what extent and where, I have not really got a clue,

28/09/2020 12:12:06

Eight months ago the world was very different, there was a report of some flu like problem in China. Later it became apparent the flu like illness was here, having come in from Europe, and now had a name.

My first concern was the many deaths of so many, older people. Then I found that i was confined to home, the weather was good, I sat outside, had a beer, could not get a slot for home food deliveries. The world continued to change, although remaining the same, politicians pledged support in the national interests, whilst doing anything but. Issues in other countries were sensationalised or ignored for a variety of reasons.

In this period I started a new build, as post from other countries became much slower, the current build was put on the back burner due to these types of issue. Covid was now seen as an issue, although not really effecting my hobby, other than I had not been flying, through some of the best early spring weather for years.

I noticed this thread, a little time back, I have followed it, reading various thoughts, with an increasing realisation that Covid was going to have an impact I never expected.

I do have concerns for the hobby, as our model distribution trade, will have some very difficult decisions and time ahead. Many of their kit suppliers will also find the situation disruptive to their product range. What will the modeling punters buy? How much will they be prepared to pay?

Unlike many, being now pretty old, I have watched many pensioners deciding what they can afford to buy, as they trundle around the supermarket. It is apparent not every one, particularly with a fixed income, will have the free cash available to pay more , when pursuing their hobby. Yet the trade also needs income, to survive. Increasingly in the UK the model trade seems to move towards small traders, who are engaged in manufacture and distribution out of love of a hobby.

The Corona Virus has had an impact that I had never envisaged, with future consequences I personally can only vaguely guess.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/09/2020 14:17:16


A much smaller version flew at our clubs Fly-in last year. Much to my surprise it flew, albeit rather fast. But it flew, surprisingly that was its first flight. The glassing was actually painted black, there was non. A free plan apparently from a mag,

Yours looks great

Thread: What's flying over your house
11/09/2020 20:39:05

There does seem to be a lot of Chinook activity, across the UK. How many are there?

In a way I was surprised to see a few in the NW of England, in that I have never seen one before, what do they carry that is unique?

Thread: Aeronca Sedan
11/09/2020 16:47:43

You may gather that using Epoxy is something new to me, being far more familiar with polyester resin and methods. To try and rectify the situation i have taken advice from some one who does use epoxy a lot, with great results. Alas, my short comings have been exposed.

Go get a descent finish on the bits and pieces, I put a thin coat of resin on top of the laminated cloths. I was aware that such a thin coat benefits from a touch more of the hardener and is best applied whilst the surface has a tad of tackiness, just like a Gel Coat, at least that is the case with polyester. I left the bits for a week, to go off. The top did not. In the end, I waited for my wife to go out to golf, then used the oven as an autoclave, setting the oven for 80C for 2 hrs. It did work, although the surface is not as good as I would like.

It seems I will have to use high build primer and rub back, repeatably until an adequate surface is achieved, not what i wanted, but needs must.

I have now started the process of assembly. I have had a nasty shock, in that the model is massively nose heavy, with all the big bits together, with servos temporarily in place. The extent of this problem has 2*2200 4s lipos in the rear cabin area. Not what had been planned at all. I will need an additional servo tray, which will need integrating with the body structure to spread the forces.


The Lipos can be seen in the above picture, This is a real problem.

I will immediately set about a structural re-enforcement to the tail area, I will probably ditch the use of CF rod and move to piano wire, as i now know that weight at the back is not a significant issue, A good integration of the rater flimsy tail unit being far more important.

I will now go for a cry, muttering about, plans and mice and men.

Thread: What's flying over your house
10/09/2020 20:33:49

A largish plane just flew low over the house, with strobe effect lights across the leading edge of the wing, which jolted my memory.

Yesterday, I saw two Chinooks flying near BAE, never seen one before. My wife said said she thought there were three, flying past the golf course. I am a golf widower.

As for Typhoons, I hear them often, see them occasionally, mostly a tiny delta. As said the noise is a give away they are about. In this local, a bird of good omen, for this region.

Edited By Erfolg on 10/09/2020 20:35:31

Thread: Price of Kits
10/09/2020 20:21:39

From a UK perspective, the home market is small. The heyday of UK modeling sold mainly small models, where even a 200% mark up, resulted in a low cost kit. The packaging was basic. Many models were 24" span, a largish one could be 36". A typical scale KK model could be thrown further than it could truly fly. A CL model would typically have a 1cc motor, a real goer 2.5cc. That is what most of old farhts had (excuse my German).

Going back to the 60-70s there were a tiny number of high quality manufacturers, where the content was very high, the packaging outstanding. These were companies such as Graupner. Boy, did you pay for the privilege, of purchase. A very small niche market, worth while when spread across the world. Easily costing the purchaser over a weeks wage. Possibly at todays values +£700.

Today a very large model of the 60s, is average today. Comparing a similar ARTF kit, containing much more, in a shiny box will cost circa £200, for all the mud thrown at these products, many if not all do fly better than the models I build. The downside they are not as durable, although not my typical flying brick (a confession).

As has been stated to every rule there will be the odd exception, Chriss Foss etc.

Yet the kit future could well lie with the producer with a bank of kit cutting files, a Laser, shelves stocked with just enough materials and a pile of brown cardboard boxes, posting via Hermes or similar. Who does it for love, not money, with an exceptionally tolerant partner. Oh. there is always the exception.

Even Graupner succumbed, as well as many more in the USA.

Edited By Erfolg on 10/09/2020 20:26:40

Thread: redundant at 62!
10/09/2020 12:40:01

I understand where you are coming from KC, with respect to networking. Particularly those aspects which can be seen as near to nepotism of social groups, be it those born with silver spoons, or those who are good union members.

Yet it can also be positive, in that, those who know your positive aspects, that map onto a good fit for a job, can avoid taking on some one unsuitable.

Many of us find it is something that we are uncomfortable with, and perhaps is something that we are not good at. Yet when seeking employment, even at an interview we are selling ourselves, in that we are saying I can do this job, and want to do the job, with enthusiasm.

At present finding a job will not be easy, yet many find a change of job or career as being very positive. Unfortunately the process of seeking work can be very stressful. Being aware that you and others around you will also probably be aware of the situation, can help you in managing this process.Avoid dwelling on what might have been, concentrate on the positives.

Thread: Price of Kits
09/09/2020 14:18:39


I think your observation that building from a traditional kit will cost at least as much as a ARTF type model. I would go as far as to say it will probably cost you more. Particularly if all your bits and bobs are sourced from within the UK.

There are obvious issues, in that there are probably only about 40-50,000 aeromodellers in the UK. There annual spend on models is possibly quite small, when averaged over the years.

The pound has taken a pounding recently, although more recently recovering against both the Dollar and the Euro. With UK stability, many are predicting a strengthening, whilst others suggest it will become worthless. In short the future is not yet written.

I also agree with the others who have stated that events of Laser Cutting, with CAD files could revolutionise kit production costs, particularly if undertaken outside of the UK, EU, or the USA.

As it stands, ARTF models are pretty cheap, when the hours spent in manufacture are considered, shipping costs etc., are taken into account.

Thread: redundant at 62!
09/09/2020 12:08:37

My circumstances were not quite the same, in that I sought early retirement at 56. Even then, I had doubts was I doing the right thing.

My concern on leaving, was ensuring I had enough stamps for a full pension at 65. To achieve this I signed on as unemployed each week, without fail, kept letters and correspondence that I was actively seeking work.

Unlike others who managed to get some financial help for a period, my application was rejected. The problem probably was I did not do my research and know the qualification rules. Learn from a numpties negative experience. Citizens advice probably is a good source.

I did not find work or it find me, then again, I found that I was able to get along quite well and be very much happier. Perhaps one draw back I had in job hunting was I was invited for an interview at the other end of the country, for a job similar in principle to the one I had. I did not want to travel, nor have the responsibility of that job. I was prepared to do work with no significant responsibility, that did not require me to work long hours either weekly or at short notice (at others requirements). I self limited what I was prepared to do, with not very little clear idea, of what might interest me.

With hind sight I should have started Garden Maintenance, that is cutting lawns. As now i have found I like gardening, you are your own boss. The downside i knew and know little about plants, but I would have learnt.

My advice would be understand what you want, take any job that looks that it may allow you to be more particular when searching for another job, a stepping stone. That is if it is a necessity to work, if not, do things that interest you.

As for employers, there are many arguments, often dependent on which side of the fence you are, and circumstance. Most things are not Black or White, rather a shade of grey.

I wish you the best, in the future.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
04/09/2020 13:28:49

It seems a very sad chapter has just been finished for Williams, with the Williams family withdrawing from the team.

It just further confirms that only Mercedes has the resources to almost guarantee race wins, at every event. Another nail in the proverbial coffin in declining interest in F!.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
04/09/2020 11:02:58

Ah Trevor really enjoyed the story to the build.

The Cat and Fiddle, how I remember the ride back down into Mac, I was always Lampe Rouge, tail end Charlie on the club run, as we hurtled (on push bikes) to certain doom, at +100 mph, or that how it seemed. The memory of coming across a motor bike, buried in a stone wall, with I/we understood the rider being dead.

I have heard of others flying from the area, from the heather, with just gently sloping hillsides, I guess it is the shear height and the general continuous persistence of wind at that altitude?

I believe there was at least one motor glider based on the type T29 or was it a T31 which numerically seems a better Bet?

I have a plan for a small T31, which I have considered converting to a small electric motor glider, it is models such as yours, the lights the embers of passing thoughts.

Edited By Erfolg on 04/09/2020 11:03:48

Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
03/09/2020 15:00:39

The uncertainty is an issue that continues to surprise me. There has been no BMFA region meeting now for some time. My two daughters and grandchildren have been in various lockdowns, for different reasons. The apparent inconsistencies seem legion, both daughters banned from wearing face coverings, at various times, for again differently stated reasons. All the colleagues of one daughter testing positive to having being exposed to the virus (one having died, another surviving after some time), except my daughter, who tested negative. When looked at many of the apparent anomalies, were driven by priorities, resources and many other factors.

Those who advocate that return to schools and business, are probably correct, as the evidence continues to grow that without education and an economy, the damage to many individuals and the general economy is massive.

So will I go to shows? They are certainly a benefit to the model trade, ensuring that our hobby has at least a chance of avoiding a premature demise. To be truthful i only attended one show last year, that was the LMA event at Haydock Park (a horse race course).

For me it is a wait and see, consider the risks, and the benefits. These are increasingly buying modeling odds and ends and some essentials.

Given we have now been to three restaurants using the government sponsored scheme, two at full price, we have not avoided all the obvious risks. Each week i now go to the Supermarket.

Yet it is obvious some people are either in denial or total idiots, who do not have any social conscience.

Thread: Aeronca Sedan
25/08/2020 16:02:23

While I continue to ponder the issue of the various braces, I have been tentatively being undertaking a little laying up.

Although in the past I have done quite a bit of laying up, I have been reminded that it is practice that makes things easier, knowing what to do, how, the difficulties and the time involved. In short I have struggled. Even the resins have changed, for the better. One really upsetting aspect is that all the tools and special tools i had or made, were thrown away. Why, because i would never again would do any laminating.


The nose and hatch after covering, still more work to do, in rubbing down and then anything else that is needed.


My UC mould.


Product from the mould.


Temporary fitting to see what needs doing next.


Perched on the ground.

Again a lot of finishing work required.

I do not think I have done anything quite like it before. My initial intention is to block back using wet and dry paper. Done wet with soap. The intention is to round all the edges, smooth out flat surfaces, with sufficient key, to take a paint finish.

That is unless you know better and can advice of better ways of achieving a good product.

Edited By Erfolg on 25/08/2020 16:02:57

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
23/08/2020 16:07:59

David Davis has relatively recently built an Uproar.

A bit bigger than my model which is only 52" span, The section on my wing is what it is, I guess flat bottomed to semi symmetrical type. The CO model is a symmetrical section it would appear. In CO case designed to do a specific job, that is aerobatics.

Being a philistine, my creation is sized to a 2200 Lipo, in cross section and an electric motor that was spare (that I thought would do).

I have a pile of old Glider Veneered foam blanks, in the garage, now what can I do with them?indecision

22/08/2020 18:09:17

Hi Peter, there is some de ja vu for me in the suggestion that there is a little or some Swamp Rat, in both models.

Not being contentious or argumentative or confrontational, when the "Swamp Rat" was on the list for a Greenacre Fly-In, I lobbied as hard as i could for it. Why because in my view it embodied the full concept of the idea. A model that all could build, easily, cheaply and would have outstanding performance. What happened , the vote went to a difficult to build, ugly, retro model, with non of the flight characteristics of the swamp Rat (I have seen in the past a few at club level, all disappointing).

I accept both look like many before, no doubt many to follow. Why, because the concept is well founded, in build and flying qualities. My own model is not a true design, it is an amalgam of tried and tested concepts.

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