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Thread: The German Airplane Museum
15/07/2019 20:22:54



A sample of the Deutsches Museum, modeling Exhibits (I have a Profi 61, that what attracted me to that cabinet).

The full size engine exhibits are better still.

Thread: Need help to identify plants
18/06/2019 12:58:18


You are most probably correct.

I now vaguely remember, that I was having a coffee with friends that were visiting that the nurseyman said something about snap dragons.

How I get the blame for my wives purchases remains a mystery to me. I just said go and buy what you want, tell me where they are to be planted, I will do the rest.

One of the trays is different to the rest

18/06/2019 12:21:38

I need your help yet again

My wife has bought these plants, which are not as per the labels inserted in the trays. My fault entirely.



I am pretty sure they are not marigolds or Petunias.

04/06/2019 11:11:07

Thank you for the responses, most appreciated.

Martin the protests continue, there are far fewer of them now. They have a fashion statement where most if not all are dressed completely in white, similar to how Druids have been portrayed. The numbers are so diminished at present, that the attics of walking out in front of vehicles, and other acts no longer take place. The irony of the wood burning stove lit most days that i pass seems lost on them. The particulate and smoke nuisance not recognised.

01/06/2019 11:37:52

I have this plant growing in the garden, I am assuming it is wild. My wife wants more of it.


Also this tree is dying and I want to replace it with another. Earlier in the year it had small white flowers on it, I should have taken a picture then. The Bark is coming of it , many large parts have died which I have cut off, in addition to the smaller branches.


Thread: Ideas for articles in RCM&E
29/01/2019 12:08:19

Phil, you seem to being provocative, saying "I get the impression that electronics are pretty dead" is quick to dismiss. I am making a point with reference an impression to home building of electronic devices, are not popular anymore. The times have changed

There was a time when there was a magazine "Practical Electronics" which I think stopped being produced circa 1990, certainly in the form I remember. I have not seen it on the shelves of Smiths et al, for I do not know how long.

We have seen the demise of Maplin, your local store for bits and pieces, which had switched its emphasis away from a pure electronic retail outlet.

There was a time when various electronic kits were freely available, I built a portable radio, even a Sinclair Amplifier, plus a Waltron Radio, Micron and servos. All these types of activity were in the past.

Can you imagine the outrage we would have had on these pages, of home built equipment? The bile that was uttered about non marked CE Rxs, because they were personal purchases from outside the EU, produced by reputable manufacturers, that is compared to some one in there bedroom with a 500w soldering iron.

From the magazines point of view, it has to be about selling magazines. The vast majority of magazines are aspirational. Hence car magazines full of supercars. The days of Practical Mechanics have gone, they do not inspire. Nor do they reflect what the majority of the population does any more. The car is dumped at the garage, bill paid, and taken home fixed. Women’s magazines come nearest to reality, with recipes for "Smoked Salmon, from a bed of Aberdeanshire hay, with pearls of Kohlrabi essence. Of course we are the same, we often use ARTF models that we have built, after many, many minutes slaving with a screw driver.

Of course there are some people who are interested in home electronics. But in an era of PC Electronic design Software, with logic checking and autorouting for board design, it is very different. Very much more about professional Engineering. Most of us are to old to learn about circuit design, and less inclined to even care.

I do recognise my own wishes also are very niche, no one cares how things work, they are just expected to.

This is the modern world.

28/01/2019 02:46:50

There is an area that is now mainstream away from the field and that is indoor. I know John Stenard? has from time to time covered the models.

A success for me has been the gyro article last month. I now have a hobbyeagle on order, due to arrive today.

I see a fair number of DF at the field these days,. Perhaps anything to do with them from kits, Physics. Although with the very sad passing of BEB, it is not apparent to me who is talented enough to continue his role.

Our club has a fairly large number of jets, again, this is probably a narrow subject and aspirational. You need the field and environment, plus deep pockets that you are happy to dig into.

Depron models turn up on a infrequent basis, and certainly seen on this site. For me a first seeing Depron and paper sandwhich, which seems reasonably robust and a low cost build media. My own Depron Glassfibre model has handled 20mph winds. So are the practioners out there who can turn out the odd contribution? If the editor is intrested.

I get the impression that electonics are pretty dead, as it is much cheaper to buy a finished bit of kit. Plus it avoids all the H&S and CE marking dialogue. Looked at another way, I still build with balsa from sheet, where a ARTF is much cheaper and flies out of the box. There could be milage there then.

27/01/2019 22:25:38


I am not sure where the condemn comes from, I guess I am observing that at the typical club field SC is a rarity.

In contrast last week i saw 6 identical What 4s in a line , not a special arrangement, just reflecting what club fliers are buying or building ( a stretch of the concept).

The other side of the coin is that this is not necessarily what people want to read about in a magazine.

A danger is starting to treat a niche as a mainstream interest, as potentially that turns readers of, if there is to much.

I really would like to say what would and does attract readers. In general I tend to think it is variety, not forgetting what is the current mass interest, in truth I have no idea, other than that is what I like.

Perhaps it is because I am old, although I think it is a trend for many, that larger models are now prefered, perhaps because they are easier to see how they are flying and generally more tolerant of poor flying conditions and even the length of grass.

Yet I cannot but notice that often backing up the every day 1 st model, there is quite often the smaller, low hour build, pretty low cost model, generally with some degree of performance. Hence the NH , Richard Harris and now the TN Jets, popularitity. I have and do still see these model groups frequently flying. They are popular with the builders of yesteryear.

It is strange you mention CL, as I have seen these being flown at my own and other clubs as a fun interlude.

27/01/2019 20:52:35

Oh dear, I seem to have struck a raw nerve Phil.

Attracting a hundred and fifty fliers is in this day and age an acheivement, particularly to a single concept.

I would still contend that in general club terms not many SC are seen.

From experience of a number of clubs and like yourself I try and observe what have been popular builds across the club spectrum, Nigel Hawes models have had significant numbers of builds.

From observation electric models of larger sizes are gaining ground, where 4s Lipos are no longer unusual.

I can and do see that some specialist events do get large attendances, although what was mainstream with strong following a few years back, are now very quite, such as 100s and what ever the current terminology is for Open.

I can truthfully say just a week back, a number of people did question where the Mag was going, as its relevance and interest to themselves was declining. I find that bad news, if it is reflected in magazine sales, as this mag is the only man left standing.

One aspect that really does distress me is that I like FF and one of my clubs was an outstanding club for both competition and general flying, and the issue is that many of the people I admired for both build flying, are no longer with us. It is a trend that I cannot see changing.

I am now an old man, who is strong in nostalgia, yet for the young and the future it is of limited value.

I do not want to upset you, and I know that you are passionate about your interests in early RC. I have even visited your RC site, a number of times and it has much of interest, to old men like me. Although I am now more interested in Gyros for my more truculent models, which seems true of many much younger (relatliverly) modelers .

Thread: Confirmation of a picture
27/01/2019 10:49:30

Is it identifiable as a pilots cap.

I am also guessing it was part of a dress uniform?

26/01/2019 22:12:41

I thought it was a pilots hat from WW2, I think I know who it belonged to.>>

Being completely honest I have no real idea why I have it.>>

It is the suggestion that it is from the seventies that still provides some doubt.>>

26/01/2019 16:11:59

Does any one recognise what this is other than a cap.



I think I know what it is and who it belonged to. Although if it is what I think it is, i do not know why I have it.

Thread: German WW2 Insignia
26/01/2019 14:09:59

It is to easy to blame one man, or a group. The whole point of point of the German camps used as reminders of the unacceptable, in case we forget, is that they reminders, to prompt everyone to resist behaviors that are not acceptable.

What I find difficult to deal with is that the issue is polarized or focused as being unique. Many of the terrible occurrences were not uniquely the first time something similar has occurred. Plus some aspects are repeated even today, in various forms.

The swastika should be seen in that light, as a reoccurrence of the unacceptable, that often are arrived at bit by bit, by potentially the whole of mankind. Winning should not allow any of the issues to be swept under the carpet. Certainly the people who advocate and implement such acts should be seen for what they were, not as heroes.

25/01/2019 20:29:06


To true.

Although is that not the essence of history?

I know and many others, no some contentious aspects of history, where the loosing side (by a slime margin) have some how managed to write history with a distorted slant. History is never ever straight forward. There are others where whole sections of histories participants are ommited for many reasons, often political correctness. The blame landing on the one party.

Perhaps the biggest problem for all, is that we see history through the lense of the norms of today and its values. The realities of yesterday. particularly of war, should not be judged lightly by todays standards.

25/01/2019 19:34:51

All acts of violence, have moral aspects. On persons freedom fighter is anothers terrorist.

Consider the impact of the "twin towers", changed the USA Goverments support of some groups within the USA and nearer to us.

Area bombing as practiced today and in the past.

Attacks on infrastructure that resulted in the deaths of many civilians.

Some say that some of these acts are war crimes, acts of terrorism. Yet you will find many other opinions, some of some repute who say otherwise. As my mum has said, some will defend the idefensible if they are showered with honours. Todays terrorist is tomorrows respectable politician and statesman.

It is a debate without end, nor necessarily clear moral outcome.

25/01/2019 18:17:57

Perhaps the continuing discussion highlights why displaying emblems such as the Swastika has many merits.

The merits are, that it encourages debate, rather than shutting debate down. When you are not allowed to question, the most outrageous claims can and are made. Discussion probably does not resolve issues in black and white terms, although a better understanding can develop.

A similar moral issue is should we model war planes or stick to civilian aircraft?

25/01/2019 17:14:45

The question posed is one that is politically charged. The reactions to this topic and many others does and will change with time. I tend to think there is no right and wrong with respect to many aspects, in an absolute sense, although for some emotionally there is. A lot depends on your particular perspective and often experiences.

History is normally presented in terms of Black and White, where in reality it is shades of grey, with respect to all events. Be it Richard III or ethics of area bombing or what ever you choose. Reading Michael Portillos American Railroads, you soon realise that the USA civil war as portrayed today, is just another politically correct portrayal by the winners. 

With respect to Swastikas, IMO it is better to have them displayed and discussed in all the contexts than pretend that the symbol is the issue, avoiding the emblem does not eradicate a reoccurring set of issues that have reoccurred since, as a set of issues. Most people do not actually know what the Fascist ideology really is, yet feel they do. 

For me one death is to many, easy to say, harder to live up to.


Edited By Erfolg on 25/01/2019 17:16:44

Edited By Erfolg on 25/01/2019 17:18:09

Thread: I want an alluminium spinner
24/01/2019 14:52:04

I need a Aluminium spinner at 64mm (2.5" diameter for a 5mm shaft, preferably collet type.

Any idea who sells such a beast?

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
23/01/2019 19:01:26

Sorry, no idea what the problem was caused by, it was OK on my PC until loaded, then, well embarrassed

23/01/2019 15:59:40

Oh YES, I have been flying today. In reality I am no goody two shoes. In reality it was all down to having to go out to complete some paperwork, connected to the BMFA.>>

When I went to the car at 12:00 hrs, the car was absolutely covered in ice, particularly all the windows, a crust possibly over 6mm thick. The deicer stuff had no impact at all. I could not get into the car as the door would not open. I then decided i would use some warm water to deice, the window, which was stuck to the seal. Three litres of water later the seal shifted, the window dropped down slightly to allow the door to open. I then started the car, with all the demister systems engaged and left it to it, until I had got my coat, two models down, Tx box, paper work to be processed. Surprisingly when I climbed into the car after packing, nothing had changed anywhere, thick ice on everything. The outside temperature indicator was claiming -4C, with attendant warning bongs about ice. I now switched on the heater to my seat and sat back.

The local roads were icy in places, I passed a Mercedes on the way to the field, that had continued straight on at a rather sharp bend.

On the track down to the field, I knew it was a Billy no mates situation, as the puddles along the track were frozen, with no sign of being broken.

After all the trauma of getting there, the flying was absolutely great. I took the precaution of keeping the non flying model in the car until its turn, to keep the Lipo warm. I can honestly say that the total lack of wind, allowed the models to fly true, no compensation of any type being required.

There was a down side, my feet were wet through, I did not bother changing into my Wellies or boots, as i would not be there that long. But the grass was absolutely wet through, even though not particularly long, long enough to do wet my feet, drench the models, either when taking of or landing, perhaps both.


Although it cannot be seen in the photo, the Pennines in the background are covered in snow.

Passing the Fraking Protestors on the way home, the stove inside their hut or shack, was belching out smoke, whilst the backs bodies could be seen sticking out of the door way, whilst the polythene sheet door was forced to one side. Two police vans were parked up, with the police firmly staying put inside. Only the site security was standing to attention at the site entrance, as I coasted by at 20 mph.


Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 23/01/2019 18:25:01

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