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Thread: RBC Dornier 335
20/01/2021 15:59:52


I am glad you have pointed out what I have done, I hope that turning the prop around causes no problem. It could as the prop has an insert for centering, which will no longer be against the collet datum face. I will see.

You would be surprised how many times I have been told that the prop is wrong on my small 335, not getting it operates as a pusher , initially.

20/01/2021 11:22:42

After such a long time since working (if that is what it can be described as) on the model, I no longer remember with any clarity what the next steps were going to be. The spinners do give a clue of what was planned, assuming that all the jobs I intended undertaking whilst awaiting there arrival have been completed.

On that basis I continued on the rear motor set up.



I have made so many motor tubes (now), that making a new one was not such a time consuming or fraught job. The first picture shows the tube prior to it being shortened.

You will probably notice there are some quite big gaps between the spinner and the cowl in both installations. This is quite deliberate as these inrunners need to allow air from the integral fan to exhaust, and be drawn in.

I am now wondering why I picked such a heavy motor for the rear assembly as I do not want a CG issue, requiring a Cathedral roof to remedy. These two motors are quite powerful compared to the original motors used, which appear to be HET, although some of the photos seem to show bigger motors.

Anyhow I am now thinking about the linkages to the rear tail surfaces, as again the photos show a very complicated, almost Heath Robinson installation, to keep the back from looking cluttered. I think my model will look cluttered.

Thread: Overseas purchase
19/01/2021 20:19:02

For a long time I have purchased small value(sub £15) items from HK.

I did not know that the £15 allowance had been withdrawn, which has provided me with an issue of the best strategy to limit my tax and handling charge exposure.

There could be an opportunity for an enterprising UK person to start a home business selling bulk accessories, that manufacturers are paid peanuts for. Such as micro hinges, clevises etc. As these items are generally sold at very high prices in UK, MS.

Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
19/01/2021 14:47:37

Increasingly I am forming an opinion that Covid will be around for a long time. It seems to mutate just like other viruses that ensures that it always around in some form. Probably requiring a repeated re-vaccination

I reflect that in previous eras, the population just lived with disease, like TB, Polio etc. It did not stop society functioning. The people if film and TV are to believed, clutching a handkerchief to their face, in suspect situations. USA had its permanent restrictions via Ellis Islands for those wishing to emigrate to the USA.

In a way, we are returning to earlier eras, the handkerchiefs have become face masks. It would not surprise me that we will not increasingly have health checks when traveling to other jurisdictions.

The question then would be, how and when will large gatherings again become common and probably how they are regulated and managed.

Schools seem to be a the first group challenge, will classes return to the typical Victoria layouts, with individual desks, spaced out to create isles etc? As it not possible to avoid groups, if Cinemas, football/athletic stadiums, horse racing events are to be held in the UK.

It is very obvious that high population densities do increase transmission risks, and much of the UK and particularly England, have quite a task to manage.

At the end of the day we want our events to be held, it remains a question of when.

Thread: I could be the only one
19/01/2021 14:27:23

From what you read and occasionally hear, it is getting the UK and visitors spending that would help in dealing with the UK Government borrowing (via tax take).

Although I think you are suggesting that many of us will not be around to deal with the long term issue. I am willing to try and hang on to help out, as long as I can.

18/01/2021 15:04:01

I imagine it is your healthy bank balance that the Chancellor will want to see you and many others reduce them, either voluntarily or by taxation, as the economy starts to work.

Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
17/01/2021 15:01:04

LHA, I do wonder what it will be like, when normality is established.

I accept we now live with Flu, in my case having an annual injection. At present Covid seems more of a problem, for us oldens. Will vaccines bring the risk level down to a similar level as flew? Before the Flu vaccine, I think the number of us old ones dying from it was much lower.

The economic damage also seems massive, not just in the UK, in much of Europe, it seems similar. The UK in particular felt the impact of WW2, for many, many years post WW2. In that case some was a consequence of becoming a post empire state.. It could be hard times ahead

Education within Europe and particularly the UK and Germany did recover after 6 years of war, so I am encouraged in that respect..

My main concern is that the trade benefits from shows, as well as us punters. For the organisers, it is a lot of work, they have to work for them as well. I would be surprised if any fortunes are made by the organisers, at present it is probably cash out, with no immediate prospect of getting it back. Yes, I am pessimistic, in that in my region I have seen events disappear, rather than new ones appearing and then staying the course.

17/01/2021 13:05:12

The pandemic has continued to defy my pessimistic guesses.

I had thought that by Christmas 2020, we would be at the end of the effects of the virus. How wrong it became obvious by some time in Autumn. At first i though it was all a blip, noise in the reporting or some other aspect. Then it became almost certain there was some other trend. I remember that one NW Mayor saying they should be spared restrictions of tightening lock-down, as the areas cases were reducing. Although never commented upon, he was so wrong. On that basis I do not feel to bad, as a Nostradamus.

Now I do not see any Major public events before August, generally past most Aeromodelling Public Events, in 2021.

Although I do not attend these events now, as they are a bit to far from where I now live, I know many do, and are a major part of keeping Aeromodelling an active movement.

Now my major concern is that some of these events will never again be held, much to the industries detriment as well as us modelers. The demise of Woodvale, is much regretted and remebered by many in the NW of England. I expect that reason then given was finding a small amount of Asbestos in one building. I can see the barrier is not just a site, it is the shear amount of work in organising such events, probably starting a whole year before the next scheduled event. Which is a real load if on a voluntary basis. More often than not, once cancelled, for what ever reason, they never run again.

The real worry in my mind that there will not be a clearly defined end to the pandemic. In part due to the world wide aspect of the problem and the ever changing threat, that suddenly appear out of the blue. In such circumstances, what becomes a clear issue, does not necessarily appear so initially.

In such circumstances, there will be many changes to Public Health, Governmental Policy and a lot of apprehension in particularly some sections of the community.

I cannot imagine a whole day with a mask on, on a hot summers day, socially distancing from others, waiting to gain meaningful access to a traders tent, or tables, due to the other punters. Watching and seeing models via binoculars, to get that 2m distance from others. In particular I need to sit down at a table with my beer and sandwich, as do hundreds of other drunks.

Yes I do miss Greenacres, where I would see and meet many of others from this site, and realise that they were ordinary guys as most of us are. Even the non modeling Cosford Battle of Britain type event, are missed for similar reasons.

Yet I would be surprised that 2022 is the first possible date to see what is re-instated then I will be really old, and probably will travel less, than even now.



Edited By Erfolg on 17/01/2021 13:08:18

Thread: I could be the only one
16/01/2021 16:57:31

There will be a new normal, although it has always been so, it is just we never notice the change.

Increasingly it does seem that the Corona Virus will be here for a long time, if not forever.

One of my concerns stems from just building a KK Quick Build Mermaid boat. I have the impression that so few boar models are now built, that common accessories, are so infrequently purchased, they have become a niche market, that parts are quite expensive for so little, in many cases. If I am anything near being correct, so many of our distributors be less than attractive as business, other than small trader status. I fear that the furlough system is at present hiding a lot of the now unemployed. I am certain that the new normal will employ the vast majority and more.

I still have reservations with respect to the continued additions and changes as far as our hobby is concerned, and potentially the negative implications that they may bring. There has been to many Ostriches about, saying there are no material changes that change how we play.

Thread: My HERMES
16/01/2021 15:53:19

Wasn't the Ark Royal built at Cammell Lairds on the Wirral?

If so, many years ago I used to visit an engineering company that pictures of the ship, under construction towering over the nearby housing.

I may have been on the Ark Royal, I assume on Navy Day, where many of the then Fleet open to the public. If it was the Arc Royal or the Eagle or not, they certainly were incredible impressive. It would not surprise me if the current carriers are not much bigger, say 10?

Thread: I could be the only one
16/01/2021 13:38:54

Yesterday, the better half and myself walked down to the beach, probably 200 yards. Then walked about a mile along it. The air had a cold chill, the Gulls were not even to be seen in any numbers, just a solitary Cormorant, Shag, or similar could be seen in the distance. Both of us with our full Arctic Gear being worn. Still I shivered.

It was notable that the parked cars of day trippers that have recently been filling the coast road were absent. Even the dog walkers were few and far between. Local walkers and joggers were also mostly absent.

So it was a surprise when we happened upon two fellow golfers at my wives club. A discussion between these women generally centred on how long, when will we, playing golf again. Just to emphasis we all were about 3 metres apart, the whole time.

As we continued our walk, into the biting breeze, noting that the fresh water percolating from the sand dunes formed puddles of iced water, I ruminated internally with respect to the distress that these woman felt.

I then thought four years ago, I flew models daily, either at was then my club field or the 9 hole golf course at the back of our house. Having moved there was no chance of flying on any of the now local golf courses. Even those closed due to ground conditions. I flew mostly 2-3 times a week pre lock.

Lock down reduced flying to once in 9 months.

I then thought, I no longer miss flying as I had done, I am not desperate to fly any models as I was was. The few models I have completed and built during lock down, await being flown. But I think if I see them take to the air once will be enough etc.

Now i do ponder, is an age thing, as I am now officially as well as sometimes feeling old. Catching a glimpse of myself in my bathroom mirror, comes as a shock, who is that old man? I am not consciously aware that I am no longer in my thirties.

Or perhaps it is all the build and other things that I do during lock down , are seen as more interesting

Even the BMFA area meetings are now Zoom. I no longer have to go out.

All of this had me thinking, even a small number behaving as I now do, could be further bad news for our hobby, the trade and potentially the BMFA membership. Although just like NT i would be reluctant to drop out of the movements, as in principle they are worth supporting.

Then I pondered, both the BMFA and NT rely on a small number of members who voluntarily make things happen, at club, and the competitions.

So, are others still enthused , barely able to contain themselves, as they await release from lock down. Or have other interests taken over?

Thread: My HERMES
16/01/2021 12:44:03

Am I the exception, with respect to Hermes, as they are perhaps the best, other than perhaps Amazon?

Things always arrive in the time frame that the retailer indicates (when this facility is available).

If perchance we are not in, generally they retry later, or left with a neighbour.

This contrast with post office deliveries. I do not want to get into specific issues, other than say the general mind set is very much that of a monopoly or government doing you a favour attitude.

I guess in all cases it is about both individuals and company ethos.

Thread: RBC Dornier 335
15/01/2021 15:10:46

It has been getting on for 9 months since I made any material progress with this model. Why is the question that i have asked myself?

There is a set of reasons, the first is that I needed some spinners a lot bigger than i had available. This meant ordering some. The second that Covid had just become a reality, rather than something some distance away, also that the disruption would compromise modeling supplies. In short my spinners were on back order.

Whilst waiting I set about building an Aeronca Sedan. This became along the lines of the Mercury kit model, which I have a kit. This ended up as a redraw, putting the kit to one side. The original intention was to build a kit which I had, and still have. Then I have built a KK Mermaid a quick build boat.

So when the spinners finally arrived, I finished what I had started.

The next big surprise, that all the work I had done to install the motors was for nought. The differences between my normal spinners and these and how I would mount them is totally different. I have started a revision process, where the front motor is about 60-80% done.

Here are some random photos of where I am at.





For the first time in 60 years I used a scribing block ,and then a DTI which I have not used above 4 times in the same period. I can say with honesty, I had to think hard on how to use the equipment effectively and also how to jury rig the bits and pieces i have.

Hopefully i will press on now.

Plus finally finish many of the models I have put to one side needing detail finishing, before starting something else.

Thread: Where do you get your Lead from ?
15/01/2021 14:36:09

IMO the maxim today is to think ahead, with nearly everything related to our hobby.

In short everything others have done, likewise I have done for some time.

What is the form this takes? In the case of Lead, when my domestic plumbing was being updated, I claimed all the lead from the plumber. Both of my house extensions resulted with unused Lead flashing, in addition to some old flashing as a consequence of the new build.

In all case this was made clear before any work was done, as to whom would own the lead.

The old plumbing was rather cumbersome to store, as random bits of bent plumbing pipe. To ease storage I made up a mould out of wood, melted the lead and poured into the moulds to create ingots. Another plus side is that these bars are now used in model building to weigh things down.

Not being a good builder, I often need more than a few grams of Lead to achieve the required CG. I have a number of small moulds in which I have and do cast small ingots for this purpose.

Being a worrier, I do all my melting outside or in a very well ventilated area, keeping up wind. I wear leather gardening type gloves, heavy non plastic clothing, in case of a splash of any type. Call me paranoid, better safe than sorry.

Even handling lead these days has me washing my hands.

The problem with approach, is that you have an awful lot of bits and pieces about, which may never be used, or not perfect for what you are doing. The plus is that you more often than not decide that perfection is just not necessary.

Edited By Erfolg on 15/01/2021 14:36:47

Thread: I am still struggling with my Laptop
12/12/2020 10:43:17

I have finally done it! That is setting the browser and search engine, whow!

Things seem to get harder, rather than easier, as the software develops. There was a time when you installed a program and that was it. No hidden settings, to divert you to some other application, or way of obstructing those not familiar with changes to the various interfaces.

I also am finding, how you used to use a product, changes with each new iteration.

I am of such an age where I just want to use a PC, I do not want to relearn anything, those days have passed, I no longer have the time, nor want the challenge.

It does strike me that the more powerful, flexibility many things become, the harder it is to actually achieve what yo wanted. What ever happened to Fuzzy Logic?

Thanks for all the time and effort you guys put in to get me here.

12/12/2020 10:43:15

I have finally done it! That is setting the browser and search engine, whow!

Things seem to get harder, rather than easier, as the software develops. There was a time when you installed a program and that was it. No hidden settings, to divert you to some other application, or way of obstructing those not familiar with changes to the various interfaces.

I also am finding, how you used to use a product, changes with each new iteration.

I am of such an age where I just want to use a PC, I do not want to relearn anything, those days have passed, I no longer have the time, nor want the challenge.

It does strike me that the more powerful, flexibility many things become, the harder it is to actually achieve what yo wanted. What ever happened to Fuzzy Logic?

Thanks for all the time and effort you guys put in to get me here.

Thread: Lettering
09/12/2020 12:32:35

I am finishing model which will benefit from some lettering.

For me their is a problem from my perspective there is a problem in I do not know a way of producing what I want, other than painting.

Painting is not favoured by me, as I have found that even water based paint tends to wrinkle the film in which the model is painted.

My printer does not print white ink, so that I could print the letters and numbers on Decal Paper.

The lettering required is 4" or 100mm high for the wings and approx. 1/4 (6mm) to 3/8" (8mm) high.

Any ideas?

Thread: I am still struggling with my Laptop
07/12/2020 12:05:08

The problem seems to be deeper.

I had set Google as the default browser. This worked for a time.

Following the settings path, as you guys indicated, Google was supposedly the default browser. I reset Google as the default. Still Bing comes up.

Could the problem somehow be related to the start up process? I obviously have no real idea!

06/12/2020 22:01:31

Another problem

Initially I had issues with not being able to install Google on my Laptop. You guys solved this issue, which was down to the version Windows 10installed.

Now the problem is that I prefer Google Chrome to Bing. I did have Google as the preferred browser for a short time. Now it is has reverted to Bing. I do not know why, or how to refix it'

Please help again.

Thread: New scam alert!
04/12/2020 23:13:43

l12fly, I came close to being scammed by a similar scam, some 3 to 4 years back.

I received an Email purporting from I think Asda. As one of their valued customers, would I help them by completing a short survey, with a the possibility of winning a MP3 player.

I took and complete the survey. I was also lucky enough to win a MP3 player. All I had to do was provide my details. Right at the end of the process I was informed all I had to was to pay for the P&P. At this point I lost interest.

I then received a Email telling me I had to provide my card details. This was followed by more intimidating Emails that I was contractually obliged to provide the details demanded. Following Emails informed me that I would be prosecuted for breach of contract.

At this point I went to the police, where a fraud department informed me to send a Email stating that I was terminating any contract that they thought I had with them under some distance selling legislation. I them received more Emails telling me I was being taken to court, unless I immediately compiled with their demand. The police told me that I would have to attend any official court. As non attendance would have a judgement made against me.By now the police knew where and who the company were, based in Birmingham. I was informed that I should not inform the company that the police were involved. I sent another Email stating that no contract existed between us, any contract that they believed there was being dissolved.

I should add that contacting the Supermarket the survey had nothing to do with them. WHAT A SURPRISE.

I finally received an Email acknowledging that no contract existed.

At this point I was given a police case/crime number and told that the case was solved. To be fair, the police help was very useful.

It appears that the company, was imposing an obligation to purchase a certain number of purchases via the conditions of trading tick box, Thankfully they never got my details, nor had I got to the tick box..

Edited By Erfolg on 04/12/2020 23:19:47

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