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Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
05/04/2020 01:29:19

Tragically the two people who were members of the bowling club that my wife attended, have died, within hours of each other. They were husband and wife, the woman had been on a ventilator for something like 10 days apparently.

My wife is very upset being informed by another club member this evening. What seemed so far away now is very real in our consciousness. Putting into context the level of potential risk.

I was contemplating, undertaking my own shopping. I find that both obtaining a delivery or collection slot, in conjunction with the as delivered purchases very disappointing, still being short of some items. As is sometimes said, I will have to live with that and accept it.

Yet staying in seems a better bet, at the moment. The longer term expectation and opinion seems to be that we will all be exposed to Covid-19. My worry is that if you are unlucky even with access to a suitable breathing device, things may not go well.

Thread: Converting C/L model to RC
05/04/2020 01:14:36

With the benefit of hindsight, I now favour the PM approach, rather than the path I choose.

PM seems to take the spirit of the earlier model, drawing/building a model which provides the facilities for the servos, cable runs, Lipo and so on, in conjunction with the constructional practices, and access to the interior, which are typical of this era, to achieve the functionality of take off, landing a level of stability needed as a RC model.

My mistake has been to adhere as closely to the original concept as is possible, only very reluctantly deviating from the original design.

I have also built another CL stunter by KK I cannot quite remember the name, other than the wing was a near triangle, in that case enlarged a lot. No pictures or model any more.

I would be perhaps tempted to go for an enlarged Team Racer now, the type that were almost semi scale such as the Mercury Mac or outlandish design such as the MAP Jabberwocky etc.

04/04/2020 18:26:01

A typical type of design limitation with respect to RC use is the flap, which we would want as an aileron. Outboard they often are quite narrow, compared to the root. This reflects that the actuation is a one piece torque rod type of wire, actuating at the root. The arrangement is the opposite of having the principal area at the tip for an aileron.

The body tends to narrow in the middle as there is only the bell crank there, it does not need to be wider. The narrowness helps with the tracking, in conjunction with a rudder often set to turn the model out of the circle, to help in maintaining line tension in the cross wind part of the circle.

Possibly team racers offer a better CL to RC model, as the rules as I remember them had a minium cross section. Although the latter mono wheel types look nothing like a full size racing plane.

04/04/2020 17:24:08

I have a Spectre, which I had thought of refurbishing.

The more I looked at it, the more it became apparent, I would have to start from scratch. The panels are odd lengths. One side is full of Plasticine. The body would have to be opened up to get rid of the coupled elevator and flaps. The fuel tank is built in of wedge type. Plus the model is in a sorry state. Apart from these issues, I have lost the drawing.

04/04/2020 17:17:08

This is a scaled down conversion of a Nobler original by Georg Aldrich.

Why scaled down, because at the time of building there were limited range and numbers of brushless motors.

Some aspects were redesigned by necessity.

A major fault is the rudder is pretty useless.

Could do with UC, there is not enough room for UC, mostly down to size of model and the Lipo.

Another limitation is that the fuz is highly tapered, which means that apart from right at the front, there is little room.

If I were to make another it would be much bigger, to free up space, for equipment.

Apart from the negatives, it still is flown, handles generally well, no real stall. You just have to accept it originally was designed to go round in circles. Not designed to specifically roll, knife edge, nor necessarily go fast (more a single speed, what ever it was doing).

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
04/04/2020 15:55:01

What ever our personal views might be, it appears that Internet trading is now a fact of life, and is here to stay, for sometime. Although I sense that UK Governments will want to tax the traders more, in part to fill the revenue stream that councils have in the past received from Business Rates and Business waste.

I sympathise with the CE regulation aspect of sourcing goods. The concept of single set of regulations and standards within a common market is sensible. Yet much of the CE regulations was as and is much about the so called "non tariff barriers" than either product safety, or the need for a regulation.

I have never been convinced about the argument with respect to poor Chinese or general Far Eastern products, as much of the premium brands sold in the UK originate from China or the Far East.

My own father-in-law sourced his own products from China, as both the quality and cost were lower than his factory could manufacture to. It appears our internal infrastructure costs are on a world level basis, uncompetitive, unless we can add a lot of added value. The problem with many small accessories for model aircraft, there is in reality no real added value, there are very high incidental costs.

In a changed world and changing world, we all adapt, or become the modern day dinosaurs. Thankfully all or at least most who have signaled they are open for business are those who are fleet of foot and I believe part of the future, whatever it looks like, when society returns to the new normality.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
04/04/2020 13:11:09

IMO the governments decision for the lock down now has a real component to it.

Just like many, I have missed the complete freedom that previously enjoyed,  just living with what has now been stipulated.

What has made the decisions valid, with particular emphasis on the flying field stipulations is that my wife received an Email last night, that informed her that two of members (that she knows) of the Bowling club she attends are now in hospital with COVID-19. There are no details of their condition. The last meeting of the club, before they went into lock down, was perhaps 14 days ago, Daughter No1 forbade my wife from attending. If she had I would now be a little more paranoid.

There are striking similarities with model flying, now being outside, often standing approx 2 m apart, toing and frowing in an almost random manner.

I think the risks are probably very real, as neither Daughter N01 or the Son-In-Law has been near since they have gone back to work. Instead one of the grandchildren has deposited food at our door, that we have requested.

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Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
04/04/2020 12:39:49

I have followed this thread with some interest. In my mind it is reflective not just of the present pandemic, but to some degree reflective of the changing times, economic conditions (taxes, rents, amenities and so on) and a hobby that is redefining itself (technological changes).

For some time I have felt that there has been misunderstandings of us punters, the ordinary Joe, and the retailer.

IMO there will not be many Model Shops in the future, indeed there are very few now, compared with my youth. However there will be some, from my limited experience, the "Steve Webbs" and Leeds Model Shop" are of the format that will continue, being special. What makes them special, again IMO, it is the enthusiasm of the staff, in SW's, it went further, it was the father, a great guy, to pass the time of day in his company. Also recognising that the counter is not the only way to serve the public, Mail Order, Internet sales. moving with the times being an agent, never forgetting the shop window that is not only on the street, extending and drawing you into the shop and finally the sales counter. The traditional model shop has often lacked so much that makes those that stand out special.

I did think that the model that both Hobby King and the long departed Giant Cod, was the way forward for a massive fraction of the trade, for both the retailer and shopper. The shop window being almost 100% Internet related. Making two offers, a massive range of items stretching from bits and bobs, to RTF models, all at very competitive prices. To make it work, large volumes of sales were and are required, as even warehousing is not cost free, nor do things pack themselves. As with all UK postal services, compared to many other countries the traditional Post Office type service is expensive. No one seems to trust the likes of Hermes in the model trade, although I have had increasing amounts of my larger items coming via these logistic companies.

I understand why the LMS has seen these people as unfair. Although it was the same when Tesco arrived in my then suburban township. The cosy world was shattered, when Tesco then others unfairly undercut them, provided much more choice, in their opinion. Although now a version is coming=ing back as convenance stores, although the owners have to work much harder to get their Renault car, rather than their Mercedes of the past.

I see that the Inwoods, BillsKits and many of the others will continue, as they deserve to. From this thread, they continue to serve us well, keep it up.

Perhaps what has not been mentioned, is how the Wholesaler or Distributing businesses will adapt. If they do not adapt, they will also face problems, or perhaps they already transition with the changing sales patterns, the Perkins, Rip Max and others.

When you consider that there may be only 100, 000 modelers of all hues out there, many of us, perhaps the majority confined to our homes, it is not an overly big pool of people. That is as distinct from 20,000,000 people that shop in the likes of Ada, other retailers are available.

You guys are doing a great job under the circumstances, stay open and keep trading as long as possible. You are essential to live, as one who is now awaiting an item for a model, having now been informed that the retailer is in lock down, for the time being.

Thread: Drawing up the QED Gee Bee
02/04/2020 20:21:28

Peter you have made a very relevant point about scale. Many, many years ago, when we were drawing by candle light, or we just went home. I drew up a special tank, on a Ao sized sheet. their may have been details on another sheet.

This set of tanks went into a very large room. By the time they were made I was the design office representative on site. It was just another bit of kit, in a large facility. The tanks had arrived and been installed months earlier. For some reason i went into the location of these items, looked around, half wondered where they were, as the shear enormity and scale of the items sunk in. They went on for ever, wherever you looked, be it along or up, as you needed to look up to get them into view.

Now perhaps just as astounding, my tanks were based or that should be influenced by a previous design, approx half the size. I did undertake stress calculations on a few what I thought as critical components. With hindsight, who in their right mind would let some one in their twenties design such things unsupervised (although there was a team leader). Now I would baulk at such a task, and I do not think i would let some one loose on such a task, if I were their manager, without a lot of input from an experienced qualified engineer. How times have changed and what a wuz I am now in my dotage.

Yep, seeing what you are designing is important, even if your imagination is good. I am not convinced my own is.indecision

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02/04/2020 16:54:26

I could use Autocad and Autosketch at one time, I find it takes me to long to look up how to do things, as I do not remember. The other big issue is that my monitor is quite small, measures 19", which is a pain for this type of work.

I did find when I had a period of evaluating CAD work (as part of my job, long before retirement), unless you do mods to a design, the first drawing takes longer than on a board. Although, CAD would generate the splines etc, far easier than manual drawing.

The big gain would be the CAM bit, in this case routing or laser cutting. I am hoping to avoid needing that route, but time will tell.

I might not even build it. I already have a drawing of a Fokker V29 done, a Gotha 224 and a Yellow Canary (midget biplane racer). I am not convinced that the Yellow Canary would be controllable by me, without gyro assistance.

02/04/2020 16:04:00

For years I have had a soft spot for Gee Bees, particularly the R1/2. I built a Gee Bee model D. But, yes the but, I much prefer the out and out racers.

I know they are almost a cartoon, big, bulbous, garish, school boy paint jobs. Yet strangely they really followed the science of the day theories, Particularly the teardrop was the best low drag body shape. Models being tested in the wind tunnel of I believe the University of New York.

Over the years, I have sought to cajole Peter Millar to build one. I know he has a soft spot for midget racers, having published a number of plans (free in some case from RCM&E). I have built a number of his designs. Yet I have never manged to convince Peter, via "Peter Millar asks what is next"?

Rather churlishlysmiley he suggested why not design on yourself. So this is a least the design phase, can I do it?

The first thing was to get a reasonable size drawing of the plane.


I have done this. Next decide how big should it be. I decided the length would have to be no more than 36", for the longest member. This decided that the Fuz was the limiting factor. Next what scale? By 10 was convenient but small, by 13 would just be within 36", but I am not superstitious, so it is by 12, I cab live with that.

As you can see, that the sections on the drawing are not the best for bulkhead positions. But that is all I have. Also the model is heavily tapered. The up side, is that the body is pretty much round for most of its length. The downside, there is a transition from round to a line stern post.

It has been the transition that has occupied me for the longest time. I used the method (mainly) of interpolation between sections at various angles, ie 45 degrees as one and so on.

Next I need to put in a wing section, which will be E205. The reason being, from use, I know it has a very good low drag value, from about the minium sink to high speed, as used when penetrating (in competition gliders). I expect that there are better wing sections available now, although I have no experience of them other than HM 32. The scale section is extremely thin. Plus as a flyer, I am in the category of being a very mortal, ordinary, to sub ordinary flyer.

Once I have the wing in, then I will start putting in bulkheads, the working out their shape.

Thread: Gardening help needed
02/04/2020 15:31:25

What may interest you a little, is that my previous club was surrounded by trees, that is every where. Switching from a glider Guider, to a power type flyer, in wide open spaces, I landed in the trees as well as hitting the odd one.

The relevant bit, is that I learnt how to fell a mature tree, have it crash to the ground, where it was wanted, and how to do it safely. That is not hurt myself or others or end up with the tree falling into another.

At the back of the present garden, there was a fir type tree, about 50 feet tall. Nothing grew under it, other than the ivy. With my then modeling experience, I knew that using a tree saw would take for ever to get it down. I might not fell it in a day, partially cut, it could end up falling at any time anywhere. I went out and bought a Chainsaw. I managed to fell it, falling diagonally, missing the bushes, and just short of the patio wall.

The other thing i learnt, was that ground clearance, generates a lot of waste plants. That the best way of managing the subsequent mountain is to burn it. Which I did, flames leapt to considerable height, the heat was intense, taking about a couple of hours to burn all of it. The neighbors opposite were not pleased, sent the environment officer round later. The EA was OK about it though, saying the odd fire is not an issue.

Now who says you do not learn life skills as an aeromodeler.smiley

02/04/2020 13:40:53

Cymaz, yes South Facing.

Thanks for the compliments. The reality is a lot could be done. For one who did not go out much into our previous garden, other than to run up a engine, more latterly a motor, I now can spend some time on the patio, with a beer, when the weather finally warms up.

Our previous house had a golf course (1/2 hole) at the back, I felt quite happy flying my indoor twin rotor Sea King type rescue helicopter in it. I had even flown my indoor Depron type models from it (as well as on the golf course in winter, when there was a high). Now I cannot because of the house opposite and now being (due to the expanded zone) within the controlled air space of either Blackpool Airport or maybe BAE Warton, GGGRRRRRRRRRangry

The biggest nuisance, is the constant wind.

The best I can now do is a bit of taxing and motor tests.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
02/04/2020 12:26:16

Come on, now the flying fields are closed, tells us all about your exciting days.

For instance, we managed to both place an order the previous day with Tesco, then yesterday, got a home delivery.

Perhaps less interesting, although of greater concern, I have witnessed my wives blood pressure rise, as she has filled in an order with all the major supermarkets, then either could not get the financial transaction through or find a slot for either home delivery or collect. Ah, yes, the great concern, who would make the bed if she became ill?

Are we all busy building?

Thread: Gardening help needed
02/04/2020 11:17:51

Yet again thanks to all, with emphasis this time with respect to both Charles and John.

My Viburnum is almost certainly dying, albeit slowly, as each successive year another part of the bush dies. A couple of major limbs are totally dead.

As an understatement, it is most unfortunate that both the Garden Centres/nurseries and us are part of the lock down. My wife particularly enjoys visiting one of the almost local nurseries, where we have sourced many of the bulbs and shrubs that are in the garden. These are to fill the vacant space that was left after I stripped out the ground covering ivy that covered everything, completely the boundary wall as well as the ground and into the various trees. We also had a particular issue with what i thought was English Willow. I was subsequently told that they were some sort of coppicing tree that propergated principally by ground runners every 6-10 feet. Some areas were impenetrable, combined with bramble and nettles. One of my granddaughters loved it, as long as I got rid of the nettles.

I am reluctant to use the magazine plant offers, mainly because even I like to see what the plant looks like.



In a way I am pleased with the transformation so far, what it is today.

There is just the problem, in that I know nothing about plants or gardening. I have only been able to do the obvious. I think I have got back to some one elses vision, in a basic way.

From now one I suspect i need to be told more about what to do and how to do it.

As an aside I put up the shed and seat, that area was previously just a jungle. A small smug achievement.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
31/03/2020 19:54:07

I have seen it, it tends to give us a little distance. There is an other attribute, that provides more than a hint, it is about, that is the very distinctive, whomp, whomp, beat of the blades.

I think that the army camp might be used as a sighting device for some light aircraft, that from time to time come over, a bit lower than i am used to.

This is very different to Altrincham, where aircraft out of Ringway (Manchester International Airport) used to pass over at a good few thousand feet (phone app figures), over our fields there. Even though they were just about the same distance as Blackpool Airport is from us here.

I am guessing you have flown with us (i have only been there for 3 years). One aspect of the site which has surprised me, it is always windy, or so it seems. Also being an ex gilder guider, I was well used to flying in winds of up to 20 mph. I can barely manage perhaps 15 mph there, as the wind also seems to be far more turbulent.

With the suspension of flying, I or we are planning more walks along the coast, and I have my eye on a cycle onto the moss at the back of Lytham St Annes (all pretty much dirt track, single file lanes). Mainly because it is all unknown to me. Today we walked to the St Annes lifeboat station and read on a notice board about the greatest Lifeboat Service loss of life to-date, when the Southport and Sta Annes life boats overturned, with only two of the Southport crew surviving.

Come on, what are the rest of you all doing?

31/03/2020 09:43:40

Yep, I cut the grass front and back last week, did a bit of this and that, filled our green bin completely. Self Isolating means that an important task, of buying plants and bulbs, at Aldi and the local Garden Centre is not happening. Being the worlds most useless and uninformed Gardner has had me turning to this site for information and identification of plants.

Most days I am heart broken, as more often than not on our permitted daily walk, we pass my favorite pub by the sea. There are at least three aspects that I am missing, the first is that there are no tourists to rail about, cluttering up the outside seating area, in good weather, filling the internal areas in poor weather. I miss looking out over the sea, pint in hand. Yesterday something else suddenly came into my mind. There has not been the roar of jet engines, mostly from Typhoons. Nor the sight of any Hawks returning at low level over the sea, when an east wind is prevalent. I find this disquieting as these sounds, are the sound of prosperity in this neck of the woods.

As we walked towards the windmill, I mentioned that it was from somewhere, just here that the second aircraft built by English Electric (EE) flew from. Hmm, it was either from here, or in the vicinity, said the wife. Yes, of course you are correct., I squirmed. It seems that there was, a pier or jetty here, for Liverpool holiday ferries here in the 20s. Apparently the aircraft was built in Preston, then being a sea plane, the trials took place here. It hit some debris in the water and at least partially sunk. Hmm very interesting, anyway, how do yo know, I know you are very old, but even your memory does not go so far back. Ah, the BAC historian/PR man told me at the Lytham 40s weekend, in their pavilion.

One more wistful glance at the pub (Queens) as we walked back home past the Lifeboat station and Yacht club, looking out over the shimmering sand, wondering, where is the sea?

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
29/03/2020 14:16:00

Trusting a child with a double edged razor blade, could only happen in the distant past. By the 70s one edge would have had masking tape wrapped over it to protect from little, careless fingers. As it was in the late 50s my models had a splattering of dark red, randomly splatted over the balsa.

Perhaps, not being able to get a good square cut, is the reason even today, with Swan Morton Scalpel and other equipment, my accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. I just accept, that it is good enough, not that things can and should be better.

I am now thinking, can I draw up a QED body? We will see, I should have the time, have I the ability, that is the question?

Thread: Gardening help needed
28/03/2020 16:57:00

Cymaz, spot on with the coal fungus, I will leave them alone, now I know that they present no problem.

I think that John has it with the Daphne, conifer, which leylandii is probably one type. The bush is about 9-12 foot high, being growing for about 10-20 years at a guess, from considering the previous owners. Could be much older.

There is another very small conifer, which is about 6 foot high, which is near to a perfect cone. I wonder what it is. I will post another time, hopefully you will know what it is (I am curious).

The garden was a total mess when we moved in, although when buying the property Ihad not noticed at all. But then again, I have never had any Interest, until now. I could see that some one was a very keen gardener at some point. In that there is a structure reminiscent of the picture postcard types of the late 60s I am guessing. There were some specimen trees in the garden, which had grown to such a size that they were a problem (I was told what they were by next doors gardener, I promptly forgot what they were. I just knew that one was in a (large) tanked enclosure, that was flush with the ground. The other was a eucalyptus tree of some type.

I hope you continue to educate me, as I endeavor to return the garden to something like it might have been.

Thanks for your help

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
28/03/2020 14:10:01


At that time my models were made using a double bladed Gillete Blue razor blade, a flint could have been a luxury.

My mother worked as a book keeper at the time (later an accountant, with a maths degree) in a shirt maker. So I had pins available, also some very glossy tissue paper, that did not shrink.

You ask, how did your models fly? It depended on how far I could throw them.

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