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Thread: Long Wing Bands
14/07/2020 19:57:34

For one of my models, I cut long enough strips from inner tubes - single strips not bands and used a hole punch at each end to fit over the dowels. Worked well for me and they lasted longer of I made the ends wider where the holes had to be punched.


Thread: Swoop. 1.2m aerobatic slope soarer
26/06/2020 19:33:03

Looks good. I would like one. Any idea what the kit cost would be if it goes into production?


Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
25/06/2020 18:46:18

I don't have an achievement scheme rating even though I have been flying R/C models since the 1970s. In the early stages of the scheme I was asked if i would be an examiner for gliders as slope soaring was my favourite activity. I declined because I knew that my family commitments and occupation would mean that I would be unable to devote sufficient time to do it anything like well.

I also was concerned that eventually the scheme would develop into being a licence to fly and it would appear that this has largely come about in some areas. Even the BMFA demands an "A" to fly at the new HQ site.

I can, however, see the need for it where it is the only way to keep a flying site as detailed in an earlier post.


Thread: What's flying over your house
29/05/2020 20:09:30

Around 2130 yesterday evening while watching swifts flying around our house I was surprised to see three paragliders approaching. They were at different heights and some distance apart but all three passed over us. No idea of their altitude but judging by their apparent relative sizes the first one seemed quite low. . As far as I could tell, there was no sign of any of them have any motive power. I couldn't help wondering if they might be infringing any ANOs. I live barely two miles from the centre of Leeds.


Edited By Malcolm Fisher on 29/05/2020 20:21:37

Thread: Chatterbox Covering??
22/05/2020 19:45:39

Just found this - rather late to add a post but I built one a few years ago. Wasn't aware that it had been the subject of a mass build or would have joined in.

Used natural Solartex for covering and painted with emulsion paints. Used a small brushless motor with a 2S Lipo and a 7 x 5 prop "borrowed" from a DC Merlin. Flies well and I have had no issues thinking it might be over weight. I didn't make the U/C as there is no suitable take off area where I now fly.


Thread: Toying with selling up
13/05/2020 19:51:07

I'm fast approaching my 81st birthday anniversary and have ridden motor bikes for over 60 years. these days I have a 125 cc "twist and go" scooter which is used for short journeys especially into town when my wife and I need to go as it is much easier to find parking than for the car and more convenient than Public Transport.
I have had a large range of bikes, the largest being a Squariel, the smallest an Ariel Three moped. Used motor bikes to commute to work for many years - couldn't afford a car even though it would have been useful with our family. Weather never put me off and rode through the heavy snow one winter often going past a snow plough. Came off a few times without damaging myself and was knocked off once on a roundabout where I had right of way - again the only damage was to the bike.

Have also taken models to the flying field by motor bike with no real problems but they were relatively small compared with some that I have these days.

I don't know what sort of riding those of you do who need new tyres so frequently - mine used to last for years and my previous bike had only one new tyre in ten years of use - admittedly only local travel but in use almost every day.

Perhaps my wearing of high viz clothing helps to make me visible but even so have had a few near misses. I will carry on riding PTWs as long as I am able.


12/05/2020 20:27:04

Having met Paul at a fly in, I know that he has many more models than shown in that picture,


Thread: Binding undercarriage using solder and wire
09/05/2020 19:46:36

Ray - yours is the first 250W soldering I have seen other than mine.smiley Also have a 75W, 40W and 25W irons as well as the old style copper bits which were heated with a gas flame.

As for flux I have a selection including that used by plumbers, Fluxite and Bakers fluid. I also have some lead/tin cored solder with an acid flux rather than the usual resin core, but have some of that as well as solder paste - useful stuff sometimes. I also have, but rarely use lead free solder which is supposed to be suitable for electrical work but I prefer the lead/tin variety.


Edited By Malcolm Fisher on 09/05/2020 19:47:40

Thread: Converting Fleet Analogue Servos to Futaba
27/04/2020 20:01:34

I "converted" servos from Acoms and Sanwa to Futaba by simply buying Futaba servo leads and soldering them to the existing wires close to the servo and leaving the original wires in place. That way they could be used with the original receivers as well. Some old Sanwa servos which had reversed polarity simply had the power leads carefully removed from the plugs and swapped over to make them suitable for Futaba - at that time I had acquired the Sanwa servos but had no matching Rx or Tx. It worked for me and those servos are still in use.


Thread: Aerial positioning
14/04/2020 20:20:12

I have some 2.4 GHz receivers which have only one aerial. Are these more likely to suffer from a loss of contact than those with the two aerials? As the best reception is at right angles to the incoming signal what is the best orientation for the aerial on such a Rx? So far I have located mine along the length of the fuselage and had no problems even when the model has been flying directly away from or towards me. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Thread: Sealing Acrylic Paint on Foam
11/04/2020 19:22:37

It's possible that the release agent used when moulding foam is an issue when painting. I found that some self adhesive materials wouldn't stay put on a foamie until I had cleaned the surface and given it a gentle sanding with fine abrasive paper - similarly with some acrylic paint.


Thread: Lockdown Project - Guitalele
11/04/2020 19:17:55

I have spoke shaves made in wood as well as medal. For Tim's use a round sole spoke shave would have done what he needed, but the draw knife obviously did what was needed.


Thread: ED Super Fury Carburettor
11/04/2020 19:12:49

I don't know what type of plastic is used for this but I would most likely use either a car body filler or Milliput. However, I have a plastic backplate for a Super Fury with a PAW carburettor in it and somewhere I must have the venture for the carb. I bought it many years ago but at the time it came without the throttle barrel or needle. If it would solve your problem you are welcome to it if you let me have your address I'll post it to you.


Thread: Lockdown Project - Guitalele
10/04/2020 20:04:11

Hello Tim,

The sharp implement you "found" is known as a draw knife. Bodgers i.e. pole lathe operators used to use them to shave bits from pieces of wood before mounting them on the lathe prior to turning. I have one which has been used for all sorts of shaping of pieces of wood.


Thread: Converting C/L model to RC
04/04/2020 19:59:03

I converted a Crusader to R/C sometime in the 1980s. Modified the flaps from being coupled with elevator to make them act as ailerons. Initially they weren't very good being very narrow near the tips. Added extensions at the tips to make them wider ad this improved things enormously. Also had to remove part of the inboard C/L wing to even things as far as the wings were concerned. Flew well and could turn very tight loops as I found on one flight when it was coming towards me and getting a bit low. Somehow I had managed to get it inverted without realising and was very surprised when on pulling a lot of up elevator it did a half loop downwards before flying away from me - a bicycle clips moment.

Sadly it was among other models, engines and radio gear which were stolen from my shed.


Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
15/03/2020 18:45:22

My wife and I are both in our eighties and are of the opinion that we will carry on as normal. We have had a good life and, if we become infected, we will either survive or die. Neither of us want to kick the bucket yet but we have made our wills, chosen our green burial site and even prepared our shrouds.

In response to Peter's "you will be shot on sight" - at least that would be quick.laugh He also has a point that delivery people could well be vectors of infection - after all it appears that an infected body doesn't show symptoms for several days and even the common cold virus is more infectious before symptoms appear.


Thread: Flair Puppeteer
29/02/2020 20:03:19

I bought a second hand Puppeteer some years ago. It came with Futaba radio and is powered by an OS 40 two stroke. I assumed that it had been set up properly and just flew it as it came - never had any problems apart from, as has been said, the time needed to rig it for flight. Last time out I assembled it at home and it went into my estate care with no difficulty. Sadly I no longer have access to a site where I can fly power models so if anyone is interested and cares to make a reasonable offer I am prepared to sell it - buyer would have to collect.


Thread: Bargain
17/02/2020 18:41:46

There are NEVER enough clamps. I have many but can't resist buying more especially when I see a bargain such as Erflog has found.


Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
17/02/2020 18:34:47

Jon, I have an OS 40 Surpass in bits. Crankcase has a crack and bearings are badly corroded. As far as I know the other bits are in reasonable condition. You are welcome to the lot if it could be of use to you.


Thread: Modes 1 or 2
13/02/2020 20:07:24

I fly mode 2, but started with a single channel push button system followed by a two channel where rudder was on the right stick and elevator on the left. When I graduated to multifunction my first transmitter was mode one, and I struggled with it and changed the Tx to mode 2.

I fly both gliders and power models - some of which need to be hand launched. If they are properly set up I don't have any difficulty in launching with my right hand while holding the Tx in my left. I have never had any difficulty with getting my right hand onto the control stick whether the model is a pure glider, an electric foam model or a power model with two, three or four channels.


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