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Thread: Prostate Cancer
18/06/2019 19:52:44

Andy - go for either - they both work and probably spinal could be the better option as I believe you would be in and out more quickly and wouldn't have to go without food as for a general anaesthetic. I had biopsies on two occasions. The first was while under some sort of investigation in hospital. This was done without any anaesthetic and I found it very painful and nearly passed out. When it came to the second time I insisted on a general as I wasn't given the option of a spinal. It was done as a "day case" at St James in Leeds.

HTH Malcolm

Thread: TV Licence petition
12/06/2019 20:06:07

I qualify for a free TV licence but don't have one. We haven't a TV of any sort and neither my wife or I feel the lack of one as neither of us could find the time to watch. The radio is all we need mostly BBC 3 these days as we're both fed up of the incessant ramblings about politicians and Brexit. Whatever happens with the last I reckon it won't affect me for very long as at 80 I doubt that I'll be around when the dust eventually settles.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
08/06/2019 17:35:40

Martin, It's too late now but I made several attempts by going back to the start and even closed down and rebooted. I couldn't see any errors of my making. However I am sorry that I left it so late and wish I had tried weeks ago.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
07/06/2019 20:12:04

After being diagnosed with this in 2006 I was told of the three possible treatments at that time - brachytherapy, chemo therapy or surgery (if my memory isn't playing tricks).

I asked my GP and the consultant which they would opt for given the same degree of the problem as I had. Both said surgery so that it the route I took even following the caveat that incontinence and impotence were possibilities. Fortunately I am not incontinent and at 80 my days of lust are coming to an end anyway.

Since the surgery I have had annual PSA tests and to date the level is non existent.

All in all I feel very fortunate that it was discovered and dealt with.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
07/06/2019 20:00:54

Belatedly I tired to log into the consultation today but for some reason was unable to proceed beyond the first page. However I feel that the scheme will be unenforceable. There are already ANOs which are supposed to prevent flying model aircraft in flight restricted zones and within two miles of an active runway - at least that was so when I first started flying R/C models.

If the reported drone incidents were for real it shows that the existing regulations cannot be policed so how can the government and/or CAA hope to deal with those who flout the regulations at present?

Regardless of the actual cost of the scheme I can't see that it can work other than, as has already been said several times, that it is just another form of taxation.


Thread: Mercury Tiger Moth
07/05/2019 20:25:40

Mills .75 engines run equally well in either direction so you pusher prop solution will work. When I had one, sadly among other stolen model items, I had to check the airflow to make sure it was running the right way - it's embarrassing asking someone to hand launch a small c/l plane when the engine is running backwards.


Thread: Alternative to a U-Glider
26/04/2019 20:00:44

How about and Ares Alara or E-scale Phoenix. Very similar foam models with high mounted pusher props. Both available, or were, from Gliders Distribution and probably other model shops. Both come as RTF or BNF versions and bounce pretty well.


Thread: RCM&E May 2019 issue chat
12/04/2019 20:02:31

I like your version Tim, but I beat you to it by a decade or two. My second ever control liner was a Skystreak 26 built circa 1955 and there was a 40 version for 2.5 cc motors. I built several 26s and still have one which is flyable. In the late 1980s or early 1990s there was a free plan in, I think, Radio Modeller for a 32" span version for R/C. I felt this would be better at the larger 40" so scaled up the plan from my 26 to that size, fitted four channel radio and an OS 10. I left the tail and moment arms as per the original and it flew well. Another C/L model I converted to R/C was a Mercury Crusader. This had an asymmetric wing as did many other stunt models so I removed part of the inboard wing to balance them up, changed the coupled flaps into ailerons and added a rudder. Power for this was an OS 40. The flaps didn't make good ailerons as they were rather narrow at the tips so I added extra balsa making them more or less parallel along their length and this improved things considerably.


Thread: Field Box
09/03/2019 19:53:20

Mine is probably much heavier than yours Will but I don't have to carry it as I made a sort of wheelbarrow which it fits on. The wheel can easily be slid off complete with the "forks" and the legs fold up so that the "barrow" sits flat in the car. I only have to lift the field box into and out of the car and when on its barrow there is provision to hold a model securely for starting and I don't have to kneel down when so doing. Originally my starter battery was one from the car which had enough oomph to run my model starter, glow plug and fuel pump. This was later changed to a motor cycle one which was much lighter.


Thread: YAD (Yet Another Drone) and its idiot
23/02/2019 19:10:00

To me, the drone debate is puzzling. Technically fixed wing aircraft can be termed drones or UAVs. The reported distances which they can be flown from nearby airports seems to be much less than what used to be recommended. I used to fly on a field which was just over two miles from Leeds and Bradford Airport. I have a recollection that it was against CAA regulations to fly any closer than two miles from the end of an active runway. At the time we notified ATC when we were operational. In spite of this the senior controller at the time wanted us to move further away. Part of the problem was our proximity to a reservoir which was used as a visual reference point by light aircraft operating from L&B with trainee pilots returning to the airport. Some of these actually reduced height seemingly to get a better look at what we were doing. When this happened one of our members with a mobile phone contacted ATC and subsequent flights on those days were seen to fly round "our" space. We always kept a look out and anyone of us flying made a quick landing when such planes were seen or heard coming our way.


Thread: Found you at last
13/02/2019 19:48:22

I have used an old ironing board for many years, I replaced the badly bent top with a piece of timber salvaged from under the keyboard of a defunct piano. It has stayed flat and true and readily accepts pins. There have been times when it has been folded and put to one side while parts of a model waiting for the glue to dry were still attached to it when for some reason or other it has been in the way. As another poster said it makes getting round the building site easy.


Thread: Saws..A Cutting Question.
31/01/2019 20:08:50

For me a bandsaw is a much better proposition than a scroll saw. The small amplitude of the stroke on a scroll saw makes it safer if fingers make contact with the blade, but if you try to cut plastic materials the generated heat can make the plastic stick to the blade and break the blade or workpiece - occasionally both as we found out years ago when trying to introduce one to a school workshop so the pupils could use it.

My bandsaw gets used for cutting many different materials and I have a number of blades of differing widths and sizes of teeth including a fine toothed blade capable of cutting thin sheet metal. Narrow blades are best to cope with curves.


Thread: How long have you been in the hobby?
23/01/2019 20:15:53

I built my first model circa 1950 - a Keil Kraft rubber powered Chipmunk. It flew but not very well or very far. Later models included gliders and FF models. I changed to C/L after getting tired of chasing my free flight efforts and worrying about losing a, to me, costly engine. As a teenager with very limited spending power I learned to carve propellers when it came to be an issue of buying half a pint of diesel fuel - half a crown in those days - or a new prop at a similar price. My props worked but were probably not very well balanced and often broke in a too common "arrival". Ventured into R/C with a McGregor single channel super regen 27 MHz set advancing via Flight Link Duette two channel and eventually to a six channel Futaba M set. Initially with gliders and later power models. Now returned to slope soaring and electric foamies with 2.4 Gig with still some 35 Mhz and 27MHz radio older models.


Thread: Home made fuel
06/11/2018 19:36:06

I used to mix my own fuel years ago - mainly diesel but have made straight glow fuel. At the price you have been quoted for methanol it must be worth a try. If you add nitro it would push the price up considerably. Depends on whether your engines need nitro or not.


Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
03/11/2018 20:33:26

Tom, You must be a similar vintage to me. I remember when the model area was just a corner to the left of the door as you went in. I don't know of any other model shop still existing in Leeds whereas when I started building planes circa 1950 there were several. Let's hope that this one doesn't disappear as well.


Thread: What size propeller
03/11/2018 20:22:10

In my experience, replacing a multi blade propeller with two blades means bigger diameter and also probably higher pitch. I only have had the odd three bladed prop and this allowed a smaller diameter than a two blade and I think a one inch reduction in pitch for that particular model and engine. This gave similar performance as far as I could tell.

Ground clearance could be an issue - multi bladed props were often used to reduce the need for long undercarriages.

HTH, Malcolm

Edited By Malcolm Fisher on 03/11/2018 20:23:31

Thread: Altered my clock.
30/10/2018 20:00:56

Before the advent of railways with their timetables, clocks in this country differed depending on relative positions from the Greenwich Meridian. There is a story, possibly apocryphal, that a West Country place wanted to keep its own time and managed to make sure that trains arrived and departed eleven minutes late as that was the time lapse between there and Greenwich. The railways were the main reason which time was synchronised throughout Britain.

As with Mowerman, my car clock and kitchen clock remain on GMT all year round. GMT is used by navigators to determine longitude and I think the weather reports are also always GMT.


Thread: A Glider at 76,,000ft!
08/09/2018 20:00:21

I tried to bring this to Forumites attention using the Gliders and Gliding topic. I subscribe to New Atlas which brings details of all sorts of developments. IIRC the Perlan was reported as using updrafts created when strong winds hit each other and mountains. The flight was over the Andes and was reported as an altitude greater than that reached by the X5.


Thread: Slope soaring with a difference
03/09/2018 19:37:55

Has anyone else seen the item about an altitude record for a glider? The Airbus Perlan 2 has reached 76000 feet above the Andes. I get the news from a site New Atlas to which I subscribe for some news items. I don't know if it will work but the link is

Sorry about the length of that but I was unable to post a link in any other way. There are several pictures of the glider plus a short video looking back over the tail while it was at height.


Thread: Local Model Shops
01/09/2018 19:24:05


That's a sorry tale. I am fortunate in that my local model shop usually has anything I want/need but if not will order it for me. There is nearly always time for a chat with whoever is behind the counter and other modellers who happen to be there. However no one is ignored and no conversation takes precedence over a potential sale however large or small that might be. The shop also has a good on line reputation.

Perhaps you should come up here to live in Yorkshire. wink


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