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Thread: New request for a 'like' button
23/10/2017 12:44:00
23/10/2017 12:19:33
Objective no.
Its an 'indication' of anything thats visted the page, albeit forum users or bots.. search engines...

It gives you no idea of who is following the thread.
23/10/2017 07:39:07
Not to suprising that the Admins aint keen..

All I really ask for is just a confirmation that someone has read the post and found it helpful, and is following. It's not that hard.

Likening it to FB and poularity contests is not at all helpful.
Thread: Luftwaffe Pilots - 1/7 scale
22/10/2017 21:36:11

Yep that old question again.

Two Luftwaffe pilots needed for a Stuka, 1/7 scale. Pete's Pilots seemed to have folded, Aces of Iron may be my best bet.... unless you say otherwise!

Thread: Multi Engine Plane
22/10/2017 18:35:00

Thank you John.

Hmm a wierd one. He's from Cornwall, y'know...

Thread: Maidened my Wildthing today
22/10/2017 18:24:36


Edited By Stevo on 22/10/2017 18:28:03

Thread: Wild Hare Edge reincarnation
22/10/2017 18:21:05

Nice and neat. What is the battery... not sure I would like a LiPo installed right next to a fuel tank - permanantly!

Thread: Multi Engine Plane
22/10/2017 18:18:16

4 engines eh... c'mon, tell all!!

Thread: What Servos?
22/10/2017 18:10:43

For my Stuka?

Savox is my choice, I have the following choices, all rated at 6V, fed from a 2C LiFe battery, all metal geared:-

  • 0254 7.2kg
  • 0253 6.0kg
  • 0252 10.5kg
  • 0251 16kg

Obviously I'm really not fussed with speed on a lumbering warbrid. Requirements are for...

  • One servo feeding both ailerons
  • One servo feeding both flaps
  • One servo feeding rudder and tail wheel
  • One servo feeding elevator
  • One servo feeding throttle

Aircraft is almost 2M span with Saito 100.

My feelings are the 16kg versions for Flaps and ailerons, 10kg for elevator & rudder and obviously the lighter one for throtte.

... or am I over cooking it?

Thread: A couple of memes I'll share with you!
22/10/2017 16:02:37

BEB. How could you?

Actually if you've seen my landings... I'd feel anything after a perfect one..

22/10/2017 15:28:48

2017-08-15 11.37.13.jpg

2017-09-05 13.11.52.jpg

Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
22/10/2017 14:47:09

Yep Mike - luthier (or Klempsia) clamps. I have built a few guitars over the years and found them to be ideal.

OK.. Spokeshave and sandpaper in hand.. the following photos tell a story.

2017-10-22 13.18.12.jpg

2017-10-22 13.37.06.jpg

2017-10-22 13.37.17.jpg

2017-10-22 14.04.30.jpg

So I dont simply glue the tail in and hope for the best. Fortunately it has a very visible thrust line along the fuse, so easy to line up the tail incidence. The tail's L.E is up slightly, I measure 3mm along a 270mm length of the gauge, wrt the thrust line..... so Arctan(3/270) comes out as around 0.6 degree, no bad thing. I did have to adjust the stab seat though!

2017-10-22 14.27.48.jpg

Thread: New request for a 'like' button
22/10/2017 14:39:10

Mike T -could not agree more!! I've raised this in the past as well, and believe this is the way to go. Obviously that has a cost overhead; crowdfunding comes to mind.

No I'm not looking for a (tacky) Facebook like friends button etc.. A like button would simply be a thumbs up to say that someone is watching.

Alternatively (Steve H) a count of views is buried in the bookmarks page. As the data already exsists, could this also be placed at the bottom of the post as well? At least it could give a quick indication that the post is getting out there - but may also be susceptible to bots as well ..

22/10/2017 12:02:44

Hi guys,

With reference to this forum post, can I renew our ongoing interest for a like button to be developed/incorporated??


Thread: Build logs - a dying art?
22/10/2017 12:00:41

Honestly guys I'm overwhelmed by your kind responses. Thank you so much.

I'll see how far requesting a 'Like' button goes this time - please pick upon that and add your two penneth

Once again thank you for all that have read this and replied!!!


Request for a 'like' button


Edited By Stevo on 22/10/2017 12:03:12

Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
22/10/2017 11:57:48

Here's some tail detail. That complex contour round the fuselage / tail has caused me sleepless nights... I need more Permagrits!!

2017-10-22 11.07.17.jpg


2017-10-22 11.07.22.jpg

Shaping to be done... heart in mouth!

2017-10-22 11.13.26.jpg

A peek inside... you can see the piano wire control rod

2017-10-22 11.14.17.jpg

Closed loop exits

2017-10-22 11.14.34.jpg

22/10/2017 11:51:09

Tom... The 'Kerf' is the width of the saw blade...



21/10/2017 19:36:44

Vertical Stab.. skeleton..

2017-10-21 14.58.58.jpg

21/10/2017 19:33:10

Some more done, The photos tell the tale. Closed loop on Rudder, snakes for tailwheel and elevator. The inners are 2mm piano wire, a nice smooth fit into the outer. The tailwheel is a modified version of the Blackhorse Stuka version, which is sprung to a limited extent. I had to make it attach to the snake internally... alas in the Blackhorse version, it attaches outside the fuselage - sacriledge. The sides are actually on and shaped, I made the vertical stab and rudder today as well.


2017-10-14 17.52.35.jpg

2017-10-14 17.52.39.jpg

2017-10-14 17.52.49.jpg

2017-10-17 17.53.34.jpg

2017-10-17 17.53.39.jpg

2017-10-17 17.53.47.jpg

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
21/10/2017 19:25:08

Glued to this one.

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