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Thread: Flying away
01/06/2013 10:52:06

"I can see where CS is coming from. Quite often its the postee, rather than the post that seems to generate a response. But that is probably the same for all forums"

Yes - it's the same on ALL forums!

But I am genuinely warmed but the responses you have had here CSB, with sincere best wishes from all.

Best of luck in all that you do.

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
01/06/2013 10:43:53

No not a daft question Cymaz!

I've tried allsorts of planes over the years, and even identical ones have their own quirks, even down to blade hardness etc.

I've used jack planes, Stanley planes, and razor planes on many things from Ebony (Granite with a grain!) to balsa. Many times it comes back to the bullnose plane, which must be all of 60-70 years old. I love the simplicity - the micro adjuster really is spot on, and I can take very fine shavings off indeed on any timber. The whole front assembly comes off, so I can plane right up to an edge, or even use it on its side. Hone that blade until it will shave the whiskers off the cat and it's an awesome tool, one which I will never part with.

I think a secret here is that blade angle is so shallow too. The David's plane is fine for the price of course (look on ebay for a S/H bullnose plane!) and for rapid balsa stock removal comes into its own. But with no micro blade adjuster and a light contruction I'm afraid it cant match the bullnose.

Also look for anything marketted as a Luthier's plane - the quality ones - they are well worth having. I know, I was one




I would like to point out that no cats have been harmed in the writing of this post.

Edited By Stevo on 01/06/2013 10:44:58

Thread: Nose wheel leg, which way around
31/05/2013 19:03:59

Hi All,

Ive put a few of these in various models, and made them too on a wire bender. Is it steerable? I don't know the model... if it is you may find a flat on the top of the leg, where the steering horn locates - and you can only fit it one way...

Anyway, if it does not steer, I've waffled on for nothing!! sad

Thread: Flying away
31/05/2013 19:01:03

CSB - Oh dear!

However I know how you feel. I've built other forums for RC modelling, and they (and the users) go through phases, me included... I've moderated arguments, intervened in disputes, and then I gave up! I just wanted to post and get my work aired.

Please lurk, stay in the hobby, and we are all here to help, either by forum posts or PM.

Best wishes,


Thread: Can we help you?
31/05/2013 18:51:12

I'm in!

Based in Erith, Kent. Can help with building tips and advice, basic flying (I'm not an instructor) and even a building service but I may charge for that!! All advice free of course. Latest CRB check 18 months ago, but as SkippyUK says advice via an adult for minors.


Thread: Plan covering/protection
31/05/2013 18:43:44

I use that "protect a plan" from Balsa Cabin wonderful stuff!! I've used it for jigs, bench covering all sorts.

Thread: Binding problem?
31/05/2013 18:42:09

Much Binding in the Marsh. If you are as old as me you may remember it... (Sorry could not resist it!)

Yes indeed change models first.... I've made that mistake SEVERAL times !!!!

31/05/2013 18:42:08

Much Binding in the Marsh. If you are as old as me you may remember it... (Sorry could not resist it!)

Yes indeed change models first.... I've made that mistake SEVERAL times !!!!

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
31/05/2013 18:27:52

And finally! got down the garage today!

Elevators finished, but await final sanding...

be2c 151.jpg

be2c 152.jpg

be2c 153.jpg

be2c 154.jpg

be2c 155.jpg

I used this bullnose plane to shape the Cyparis L.E. and T.e.

be2c 150.jpg

Thread: Multiplex Funjet - Afterburner
30/05/2013 11:56:15

Err... Quite!!!!! I'm sure the BMFA would wholeheartedly endorse that product !!!!! devil

Great stuff however!

30/05/2013 11:21:46

Nope - this is not about pushing 200A through the motor smile o

As a change from my Be2c project, I decided on a little frivolity. The son's Funjet needed something... I ran a 4mm carbon tube along the fuselage to strengthen it, as its had a couple of bad take offs so far.

So, decided upon an.. Afterburner indecision

bought 5 pre-wired LEDS (inc.resistor) from ebaY for a couple of quid. Wired them all in parallel: -

funjet 1.jpg

Remove the motor, carefully ran a soldering iron against the foam to create mountings for the LEDs, and glued them in (use Zacki and activator)

funjet 2.jpg

put motor back in and test!!!

funjet 3.jpg

Not so noticeable in direct sunlight I guess, but mostly he flies it at dusk. Current draw is 100mA so wont break the bank. Awaiting an RC switch so it can be turned on/ff from the Tx.

Frivolity over!

Thread: electric smoke system is it possible?
30/05/2013 11:15:10

I remember my exploits!

I used a flue checker, mounted it to a ParkMaster. Ignited it at the field, and boy did it smoke. But, when it was airborne, it hardly noticed at all!!!!

Thread: Brilliant service from
25/05/2013 14:55:47

Another vote for them. Thier hex headed servo screws are excellent - I use them for everything!!!

HOWEVER I have used the larger version (3mm) and the head strips instantly.

But I've purchased allsorts from them. Excellent service indeed.

Thread: Is epoxy resin and Glassfiber resin the same
25/05/2013 14:49:44

Great answer Starloc

I'll just underscore that EPOXY resin for foam wings, and the drying time is long and plays to your advantage.

Fiberglass resin NOT repeat NOT for foam - it dissolves it!! However a great use for this if for the WOT4... fiberglass mat and resin for the fuselage floor, use nylon bolts and never rip th bottom of the fuselage out again. It does discolour heavily with age.

Thread: Preparation for spraying
25/05/2013 14:45:34

If you are covering the balsa in tissue/dope, then that will strengthen it and no cracks will show through if they occur. No matter how well it is sealed and primed, the grain always shows through.

Ive done a hollow hull speedboat like this and it has survived years and shows no sign of cracking.

What is your planned finish? Paint will add quite a lot of weight though!!!

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
24/05/2013 10:01:20

Hi Dave,

I think if I remember rightly I used clear cote, but Ive used 30 min epoxy dropped in with a cocktail stick - the trick now is to use a hot air gun which thins down the epoxy to almost water like consistency, and it flows into the goggles.

An alternative is of course the water-clear epoxy used in flower arranging, you know... where they take a glass vase, put artificial flowers in it, and pour the epoxy into the base to simulate water. HobbyCraft do it but not sure of the price!

Hope this helps?

Thread: Multiplex Merlin
21/05/2013 12:44:43

Hi guys,

I've seen some other posts re a motor for the Merlin, **LINK**

But I thought I would add a bit of a review and my findings.

An alternative motor for this things is almost impossible to find as most suitable motors are 28mm diameter - and MUST be around 50g. I did have an inrunner, 24mm diameter, great fit but at 100g the CoG was almost on the leading edge!!!

I had a spare AXI 2208/20, but again 28mm diameter. YES this WILL fit - providing you sand out some of the foam in the motor bay AND route the wires outside (underneath) the fuselage. It will, with care, fit through the battery hatch. At 45g the CoG was still a little far forward, even with the battery far back.

Construction was dead easy, and I used a folding prop - 6x4" and a 3cell 450mAH lipo plus 10A ESC.

I used the recommended throws and a little expo.. and she was off. Slow to start then went like a bat out of hell. Ailerons a bit twitchy so less rate and a touch more expo?

I passed control to my son... and he was off doing every trick in the book but this thing was QUICK. Too quick for a senior like me who wanted something to float around the park! With full throttle and full up elevator, a complete loop took 0.5s...

So more to do - a little weight at the back and a 2 cell lipo, and less rates on the ailerons, - I may venture into a throttle curve here as half to full throttle was almost an on/off situation.

In all a nice aircraft, but with full rates and a pokey motor NOT for the fient hearted, like me.

However beware of the motor - good old MPlex like recommending the Himax series, so you get overcharged around £80 for a motor and a second rate ESC (used thier suggested set up on a ParkMaster - burnt out after 3 flights!!)

Spent ages on Giant Shark, 4Max and BRC - who do an equivalent but again it's pricey!

As I said a 28mm outrunner will fit, be prepared to sand away some of the internals though.

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
21/05/2013 12:24:12

Andy - Borrow away - that's what we are here for!

Having problems with the old back at the moment, so workshop time has been almost non-existent.

Elevators will follow over the next week or so, but starting the wings may have to wait as it's now the flying season so it's full of running repairs and endless tweaking that we all do..!

17/05/2013 09:36:00

Thanks indeed guys... I'm contemplating the Model Engineer Show in Sandown in December, there's no way I'm going to finish it this year, so it will be in its uncovered state.

Someone joked that "Aren't I building two? One for exhibition and one for flying?" blush

Perhaps the elevators this weekend.

13/05/2013 18:30:40

Decided how to drill a hole accurately and centrally in the spar. Make the spar from two halves, and rout a slot in each half...

be2c 140.jpg

be2c 141.jpg

Glue them together and use a brass tube as a 'drill.

be2c 142.jpg

There we go! Nice and central

be2c 144.jpg

be2c 143.jpg

No suprises for the rest of the tailplane. Had to splice two halve of the Leading Edge, where the laminate meets the solid piece..

be2c 148.jpg

And the rest was pretty easy.

be2c 147.jpg

be2c 149.jpg

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