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Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
11/05/2013 20:50:28

Indeed CS, that was 'Podge' The cat.... ever helpful on the work bench...smiley

Thread: TJD models
11/05/2013 09:47:03

My normal parctice is to call a model shop first and make sure they have them in and then order. Some offer a 'status' i.e. they state how many in stock or a green-amber-red banner indicating status - and the I order directly. (if you shop on eBay, you have some indication of stock level of course).

I even call the shop first if I intend to visit, unless I have to get out of the Mrs's way urgently and have no where else to go!)

Many times the shop advertises it 'for sale' but actually keeping stock levels accurate and up-to-the-minute on the web is all but impossible, except for the big boys who run it as a wherehouse..

As you say well done TJD for actually looking on here and replying.

My LMS? Well, TJD of course... John have a look at this if you want to see where all your stock goes wink

Thread: cleaning a glow engine
11/05/2013 09:37:35

Well luck must be on my side... I've never had this happen, but how long my luck will last eh?

It's always debatable how much sheer brute for we apply to a locked allen bolt, and when you think 'That's enough' the allen key just goes round and round... Although it did happen on a laser 70 rocker cover.

I'm not sure if heating the engine first with a hot air gun will releive this - discussion? Expansion rates?

However if/when it happens, I would drill the heads off carefully in a drill press and then pop the head off over the studs that are left and then remove them, but no guarantees that the head wil be intact if the drill slips - use a drill press! If you have not got a press, I'll gladly have a go for you FOC.


Thread: Transfering three view drawing to a CAD system
10/05/2013 21:33:32

Well not for me it aint old!

Taught myself Corel Draw - High recommended.

Scanned all the relevant images in, and traced over them using CD's functions and tweaked the dimensions for accuracy. Plugged PC into a laser cutter and off I went... Big learning curve, but WELL worth it

be2c 27.jpg

Thread: Stansted MFC (Kent)
10/05/2013 15:38:32

Well I think Nomads is terrible... they let me in didn't they laugh laugh

Seriously it's the best I've ever belonged to and long may it continue - plus it's 10 mins from my house!

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
10/05/2013 09:18:34

Well so far with clever camera trickery and depth of field along with photoshop I have kept that at bay.. Until now. The secret's out, consider me scolded ... ouch... crying 2

Thread: cleaning a glow engine
10/05/2013 09:14:21

Power Spray - Beware!

Yes by all means use it but do not leave it on the aluminium surfaces for too long as it dulls the finsh and you wont get it back. As a quick degrease, I have used the Orange kitchen cleaners to good effect.

Me? 50/50 mixture of acetone and cellulose thinners, drop the engine in that lot and leave it for a week. (don't forget to remove any rubber'O'rings or they will puff up, and put a lid on the container or it will evaporate). My curiosity would always lead me to a complete strip down I'm afraid to see what's what. I've polished the internals with AutoSol metal polish and a dremel/mop combination, followed by an almost surgical cleaning procedure and oiling up befor re-assembly. I have done this to Lasers, Saitos. OSs, Irvines.. all to good effect.

Edited By Stevo on 10/05/2013 09:14:42

Thread: Stansted MFC (Kent)
10/05/2013 09:06:23

Looks like the domain name is up for grabs...

I got all excited as I was looking for a second club, and Wrotham is about 20 mins away...

Anyone care to fill us in as to what's happening???


Thread: Flying with others
10/05/2013 09:03:24

I always flew with my son, who has now got a job and developed a passion for motorbikes, and no doubt female interest will follow.... I don't fly with him half as much as I used to and that saddens me a little but this is life!!

I always used him as a backstop in case something went wrong as a 'youngster's' reaction time and spacial awareness if far superior to mine! That was clearly wrong, and to get over my confidence issues I go to the field alone, and I really enjoy that. As far as flying with others, I have a select few that I would do that with, as soon as some know-it-all gets down there with a 1/3 scale Extra I tend to back off somewhat.

Oddly enough my select few are all retirees, always full of laughter, mickey-taking and encouragement.

But, Fly alone? Yes please. - Perhaps a poll?

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
10/05/2013 08:38:41

Cheers Roger!

I changed the tail skid struts to 3mm, and they look much better. Will now paint the relevant parts gloss black.

be2c 135.jpg

be2c 136.jpg

Now for the tailplane mounting, and I depart from the plan here for the scale look. Both tail plane halves will be mounted independantly, with a 4mm carbon brace on the front spar and a 3mm on the rear. Along with piano wire bracing it will be strong enough. The fuselage is reinforced with 6mm ply plates for the carbon bracing...

be2c 137.jpg

be2c 139.jpg

And, of course checking for alignment

be2c 138.jpg

05/05/2013 14:15:29

OK a bit more to the cockpit, plus the observer's position. From copper wire and an old collet... The 'brass' is painted paper

be2c 132.jpg

be2c 129.jpg

be2c 134.jpg

And a removable receiver mount, just undo the four countersunk screws and it lifts out...

be2c 131.jpg

Here's a try-out for the rear skid struts, I acknowledge they are too wide at 4mm, but it was an 'proof of concept'. Will replace with 3mm rod and brass ends to make it look realistic.

be2c 128.jpg

05/05/2013 13:09:59

Thanks everyone, and of course Dave - I've seen your work too!!!! Excellent.

DD - glad you caught up dear boy. Done a bit more this morning, pictures later. If anyone has a 1/6 scale dummy Renault V8 in thier possesion please send it over laugh

04/05/2013 19:02:49

Now for the instrument panel…>>


Started with 3mm Liteply, and created a ‘map case’ from 3mm ply. The map is an old one from Passchendaele and wiped with stain to ‘antique’ it. I framed it, again with ply, and glued the acetate on the front. Leathercloth was the surround.

>be2c 121.jpg>

Dials were printed on a laser printer, and I used two washers; on is an old SC thrust washer, and the other is a standard 8mm steel washer drilled out to 10mm. 1.5mm copper wire runs down the centre to simulate the fuel drain pipe (if that is what it is!)…>>

Now Steve’s top tip. The ‘glass’ in the dials is in fact epoxy resin dripped in there and heated with a heat gun so it flows and look like a glass facia.

>Enjoy the rest...>

be2c 123.jpg

Pilot was trimmed to the correct height

be2c 124.jpg

And surveys his Dawn Patrol over the Front...

be2c 125.jpg

be2c 127.jpg

 Even 'Podge' the Cat is impressed...

be2c 107.jpg

Edited By Stevo on 04/05/2013 19:05:23

04/05/2013 18:54:07

Well here we go for this week’s instalment. Cockpit surround!>>

I originally used the 8mm piping from Mick Reeves, but it looked too bulky. So off it came, and I slit some fuel tube and put it over the edge. >>

> be2c 106.jpg>

Next step is to use UHU glue, and coat the fuel tube (NOT all the way round) and a fillet between the tube and the decking. Leave 5 mins. Coat the bottom of the leathercloth – leave 5 mins.>>


Now glue the cloth on the decking but DO NOT wrap it round the fuel tube yet. Work your way around…

>be2c 109.jpg>

Now start again – apply glue on the remainder of the fueltube and inside. Now with the glue wet, wrap it right around to the inside. If it looks wrong, pull it off, re-glue and start again.>>

> be2c 111.jpg>

Job done – now set dome dividers to around 7-8 mm and pierce the stitching and pierce the stitching holes all the way round. Drill 1mm holes for the stitching. Now, just sew, and sew and sew… and sew…

>be2c 112.jpg>

be2c 114.jpg

I liked the single stitching, but DOUBLE looks better!

be2c 117.jpg

Thread: Leather look cockpit surround - HELP!
04/05/2013 18:42:52

Thanks Guys!!

I've put a couple of pictures here, but the main bulk is on my Be2c thread. Looks like I took your advice, and double stitched too!

be2c 110.jpg

be2c 118.jpg

02/05/2013 17:16:59

Someone help before I go mad... Ive got some thin brown leathercloth, and I'm trying to stitch it around a cockpit surround on my 1/6 scale Be2c.

What is the process?

I've got some foam or tubing glued on there first (the surround is 1/32 ply) and ive drilled some small holes in the ply for the stitching.

What thread?

Stitching from the top is easy, but coming back up again is almost impossible. Iv'e tried various shapes and sizes of needle to no avail...


I could glue the whole lot down and drill for eyelets, but even at 1/6 scale the smallest eyelets seem huge.

Someone please put me out of my misery - I've spent three hours on this and go no where...


Edited By Stevo on 02/05/2013 17:17:41

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
30/04/2013 13:50:41

Finally got the servos! All fitted, no slop... And in focus this time!

Thread: 35mm 1100kv outrunner best choice?
29/04/2013 10:09:22

TBH, I don't find a a lot of difference between, them - I have experienced AXI motors and found them of great quality, as I have Emax. I recommend anything from BRC hobbies too..

Regards the shafts, I have bent more of them than I've had hot dinners. I've fitted replacement shafts, straightened them out, made them form Silver Steel and so on with no advantage in any of them even if they are 3/5mm!!

A glow engine (if I can be so bold to make a comparison) has a nice 1/4" (ish) hardened machined shaft and even after heavy crashes I've never bent one - even after digging an SC46 out of the earth with a trowel blush So why are the electric equivalents fitted with a 3mm shaft (or even 5mm if we are lucky! My WOT4 Foam-e suffers badly even a nose over on landing bends that shaft and at almost walking pace too.

My practice is to have two motors - and spare shafts. I keep one motor spare with a straight shaft and swap them over should anything arise - and then back again...

Well that's my observation... I'll continue to fly both of course!


Edited By Stevo on 29/04/2013 10:13:54

Thread: 1:1 rudder aileron mix !
29/04/2013 09:42:31

Interesting link!

Note that the 1:1 means degrees of deflection, and as the rudder has a wider chord you will have to adjust accordingly. Should the wind die down, I'm off to the field to give it a go...

And yes,I'm in the last category!

Thread: Podgeroo - Park Flyer
28/04/2013 18:55:03

Well it started as a park flyer and by the time I finished it needed a pretty big park! Aerofoil is from the wildcard, all else is my own design.


pf 1.jpg

pf 2.jpg

pf 3.jpg

pf 4.jpg

pf 6.jpg

pf 7.jpg

pf 11.jpg

pf 13.jpg

pf 15.jpg

pf 16.jpg

pf 17.jpg

pf 18.jpg

pf 19.jpg

An old joke here... One of my old aircraft had the wing dowels popping out mid flight... Enough said!

pf 20.jpg

Edited By Stevo on 28/04/2013 18:57:05

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