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Thread: Rasberry PI RC plane idea
28/04/2013 18:22:39

Interesting... However a playback on Google maps would only have the pane circling around a 100yd wide circuit, unless if course you are going to use a FPV and fly it cross-country..!

The real challenge would be to relay this in real time to a gound station for interpretation and display on a laptop. So, the pilot does the flying, and nothing else. The other person (me!) studies the flight envelope on a laptop in real time with a dashboard readout of speed, angle of attack, height, RPM, motor current (if electric), attitude, battery voltage, temperature...etc. You get the idea.

You will also need an electronics person to transmit this data (simplex broadcast) to a ground station and interface to a laptop.

Good luck !!

Thread: Alternative to soldering
28/04/2013 18:15:09

Never had a problem soldering - the lead free solder melts at around 271 gegrees C, and music wire won't loose a temper at this low heat. Now, silver soldering... that's a different ball game... easy to do, but will take the temper out so careful where it;s used!

Thread: Puffing Lipos
28/04/2013 17:58:07

Mine are slightly swollen, they are never over-discharged and always balance charged at 1C. However get it wrong and...

I have tried embedding the video as direceted but it comes up with a blank space on Google Chrome but OK in IE.





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Thread: engine cutting out
28/04/2013 17:53:09

Hi Colin, what's the problem? Or have I missed something?)


Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 29/04/2013 10:16:51

Thread: Servo Rod
28/04/2013 17:49:28

Hi Greg,

I'm usually a perfectionist wit this sort of thing... No flex in any of my rods! (no jokes...please..). As advised, a thicker rod, or some ply or balsa blocks or run it in a tube, which may need you making another rod. If I dont get all my movement on a control surface (equivalent to the servo movement) or throttle then i redesign it - same goes for slop too.

However if you 've ever witnessed my flying, You may wonder why I bother...

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
28/04/2013 17:10:29

One thing I hate is putting access hatches in... particularly when I have to cover them in a plywood veneer!!! And there are three of them too...

be2c 106.jpg

be2c 107.jpg

And here we are all stained up, lacquer tomorrow...


be2c 109.jpg


Now, can any of you tell me why I have installed an 'upside down' seat in the fuselage?

be2c 108.jpg

Simples... that the mount for the gyro that will assist the rudder on it's take off run!

Edited By Stevo on 28/04/2013 17:11:00

27/04/2013 18:31:14

More today. Time to man up here, honestly. Like a silly wotsit (not my words) I set the the top wing parallel to the fuselage. WRONG. It has a 4 degree incidence... Broke the reat strut epoxy with some mole grips and gentle persuasion, reset, and turned the model over. Ran some 5min epoxy up the struts and blasted it with a hot air gun, the epoxy liquifies and runs back up the strut holes...

Manage to cover the struts in solartex - I coated twice here, once as a general covering and one as a wrapped finish. Natural 'tex is quite see through...

be2c 103.jpg

Heres the lower wing mounts: -

be2c 105.jpg

be2c 104.jpg

26/04/2013 18:44:12

Whoa thanks guys... I appreciate your input and comments!!

Just a couple more for you. Struts encased in balsa (spruce at the leading edge - if you use balsa you will sand through it too blinkin' quick!) Sanded 80% to shape - just adding some refinements.

Double checked all the incidences - spot on smiley

be2c 101.jpg

be2c 102.jpg

26/04/2013 15:42:15

I’ve done the centre section from liteply (middle) and 4mm ply ribs (outer).

be2c 96.jpg

I soldered solder tags on for the rigging; used a small wooden peg to keep them in place.

be2c 95.jpg

Struts were from 3.2mm piano wire with brass tubing.

I did a test run first, then got the whole front of the fuselage level.

be2c 99.jpg

I zeroed the digital angle finder. I injected a little 30 minute epoxy down the strut holes and slid the front struts in. I set them for the correct height and using the gauge set them level - laterally. Then the rear struts went in, and were set level longitudinally and laterally, and finally made exactly level with the front struts with an off cut of chipboard. Double checked angles, will wait for epoxy to set, then epoxy the struts to the formers inside the fuselage.

be2c 98.jpg

 be2c 100.jpg

be2c 94.jpg




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Thread: How is expo defined?
26/04/2013 09:53:50

Lovin' all this...

If anyone's interested I could get this into excel and have some graphical output with up down buttons etc

Let me know !

Steve J

Thread: Lost plane is it the end
25/04/2013 09:46:57

Chin up old boy... Spent 18 months on a super detailed flair Cub (grasshopper) only for the wing to come off 5 mins into the maiden. Dug it out of a crop field. A fellow flyer built a lovely spitfire in a high gloss chrome finish, only to get it to 200 feet and utter the words "where the hell is it?" - never seen again. When I started out XX years ago, I saw another flyer with a Cub take off and it kept going, and going... and.... going... flew from Kent right across the Thames into Essex and landed. There was a fuel leak and it leaked right into the receiver...

If you have had that model for two years it (and you) have done well, one thing I accept is that we do NOT own our models, they just pass through our hands. You will be back flying in no time, good luck



Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 25/04/2013 11:38:15

Thread: Suitable gyro for rudder stabilization on take off
25/04/2013 08:55:05

Well well well. I have mixed views on all this, as an electronics engineer etc I marvel at the device and what it can achieve, and it will certainly help a trainee. However parhaps a little pricey (not for the device - but for what I want it for) and would it now introduce a false sense of security? For example, we all have to counteract the odd gust of wind and should be on the look out for it - however with this device all this could be counteracted....

All my planes are reasonably stable flyers (WW1 types) so a gyro on take off would help. However should my models get more advanced (unstable and faster) then this is worth looking at.

Will research further!

PS - Could it introduce a stick shake near the stall please devil

Edited By Stevo on 25/04/2013 08:56:46

24/04/2013 21:32:32

Flexible nose? - No, I've always looked like this cheeky

Well, the gyro is only switched on for the take off run until V1... At least it will be in a stright line!

24/04/2013 21:09:23

Yes I put it close to the CoG as possible so that the gyro actually rotates...

I did notice that if I pivot the aircraft about the CoG, I get far more rudder movement than if I pivot it from, say the prop.

Thread: Flair Puppeteer
24/04/2013 20:58:20

Never solver soldered... You dont know waht you have missed...


Great looking Pup... Good effort there!! Well done!

Here's what I did with mine..

pup 55.jpg

Thread: SC46 What fuel to use?
24/04/2013 20:45:52

Contest 10% in my SC, OS, Saitos and Lasers. Brilliant.

Thread: Top coat satin/flat finishes
24/04/2013 20:44:05

My experience with oil based polyeurethane is that they dry by oxidation - and are fuel proof. When I was guitar building, I used a water based lacquer, with good results but any sniff of a solvent nearby and it was curtains! Bear in mind that oil based varnishes yellow with age.

Ive used the spectra paints with great results, 50/50 with turps or cellulose thinners. Also acid catalysed lacquer is very fuel proof - after curing it will stand immersion in Nitro.

There's also the 2K lacquers which are water clear, they spray extremely well, and are ... ermmm VERY toxic before they cure (carcinogenic). I've no experience of POLYC but I know some that have used it, and rate it very highly.

Regards gun cleaning - go to halfords and buy some cheap carb cleaner - Toluene. Run that through the gun after spraying and you rarely have to strip and clean it.


Thread: Suitable gyro for rudder stabilization on take off
24/04/2013 20:35:33


Thanks Frank... Yes I've programmed a switch on the Tx that reduces gain to 0 - I'll need to switch it as soon as it breaks ground...

Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
24/04/2013 19:09:26

Finally decided on the throttle servo, some Savox mini thing... nice straight run to the engine...

be2c 79.jpg

Movin' on... Decided to do the decking. Not before I accurately drilled for the struts, and put the cockpit flooring in out of 1/64 ply.

be2c 80.jpg

Then pondered over the fact that the struts will show against the bulkheads inside the cockpit, and additionally would need some strengthening. Made some Ash to encase the struts and glued in place.

be2c 82.jpg

be2c 81.jpg

Spent AGES on the deck, - the drawing is INCORRECT - this si not DH's fault but they way it has been traced. BE CAREFUL!!!

Did NOT drill for the strut holes.... made a 3mm pin with a pointed end. Place the pin down the strut hole, until it is almost flush with the top and carefully wrap the decking over the top. It will press against the pin and mark the holes for the strut. drill these for 2mm and open out with a needle file.

be2c 83.jpg

be2c 85.jpg

Here it is! All stained up with Mellow pine. Steve's top tip here... stain the decking, carefully. If it's patchy don't worry. Now airbrush two coats of sating fuel proofer in quick succession over the top so its WET... DON'T use cellulose tinner - user Turps.

Now take a rag steeped in turps and GENTLY wipe over the top. The proofer will mix with the stain and seall it all in. Now it won't look patchy.... (wait a day or so before blowing a decent coat over it all)

be2c 87.jpg

I painted the cockpit floor matt black - and tried the pilot (Albert Jarman) for size - just a bit tall...

be2c 88.jpg

And here it is without..

be2c 89.jpg

Thread: Suitable gyro for rudder stabilization on take off
24/04/2013 18:48:47

Here we go! thanks for all your advice.... An HK401 mounted in a spacewalker II. Yes you have to fiddle around a bit, but once it's there, it's there. Flight test later.


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