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Thread: Dave Hurrell Be2c Scale project
01/04/2013 20:22:05

Almost forgot... Scale suspension too. Track rod arms are from 2mm piano wire and brass collets. Elastic will be Shirring elastic. Axle is 3.2mm Piano wire with a brass 'aerofoil' section slipped over it - to be covered in Solartex. I have to add bump stops incase of elastic failure!

be2c 19.jpg

01/04/2013 20:01:17

It's been a long time coming, but finally got this underway. My Grandad flew and repaired these in WW1, so it's homage to him really!!

I have started this build log elsewhere, but I think I would reach a wider audience on here.

I decided on the Dave Hurrell plan, Laser 70 powered. full scale details and all that erm... er... rigging.... I've bought it up to date, in that I'm using laser cut parts, steam bent and laminated wing and tail plane tips, and spruce/balsa laminated spars. Contrary to the plans, it will be an early type, with landing skids (machined from Ash) and exhausts exitting uner the fuselage. No roundels, just Union Jacks smiley Closed loop rudder and elevators and ailerons too, just like the original.


So here's the first bit... The aileron actuator.. fully ball-raced with no slop for the single control wire that wraps around the entir etwo wings. I'll update the servo later...

be2c 1.jpg


Here's the templates for laminating and steam bending...

be2c 5.jpg

And the clamping jig for the wing spars..

be2c 11.jpg

Here's tail fin/rudder, bent and laminated..

be2c 14.jpg


And machining those Ash skids and U/C struts

be2c 15.jpg


be2c 17.jpg


And here's the skids from solid Ash, from the local timber yard for a fiver...


be2c 18.jpg


Now for the U/ C jig.... U/C will be 10SWG Piano wire, solver soldered etc... Then encased in Ash of course.

be2c 22.jpg

Ive done the rear legs, I'll post pics soon.

Edited By Stevo on 01/04/2013 20:23:51

Thread: JR XG8
02/11/2012 17:58:24

Got mine from ebay, £300 including 3 receivers... Not looked back since, never missed a beat, but the XG8 manual is the WORST I HAVE EVER READ. Do yourself a favour - work it out yourself...

Thread: Movember
02/11/2012 17:52:47

Well I have a beard if that counts.... No problems reading this sort of stuff on here - Good luck to the cause, I'll donate tonight!

Thread: Digital Luggage Scales for Weighing Models
02/11/2012 17:50:16


Also useful for measuring static thrust!!!

Thread: Red Tails
02/11/2012 17:48:24

Loved it - Went to the cinema and saw it in all its glory! Yes we can be e bit picky, but it was recommended by Aeroplane Magazine and had some original pilots on the set at all times.

Thread: Flair DVII
02/11/2012 17:26:10

Depends upon where you are sitting! cheeky

Ive always had a soft spot for the D7 for some reason. I did a refurb on a Puppeteer, and although it looked great, I was not that keen on it.

Anyhow, Ive fashioned a servo tray from 3mm ply, removed the Flair bottle tank and replaced it with a SLEC Orange. I've calculated that it will keep it airborne until I retire disgust

Colour Scheme? Thanks to other posts, Red candy stripe on upper wing, Red lower wing, Red/White fuselage... Anyone got a spare pilot? The DREADED Williams Bros. guns are awaiting construction..sad

02/11/2012 15:07:29

(Admins: - If you want to merge my other threads with this?)

I decided to take the plunge and put it on here! The aircraft came from ebaY, £120 delivered - Wings, tail and fuselage built, tail and fuselelage covered. U/C made and wheels included. Was going to put a Saito 50 in there, but decided upon a Laser 70. It does have to be shoehorned in there!


Now, that dummy engine. The Flair one is next to useless, The Hangar 9 one is better, but still not good enough. So took the plunge - the cylinder heads are Balsa, with 2.5mm allen bolts screwed in. The camshaft is 8mm aluminium tube, the exhaust is 8mm ply, and the inlet manifold is bent and soldered 4mm brass rod. The trick is to try and get it over the laser's cylinder head! Paint is gloss black, and the exhaust is silver, with rust colour sponged on.

Edited By Stevo on 02/11/2012 15:08:38

Thread: Flair D7 Aileron hinges
31/10/2012 14:22:13

Ive done a few hinges now on Magnatillas and Puppeteers... all done th trusted Flair way of course. The trick is to get the aileron and wing to match EXACTLY or it looks awful. And, in time the covering shrinks / expands etc and the Aileron gets tight or loose...and again looks a bit... rubbish.


Has anyone else had a go at this using hinges? I spotted another D7 on here and hinges were used, cut down at 45 degrees into the wing and aileron therefore having the hinge bet at 90 degrees in total.

Sounds like a plan - unless you know different! cheeky


Oh and I'm shoehorning a Laser 70 in there as well... almost NO room for that dummy engine!

Edited By Stevo on 31/10/2012 14:23:08

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
20/10/2012 20:22:49

Well what can I say. Ive had some good SC FSs... (and some bad ones). Saito never let me down, quality in each one. Some great results.

Today, I got a Laser 70 off a guy on BMFA classifieds. I doubted it all. When he got it out the box I was truly in love, (not with HIM... the ENGINE). Come to Papa!!! heart

I put it on the test stand and fired her up... a little confused as there was no exhaust nipple, and it kept on cutting out at full throttle... Silly ar5e... put a vent in the tank! It did NOT disappoint!


What a STUNNING sound. I'm hooked. Im converted.

Why did they not make a 54/56? What a seller that would be to conquer the 40 2s market!!

Thread: Fokker DVII Colours
13/10/2012 10:15:36

Just seen your album Jeff... Congratulations... thats almost museum standard... I'm speechless.. Looks like I have a busy winter ahead of me to get near that!

13/10/2012 10:11:57

OMG that's a stunner laugh And there's me insisting on a lozenge free zone.. I'll dial in to your album today!! You obviously have a Flair for this...

D(root), C, F#, A ... you have to be a musician to get that one...

What engine - my other post says I have a Saito 50, which will get it airborne, but I would really like a 70FS in there to make SURE it gets airborne. I do have a 91FS spare, but erm probably a bit overkill as I don't want to do 3D with it..

12/10/2012 18:43:51

Humbled by your replies, guys. The nordic snow scheme looks intriguing, but may require a lot of paint to finnish it off - also, could I a-fjord it? cheeky

I love the stripes.... was also contemplating the seven swabians, if you know of any good artists!


Keep 'em coming!

11/10/2012 17:31:51

What ho!

Here's a poser...

One Flair D7. What colour? I DON'T want lozenge, as I want to be different. (Yes I have done Lozenge before, from scratch).

So... Ideas please? If it is not exactly scale that's fine! I was thinking of the Ernst Udet red candy stripe, with red on the top of the power wing and white Underneath? Needless to say it will have rib tabes, Spandaus, scale pilot etc..

Thread: Flair Cub Kit.
26/08/2012 16:05:10

You will have NO trouble with a Saito 56 - I had one in mine, it was built quite heavy, and loops and rolls were no problem at all. It pulled it round the sky like it was on rails!!!

Good luck,


Thread: BE2c - Dave Hurrell Design
04/07/2012 08:44:12

Should have let me know....

CAD files done for wing and tail plane, plus they have all been cut too !

18/06/2012 14:42:15

Unbelievable. Be2s are like busses, none for a while then all at once.

I too have the Hurrell plan, and will be building one later this year, hence my great interest in this post! I have the CAD files for the wing and tail plane ribs, and will laser cut them later this week hopefully.

I'm going for scale - scale and SCALE as my late grandfather flew these in WW1. Power will come from a spare Saito 91FS I have laying around. I have access to the Boddington 'WINGS' plans (not so much plans but a series of sketches) to help me along.

Please feel free to swap ideas with me!!!

Steve (UK)

Thread: Lozenge WWI covering
06/02/2012 20:15:21
Yes some do show ribs... I found this as a great study...
I did my lozenge by cardboard template, careful masking and an airbrush. Nice and bright!
It's here...
Yes it shows ribs but thats how the wing was built in the model. Ive got twin Spandaus, with high intensity gun LEDs, I even programmed the PIC controller up to do it properly!
Thread: Engine for Flair Fokker DVII
01/12/2011 15:45:12
Cheers John, I had the same in my ill-fated Flair Cub (Little over weight with sprung oleos, pilot, d-day stripes and american insignia.. rib tapes) and it looped it no problem.
I'm impressed with the no. of replies on here !
Will look for that elusive big fine prop, I have the same engine in a PUP, not yet covered, with full push-pull for rudder and elevator (twin servos)... but with cold weather coming in, workshop time is severely limited... Brrrrr......
01/12/2011 14:10:22
Well thanks indeed for all your replies!
Looks like the Saito 50 my be a little on the edge, but funds dictate that I cant get another engine. I only ever fly on calm days anyway so hopefully not a problem.
The engine I have is a yet-to-be-run-in Saito 50, hemispherical head design.
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