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Thread: Engine for Flair Fokker DVII
30/11/2011 14:19:08
Hello !
I have a fokker DVII (Flair!) on the go, and have a spare Saito 50 (almost new, bags of compression) to go into it.
I dont want blistering performance, just somethingto take off, poodle around and land. The aircraft is being built light, no overhead of lozenge paint (although I have the lozenge 'tex). I think I will be Ok with this, but Ive seen several others content with s Saito 82 in there ...
Thread: Fokker DVII by Flair
30/11/2011 10:28:07
Well what can I say..
Was going to do something similar to this topic, but I dont think I could do it justice after reading this build!! I got a Flair DVII from ebay, partially built, partially covered, and built to a very high spec. Complete with flair " paint by numbers" lozenge, williams bros wheels and a winsock datafile book for less than a kit, a result I think. The Mrs got me an immaculate Saito 50 to go in it, will start after xmas 2011 though as I have a Pup and a D8 to finish off.
Will print off this thread in its entirety, for some bedtime reading. Thanks also for the heads up on the lozenge, with all the emails etc.
Thread: Fokker DVIII plans required
30/11/2011 09:14:29
If anyone is interested, I'm in the process of compling a buckle D8, HEAVILY modified for RC, twin wing servos, Saito 40 FS, bowden cables, scale struts and so on...
So if anyone wants some info, please mail me or give me a nudge and I'll post some pics on here for you all!!!
Thread: Lozenge WWI covering
12/09/2011 16:04:17
Yes it IS expensive!!!!
Wilmann Graphics in the USA seems cheaper, but they do not appear to ship outside the USA... I have emailed them.
Paintbrush, anybody?
12/09/2011 13:42:20
Well thanks Bert! Unfortunatly I forgot to say that my DVII is a 1/6 scale (almost) replica with OS40FS up front
12/09/2011 13:25:28
Hi All,
I'm building a Fokker DVII (Parasol) and I am in DESPARATE need of some Lozenge solartex. Of corsue everywhere says it's available, BUT WHERE DO I GET ANY...
Any help (or even some covering!) would be greatly appreciated!
Thread: Hello All
05/08/2010 11:37:42
Hello err.. Bob!
Welcome to RCM&E & Forums.
Always glad to see another Balsa Basher
Thread: Flair Cub Kit.
15/06/2010 17:44:31
Well, what do you know.. a Flair cub with a Saito 56...
Just what I've gone and bought!!  Well done on this build blog, very informative and for me - priceless.
A couple of things - I'm never keen on aileron torque rods, and will contemplate a servo per wing. At least I can get some flapperons should I need them  I did contemplate flaps, but so many have said that this just floats in and lands itself, so no need!
As I'm going for the built up wing version (like yours) is there room for those servos?  And last of all... I want that Saito inverted, as others have done, to keep the cowl lines clean. I always think the cowl on the cub looks a little strange, but thats down to the full size aircraft and not the builder/designer.
Thread: BE2c advice needed
26/06/2008 09:10:00

Wow...... Very nice!

 Where did you get the Roy Scott plan from, just as a reference - I could even change my mind and build that one..

21/06/2008 12:00:00

Hi All,

Its my long term aim to build a BE2c, probably over two years or more. The plans I have are:

MW2907 (Traplet plan)
By David Hurrrell
Laser 70 four stroke powered
73.66" Span (1/6 scale)

1) Has anyone built this before (unlikely but I'll ask)
2) I can work out how to build it from the plan but would welcome advice from anyone with WWI biplane experience
3) Even to meet anyone for advice would help


Cheers Steve

Thread: The April Grand Prize Draw
02/04/2008 13:06:00
Great never won anything in my life...  !!!!
Thread: The March Grand Prize Draw
04/03/2008 17:02:00
Never won anything in my life but I'll give it a go!
Thread: Thunder Tiger FS54
06/05/2007 21:26:00
Hi all,
I resurected my old FS54 from the loft after 7 years retirement! I only ever ran it in in 2000...Is there anyone out there with experience of these?

Ive got it going OK, but I wondered what the best fuel/settings/glow plug propsize (its going on a WOT 4) was for these?
Thanks to all
Thread: Cutting Hinge slots HELP!
02/05/2007 07:43:00
Thanks to all for the tips, these hinges are very small to someone with stubby fingers; Like Garry I enjoy the building and my 11yo does the flying. .. see
Cheers, Steve
Thread: C of G on an Irving 40 trainer
01/05/2007 13:30:00
Not sure about the Irvine trainer but my Ripmax Trainer 40 has no side/downthrust and the CG is 80mm from the Leading edge. It runs an Irvine 40 on contest 10 fuel and has an unbeleivably great idle!
Thread: Cutting Hinge slots HELP!
01/05/2007 12:38:00
Thanks for that. Ive been building guitars for a number of years now so my standards are set quite high - if there is a tool or jig to do the job for me and increase accuracy then I will use one to get the job done. I do enjoy the hobby very much particularly when my results are right on the money! I did however ponder on the hacksaw blade though!!
30/04/2007 09:22:00
Thanks Roy,
Pretty much as I thought! What a pity they are not available over here. I'll investigate Tower Hobbies, 240/110 step down transformer no problem!

30/04/2007 08:20:00
Hello to all.

The time-honoured method of cutting hinge slots seems quite archaic to me; we centre the line onthe spar/ control surface, and then dig it out using what looks like a tool employed by a badly trained dentist. Then hope the hinge fits! We would have more luck using a trenching tool.

Is there anything else we can do here or am I not alone? I see Great Planes make a "Slot Machine" but Ive spent 2Hrs on the WWW looking for one in the UK - and finding nothing!

Any help appreciated!
Thread: WOT 4 AR(T)F
13/03/2007 10:02:00
The WOT 4 is obviously one of the best models around - no dispute about that, love it or hate it! Im building one now, for my 12yo as a step up from a trainer. its got a few different features (I'm one for doing things differently!) but I have not changed it radically. Just a question - what fuel tank is averyones favourite? it will run with a 53FS engine.

Watch progress at:
Thanks to all.
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