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Thread: Build logs - a dying art?
21/10/2017 19:23:08

Thanks all for the positive comments. I know a 'like' button has been requested (or talked about) several times now, but seems to have gone unheeded.

Indeed Dave you can bookmark the thread (look right at the bottom, there's a bookmark link). Just for you sir I will update my Ju87 build shortly...

Also I'm not sure about documenting failures, Peter. I don't have any

Thread: Engines and parts required
21/10/2017 16:14:26

A chap who likes tinkering with four strokes?

I thought I was the only one.. smiley

Thread: Build logs - a dying art?
21/10/2017 16:11:37

Hi All.

This is not intended as a moan, just for analysis really!

I've done a few build logs on here and elsewhere, and I have spoken to a couple of experienced builders not on this site, but have also posted logs elsewhere.

The pattern seems familiar; they seem to get off to good start, with good interest. After a while, the interest seems to wane, and we seem to question ourselves as to whether we should really continue (or even started!!)

I know you all fully appreciate what goes into a build and the time taken not only to build but to try and picture it and log it as well and any comments you have all made on mine and others is appreciated.

Have others found the same?

Thread: September Special Issue
20/10/2017 12:37:04
Clarification needed by the Ashbys..
20/10/2017 12:10:42


Anyone care to elucidate ? Can't find my copy ATM... SWMBO has 'Done a tidy up'

Thread: Druine D.31 Turbulent
16/10/2017 20:42:14

Hey well done sir - this looks really nice!

Thread: TJD Models - a lacklustre performance
16/10/2017 20:40:26

An epilogue

I have been contacted by TJD, a very positive reponse indeed.

I won't go into the conversation, I will only add that they have taken on board the comments here; I will be meeting with them shortly.

Thank you to all who contributed here - and of course for TJD and their reponse.

Thread: Warbird Wing Incidence
08/10/2017 17:16:23

Looking at my mMarutaka Stuka drawings... Wing and tail are dead parallel to the thrustline.. i.e. no incidence at all.

Usually I would trust 0.5 - 1 degree... what say you

Thread: September Special Issue
08/10/2017 13:11:13


A ripping issue - lathework..airbrushing.. TN's Hawk.. Radio stuff...

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT.

Can't say enough. WELL DONE TO ALL.

Thread: Castering Tailwheel
05/10/2017 21:10:17

Hi All..

Your thoughts please. The full size Stuka hada free swivelling (castering) tailwheel.

So, implemented on a scale model? Not looking for fantastic ground handling - just something that won't give me problems

Thread: Hub puller required
04/10/2017 13:15:18

Never needed a hub puller on any FS engine I've dismantled. Small blowtorch on the drive hub always released it. And yes you can trust my advice

Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
01/10/2017 13:55:24

C'mon guys... keep up. Any interest?

The following is really self explanatory. The front assembly cut out and glued together, placed on the SLEC jig, straightened etc...

2017-09-30 14.51.31.jpg

2017-09-30 14.58.08.jpg

Servo mountings for elevator and rudder (Closed loop)

2017-10-01 13.40.08.jpg

2017-10-01 13.40.22.jpg

Tank.. removable plate underneath, otherwise there's no way of getting to it.

2017-10-01 13.40.54.jpg

Final assembly

2017-10-01 13.41.26.jpg

And on the wing, nice 'n' square

2017-10-01 13.43.50.jpg

29/09/2017 19:57:35

More done. As best I can, I printed off all the bulkhead detail after adjusting it for size to fit the drawing.

2017-09-29 10.03.26.jpg

Then mark the cut lines: -

2017-09-29 12.29.42.jpg

Just an application of the bandsaw and disc sander. The router helped get the lines straight, however the kerf of my table saw was around 3mm anyway, so I used that rather than the router.

2017-09-29 12.57.00.jpg

A good fit.

2017-09-29 12.59.42.jpg

At this stage the cat was bored and decided to get stuck into the plan, literally...

2017-09-29 14.44.41.jpg


So here is the complete sub assembly. glue up tomorrow...

2017-09-29 16.19.43.jpg

2017-09-29 18.01.06.jpg

Edited By Stevo on 29/09/2017 19:59:46

28/09/2017 18:04:02

After an affair with an ARTF, I'm now back on it.

Elevator linkage glued in and fettled...

2017-09-28 16.04.22.jpg

I'll trim the fill in strips later.. I cut a couple of holes to drip some epoxy in to secure the link..

And now the fuselage. And what a feat of engineering this will be - in decyphering the drawings!


Two front halves cut from 3.2mm ply. I cut some holes to make it look cool..

2017-09-28 17.33.59.jpg

So.. how? Cut one half exact to drawing by hand, and cut out the holes.. Double sided tape it to the other.. run it through a table router with a template bit... then two halves!

2017-09-28 17.27.01.jpg

2017-09-28 17.30.18.jpg

As Balsa Cabin did not have the long sections of beech, I machined up some 15 x 18 oak. Same density as beech. Here's one side being epoxied on...

2017-09-28 17.49.27.jpg

Edited By Stevo on 28/09/2017 18:05:22

Thread: The art of Customer service is (not yet) dead
27/09/2017 17:55:39

Oh and yes -all NVQs are now undergoing a massive shake up

27/09/2017 17:54:54

"Any modern glow fuel will run a modern four stroke engine but steer clear of any containing castor oil"

Oh I've listened and that's what I have, Phil. Engines (50, 56 and 72 Saito) all seemed happy with it

24/09/2017 20:44:13
Oh exactly Tom!
As an NVQ assessor I go in to organisations and work with apprentices... I really was laughable to get the responses above...
Thread: September 2017 Lipometer
24/09/2017 16:43:59

Optical tacho...please share Geoff!!!! wink

Thread: New canopy?
24/09/2017 12:46:06


Thread: The art of Customer service is (not yet) dead
24/09/2017 10:36:27

Decided to put off my procrastination until another day

Anyhow, to the matter. Wanted to try another fuel type, so chose Byron or Optifuel.

Decided to ring around.

ring.... ring...

TJD: "Hello TJD Models"
Me: "Hi, I'm after some Byron fuel. Have you got any?"
TJD: "Yes we have!"
Me: "Great! I'm looking for 12% Fourstroke mix"
TJD: <pause> "Yeh."
Me: "OK tell me what you have then..."
TJD: "Hang on.."
TJD: "Yes, we have Formula 10 Irvine and 25% as well"
Me: "Not Byron then."
TJD: "Oh.. nah..."

Me: <Hangs up>

Next almost LMS.. (Broken Prop knows who)

LMS: "Hello.. <LMS name>"
Me: "Hi.. Have you any Byron fuel?"
LMS: <pause>
LMS: <Longer Pause>
Me: "Hello..."
LMS: "Uh.. what fuel?"
Me: "Byron"
LMS: <pause>
Me: "well what fuel if any do you have?"
LMS: "I'll go and have a look then.."
LMS: "No"
Me: "What fuel?"
LMS: <incomprehensible mumble, involving some of these words... 10%..30% quart, gallon>

Me: <Hangs up>

Last one..
LMS: "Hello, MWM Warbirds"
Me: "Hi, I'm after some Byron four sroke mix"
LMS: "Sorry sir - we do not do Byron, but we have Optifuel. Hang on and I'll see what's in stock"
<short pause>
LMS: "We have 12%, whaich is a good mix and quite popular"
Me: " Have you a gallon?"
LMS: "Yes we have!"
Me: "I'll be down later"
LMS: "No problem we close around 5"

<visits shop and finds it on the counter. Interesting 30 minute visit discussing all that is aircraft, marketing, supply and demand...>

Now, MWM, that's how to do it. yes

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