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Thread: Ben Buckle kits
23/09/2017 18:48:35

... and don't expect any help from Buckle themselves...


Edited By Stevo on 23/09/2017 18:48:47

Thread: Reproduction engine rings
23/09/2017 18:47:32


"using an up and down motion and rotating at the same time."

You sure

Thread: Wing rib dihedral angle
20/09/2017 17:14:50

Dare I say SohCahToa to get the angle

Thread: Upthrust & down thrust on Pusher aircraft
20/09/2017 17:12:33

Double check that tail/wing incidence. I had an Acrowot foamie like this. NO amount of CoG or downthrust tweaking cured it at all, until I sussed that the tail incidence was a massive 4 degrees...

Thread: im not sure what to make of this
19/09/2017 15:50:41

Well we've had two P51's joined... two HE111's + one engine as well.. so why not!

Thread: Reproduction engine rings
19/09/2017 15:48:12

Of course I have used LASER rings for the current production LASER engines

Thread: Motor runs fine for one flight but then...
19/09/2017 14:38:29

Sounds like the ESC to me, first, as has been said, check all solder joints - then substitute another ESC if you have one.

Thread: Reproduction engine rings
19/09/2017 14:36:44

Hi All,

Ive been using this guy (gavin Carter) on ebay. I've had rings for Laser 70/80, Saito 50, 72 and 100.

In all a really excellent service - and none of them have failed. If you need a ring for an engine that he does not make yet - send him the piston and liner, and he'll make one. All lapped to size - beautiful.


Thread: Home made adjustable CofG frame/cradle thingy
18/09/2017 19:08:53

I think I bought mine 20 years ago!!

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
17/09/2017 16:33:55
All M2, Phil.
Thread: ARTF hardware
17/09/2017 15:05:58

Interesting thread about liability. What about a plan built model?

Anyway why replace the hardware? yeh.. we lurve souping it up don't we. However from previous experience (others and mine) I repace ALL bolts with proper Allen bolts. All posi screws are replaced with hex head screws from model fixings. Anything imperial goes in the bin with ONE exception. Nylon wing bolts. 4,5 and 6mm threads are quite fine for a nylon bolt and will easily get cross threaded or jam very easily. I keep these as imperial and have a stock of spares. I've experiences snapped horns at the field in cold weather, albeit the horns were old.

Nothing is more frustrating than a stripped head at the field - hence the hex versions. Oh - also threadlock too !

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
17/09/2017 14:58:23

Sunday relaxation beckons.

Final sealing..

20170917_143122 (1).jpg

Seal up any gaps, it shows white here as it's acrylic sealer, but dries transparent. Don't squirt too much on, and use a coffee stirrer to form the slight radius in the corner. Also pay attention to the engine bay; mine had a hole in it where the push rod for the (not used) steerable nose leg was! Wipe off any surplus but don't use thinner, you will wipe off the print

17/09/2017 13:34:51

Thanks Geoff

I use the surgical tape as it leaves almost no residue, unlike sellotape/insulating tape...

Almost approaching the end here. Wing servos in, no surprises, again used different horns, and a Z bend as well. Note the heatshrink, too.

2017-09-17 11.34.46.jpg

Now for the assembly. The peg holes in the fuelage needed enlarging as there was no way those wings would fit.

This step is NOT necassary for an ARTF - as all the angles are set. However I've included it for curiosity. Don't like that word as I have three cats.

Stand the model on its U/C and prop the tail up, so that the cockpit surround (typically 0 degrees to the thrustline) is almost level. Secure the model so that it doesn't roll off. Don't ask how I know.

Put the digital meter on top and set the zero point. Now, all measurements are relative to the thrust line.

2017-09-17 13.19.58.jpg

Measure tail...

2017-09-17 13.19.35.jpg

So the tail is positive to the thrustline about a degree - Using an incidence meter, measure the wing..

2017-09-17 13.19.23.jpg

Looking at the above the wing is about 0.4 degree positive, and the tail is about 0.5 degree positive to that, which for a model of this type is quite typical. MEASURE AT THE WING ROOT!! Why? When I measured the tips of the wings, the are up at the T.E by 2 degrees - washout


Essential. Absolutely essential like a good divorce lawyer. Don't leave home/workshop/garage without it !

I have a Multiplex CoG thingy, set the top to 101mm as per the manual. Always a good staring point. Everything must be fitted - spinner, prop, washer, prop nut, pilot, canopy and a small aubergine if necassary.

Here she is: -

2017-09-17 12.22.02.jpg

Ii used the sticky lead stuff that tyre fitters use. Place the weights around where you are going to stick them until it sits nose down. Hey presto. Now, clean the area using a degreaser; wait for it to dry and press the sticky side against the bulkhead or wherever. Keep it in the balancer.

I'll get the last wing servo next payday, unless someone has a 0254 they don't want.

Not a lot left now, servo directions, throws, engine run and tuning. Oh. And I have to fly it.

Edited By Stevo on 17/09/2017 13:37:43

Thread: Fail safe mode
17/09/2017 12:46:54

Didn't realise this was such an emotive subject !

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
16/09/2017 21:47:20
Good call. In this case, the clevises have a ridge on them front and back so will not slip off..
Thread: Home made adjustable CofG frame/cradle thingy
16/09/2017 20:24:05

I know it's not home made, but got one of these years ago. You can set the CoG measurement on the top then balance the model.

Just a hint for your DIY balancers!

Edited By Stevo on 16/09/2017 20:24:32

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
16/09/2017 20:18:56

... and I'm not even scything the Kentish Corn yet..

Thread: Fail safe mode
16/09/2017 17:45:44

"They do not stay airborne very long at idle"

Well there is that


Edited By Stevo on 16/09/2017 17:46:02

Thread: Irvine 53 Issues
16/09/2017 17:44:14

Stripping a 2S really is no issue at all... There will be resources on You tube etc. Not sure where you are (i'm in Kent) but happy to take a look if you are local

Thread: Fail safe mode
16/09/2017 17:40:41

Hi All..

I've a JR system and familiar and familiar with the fail safe settings. What's the best setting? All controls back to neutral and throttle to idle?

Keep control surfaces where they are and throttle to idle?

What's the best advice?

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