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Thread: Building board
12/09/2017 18:47:19

Plasterboard. Make sure the base is sound. When the top gets a little worn and needs replacing, use an oscillating sander with 80 grit. Fill any detents with polyfilla or similar and sand also. Then use wallpaper paste and glue 1000g lining paper over it and trim. Hey presto, a new surface.

I also use 6mm ply, coated in varnish, screwed over that to protect it if I'm working with anything heavy.

Thread: Wot 4 revisited for the second time.
12/09/2017 18:42:33

Last time I flew a Wottie, I needed Time Team to dig the engine out of the ground frown

Thread: Cutting Bowden cable
12/09/2017 18:41:02

Just as our Percy - I tin it well first with solder first - then cut. Never frays at all

Thread: What fuel (FS)
10/09/2017 18:24:02

oh... indecision Any idea what it was? 5%? 10%.. straight?

Edited By Stevo on 10/09/2017 18:24:35

Thread: control throw setup
10/09/2017 18:06:31

One of these..

Thread: control throw setup
10/09/2017 18:05:58

One of these... never fails!

Thread: Fed up with online shopping!!!!!!
10/09/2017 18:00:41

Hi Brian... Yes Rapid are my almost go-to choice these days, their tent is always heaving at the model shows. Mainly I just google and see who pops to the top of the list!

Thread: After 30 years of marriage
10/09/2017 17:56:34

Congratulations!! I made it to 14yrs then divorced, then 17y with SWMBO. Does that count? You two haven't changed in years!!

Edited By Stevo on 10/09/2017 17:57:16

Thread: Fed up with online shopping!!!!!!
10/09/2017 17:53:25
Oh Phil.. I've an idea who that was 😉
10/09/2017 16:47:05

Try this for further discussion..

Thread: quality screwdrivers?
10/09/2017 15:47:02

For general use I have a set of Wera drivers - never used better!

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
10/09/2017 14:16:40

That's it Ash, you've got the idea.. always over the edge

My chosen powerplant, Saito 50. Reconditioned by me

2017-09-10 13.55.40.jpg

Now for those hinges. DO NOT trust that they are glued in. At all. Ever. On this particular model, the hinges appeared to be glued in, however with little effort I managed to pull half of them out! Place the control surface in a small vice to hold it, use THIN CA with a micro dropper attached. Don't try without, you will flood it. Make sure the hinges are halfway, and drop CAREFULLY CA at the hinge base, AND into the slot either side. Quickly wipe off any runs.

2017-09-10 13.42.08.jpg

Once dried in a couple of minutes, assemble into the wing/stabilisers and make sure they are central, there are NO gaps between the Aileron/Elevator/Rudder, and flext it back and forth. If it's OK to continue again GO EASY with the CA as it will wick right into the gap. Again, go left and right of the hinge itself to fill that gap. Once done, turn it around and do the other side. Wipe off any spare.

The tips are to use thin CA and a micro dropper and GO EASY. The thin CA is like diluted water ad will run right in. Remember to go left and right of the hinge; this seals any gap that fuel could run in to.

The tank holds no surprises; the pipes are plastic and won't corrode and are pre-bent. Use thin clear tubing for the clunk, not the thicker stuff. Mark the tank connection for the carb with a scriber for future reference. On the subject of tubing, I colour code mine: -

  • CLEAR - Carb: So you can see fuel getting to the carb
  • GREEN - Pressure pipe from exhaust
  • RED - Filler
  • If you are using a four stroke engine, I use a short run of clear from the nipple hanging down below the engine as a breather, and to inject some after run oil.

Obviously you can use your own choice, but I advice clear for the carb line as you can see if fuel is getting there, or if there are any bubbles present that may give you problems.

Don't forget about 6 - 8mm clearnce from the clunk to the back of the tank. Once assembled, flip the tank upside down, and you will hear the clunk hit the top of the tank. If it doesn't - don't install the tank and investigate why! Now you see a reason for fitting the thin walled clear tubing to the clunk. The thicker stuff will not allow it to move freely, I'm afraid.

2017-09-10 13.55.12.jpg

Careful here. When pushing the tube on to the carb outlet, it is all too easy to push the plastic pipe back in to the tank, jamming the clunk against the rear of the tank.. go easy.

Edited By Stevo on 10/09/2017 14:19:03

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
10/09/2017 13:12:38

WOW Dom. that's awesome - thank you for sharing!!

Thread: quality screwdrivers?
10/09/2017 13:09:13

I've had a set of these in flat, Phillips, nut drivers, Hex keys for YEARS and they've lasted really well.

10/09/2017 13:06:47

Are you after the smaller types for modelling, Phil?

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
10/09/2017 13:04:07

Straight out of the box it's fuel proofed. Well, sort of. I've seen quite a few ARTFs that are long in the tooth, still flyable but soaked in oil, so nothing will stick back down, making repairs a little difficult. Best thing you can do is add extra!

Use your fuel proofer of choice. Mine is always Plastic coating.

2017-09-10 12.38.37.jpg

Dries by evaporation, then the catalyst gets to work.

Start with the obvious area..

2017-09-10 12.39.33.jpg

Apply 2-3 coats sparingly - particularly over the ends of the covering - fuel will seep up here like nobody's business!!

2017-09-10 12.44.38.jpg

Now go to the inside - yes the inside. This is where the tank is, so any mishaps here may spell disaster. Coat all around the tank bay, and particularly the hole in the firewall. Don't be frightened to also coat the servo mounts and inside of the fuselage as well. This makes it easier when attaching velcro as well!

Now for the lesser known parts! If the wing attaches in two parts as mine does, fuel/oil will also get in there. Coat the end of the wings, and where the wings attach to the fuselage as well.

2017-09-10 12.38.58.jpg

2017-09-10 12.46.02.jpg

As I say, 2/3 coats will do. It will take a week to go off, but I'm not installing the engine until next week anyway.

Just a note. Many ARTFs will state a particular size of 2 stroke, and their 4 stroke equivalent. Don't be fooled. The 2 strokes will generally fit with no problem. The corresponding 4 stroke will be longer - if you are looking at a cowelled aircraft, this will be a show stopper!!!!! Download the manual from the website first. It will give you a measurement from the firewall to the back of the prop - typically 110mm, for Seagulls/Blackhorses. If you want to install a Saito 56 you've no chance, I'm afraid

Thread: Fed up with online shopping!!!!!!
10/09/2017 12:34:32

I feel your pain. Read my thread on TJD. Even after I rang them and asked them "is it in the shop" (to which they confirmed) they still didn't have it when I arrived.

Edited By Stevo on 10/09/2017 12:34:57

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
10/09/2017 12:32:19

Ok, so what's this guy playing at? Scale scratch bult Stuka? And now he's on a low wing trainer?

You may know already that I'm having to re-learn everything flying after a lay-off and that my flying needs stick time. I felt the need for a low wing trainer - Blackhorse Super Air it was.

This is not intended as an ARTF construction bible or build blog, so experienced builders/scale officianados might want to skip this.

So I have an ARTF - I could assemble the whole lot in 2 hours and get it airborne, so what's the deal?

It's not about installing flight assistance.. or flashy LEDs.. gyro assisted Rudder.. but how to get it together properly, and what you can do at the early stages to make it last a little longer. However it will not protect you from a severe ground impact..

So, fairly new to ARTFs? Read on, it's your lucky day yes

Thread: October 2017 issue
10/09/2017 12:05:57

I get the had copy too, and I have to agree with C8 that the production is very, very good indeed- particularly in these times.

My two penneth'

Loved the Albatross build, and yes 4.5 pages to a lighter WOT seemed a little unecassary, and there was a fine article in the making for the Lysander. Wording a 'custom made exhaust...' with no further information was a tease - I've seen this with articles on large scale aircraft; it's a general overview and that's about it!

Drones I pass over as they are not my bag so won't comment on that.

Brian's engine reviews are always interesting and worh a read - but they are nearly always on an engine that's far out of reach for the most of us I'm afraid, either financially or noise. How about a comparison of the 40 sizes (they do exist!) SC, OS, Four strokes... Saito vs OS vs Laser - the bread and butter of the club circuit; comparisons of fuel..

A good read and I'll continue subscribing. Onwards and upwards!!

Edited By Stevo on 10/09/2017 12:06:30

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
10/09/2017 11:46:14

Don't get me started on TJD.. angry

Quite a doom mongering pov from Dave, however I have to agree with its contents, I'm afraid.

Fast forward 15 /20 years, shall we see the demise of the balsa outlets (SLEC, Cabin, Mart...) as well as everything is Drones/ARTF? I really hope not.

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