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Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
09/09/2017 21:06:48

"I have said before that forum members should have some discrete badge so that we recognise each other at shows......."

Weall wear red carnations?

09/09/2017 19:09:40

Stuart Z - I'm JEALOUS. I shall never talk to you again

Dave Parnham - I was at the Balsa Cabin stand getting Balsa and there was a guy next to me who I thought was you.. Lucky I didn't say hello. My luck could have been in...

Braddock, VC - I thought you were going to pickup some stuff from the ever-shrinking Inwood stall? And, of course Happy Birthday cocktail

One of the reasons to go was to collect a model that TJD managed to screw right up (see other thread), saved on that.

Keith - yes you have a point about a central venue, I shall make ammends next year and visit some 'oop norf'. Do I need a passport? Oxygen?

Thread: What fuel (FS)
09/09/2017 18:06:58

Pretty much as I thought there Phil. Just keeping options open! I'll stick with the 10% formula Irvine. All mine are Saitos.. Is 10% what you guys use? Tell Alistair to get a move on with that Vimy

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
09/09/2017 17:50:07

I wouldn't say I was quids in; £15 to get in and I saved £22 on a model reserved and taken there for me by Inwoods. Yes Phil, DB wasn't my cup of tea, but in that he brought a prescence to it all and his gaffes were legendary !

Remember the Toffee bomber? Sessions with youngsters and a trainer at lunchtime? (Surely much easier with electric).

It seems that us southerners lack a decent show all year, and when one comes it's quite poor.

Seems once the pilots went over the fence to the flight line they became the elite untouchables.. There were more models on display but never flew (TJD Stuka) alas. I don't wish to be negative; much respect to the pilots and groundcrew.

Even the food was the same old... Next time, take sandwiches. Not a decent cup of coffee to be had - however there was one small van offering coffee and cakes.. they were doing really well.

So, where is it all going wrong? Are we expecting to much? After a 2 year lay off due to back problems and anxiety, I managed to return to the hobby, seeing it generally in decline. Of course we can wax lyrical about the "Good old days" i.e. when Inwoods was THE place to go, with numerous show specials and end of season bargains. It's now reduced to a trailer stacked with ARTFs and a bench full of batteries... (Still an awesome online shop).

Even looking at the fun fair behind it - again this was almost empty all the time.

Oh, what to do.

Thread: What fuel (FS)
09/09/2017 17:01:55

Hey All,

I've used Irvine formula 10 so far and see no reaon to change. However all my engines are now four strokes and obviously there are some 4-stroke brews out there. Anyone tried them?

I know I'm risking many opinions here, but any recommendations?

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
09/09/2017 16:37:48

Just thought I'd report in.

No TJD, SLEC, BMFA, however traders were busy. Balsa Cabin especially so, where I procured wood for the Stuka.

Flying was a bit thin on the ground, with few aircraft, with the same slots being repeated. Walkig round the place it was obvious that more traders were booked but didn't show. The bring and buy was really quite minimal, compared, say to Wings 'n' Wheels.

Every year I go the Inwoods stand gets smaller... and smaller... and smaller...

The commentator I'm afraid was poor. Some chap wandering around with a mic... I think his knowledge was OK, but couldn't hear him most of the time from several points up and down the flightline. Didn't inspire much a passion in it all, indeed he was somewhat soperific.

Such a shame as the end of year show is always a bit lacklustre.

Thread: Ruhig Tigre Build Blog
06/09/2017 18:53:54
If you remove the LE from the centre section.. you will find plywood bulkhead behind it ready drilled to accept the dowels.. of that I am 100% certain. Either 80mm or 90mm centre spacing...
06/09/2017 17:15:44
Theres plenty of reinforcement under there for you 😋
Thread: Pilot painting
03/09/2017 19:10:15

Oh absolutely Phil 9. Can't say I've ever used 16 tones before!! 3-4 would do a more thna adequate job. Fuel proofer? I've airbrushed Spectrum proofer over pilts with good results.

03/09/2017 18:55:54

Try this

Thread: Buried control linkages
03/09/2017 16:56:18

My electronic soldering iron is a copper bit, iron plated. Once the iron plate is breached/damaged/filed away then yes it does get dirty quickly.

My higher power one (80W) has a copper bit that I've filed away, and yes like yours it's a major cleaning excercise every time I use it, and it gets shorter as the days and months go by. Refer to last line of my last post.

03/09/2017 16:48:47

Sounds like the iron is too hot?

"I have to keep cleaning it every time I start with a file to get all the slag off it.."

No jokes.

03/09/2017 16:39:31

Cleanliness... Emery everything.. wash with IPA..Use lots of borax flux, watch the temperature (use a propane cylinder as it's hotter) Whn its dull red, just touch the SS onto it.

03/09/2017 16:23:04

Does that mean I can repair your Scythe, should it break?

Thread: Colour Matching
03/09/2017 16:14:47


You've protected the workbook... All works now I've taken that off     


Edited By Stevo on 03/09/2017 16:15:08

03/09/2017 16:13:16


Runtime error 1004

Application-defined or object-defined error

Looking at the debug it's the Cells(Row, Col).Interior.Color = RGB(R, G, B) that it doesn't like for some reason ...

Thread: cutting 3 mm balsa and ply to fit servo
03/09/2017 15:13:56

Oh I just replace the template on the top for various size servos...

I got fed up trying to make rectangular holes, scrollsaw, chisel, file, Permagrit...

Thread: Colour Matching
03/09/2017 15:10:23

I looked at the excel version and it deletes the Button

I also downloaded it and also the button was missing (OK, so I know Excel VBA and can create my own...)

Just for info

Thread: cutting 3 mm balsa and ply to fit servo
03/09/2017 14:48:14

Servo cutting jig.. smiley

servojig 1.jpg

servojig 2.jpg

servojig 3.jpg

Thread: Buried control linkages
03/09/2017 12:28:07

Although not too visible in the photo,there is a fillet either side. As you know, with silver solder, once it melts it's like diluted water, and largely travels by capillary action, so difficult to build a subsantial fillet as per 60/40 (soft) solder.

There's not too much play around that Z bend, and yes it almost has to go to 45 degrees to disengage!

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