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Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
02/09/2017 21:09:13

Good to have you looking in Andrew

Thread: Buried control linkages
02/09/2017 18:16:58

Blimey Daithi.. That's one hell of a bend for 3.2mm Piano wire..!!

Thanks Phil, I'll take look. Good luck with the Swapmeet tomorrow - I aim to be there

Edited By Stevo on 02/09/2017 18:20:48

Thread: TJD Models - a lacklustre performance
02/09/2017 17:52:56

Do they have any space left??

Thread: Battle of Midway
02/09/2017 17:51:38

Oh great find!!!!

Was that Goerge Gay I spotted in the ocean there?

Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
02/09/2017 17:47:47


It's Stuka time

Horizontal stab almost there, here's the elevator brace, silver soldered to the control horn

2017-09-02 17.43.34.jpg

2017-09-02 17.44.03.jpg

Thread: Buried control linkages
02/09/2017 17:46:01

How's this??

2017-09-02 17.43.34.jpg

2017-09-02 17.44.03.jpg

Thread: TJD Models - a lacklustre performance
02/09/2017 16:27:48

Yes Gary, I subscribe to that. When I visited (for the last time!) I've not seen any of the staff there before, and the younger ones knew nothing at all.

I'll know endevour to visit Avicraft when I can... Rob used to live in Erith and used to drop stuff at my door FoC


Edited By Stevo on 02/09/2017 16:31:51

01/09/2017 08:51:58

PS it's about time they sussed their website too. It's been in development for far too long

01/09/2017 08:51:11

Th eonly issue with Avicraft is one of geography. No matter what route I take from Erith to Bromley, It goes through every traffic hotspot imaginable (Bexxly, Chislehurst..) - the route to TJDs is to hop on to the A2, quick cut across country and I'm there..

31/08/2017 21:49:08

Ummmm ..... didn't know TJD did washing machines Keith

Thread: Flying Training
31/08/2017 21:47:20

One thought - Anxiety?

I was making progress to beyond A standard. OK so sometimes I landed in the long grass, but I could hack all the A sections.

I suffered 18 months of severe back problems and my confidence was almost shot away. I rarely went out. I never flew. I'm now back to throwing my Riot around, but that's taking off, a couple of circuits and landing. No confidence to do loops or rolls yet.

Just a thought.

31/08/2017 21:42:23

Indeed John, a VARK analysis may blow him away, although they are worded quite well. Discussions with him about how he learns things and retains them may need to be had without making it obvious what is being asked...

Oooh this is a toughie - I'm staying tuned!

31/08/2017 21:39:25

Without generalising - aptitude comes to mind.

It seems like your learner does actually make progress - to the point of flying a circuit or so - but then retention is the problem. I've read your original post a couple of times, and I admire you for your tenacity!

You appear to have covered all the angles, i.e. different instructors and so forth. It maybe that this individual may not have the aptitude for this - which indeed would make it an extreme case.

I teach mainly ICT to learners in the past, and I have them editing and adding formulas and function to an excel sheet without issue one week. Goback the following week and they have no idea of what to do, incredibly frustrating!

31/08/2017 21:24:20

Sorry Kremen.. just read your post

It's not about applying them all, it's about applying the right one. Short of giving him a VARK test, there's no way of finding out

31/08/2017 21:21:44

Nothing to do with special needs whatsoever, John.

All of us have learning styles that are fairly unique to us, and may be spread evenly across VARK or maybe strongest in each area. I've been working with learners from 14-80 over the past few years, and initially we give them a test to find out how they learn best. (yes I also qualified in it all!!)

So my best guess as to what is happening here is that this is a mainly 'learn by doing' (Kinesthetic) activity and way to learn; should the student/learner be stronger in other areas, this is not the best way to teach him.

Ofsted will hammer you for not taking that into account!!

So, how to continue?? Not an easy one. Does this chap read? respond better to listening to others teaching him? Watching over someone's shoulder?

The rigours of teaching a practical subject, I'm afraid.

31/08/2017 20:49:43


Looking at VARK learning styles, we are enforcing a skill that is only learnt by doing, that's the 'K' (Kinesthetic) in VARK.

Should the learner (potential flyer) have learning styles for VAR, then progress will either be very slow, and at extremes, non-existent I'm afraid.

V - visual

A - Aural

R - Read/Write

K - Kinesthetic

Thread: TJD Models - a lacklustre performance
31/08/2017 20:38:12

I live near TJD, and was visiting Tangmere Museum, so I would have passed both anyway!

I've got Inwood to reserve one for me and take it to the Southern Model Airshow, so I won't have to pay PnP

31/08/2017 19:59:30

Sussex are good, but were £20 dearer

31/08/2017 19:28:45


31/08/2017 19:26:20

Hi Phil, I was desparate for the filler... indecision

However, I won't be back.

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