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Thread: Pegasus Models - Models
31/08/2017 17:39:30

Hi All,

I tough I'd consolidate other threads into this one. After being assured that a Saito 50 would fit into a particular model (One of Pegasus Models own kits) I ordered one, and it arrived promptly.

It really was a nice kit with excellent instructions. However, there's NO WAY the Saito would fit - or any fourstroke for that matter. Only a 30 two stroke would get anywhere near it.

I sent Pegasus M. a few emails, of photos of various engines placed on their full size drawings. The emails largely went unanswered, one reply came back that someone in the shop would look at it the next day. After two days of nothing I sent it back (at my own expense) and waited again. After two emails I received a refund - but only for the model and the postage, not my return fee.

I also asked them to price match a different model against a price from Inwoods - but they could not do that (I had no problem keeping the business with them). Perhaps I was expecting a "in the light of your recent experience we could offer a fiver off..." but alas it didn't happen.

Moral of the story? Triple/quadruple check online your chosen engine with anything on offer from PM, as I say the kits are very good indeed. Don't take their word for it, or expect any recompense.....

I'd still use PM again, if I was 100% sure what I was oredring was right.

Thread: TJD Models - a lacklustre performance
31/08/2017 17:25:46

I was at Tangmere, visiting the museum. I needed an ARTF, as I was near Sussex models I checked the price - £20 more than TJD. Hell - TJD is my LMS!! I rang then and confirmed the model and was actually in the shop and the correct price. I asked them to hold it for me and drove from Sussex to Kent.

Arrived at TJD to find boxes all over the floor and hardly any room at the counter. Managed to get to it, and asked for some Model Lite filler - no problem. Asked for my reserved model, this was followed by a "Ah, umm oh yeah it's that phone call I asked you about..."

"Sorry but we don't have one.." and I was promptly shown another model... not the one I wanted. They then explained that if they ordered one this late in the day it will not arrive until next week.

I was not best pleased but remained objective; I stated that I'd driven over from Sussex and this was met with "Well maybe it wasn't to be..". Sorry but that infuriated me more.

I went to pay for my filler, and the person in dialogue as above went to one end of the counter, and the person who showed me the wrong model now started to serve someone else, leaving me waving a £10 note in the air. Eventually I was served again and paid for the filler.

Oh dear, I know I've not been there for a year or so, I'm now convinced not to return, I'm afraid. I do know the guys from TJD do look in here from time to time.

Thread: Fuel Proofer ?
30/08/2017 20:26:06

Rustin's plastic coating!

Made an old engine test stand years ago. Plastic coated it. It's had fuel spilt all over it over the years. No problem.

Thread: Robart precision fitting - recessed control surfaces
30/08/2017 20:24:32

Thanks Peter, Gorilla glue it is. Sparingly!

30/08/2017 18:56:25

Darn and blast !!!

Lots of experimentation (particularly with Braddock VC's Tigre) with Robarts and recessed control surfaces. When drilling, the bit will go where it wants to, and NOT where you want it to.

So, how to align them up? Get them central?

Drill as best you can, as accurate as you can. Use a drill that is a snug fit for the hinges, NOT tight. This will allow them to be taken in and out as work progresses.

If they work, well done, but you will always find one or two out of aligment. How do you move that hole?

Make sure you know which way you want to move it - mark with a pencil. Spritz some CA activator in the hole, and cut a sliver of 0.5mm balsa around 25mm long. Get some CA on it, and insert it into the hole, along the side you have marked out, pressing in place with a cocktail stick or similar. Wait until it sets; then using a needle file, tease out the other side of the hole.

Lo and behold.. the hole has 'moved' by 0.5mm Test fit the hinge again, repeat the above if it still needs it.

Though I'd share on here, rather than bury in my Stuka thread.

Thread: Violent Thunder Tiger
30/08/2017 17:00:53

Same here John - lost the woodfruff key... Props threw right across the garden... (I'm not stalking you this afternoon, honest)

Thread: Dive test - someone explain it to me!
30/08/2017 15:32:05

Thanks Jon, I was just curious about how the CoG was moved and what effect it would have against the dive test. I wasn't advocating its usefulness.. perhaps as a guide really. Any tips?

30/08/2017 15:21:45

Well Frank has it

Sidethrust? easy

30/08/2017 14:35:19

Well why didnt you tell me earlier, Frank


Was I over thinking again...


Edited By Stevo on 30/08/2017 14:35:45

Thread: Unitracts
30/08/2017 14:29:53

I tried a couple of months ago - no response whatsoever !

Edited By Stevo on 30/08/2017 14:30:08

Thread: Dive test - someone explain it to me!
30/08/2017 14:27:12

Yep - I'm aware of the dive test for a fine tweak of CoG. Powered off dive, elevator off... if it carries on all is good. If it climbs, CoG too far forward (add weight to rear) if it increases CoG, too far back add weight to nose.

Here's the thing; from purely a balance POV, adding weight to the nose makes the nose dip, so how does adding weight to the nose actually make it climb?

Thread: metal to metal interference
30/08/2017 13:08:17

Hiya Plummet! How's Flappit?

I remember in the old 27MHz racing car days that metal to metal was a disaster. Once I moved to 2.4GHz it all seemed to disappear.. however I avoid it where possible.

Thread: Buried control linkages
30/08/2017 10:11:41

Oh alright, you guys have convinced me. I'm sound with silver soldering / brazing and so forth so the link will be buried

Now, if only I could bury the rudder linkage


Trevor - I love that chippie build!!!!


Edited By Stevo on 30/08/2017 10:15:45

Thread: Newbie attempts Ben Buck Junior 60
30/08/2017 10:07:35


Don't try and contact Buckle... I did a Fokker DVII a few years back, sent them endless emails and every one of them ignored.. You're clearly going the right way and theres a multitude of help on here!!

Thread: Motor longevity
30/08/2017 10:04:21

I too have a Riot, and it seems to go on. and on. and on. Direct competition with SWMBO.

I did stuff it in heavy, and bent the shaft, new motor was £28. Again, it's gone on and on... always on 4 cells and original ESC too

Edited By Stevo on 30/08/2017 10:04:43

Thread: Excellent service
30/08/2017 10:01:41

I had a less than excellent experience with these guys, I'll word it carefully later once it has been 'resolved' angry

Thread: Help a fellow member sell his collection
29/08/2017 19:49:35

I concur with Martin. Sell it off in manageable chunks, as per your pictures. For example -

  • someone taking up electrics or has a new model that those Lipos will fit plus charger etc.
  • Someone looking for that airframe
  • Someone looking for Servos


That may be a little painful, but it may well get nearer the asking price.

My thoughts are with your colleague.

Thread: Is it me or is this a rubbish summer or am becoming a grumpy old man!!!
28/08/2017 19:59:44

I'm in the SE, and Ive taken some leave. Get SWMBO's jobs done in the morning, siesta in the afternoon, down the workshop around 6 after it's cooled down for a late night.

TBH, I've no complaints at all, never had a planned visit to the field cancelled because of duff weather!

Thread: Nitro Engine Starter
28/08/2017 19:54:58

"Never used an electric starter on a two stroke for years. Easy to flick start if you know how."

Experience gained through years of corn scything

"I bought my Sullivan Starter in 1978 and it's clapped already. They just don't make stuff to last anymore." Got the original receipt Percy? I'd write a letter of complaint...

Thread: Buried control linkages
28/08/2017 19:49:17

Hey all..

Shootin' the breeze here. On my Stuka, there's part of me that would like to silver solder a horn to the brace that holds the two elevators in place, and then the control rod runs almost down the middle of the fuselage.

However, when the horizontal stab is glued in and the linkage attached, it looks like the vertical stab and rudder, plus some of the underside of the fuse is all glued in over it all. Anxiety creeps in.. what if needed to get at the linkage...

The alternative is the traditional horn attached to the elevator, with the rod protruding through the fuse. I can make this better by using a Robart horn, sprayed the same colour as the underside of the aircraft, so it's almost hidden.


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