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Thread: Latest CAA Update
22/10/2019 12:51:05

Brian, I don't understand that reply. I was talking about the basis of law not consumer law or attitude. My understanding is that UK law was always based on the presumption of 'free men' and as such unless an action was prescribed against by a law then you were legally entitled to engage in that action. On the continent I understood the presumption came from the other point of view and an action could only be lawful if the action was prescribed in law. I'm no 'legal eagle' and may be describing this wrongly but I'm sure I've got the idea correct.

22/10/2019 09:45:10

I've been a member of the BMFA and the SMAE before since the mid 70's. I got my 'A' in early 1980. But, if there is no opt out for paying the registration fee I shall leave the BMFA. This will probably mean I'll leave the club as its affiliated. which means I'll leave the hobby as a flying participant and just make and fit out planes that I have and run up my engines at home.

Edited By GONZO on 22/10/2019 09:48:12

22/10/2019 09:37:47

Ron, never used to be in this country. But was the way on the continent.

22/10/2019 09:09:01

IMO this is the classic "suck them in then slap on the extras" preceded by the other classic "outrageous demands followed by conceding, in the face of outrage, to near what you actually want". The fee; bound to go up as its only yearly and is well below that which is required to cover costs of scheme. The test; a pointless 'cant fail' for now or the BMFA 'A' until 30th June 2020(?), then what - a precedent has been set of an exam pass before flying and its easy to make more difficult and charge. There is another exam previously detailed due to come in on this date that has a fee and is to be taken at test centers. Its easy to tighten the noose and strangle model flying to death in the future.

I don't want to get political but have you noticed how our basis of law has changed over the decades since we've been in the EU. It used to be, in this country, that unless the law stated you could not do some thing then you were free to act. Now we seem to have gone to the continental way of unless there is a law saying you can do something you cant act.

Thread: Old 35mHz Futaba
21/10/2019 19:04:29

A bit of searching reveals that there is no memory battery in my Futaba Tx.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
21/10/2019 18:54:55

The yearly registration allows for a rapid increase if they choose(I'm just very suspicious and don't trust officialdom).

21/10/2019 18:43:25

At £9 / year it's still 5X the cost in the states, not forgetting it's free in France

21/10/2019 15:59:46

Better hope we don't let those behind this back in the country **LINK**

Thread: Old 35mHz Futaba
21/10/2019 13:42:16

I confess this is an area I am totally ignorant in. How long do these internal batteries last? I've got a Futaba FF8 that's over 25 years old and no problems yet. A FF9 that's' just under 20 years old and two FF9 super that are almost as old, all with no problems. They've always had a main battery installed and kept charged. You say the internal batteries are 'lithium' (rechargeable type?), do they get charged by the main battery(possibly when the Tx is switched on) and the reason people have had to replace them is because the Tx has been left for some time without the main battery installed/Tx switched on?

Thread: What are your three favourite war movies?
20/10/2019 10:12:20

Well, just for a change of war type I've decided to watch 'Independence day' and the sequel this afternoon. Pure fantasy entertainment when you just suspend ALL knowledge on physics/science /etc and enjoy with a generous supply of nibbles and drinkssmiley

20/10/2019 07:38:51

What war was not specified, so;

1/ The Last Samurai

2/ Band of Brothers

3/ Pacific

4/ Zulu

5/ The tv series on the American Civil War (the one with the Ashokan Farewell theme)

and as a nod to the modern atomic age one of the nuclear war disaster films; Threads, The Day After etc for when I just want to see large mushroom clouds and massive destructionwink.


Edited By GONZO on 20/10/2019 07:40:42

Thread: Latest CAA Update
17/10/2019 16:55:31

So why start all this and do the check in the first place. Just do as the BMFA suggest and make it a PERSONAL responsibility, KISS.

17/10/2019 14:59:06

Alan, yes of course but there are rubber FF flyers whose models weigh less than 250gm.

ps the power not the modellers are rubber

Edited By GONZO on 17/10/2019 15:00:20

17/10/2019 14:57:26

As a general observation I'm getting the impression that there is a subtle attitude being expressed that clubs should be policing the DRES. Or, am I mistaken?

17/10/2019 14:53:33

MattyB As I said earlier. Its all well and good at annual membership renewals but what about day to day at the field. My club has members who are FF/CL flyers and thus don't have to register. But, lets say one decides to have a flight with a larger RC plane. To be covered the club would need to police the field/site otherwise the membership check is pointless.

17/10/2019 13:00:27
Posted by Steve J on 17/10/2019 12:19:33:

Anyway, there is an easy solution for the club. They simply make complying with the ANO a condition of membership.


May not be as easy as that. Just requiring compliance with the ANO for membership could raise the issue of 'due diligence' if an incident occurs and it is found that the 'member' has falsified his membership application. A club would be required to take reasonable steps to verify compliance with the ANO to avoid the accusation of not exercising due diligence in alloying membership to the club. Then there is the issue of those that join and only fly sub 250gm but sneak in occasional flights with larger models. Are we going to have committee members policing the field 24/7. I'm sure, with a little thought, other problematic situations can be envisioned. Making the club a pseudo policeman for the DRES opens a can of worms IMO. I believe this sort of issue is why the BMFA have very firmly stated that neither they or clubs are going to police the DRES.

Thread: New build rubber powered balsa
15/10/2019 20:20:35

It was fine for you, the under camber covering, but for some it can be problematical, the Ajax build in the RCM&E by the editor. I was building KK flying scale models when I was 8. People have different skill levels, especially when starting. The OP's daughter has built one model with his assistance. But, its their choice. I was just pointing out a potential problem area.

15/10/2019 18:01:06

The only thing I would say against the Senator and the Ajax is that they both have under cambered wings. This may be difficult to cover successfully for a relative newcomer. The Ace has a flat bottom wing (like the Gypsy) and a straight forward structure. The link I posted to Ripmax no longer seems to work so I'll re post KK planes

Edited By GONZO on 15/10/2019 18:09:23

15/10/2019 14:20:12

I would recommend one of these reissued kits with laser cut parts. The 'ACE' is an ideal starter. The rubber powered models all come with props, rubber etc. Find them in stock at a convenient model shop. Keil Kraft Laser cut kits

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
11/10/2019 09:15:51

Such a provision is pointless in a model club environment where all the planes operate within a 1000ft or so of a geographical fixed point. Hopefully the results of the discussions between CAA, DfT and the national model flying bodies result in a more benign regulatory frame work with a few concessions, namely the height limit for thermal soarers( at club site).

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