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Thread: hobbyking prices
10/03/2019 12:13:21

PV, I know its all somewhat amusing and 'tin foil hat' stuff but never the less there are many troubling things going on in the world today. I think it unlikely that at least some of them cause future problems. On the decline and fall of the Roman British Empire Industrial manufacturing base, so many examples from diverse industries over such a long period its as if (puts on tin foils hat and speaks in subdued tones in case THEY can hear) there has been a grand plan to de industrialise and de skill the UK by THEMwinksmiley (just my feeble attempt at humour)

Deagel: I found they get info from government bodies, military, industry etc and are primarily concerned with military expenditure. But that is dependant on the other results in their forecast.

10/03/2019 10:36:23

IMHO the fault and the decline of UK industries is down to the business leaders and banking, not the general population/workforce. Short termism/quick profits/lack of investment for the future etc the leaders seam to have no commitment to the country and its population. Personal greed seams to be their main motivation.

If you want a fright look at what this site forecasts for 2025 in the way of GDP, defence spending and population. Not just for the UK but for other Western countries(click on country of interest). I've not found any proof that it is a 'fake news' site only that it is genuine. I wonder what is going to happen that will reduce the UK population by 50 million and the USA by 236 million. If anyone can prove its fake I'd like to know.

Deagel forcast for 2025

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
24/01/2019 20:08:38

I'm not trying to excuse anything. I'm just trying to see if my understanding of the limits of this legislation is correct.

24/01/2019 18:26:17

Put me right if I've got this wrong .

These rules apply to all small unmanned aircraft, even those bellow 250 gm, with no lower limit.

These rules apply to free flight aircraft as well as RC aircraft.

If so then this man, or anyone else, could be prosecuted for flying:

A chuck glider.

Or even a Frisbee as its protracted flight(?) path is due to it generating lift as it spins from its dished underside and could be considered a 'sort of' plane.

This is a theoretical question exploring the limits of this legislation. Although, a 'jobs worth', we all know there are plenty out there, may act on the theoretical limits.

Thread: In your late 60s or early 70s?
23/01/2019 15:54:39

MSM = Main Stream Media. It's a subjective feeling, not an objective comparison ref living in the USSR.

23/01/2019 09:24:35


Given up watching BBC some time back. It's no more than a propaganda station, especially the news(hahahaha) which is heavily censored and biased. With state TV the way it is along with the MSM, self-serving politicians and an oppressive state with 'hate speech' laws its like living in the USSR of the cold war era!

Thread: How long have you been in the hobby?
22/01/2019 17:40:06

On and off since I was 7, I'll be 72 this September. Moved over from making crystal sets and valve radios at approx. 7 years old have had several breaks due to life; marriage plus children = destitution, buying a house = destitution, divorce = double destitution, buying a house after divorce = destitution, plus other interests like parachuting/hang gliding/gaining PPL+IMC+night/ buying share in plane/ yachting, these all equate to a shortage of time and money. The last enforced break is still ongoing as I had a stroke July 2018. But, things are getting better. Those that claim modelling is expensive need to try a divorce. Modelling is small change in comparison.

Like others I find the climate a great disincentive. The cold and damp plays the 'merry devil' with my abused body!

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
21/01/2019 17:18:10

Don't forget to get permission for the Frisbee when your out walking the dog.winksmiley

21/01/2019 16:39:36

So, are you saying the rules apply to sub 250gm planes and drones(the normally quoted lower weight limit that the new drone regulations apply to). ie even paper planes of a few grams? If so, IMO, it truly is nonsense legislation.

21/01/2019 15:17:10

A question. If my RC plane/drone(FPV drones and planes below 250gms are available) is below 250gms does all this apply? If it does apply to planes/drones below 250gms how far down/low in weight does it go? Could you be breaking the law by flying a paper plan too close to an airport?

Thread: BT internet email
16/11/2018 09:06:02

Same problem here with the BT email since they did an email update. I can understand it logging you off after a period of inactivity but I get logged off in the middle of typing emails! Its very @*!! annoying.

Thread: Super Tigre 20cc - 30cc engine parts
14/11/2018 15:53:29

Nipple take off from crankcase could have been used for a Perry pump that used the pressure oscillations to work the pump. Or, it could have been used to pressurise the fuel tank, via a one way valve. The pressurised fuel flowing from the tank was then feed to the engine using a Kline pressure regulator. This later system allowed the tank to be placed just about anywhere, several feet away at least. I've got both of these systems and if you ever obtain one and want info let me know.

Thread: Civil Engineering advice needed
14/11/2018 15:33:13


Get a copy of BRE (Building Research Establishment) GBG (Good Building Guide) No 27, its about the design of retaining walls. Its an easily read and understood document that draws on the information in the relevant British Standards (listed on back cover). Your pics don't show the front of the wall so cant tell if you have weep holes etc as part of water management. A loose fill(encased in semi permeable material) of easy draining gravel just behind the wall could be part of the water management. I can send you an email with a copy of BRE GBG No 27 if you PM me your email address. But, be prepared to be upset as I think it highly unlikely that anything about the wall will be right, from the foundations up!

Thread: How much does your club membership cost on top of your adult 33 pounds BMFA membership?
14/11/2018 15:06:47

Delyn MFC 2019 fees - club fees £10, site fee per member £30, BMFA £37 - total £77. 7 day access. Club hut with chairs, bench etc. Lots of parking near pits. Grass runways and CL circle. Site big enough for FF, Full set up(plane, Tx, buddy box etc) of 2 club trainers, one IC one electric. Both 25P per flight and no need to bring anything other than yourself. Easy/quick access of the A55. Membership varies between 40 -50. Even at these rates the club bank balance continues to grow, to the embarrassment of the club treasurer.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
08/06/2018 22:06:45

Ad hominem attacks are not helpful.
New laws being introduced today (30 May 2018) will restrict all drones from flying above 400 feet and within 1 kilometre of airport boundaries.

I read this as the start of the new height limits being the 30/5/2018. Enforcement of this has been speculated on in this thread.

The document mentions the requirement for phones and apps and I projected this information to meet the identification requirements. It could go this way, as well as any other, as a simplified way of contacting the phone network. From the attitude of officialdom in this debacle it would not surprise me that they would expect everyone to have a smartphone regardless. Mine was just a small speculation based on the contents of the document, certainly no wilder than those made by others. I find it amusing when a small speculation is condemned by someone with another speculation stated as a fact. Way back at the start of all this, years ago, I speculated that this would have significant effects on aeromodelling and was roundly condemned by all with a deafening chorus of naïve optimism stating ' it will not have any real effect, we'll carry on much as before'. It would, at this moment in time, appear from comments in this thread that I was at least in part correct when it comes to thermal/slope soaring and aerobatic and larger planes with reported comments that people will just give up the hobby. Of course a sudden outbreak of charitable good will towards aero modellers my break out in 'officialdom' and grant us no end of concessions. I gave you the link to the document with a few comments and everyone can make of it what they will. My speculations are as valid as others, only time will tell who's right. But, regrettably, it seems to be going this old cynical sceptics way at the moment.

08/06/2018 20:11:11

Electronic identification; I would expect this to report height, heading, track and identification number on a regular basis. Instead of relying on a dedicated nation wide receiver network I would expect that modellers will be required to install an app on their smart phone and the two would be linked(see mention of this in the document linked in OP). Thus, reporting of your aeronautic activities would be reported to a central/regional hub via the phone network. You would then be policing the system yourself and provide all information about any transgressions which could/would be used as evidence in any prosecution.

30/05/2018 16:53:08

Yes I think they will require you to have a smart phone. You need one now if you use the 'Drone Assist' app. It also needs to be on contract for the data. But, I would qualify this with stating that I believe(could be wrong) this would only be required if not flying within the confines of a notified club site affiliated to the BMFA, that's assuming they are able to negotiate an agreement with the CAA. What happens to the numerous slope sites and those of us who fly on beaches who knows!

30/05/2018 16:25:17

Not all speculation, read the document where it talks of apps. There has been talk in the past of electronic identification for drones(models) and more recently in the regs that apply in France. Its been mentioned in the past documentation for these rules from EASA. In the past I have posted links to items that are currently available. I would suggest my comments are less of a speculation than yours being based on following this since its inception and knowing that government will not Pay out if it can get others to do so . Please inform us of your facts for stating that "it will never happen...." or is it just wishful thinking.

30/05/2018 14:38:04

I have no doubt that any costs will eventually be placed on us. Note that in the article it talks of subsequently MAKING all users of drone use a smart phone app.(sold as a safety feature to help you know about other traffic) which will no doubt be linked to a mandatory installation of some form of transponder/telemetry device. You will in effect be paying for and doing your own policing and providing any evidence for your prosecution if you should infringe the laws.

30/05/2018 14:02:52

The term 'level' in the AGL Above Ground Level does not imply any relationship to the horizontal, rather it is used as a datum point.

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