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Thread: ELF 150 C of G
20/05/2019 20:09:24

If it's 60" span then this plan on Outerzone shows the CG under the main spar of the top wing 60 inch Elf Senior

Plan and article download is near bottom of page.

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 16:53:25

Steve J yes I'd overlooked these milestones in this saga. It further reinforces my decision to do nothing until next year.

18/05/2019 16:07:04

JS1 In the time frame available its not possible to "get yourself in there then" and so a pointless statement. We are not children and fully appreciate that this issue is not as important as many other issues in the world. But, to many of us in this limited and small aspect of our lives it is important. Patronising comments are unhelpful and do nothing to further the discussion. A more constructive approach, like my suggestion of clubs 'mirroring' the commercial set up workable or not, would IMO be a more productive approach.

18/05/2019 15:21:22

A good point.

18/05/2019 15:18:12

Doc M the BMFA should look into setting up something like my scheme and get legal advice on it. If its legal for companies to register once for many drones then surely we could dream up something legal for us. The CAA would have cause to think twice if all they got was £16.50 per MFC.

18/05/2019 15:08:20

CARPERFECT As I read and understand the registration law then strictly YES he would. But quite frankly how would anyone know they are his planes and not yours.

18/05/2019 15:00:45

Further point. A club will have to do something like this if it has a club trainer. My club has two.

18/05/2019 14:58:22

Steve J it would be no more onerous than an employee of a company doing the same thing. Given that any ownership issues are resolved and there is adequate paperwork cover as per my previous post. It can't be beyond suitable qualified and experienced people, perhaps in the BMFA, to devise such a scheme.

18/05/2019 14:32:04

CARPERFECT that's where you gain. You only need to register once for ALL your fifty planes. It is set up for commercial enterprises.

I still don't see why a MFC can't do the same with adequate paperwork to cover both the club committee member, who would be the 'operator', and the club member, who would be the 'flyer'. If the question of ownership is a problem then a system of 'notional' transfer of ownership could resolve this point (lease members planes to the club for a nominal fee that would have been included in membership fee, nil cost. The club returns planes to member for custody at club membership renewal). This is all just a paper exercise, no planes are actually passed back and forth' and could probably achieved with just a separate 'pro forma' sheet to sign.

18/05/2019 10:57:15

BrianB, I watched a 'paramotor' (foot launched powered para glider) take off from the beach in front of my house at 08:00 this morning. No registration, competency test or insurance required. Go check out the requirements for 'foot launched' aircraft. Then check out whether third party insurance is required for light aircraft(never was when I was flying). Another aspect of this bad law is the age limitation of the so called operator, 18 year minimum. Today I read that the vote is definitely gong to be given to 16y olds! You can get married, join the armed forces and get a car licence at 17. What nonsense this law is when to fly a small plane weighing more than 250gm is more tightly controlled than what I have already mentioned.

18/05/2019 10:45:29

DM, its a bad law that seeks to exploit a section of society that has no power other than non payment with possible non compliance. Bad laws should always be opposed. Its up to the individual to asses how far that opposition goes balanced against the level of consequences they are prepared to accept, assuming they know the full level of consequences.

As I've previously stated, no action this 1/11/2019 then review the situation April 2020. My strong inclination at this time is not to register even then unless there is significant change.

18/05/2019 10:13:58

I've just got to say this because of the repeated comments here and in the previous thread. Get over yourselves guys, give it a rest with the 'Hollier than thou' stance about not breaking any laws etc. It sounds disingenuous and somewhat hypercritical to say the least. If your registering because you believe in it then say so. But, if your registering for some other reason don't cover it up with the 'not breaking the law' excuse, have the strength of your convictions and say so. Or, perhaps your just one of the 'sheeple' of this world. I'm no saint, to be sure, and I would bet my life neither are any other contributors to these forums regardless of any protestations to the contrary. Are people really claiming they've never ever exceeded the speed limit, driven to fast for the conditions, used their phone whilst driving, had a tyre/lights/wipers/number plate that didn't fully comply, maybe too much to drink etc. That's just a few on driving, there are loads more. There are many many other areas of life where people can and do regularly break laws. In my 70+ years of life I have never, I mean never ever, met a 'saint'! Although, I have met many who claim to act in certain 'saintly' ways to cover up their true reason for their actions. Make a 'proper' case for signing, or not, without claiming the 'goody two shoes' points to justify your actions.

You can now give me as much stick as you like, protesting your innocence, because I know what I say is correct and generally those who complain the most are the most guilty.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
13/05/2019 19:41:42

MattyB, I think documentation would be key in covering oneself/the club if going down the route of just one registered operator. Like a commercial operator would require their flyer/employee to sign a legal document agreeing to comply with ALL CAA requirements and rules.

Some one does not have to do something stupid, as you put it. There is always the possibility of theft.

Edited By GONZO on 13/05/2019 19:43:27

13/05/2019 17:22:16

As far as I can find you can fly a kite weighing up to 2kg up to 60mtr high. So, it seems somewhat inconsistent to require CL planes to register when they are not free flying(tethered to the pilot by two steel wires) and would only reach a max height of 60ft(line length) + 6ft(height of pilot) total 66ft(say 20mtr) when doing a wing over in aerobatics.

13/05/2019 16:41:39

Barton Forum(C/L)

At the moment there is no exemption for C/L flying generally. Only for the requirement to get permission from the ATC in aerodrome restricted area.

13/05/2019 16:37:38

It's my understanding that it's use(operator) of the models/drones not ownership. Although, when looked at from the aspect of commercial entities it could be taken to mean ownership ie a company with 20 drones and 20 flyer employees would only pay £16.50 registration and the 20 flyer employees would just take the free competency test. When does a set of plans and some balsa or a kit or a part made kit or an ARTF or some spare wings become a registerable drone?? I fail to see how use without registration can be policed in most cases let alone just ownership of complete models/drones or some level of parts to make one!

12/05/2019 18:57:31

Each to their own John, each to their own. I thought the 'Pole Tax' was fine(for me) I was referring to it in the context of the action of many overturning it.

12/05/2019 18:17:12

I wont be breaking any rules, I don't fly over the winter. Anyhow, if your just an 'order follower' you wont appreciate that some times you(your moral conscience) have to stand up and be counted one way or another. Bad laws have to be opposed, as the old saying goes " It only takes good men to do nothing for evil (bad laws) to triumph" - remember the 'Pole Tax'.

12/05/2019 14:37:23

IMO if there is not a revised sign-up as an 'operator' using the BMFA members list with a considerable reduction in fee before 1/11/2019 then the only thing that will get 'their' attention is a mass non registration and non payment of the £16.50. The funds would then have to come from general taxation or commercial interests or both. As I've previously stated I don't fly over the winter so I'm not even going to consider it until 1/4/2020 at the earliest.

Face it, they only want us initially for our money to set up the scheme. After that the fee can/probably will go up very significantly which will all but eliminate the hobby flyer/operator leaving the commercial entities to easily pay the fee of £100, £500, £1,000 or more per year.

10/05/2019 13:42:19

You don't really expect anyone to put their hands up to this , do you??

Thought I'd add that from 23:40 in the video is where it is stated that no registration or competency test is required for foot launched aircraft.

Edited By GONZO on 10/05/2019 13:49:25

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