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Thread: Is/could this be an expansion of the surveillance state
01/08/2020 11:44:33

'mini shark' UAV Well it looks like we in North Wales are getting the first deployment of large UAV's. Not just deployed in SAR situations but doing regular' safety patrols. At the weekends initially but to go 24/7 eventually. Safety patrols sounds a lot like surveillance to me. I'm just 1mile from the coast and 270ft up a hill looking over my local town at the coast. Can't say I relish the possible disturbance with this going to and fro. Next lock down they'll be on your case double quick if you go on the beach when its verboaten! Wonder how this will affect the use of the Orm ?

Thread: Masks
25/07/2020 14:48:16

But what is the risk that I would kill some one? Vanishingly small to non existent I believe. If its not done effectively with an effective mask it's not worth doing, unless it's just a visible sign of conformity. Ineffective masks used incorrectly are more likely to spread/cause infection. The video's I've seen of officials and the general public using cheap masks and fiddling with them by rubbing their nose/face using un washed/sanitised hands, taking them down round their chins and worst of all taking them off putting them down of a non sterile surface and then putting them back on again. This all supposes that the mask is sterile to start with.

I take the risk of killing some one every time I drive my car, like we all do.

25/07/2020 14:24:03

Mowerman, not enough, not near enough protection. I was considering making a form of 'spaceman' helmet with a wooden frame covered with laminating film and a bottom 'skirt' that could be tucked under my jumper or shirt. I thought I'd call it the 'Buzz lightyear' protection hood and have the logo written across the rear. Along with a wheelie bin plastic liner over my body taped up at the wrists and feet. Toped off with rubber gardening boots and a nice new pair of 'marigold's .What do you think?

25/07/2020 14:12:44

Martin, then a cotton handkerchief folded and held over the mouth would suffice. As I previously said, personal hygiene would negate contamination from picking up droplets. I'm certainly not convinced and I'm in the 'shielded' category so I shall be considered 'anti social'. I'll be even more vilified when the so called vaccine comes along as that's something I'll not take. Especially as there is considerable doubt as to the veracity of the death rate figures, the government actually calling for an investigation into them.

25/07/2020 13:28:02

From what I understand on the use of masks is that the N95 respirator is the only effective one but must be worn correctly(not that straight forward), not messed with or moved when on and changed regularly (a time of 1hr max sticks in my mind). To me it seems illogical that it is now becoming mandatory but was not earlier on when it would have had more impact. Plus, if you are wearing a mask and believe it is effective why would you care, violently from what I've seen, if others don't and potentially put themselves at risk. Any slight contamination of the immediate environment by non mask wearers(if they are infectious) is negated by your personal hygiene precautions of using gloves or hand sanitisation/washing. As an aside I checked the map for virus cases in the whole of North Wales during the week, it stood at only 82.

Thread: So what's happened to the August issue?
25/07/2020 11:08:37

Post has been and gone - no mag. A point I've noticed concerning 'official' presence on the forum is that there is none. There wasn't even a moderator earlier on.

24/07/2020 13:18:20

kc, maybe just not updated. I start to get nervous about things. The August issue that was to be published on the 24/7 is the last issue of my current subscription. The reason for my nervousness, I've fallen foul several times in the past when model publications have ceased soon after I've subscribed.

24/07/2020 12:15:56

kc, IIRC along with the push back of publication and a slimmer mag(reduced pagination) the 13 issues was also dropped back to 12.

24/07/2020 10:51:07

As the title. Publication date of a slimmed down mag was pushed back 2 weeks due to circumstances. Last issue(displayed as the current issue on the site) stated August would be published at the later date of 24/7. As a subscriber in the past it would arrive around a week early of the publication date. So, effectively subscribers have had the date pushed back 3 weeks.

In the current situation people are reasonable tolerant and understanding if given an explanation, in good time, as to the reason for events. A brief explanation on the forum would have been appreciated.

Thread: Junior 60 Kitset
07/07/2020 10:24:34

You can get just a 'rib set' from iGull on Ebay Junior 60 rib set Contact by email to confirm which one.

Thread: 1965!
04/07/2020 13:39:13

Single channel and old radio

Go to this forum and join. Post in 'proportional' in the 'radio control systems'. Ask for help and I am certain you will get help. Old radio's of all types, rebuilt radio's and new developments plus lots of electronic knowledge.

Thread: Does anyone remember...
29/06/2020 16:25:44

Amazingly only one mention of London shops. My first memories are of a shop(could have been Model Aircraft Supplies) in the Old Kent/New Kent road area in the early fifties. I would have been still at infants school when out with my father we passed this shop with the noise of a running model engine coming from the interior, I dragged him in. It was his fault for having taken me one Sunday morning, a year or two earlier, to watch RTP hydroplane boats at Ruskin Park. A pause until I was about 7/8 yrs old in the mid fifties when my best friend, David Jenkins and I, discovered a fishing tackle shop that also sold KK flying scale models. The shop was just round the corner from our junior school, Michael Faraday Junior school Walworth London SE17, and we would spend lunch times and after school peering in the window planning our next purchase as we worked our way through the range. The success rate was, to say the least poor. Just after starting secondary school, Borough Beaufoy technical school Black Prince road London I discovered a model shop in Peckham where I purchased my very first engine a Frog 349 RC marine in 1960. In 1964 I started work for the GPO (telephones) at a headquarters branch in Islington and soon after discovered HJN's. I had also discovered/rediscovered Model Aircraft Supplies, now in Camberwell road. A move to Layer De La Haye, just South of Colchester, in early '73 resulted in me using Saturn Models Colchester(my first RC trainer the 'Jolly Roger' came from here) and Galaxy Models Ipswich(second trainer the 'Escort' ). For some odd reason I never used Bowmans Models Ipswich. Saturn Models folded and was subsequently replaced by Colchester Models. Moved to Ipswich in 1985 and I could walk to Galaxy models. 1999 saw me move to Amblecote in the West Midlands, but by now much was going telephone/online ordering. With my final move to Abergele in North Wales my nearest model shop is Steve Webs 42 miles away. So it's online and/or overseas.

Edited By GONZO on 29/06/2020 16:27:01

Edited By GONZO on 29/06/2020 16:28:32

Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
27/06/2020 19:40:51

Some dimensions;

Main unit(12gm) L 31mm X W 32mm X D 8mm

GPS (8gm) 20mm sq X D 8mm

All dimensions approx

27/06/2020 19:28:03


This any use. Comes with a GPS for return to home and 'geo fencing'. Flying weight complete is 20gm(setup unit is removed for flying. Can use S-BUS or PWM o/p's from Rx.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
26/06/2020 12:48:46

Andy Symons has just posted on Facebook stating admin error and the CAA scheme has not collapsed.

Facebook link

Edited By GONZO on 26/06/2020 12:52:58

26/06/2020 12:44:48

Steve, your asking questions I can't answer, 1/ I never paid, 2/ I'm not the treasurer. As the Facebook statement says a payment from the BMFA to the club.

26/06/2020 12:35:14

Martin, read the Facebook page via the link. All I know is what is there.

26/06/2020 12:18:12

Jason, there's a 'ZOHD Drift Owners Group' on Facebook, just join the group. Plus lots on YouTube.

26/06/2020 11:53:26

Same here Jason, got myself a ZOHD Dart 250g and a ZOHD Drift(sub250g). Interestingly people are reporting 90 min flying time with the Drift using 18650 3500mAh cells(2)

26/06/2020 11:45:56

Barry, I could but for some reason I can't copy and past into this forum.

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