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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
14/02/2020 11:16:03

Additional thoughts. Use of RC Rx telemetry would require ALL RC manufacturers to make their protocol public, I think this is unlikely. Also, one presumes that the GUID of each individual RC combo would prevent this. RID would need to be 'spread spectrum' on whatever frequency band was used as 'spot' frequencies would soon be full. At a club environment you can easily have 6 planes in the air with others on the ground switched on. How do you tell which plane is transmitting what information?

Edited By GONZO on 14/02/2020 11:17:19

14/02/2020 10:18:11

So, lets try and get a practical handle on the equipment weights for this RID requirement.

For my sub 250g planes I've purchased ZOHD KOPILOTLITE stabiliser and flight programmer with GPS HERE

The GPS unit is 8gm and can be purchased separately HERE for £8.65

So, we have a rough idea that the GPS unit could be about 8gm which would need to be associated with a Tx unit incorporating a store for the operator details. If additional information/accuracy is required a magnetic compass unit to give heading and a barometer for more accurate height may be required. IMO it would not be unreasonable to suppose that an integrated unit with aerial/s would weigh about what the total KOPILOTLITE weighs, 20gm (less magnetic compass unit and barometer). This is obviously dependant on frequency of operation. But, its the power supply question, dedicated or from plane. Of course this does not answer the question of what does one do for FF models, glider and power, and rubber powered FF. Then there is the question of who enters the details, operator or third party? Third party involvement is where the costs may escalate due to security checking of applicant for the device etc. Just some of my thoughts on the physical and operational issues surrounding this. I also think that this requirement will tend to push up the base level for model size/cost due to added weight and proportion of total cost.

12/02/2020 08:57:12

This video by Xjet recomending a video by a 15 y old is worth a look and as he say's 'spread it far and wide'

Our Hobby. The fight for the future

I know it's about the remote ID in the USA but we have this coming here!

Steve J, could you briefly outline the amendments.?

Thread: Who's flying today then ?
09/02/2020 12:46:55

I think my neighbour has gone flying, I just saw his shed go past my window! winksmiley

Thread: Chinese suppliers
05/02/2020 16:51:03

Gary, not even a mail order bride??winksmiley

02/02/2020 14:19:26

Latest video from Dr. John Campbell You may find his series of video's on this informative.

02/02/2020 13:15:43

This is not scare mongering. I personally have faith in our public health system and health service. But, I like to know what is going on and am not prepared to accept the 'warm words and fuzzy feelings' offered by officialdom to calm the people. Use some 'critical thinking'. What is going on and implemented does not match the claims that this is relatively unimportant. If this really gets out of control I think our problems will possibly be from secondary effects like the world economy, national economy, food imports(we import over 50% of the nations food) from other more affected nations, etc. I have spent many 10's of hours on this matter and I offer just a couple of links. You can dismiss or ridicule if you like, I have no desire to argue or convince you, but consider this; China now has the equivalent of population of the UK under lock -down and quarantine lasting for weeks, many countries around the world have now banned entry to visitors from China. How many of you could exist for 5 weeks, 3 weeks or even 1 week if you could not get out of your house to buy food?

The Truth About the Coronavirus This is a general summary that does not get too technical

Dr Paul Cottrell If you have the will and the time go back to the start of his videos on this. He is one of many medical contributors I have followed.

Edited By GONZO on 02/02/2020 13:18:09

31/01/2020 10:57:16

I see 'RT' are reporting two confirmed cases in the UK.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
31/01/2020 10:55:06

And his follow up


Thread: Chinese suppliers
31/01/2020 10:48:40

Being nearly 72.5 years old, an insulin dependant diabetic I'm more than interested in this latest bio threat. So, I've done some investigation. This is my take on this so far.

1/ It strongly appears that this virus strain is 'man made' (there is a patent on it) and manufactured for the purpose of investigating immunisation(so the story goes). It has been reported that it was being worked on in a bio lab in Wuhan.

2/ It has a long latency; you can be infected but show no symptoms for up to 14 days in which time you are infectious to others. This makes the spread easy and containment difficult. The mortality rate, as currently reported(?) is on the low side. But, seemingly people remain sick for some time after the initial recovery.

3/ Corona virus easily mutate and this has seemingly already gone through an atypical mutation. With the spread into a large number of people the potential for mixing with a large number of other genes and mutating is increasing exponentially.

I think the extreme measures we see being taken(well in excess of SARS and MERS) indicates the concern that this virus could mutate into something that retains the long latency but has a higher mortality rate. Whatever the biological effects/human effects if this continues or possibly gets worse there is the economic(national and world) implications to be considered.

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
26/01/2020 20:08:10

Thanks Bob, yes I realise the OpenTx is the Tx operating system and does not alter the RF firmware. But, it could limit what you could access/get the RF board to do. Anyway' I've decided that tomorrow I'll bite the bullet and update the Taranis to 2.3.5. I've got a shiny new Jumper T16 Pro Hall with an internal multi module all updated to the latest firmware and with the JR module slot available for any unsupported protocols(FASST etc). I'm going to drag it from the dark ages into the bright light of the present day! I'll report back.

26/01/2020 16:46:24

Thanks for the replies and information. I'm just trying to ascertain if I can safely update my Taranis X9D to OpenTx 2.3.5 from 2.0.13(I know its old but it worked for me. Don't fix what isn't broke) without compromising/loosing any legacy facilities(internal protocols like LH12 etc) and the ability to accept old external modules like DJT, XJT, Futaba FASST(Robbe 12ch version), ImmersionRC 433mHz, and OrangeRx. I also don't want to flash Rx's(there's lots of them) if at all possible. This would then hopefully allow me to use the recently acquired TP 4in1 multi protocol module(updated to in place of a bag of different modules.

Edited By GONZO on 26/01/2020 16:47:50

26/01/2020 11:33:39

Bob, thanks for that. Do you know if you can still force X series receivers into D8 mode both internal and external. Peter Christy states that this is prevented by the latest update.

25/01/2020 18:28:14

If I update my early Taranis X9D(pre plus) from 2.0.13 to the latest 2.3.5 will I loose the LR12 protocol for my L9R receivers? I've updated the JP 4in1 multi protocol plug in TX module and this protocol does not appear to be there so I would prefer not to loose it off of the internal protocols on my Taranis. All RF is pre LBT.

Thread: Anyone going sub-250g?
25/01/2020 16:45:51

To this end late last year I purchased a few of the Ripmax re issued rubber kits, the ACE, the GIPSY and the INVADER glider. But, I was aware manufacturers were developing sub 250 drones rapidly and thought something might come out aircraft related. Just before Christmas the RCM&E arrived and inside was a market place article on the ZOHD Dart 250g. I resolved to obtain one after Christmas and now have one. I also got myself a new Tx a Jumper T16 Pro Hall and one of their R1+ Rx(S-BUS and 2gm weight). Instead of writing 'war and peace' I'll provide some links and if interested come back.

ZOHD Dart 250g

Comes with motor, speed controller, 2 props, servos fitted, KOPILOT stabiliser and flight controller with GPS, FPV (Tx+camera+CPaerial) 'piggyback' unit. Just add a light S-BUS Rx(Jumper R1+) and batteries. The KOPILOT + GPS weighs 20g and looks like it could be useful elsewhere, especially at the price.

ZOHD Kopilot Lite

Jumper R1+(D16)

Twist wing INVADER

Invader build

The Invader with the twist wing control mods can be slope soared from any small slope/sea wall etc.

Thread: Just Curious
21/01/2020 15:27:53

Where I live a burglary rarely if ever warrants more than just a crime number over the phone. So, unless you fly your plane/drone down the high street of the local small town and through the butchers window I think it unlikely you'll get asked for any paperwork.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
19/01/2020 13:37:43

Don, the epicenter for this issue seems to be Germany. Does your experience of flying site stretch to there? Is there something specific to Germany?

Ah, nostalgia is not what it used to be. Or, in my case it is. That's why I still have and use my Futaba FF8, FF9 and super along with my T12FG all on FASST. Occasionally my Futaba FP-T5LK(modified) with plug in RF boards for 27mHz/35mHz/40mHz and switchable 2.4gHz 'hack' FrSky module, dating back to the early 80's, gets an outing. I still have my original Futaba Digimax 4(mid 70's) on 27mHz in working order. Just can't throw stuff away or sell it. Call me Steptoe!

19/01/2020 12:47:12

Mike B

Interesting what you found with early Taranis. My Taranis is pre plus. It is the one just after the initial model. So, I surmise from this discovery that updating more than likely becomes a non starter. Even more so as I don't use EU LBT and don't want to. The more who use LBT the more, RF speaking, they'll make way for my transmissions.


From my quick scans of the other forums it does seem to be related to LBT(correction from those who know better welcomed). A phrase used to describe LBT I saw in the past likened it thus, 'a mutual and polite degradation of service for users as band usage increases'. Unfortunately in a real time active situation like model flying you can't afford too much degradation of service. Could the FrSky users on the continent be generally operating in areas of greater band traffic/usage(near urban areas) and thus suffering this 'degradation of service'(increased skipped data transmission due to more busy frequency slots) resulting in this deficiency in error detection becoming noticeable? Or, is the up date to the servos position slowing down to such an extent that a momentary 'failsafe' is occurring that would look like a spurious position command? Additionally, I would guess that not all the other band traffic(non RC) is LBT. Due to our 'anti social' status in the UK we generally fly in out of the way locations. Have there been any reports of this problem here? IMO this makes a good argument for users who can to remain non LBT.

As a general observation FrSky, to my mind, seems to be using this as an 'opportunistic' way of implementing a degree of obsolescence to complement their brand 'lock in' by way of 'ACCESS' thereby enhancing their commercial position.

17/01/2020 21:13:43

Well I'm in a bit of quandary. Got an early Taranis on an early OpenTx which needs to be updated to work a multi protocol Tx plug in module, the module also needs to be brought up to the latest spec. The module has various useful protocols including LBT (required for my Meteor65 SE indoor FPV quad). Also got a new Jumper T16 running OpenTx with an internal multi protocol Tx board, both of which need updating as I seem to have a problem on set up, AETR and mode 2 selected swaps aileron and rudder on Rx outputs.. I was aiming to get them all up to the same spec before using. For all other use I only run RoW RF on FrSky not LBT. I have many D series Rx and X series Rx which I don't want to loose the use of or go through the considerable trouble of re flashing. Plus, I have 'D' TX modules for my Futaba Tx's and a spare 'X' external module for the Taranis. I need to retain compatibility throughout. I've been to the OpenTx site and read the publication dated 15/1/20 but, is the problem just with the Tx operating system, or with the RF system as well? Looks like I've chosen the wrong time to get new bits and update. I'm drowning in update options. I could just sit back and hopefully let things sort themselves out and get a clearer picture but I've got itchy fingers. As I know the Taranis etc all works I'm thinking I'll start with the Jumper T16 due to its odd channel behaviour and work on logically from there. Unless anyone has a better idea. Is there any further info and whether updating affects earlier protocols?

17/01/2020 19:07:15

Oh how I long for those past times when you bought a Tx and Rx plus additional Rx and just kept on using. Now it seems a constant treadmill of chasing ones own backside updating firmware. Its become a hobby in its own right.

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