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Thread: How To Make an Ultra Micro R/C Plane & Beat the New Rules !
23/09/2019 17:37:51

Thought I'd add a comment re sub 250gm, not having to register and pay and not take a test.. If the regs go ahead as they are now there are a couple of other criteria that people should bear in mind in case one is confronted by a 'jobsworth' implementing these regs with the hope of extracting the fixed penalty on the spot fine that is quoted as the penalty for breaching the regs. As I understand it:



Just saying so that you have a story ready if needed in the future. Range check reduced power would be a reasonable story for the max distance. The others are obviously slow planes except the DLG.

Fingers crossed there are some changes.

Thread: One handed operation
21/09/2019 15:00:56

Try Modelradioworkshop **LINK** He used to do single stick conversions. Give him a ring. Otherwise you need a friendly club electronics expert to do the conversion as sticks are available. Good luck.

Thread: MDS N/V
21/09/2019 14:53:35

Got several of these.

point 1/ make sure the NV ratchet spring is not pushing too hard on the needle and displacing it sideways.

point 2/ try modelfixings for 'o' ring Modelfixings (and lots of other useful items)

point 3/ measure distance between needle knurled inner shoulder to outer face of NV body when needle is in running position. Cut, ends to be square, a slightly longer piece of fuel tubing and install in this gap to act as a secondary seal(needs to be slightly squashed).

Thread: Battle of Britain day
16/09/2019 09:29:58

It was my birthday yesterday also, 72!. As a toddler living in SE London I used to get a fly past on my birthday. Any one else living in London late 40's and 50's remember this?

Thread: All weather flyer.
11/09/2019 17:13:38

When the trees are bending at 45deg and the rain and hail are drumming at the window the best thing to fly is an armchair by the fire.

Otherwise, one of the 'plastic' planes by ARC/Thunder Tiger(got both from when I ventured forth in colder weather) like the 'Ready 2' or the bigger 'Cessna' if you can find one. Unaffected by any amount of moisture, towards the heavy side for size, tricycle UC, side mounted engine so exhaust under plane to minimise 'gunge' and most importantly 'tough as old boots'. I commend these items to the house.

Of course if your like me with mileage under your belt and arthritis in the hands, knees, hips and lower spine you'll wait for warmer weather or suffer the consequences. You'll end up aching like the blazes, I know!

Thread: Latest CAA Update
07/09/2019 16:46:34


Depends if the CAA give an exemption or not. Exemption at the moment but no guarantee under the new regs. Thermal soaring will be a bit pedestrian without an exemption.


No chance. Preparing a chicken tikka for when the wife gets home(she keeps me ill shod and chained to the kitchen sink). Yes, I'm sure the BMFA will come out with guide lines in sufficient time. It's just interesting exploring different interpretations and ideas to see what shakes out.

07/09/2019 15:57:13


I'm afraid history, distant and recent, is littered with examples where governments have willingly let/caused even the deaths of their own citizens if they perceive its to the governments advantage. So, its not normally the case where governments shaft good folk just for the sake of it. But, if there is in their opinion a good reason to that will benefit them they wont give it a second thought.

07/09/2019 15:47:17

Steve J,

I was just asking for clarification, no need to get testy. So, your post is your interpretation/opinion of what ANO 94G para 7.2 means when extrapolated to the pupil/instructor environment from the autonomous/remote pilot environment?

Different opinions, time will tell. But, no doubt there will be a few with suitable sites, deep pockets for the increase in registration fee and determination to continue. So, not finished but very greatly diminished. This is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, not another challenging endeavour to be conquered and triumphed over.

07/09/2019 13:04:16


I agree. IMO this legislation will finish this hobby in a few years. By design or accident(unlikely) the result will be to shut down over time the activity by stealth rather than an outright ban.

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
07/09/2019 12:30:48

I wonder how many are active aero modellers and active RC modellers?????

Thread: Latest CAA Update
07/09/2019 12:02:00

Steve J,

ANO 94G para 7.2 is not specific to the trainer situation. So where are the exact words that are specific to the training situation "the instructor is the remote pilot when they are moving the control surface and the student is when they are." This would seem to be an unequivocal definitive requirement for the student to have taken and passed the test before training

07/09/2019 11:54:00

Wingman, so who else other than the club? Not the instructor because, as explored earlier, he does not have ownership/responsibility of management of the 'club trainer' which would make him the 'operator', the club does.

07/09/2019 10:41:50

Steve J,

This is at odds with the rest of aviation administered by the CAA. Do they not have an obligation to behave in a unified and even handed way. Can you provide specific link/para for this as para 7.2 is not specific to this particular situation?

07/09/2019 10:33:02


The 'transponder' system works by transmitting data(height, speed, track, heading etc) from the 'drone' and this is displayed on a virtual radar screen(computer screen) simulating a radar track.

07/09/2019 10:25:36


I don't believe conventional radar works, at least reliably, down to these levels due to reflected signals, 'ground clutter'. This would be especially so in my part of the world with all the hills etc, North Wales.

07/09/2019 10:18:45

IMO it would be the club that registers as the 'operator' and gets a registration number, fixes the required label with the clubs registration number to all five planes. The club is an organisation that has responsibilities for managing UAV's. All/any of the instructors when instructing would then be the 'pilot'(having taken the test and passed) of the 'operators'(the club) aircraft/UAV's. As discussed earlier the instructor would be 'the pilot in command' and the student IMO would not have needed to take the 'on-line test' and to register with CAA as a 'pilot' or register as an 'operator'.

As an example, in GA flying: the flying club owns, manages and registers the Cessna. The instructor is the 'pilot in command'(would have passed all relevant test and have suitable licence). The student just has to turn up for his lesson(no passing of tests etc)

Edited By GONZO on 07/09/2019 10:21:46

06/09/2019 18:26:29

There is a glaring inconsistency with respect to training/experience flights. In GA light aircraft you can go for a trial flight or start your training, progressing a significant way, without the requirement to pass any air law tests because you are not the pilot in command. The instructor is pilot in command even if you fly the plane all the time. Why a difference when it comes to toy planes?

06/09/2019 16:02:58

So, this talk of trainer/instructor rolls and responsibilities under the new regs. From what I read above people seem to consider that as the 'instructor' is the pilot in command/control then the trainee does not need to register as an operator or pilot whether the plane and equipment is his or the instructors or the clubs. Correct? If this is the case then a small group of friends have a way of circumventing the regulations. One of the group registers for both roles and 'acts' as the instructor for the group(not that any of them need training). Everyone brings their own planes to fly and as long as they are plugged up, physically or by RF, to a master Tx controlled(??) and held by the acting instructor the law is satisfied. The pilot under instruction(??) has effective control all the time and flys as if the instructor(??) is not there as he will be operating the training switch such that control is permanently transferred to the trainee(??). Obviously when he wants to fly everyone else takes a break and by way of compensation for his role all fees are paid by the others in the group. Obviously this has drawbacks and limited application. But, it is a thought, as if its OK for training then its OK for this situation as intent to circumvent the regulations would, I suggest, be difficult/impossible to prove.

I'm just popping down to the bunker whilst people give this some thought.

05/09/2019 13:29:28

Nigel, I've read so many interlinked and dependant documents its a nightmare. I would agree with Phil G's assessment that even privately built models will have to comply, by 30th June 2022, with EC and geofencing. Any future newcomer, old or young, to this hobby will be put off by just reading and understanding the regulations.

05/09/2019 12:40:44
Posted by Chris Berry on 05/09/2019 11:57:48:
Posted by GONZO on 05/09/2019 11:16:47:

Try CAP 1789

Which section describes EC and geofencing for all model aircraft?

Its spread throughout the document and a thorough read and re read is required. But, for starters there is a summary chart at the end on page 32. Also, for starters try article 20 and article 22. There is a 'legacy' arrangement with a termination date of June 30 2022. After then ALL UAS(RTF, ARTF, KITS, DRONES ETC) must be fully compliant and are required to have CE marks showing their category( C-0, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4) from which one can then determine site and airspace requirements(A-1, A-2, A-3). Planes are UAS. Don't think in terms of model planes, we are not a separate classification.

I'm sure Steve J will put right any errors I've made. I find all this bloody unnecessarily convoluted, probably by design of the DfT.

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