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Thread: Latest CAA Update
17/10/2019 14:57:26

As a general observation I'm getting the impression that there is a subtle attitude being expressed that clubs should be policing the DRES. Or, am I mistaken?

17/10/2019 14:53:33

MattyB As I said earlier. Its all well and good at annual membership renewals but what about day to day at the field. My club has members who are FF/CL flyers and thus don't have to register. But, lets say one decides to have a flight with a larger RC plane. To be covered the club would need to police the field/site otherwise the membership check is pointless.

17/10/2019 13:00:27
Posted by Steve J on 17/10/2019 12:19:33:

Anyway, there is an easy solution for the club. They simply make complying with the ANO a condition of membership.


May not be as easy as that. Just requiring compliance with the ANO for membership could raise the issue of 'due diligence' if an incident occurs and it is found that the 'member' has falsified his membership application. A club would be required to take reasonable steps to verify compliance with the ANO to avoid the accusation of not exercising due diligence in alloying membership to the club. Then there is the issue of those that join and only fly sub 250gm but sneak in occasional flights with larger models. Are we going to have committee members policing the field 24/7. I'm sure, with a little thought, other problematic situations can be envisioned. Making the club a pseudo policeman for the DRES opens a can of worms IMO. I believe this sort of issue is why the BMFA have very firmly stated that neither they or clubs are going to police the DRES.

Thread: New build rubber powered balsa
15/10/2019 20:20:35

It was fine for you, the under camber covering, but for some it can be problematical, the Ajax build in the RCM&E by the editor. I was building KK flying scale models when I was 8. People have different skill levels, especially when starting. The OP's daughter has built one model with his assistance. But, its their choice. I was just pointing out a potential problem area.

15/10/2019 18:01:06

The only thing I would say against the Senator and the Ajax is that they both have under cambered wings. This may be difficult to cover successfully for a relative newcomer. The Ace has a flat bottom wing (like the Gypsy) and a straight forward structure. The link I posted to Ripmax no longer seems to work so I'll re post KK planes

Edited By GONZO on 15/10/2019 18:09:23

15/10/2019 14:20:12

I would recommend one of these reissued kits with laser cut parts. The 'ACE' is an ideal starter. The rubber powered models all come with props, rubber etc. Find them in stock at a convenient model shop. Keil Kraft Laser cut kits

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
11/10/2019 09:15:51

Such a provision is pointless in a model club environment where all the planes operate within a 1000ft or so of a geographical fixed point. Hopefully the results of the discussions between CAA, DfT and the national model flying bodies result in a more benign regulatory frame work with a few concessions, namely the height limit for thermal soarers( at club site).

11/10/2019 08:46:41

24. The Government should also ensure that all existing drones are retrofitted with electronic conspicuity within the next two years. (Paragraph 132)

Interesting. AFAIK the required technology does not yet exist.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
10/10/2019 17:20:51

No. I was referring to the free on line test, the foundation test. If you only fly sub 250gm privately built, in sub category A-1, then according to the chart on page 42 of CAP 1789 the on line test is not required.

10/10/2019 14:27:01

Martin_K Or take the test. But, it's worse than you think in your first * paragraph. Because of the site limitations most private clubs would have difficulty/not be able to comply. See my site diagram for the Delyn club which is a large site.

10/10/2019 13:27:35

Law of diminishing returns. As the cost goes up less people sign up. Both figures grow at an exponential rate until the scheme collapses.

08/10/2019 17:36:31

My Steve that's quite cheap. Try paying legal fees when you take legal action against a house builder(don't ask, no really don't ask me how I know).

08/10/2019 15:47:00

If you build it yourself then to get it compliant with a specific product standard would require you to submit it and all design/production information to a test house for CE certification, least ways that's my interpretation. The important aspect that pushes all models into A3 is the requirement for lower ratings to have 'electronic conspicuity' (along with some other features). Look at my FB link to see how all this affects the DELYN MFC, and as I've said above I think this is a big site.

Welcome to the 'spiders web' that is DRES! It's not just the registration and testing. This other aspect is, I would suggest, even more important. With slight tweaks of the airspace/site requirements they can put everyone out of business by making it impossible to find a compliant site from which to fly.

Edited By GONZO on 08/10/2019 15:54:24

08/10/2019 15:24:03

A3 Airspace at Club Field This is the only way I've found to show this, by providing a link to FB. I think a lot of clubs are going to struggle with this.

(Something strange with my account as I can't even upload and save previous photo's etc)

Edited By GONZO on 08/10/2019 15:28:30

08/10/2019 14:33:10

On the point regarding A3 airspace/site distances etc. I generated a Google Earth image to show airspace limits for the Delyn MFC, which in my opinion has a generous flying site. Those on here who know the site I think would agree. It showed that a large part of the site to the West and North were very restricted and basically the area to the South round to the East were the only areas available. Although, using the South would mean flying behind the pits and flight line. I'd post it here but am unable to even save it to my account on here

Edited By GONZO on 08/10/2019 14:39:25

30/09/2019 16:25:38

"We would also encourage members not to rush into registering or taking the test when the DRES is eventually rolled out until we have issued further guidance"

I think it is also useful to highlight this sentence for all those that are chomping at the bit.

Thread: Balsacraft Limbo Dancer IC
27/09/2019 12:14:42


Thread: How To Make an Ultra Micro R/C Plane & Beat the New Rules !
23/09/2019 17:37:51

Thought I'd add a comment re sub 250gm, not having to register and pay and not take a test.. If the regs go ahead as they are now there are a couple of other criteria that people should bear in mind in case one is confronted by a 'jobsworth' implementing these regs with the hope of extracting the fixed penalty on the spot fine that is quoted as the penalty for breaching the regs. As I understand it:



Just saying so that you have a story ready if needed in the future. Range check reduced power would be a reasonable story for the max distance. The others are obviously slow planes except the DLG.

Fingers crossed there are some changes.

Thread: One handed operation
21/09/2019 15:00:56

Try Modelradioworkshop **LINK** He used to do single stick conversions. Give him a ring. Otherwise you need a friendly club electronics expert to do the conversion as sticks are available. Good luck.

Thread: MDS N/V
21/09/2019 14:53:35

Got several of these.

point 1/ make sure the NV ratchet spring is not pushing too hard on the needle and displacing it sideways.

point 2/ try modelfixings for 'o' ring Modelfixings (and lots of other useful items)

point 3/ measure distance between needle knurled inner shoulder to outer face of NV body when needle is in running position. Cut, ends to be square, a slightly longer piece of fuel tubing and install in this gap to act as a secondary seal(needs to be slightly squashed).

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