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Thread: Megahertz, GigaHertz, Balsa and Glitches
16/08/2010 17:20:00
Just a historical comment on the 'Woodpecker' over the horizon Russian radar. I well remember, one saturday in the early 80's, flying just South East of Colchester on the Wick ranges. I stood holding my Tx, with the aerial fully extended, and my plane on the ground very close by (the equipement did not suffer from swamping by the way). Every few seconds there would be a burst of pulses (I presume) and all the surfaces would flap wildly and I would have no control. Sort of like 'splat, splat, splat, splat, 3-4 secs quite splat, splat, splat, splat, quite period' repeated for an indeterminate period of time. If these transmissions could overpower my Tx when I was so close then there was no chance if flying. I was not alone in experiencing this. It did tend to instill a sense of constant aprehension and at the slightest sign of interference eveyone would land. So glad we dont have that sort of thing now.
Thread: 2.4 GHz dead zones
16/08/2010 10:52:42
Clarification required:-
1/ Can lead free solder joints be successfuly resoldered using flux cored 60/40 solder??
2/ Does the flux have to be removed to avoid problems with 2.4gHz RF (eg replacing Spektrum aerials)??
Thread: Megahertz, GigaHertz, Balsa and Glitches
15/08/2010 19:31:37
There's a galaxy of diference between what's reported and what's experienced (eg crime & crime figures). It has to be positively and demonstrably shown and believed that reporting achieves something other than paperwork and stats. Personal experience:- 27mHz AM between 70's and 80's flying in North Essex and South Suffolk, lots of problems for me and those around me re Cb'ers and Russian 'Woodpecker' radar. 35mHz between 80's and '05 absoloutely no problems for me and non that were not installation or 'dumb thumb' for those around me flying in South Suffolk and West Midlands. That includes me flying brushed motor electrics in early part of this century. Difficult to get better than no problems! But, see my posts on other thread re AR9000 quick connect and brown out detection failures on new rx's.
15/08/2010 18:20:05
Besides electronics there's mechanical reliability issue. ABC, chrome plated cylinders, is frought with environmental issues surronding the chemicals used in chrome plating. Enter the nickle plated cylinder and variations of this process. We all know of the problems (flaking and peeling) experienced by some engine manufacturers. (enter your own prefered holy figure) preserve us from the wooly headed, liberal do gooders! They would have use all (except them) commite suicide so that we no longer had any adverse effect on the planet.
15/08/2010 16:37:01
There is also the environmentalist aspect to the reliabilty issue. Using less than ideal components/materials because of the environmental issues surrounding the most effective componenets/materials. Lead free solder that gives a higher incidence of dry joints than 60/40 is a case in point.
Thread: 2.4 GHz dead zones
15/08/2010 16:20:05
This fault in the RF board, is it physical or software? No amount of vigorous tapping or flexing varies the results. They were assembled by the manufacturer, not me. I have my own extensive stock of 60/40 cored solder - obtained when I was last at work, 14 years ago. Plus I have a small stock of the silver rich solder that was used in the repair of the old Techtronics scopes (545 etc). This has just made me think that the effect of the environmentalists on reliabilty (lead free solder) could do with being commented on in another thread.
Thread: Megahertz, GigaHertz, Balsa and Glitches
15/08/2010 15:48:56
Consumer electronics are designed, built and then the production engineers get their hands on them. The first lot remove bits, make the ccts. with less components until the performance degrades too much or it stops working. They then go back a step or two and the next lot get their hands on it (could be the first lot doing two jobs) and reduce the quality/life expectancy specs of the components. It's a balance of acceptable life/acceptable performance against cost, thus minimising production cost and maximising profit without unduely compromising reputation. But, with the Chinese bussiness model you let the customer do the 'Beta' testing and if it all goes wrong shut down the manufacturing and start again with a different name. I would also think that there is a degree of the throw away society coming in - ARTF planes,cheque book modelling, carelees/inappropriate handling, inexperienced modellers/flyers, many crashes, many busted rx/servo. This brings down the mean life expectancy of rx/servo. Why make a RR when a Fiesta will do the job, especially if you can persuade the customer that the Fiesta is almost a RR and charge accordingly. I'm just a twisted old sin cinq scinic, you know what I mean.
15/08/2010 12:46:19
Commercial imperative! Too durable equals less sales! Equales less profit! Just need to be durable enough. Companies (almost all)  are not in bussiness to provide us with planes they are there to make a profit, They just happen to do it by making and selling planes. Its the same with all commercial organisations. They are there to make a profit for themselves/share holders. From utilities ( gas, electricity etc) to banking to our requirements. The companies are not there to provide a service alone, only as far as is required to maximise their profit. We as consumers need to balance this equation by being as informed and decerning as possible.

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Thread: 2.4 GHz dead zones
15/08/2010 12:22:50
Well I guess I'll find out next week how good HH are. After going through my collection (4 - 2 new and 2 S/H) of AR9000 rx's I find that neither of the new ones (purchased from a large multi outlet UK retailer) exhibit  'Quick Connect' and 'Brown Ou't detection. Additionally, they are slow to lock onto the TX signal on initial switch on and one shows a repeated tendancy to lock out permanently when doing the power interuption to test for 'QC' and 'BD'.  But, the two additional satalite units bought at the same time for the new rx's do 'QC' and 'BD'! One of the S/H units with two satalites looks OK (but needs new aerials), but, the other with one satalite is slow to lock on to Tx on initial switch on and has no 'QC' and 'BD'. A thought, could the incorrect opperation of 'QC' and 'BD' on some peoples rx's be giveing/ accentuating the 'dead zone' effect. Anyhow, tomorrow will see me on the phone to HH.
Thread: Servos - how small?
15/08/2010 11:43:37
As an illustration that I/we/us may well be over specifying the o/p of our servo's take a look at THIS  , an IAD 40% CAP using 9001's on control surfaces. If you want to read the thread (ramblings) on this go HERE . I guess there is a lot of pressure, both commercial and peer, to go for the high end spec servo's and lets face it no shop is going to insist you buy a £10 servo when they can easily convince you to buy a £50 servo. Also, who wants to be the subject of pits comments like 'your not going to fly it useing those servo's'!

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14/08/2010 09:12:04
You could try puting some figures into THIS site and see what you think.
Thread: JP Power Analyser
13/08/2010 18:44:59
Some time agoI purchased a vey vey very similar item from the big fish for a lot lot less HERE .
Very good it is too, although it does come in blue with diferent logo's. So, if you realy want a green one you'll have to pay the extra and buy one from JP.
Thread: Jamara Gee Bee
12/08/2010 19:58:30
I was aware of it's less than distinguished performance. But, from when I first saw it on the cover of the 'Eagle Book of Model Aircraft' in 1959 and drooled over the C/L plans for a 1.5 dieseL, I was smitten

Edited By GONZO on 12/08/2010 19:59:14

12/08/2010 19:15:29

Like the Gee Bee racers but much prefer/love the Hall brothers 'Bulldog' racer. A 60'' or 80'' kit would be nice.

Edited By GONZO on 12/08/2010 19:16:14

Thread: Black Horse Super Air CG?
11/08/2010 12:56:22
My 'destruction' book for one I bought about 7 years ago quotes 120mm back from the leading edge.
Thread: FF8 35mhz sythesiser modules ???
07/08/2010 18:01:46
Got a module out of a 9c that now has a Speky module installed. It is labeled 'Futaba TW-FSM' , no other identifiers. It works fine.
Thread: Cost of modelling items in today's prices
05/08/2010 22:59:30
Can't let the overpaid bit go; certainly wasn't overpaid in the 60's and early 70's, I even got free school meals for both my children as a T.O. on max and comparing myself with others around me where I lived who were less educated and technicaly competent who got significatly more money. Didn't even get an easy time either. Pay rises of the size you quote were the norm in the mid to late 70's when interest rates were 15% and inflation was running at well over 20%

Edited By GONZO on 05/08/2010 23:00:44

05/08/2010 20:42:01
Further to my above post if you go back to 1960 a good wage was considered to be £1000/year (GPO T.O. max annual salery approx), issue No1 of RCM&E was 2 shilling (10P) or 1/10,000 of a years pay. RCM&E now £3.95 or 1/10,000 of £39,500/year. A bit more expensive than figures would suggest but is larger format and in colour. Thus, if compareing prices from 1960 to now you should multiply the prices then by approx 35 times to get the feal of how expensive items then were.
05/08/2010 20:23:16
IMHO this site underestimates the amout by 50% (probably uses calculation based on RPI) if you use income ratios. From my personal experience the grade of Technical Officer in BT (was GPO) in 1973 was paid £1850'ish/year max. My first house cost me 5.5 times this(£10350) in 1973. Come foward to now, give or take a few years, and the pay for a TO is now in the mid'ish 30 thou.(approx 20 times) and my first house sold for 20 times what I paid for it (Rightmove data). Therefore if you compare time worked to buy something (the only real way to compare how costly something appears to be to obtain)  you will find that effectively the price needs to be multiplied by 20 to give a comparable cost today. My first digital outfit, a Futaba Digi max 4, cost me just under a months take home salery which today would be approx £1800.

Edited By GONZO on 05/08/2010 20:24:45

Thread: Range of AR500 reciever
27/07/2010 14:01:14
Should have added in my previous post that it was not the absolute distances that I was drawing attention to but the comparative distances obtained between the rx tested. IMHO not that great between 'near top of range' to 'park fly'. Of course in model flying use signal path diversity will play its part and those with satalite units will show an advantage.
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