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Thread: cdi
09/07/2010 10:38:49
You may find the following test proceedures. for RcExel units, useful. I found them on the RCU forum. One of the experienced contributers comment on testing without the plug connected was that if that caused it to fail then the CDI was no good anyway.
''Take an old expendable servo extension and cut off the male plug end, separate the wires, strip a bit of insulation from each of the 3 leads and plug the other end into the sensor lead on the ignition module. Put a good CM-6 plug in the cap, doesn't need to be all the way seated but far enough for the hex of the plug to make contact with the metal shell of the plug cap, plug a fully charged 4 cell battery directly into the ignition. Test for battery voltage at the red and black wires of the test extension you made and plugged into the sensor lead of the module, if there is no voltage replace the module, if there is battery voltage......Short the white and black wires together, every time you break this connection there should be a spark, no or intermittent spark=bad module, has good spark......Remove the test lead and plug the sensor on the engine into the module and turn the engine over, no spark, replace the sensor, good spark.... Remove the spark plug, look down into the plug cap and turn the engine over, if you see spark arcing through the silicone boot to the metal shell, replace the spark plug cap, no visible spark but you hear a snap.....Put a small screw driver into the bottom of the cap, turn the engine over and you should observe spark jumping from the screw driver to the plug cap shell outside of the silicone boot, an arc of about 1/4"-3/8" if it does this there is nothing wrong with the ignition, if you hear an arc but it's not in the cap with the screw driver it could be a problem with the resistor in the cap or the high tension lead where it goes into the cap, replace the plug cap. ''
Hope this may be of some use to anyone.
Thread: What size Li-Po? Multiplex Fox
06/07/2010 18:55:26
Never used one myself but you could try something like this? 

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 06/07/2010 19:37:48

Thread: Taking the Petrol Plunge
05/07/2010 11:59:24
Have look at this site . Page 107 bottom right talks about placement of tank vents etc.
Its a big down load - 18.4MB.
Thread: World Cup
19/06/2010 13:53:45
Copied from the Rhyl clubs forum - thought it may make a few of the dejected supporters smile:
The England football squad visited an orphanage in South Africa this morning..............................

"It's so good to put a smile on the faces of people constantly struggling and facing the impossible" said Jamal Umboto, aged 6. clown
Thread: Tatty treasures
11/06/2010 19:00:20
Elmic corporal is for motor control. Still have the 'UK' Rx I built back in '62 when it was published in RCM&E. Unable to check if working as I gave away my 'Windy Kreulen' Tx to Mike Crisp of 'Model Aero Services'. As an aside I have every issue of RCM&E published, duplicates of the early years as well. Some say I'm a sad individual and I should get out more and get a life.
Thread: vintage restorations
10/06/2010 22:52:04
Try this site for info/manuals
Thread: Campac?
29/05/2010 17:59:56
Thread: The Mode Survey - what do you fly?
14/01/2010 16:26:08
Mode 2
North Wales
Club friend(instructor)
Thread: DX6i service announcement.
05/03/2009 11:24:19
Sorry about the expletives, now deleted! But, I do tend to see red when customers are fobed off and told they will be at a disadvantage when the problem is no fault of thiers.
05/03/2009 10:47:53
You are entitlled to your money back from the retailer under the sale of goods act as the item is not fit for purpose (general recall). Do not be fobbed off with the response that the items are too old (trading standards will confirm this). It's the shops problem to get the money back or the goods exchanged from the distributers/manufacturers, then, you can add the extra money to the refund and get what you want.
Thread: 2.4ghz compatibiltiy
09/02/2009 13:20:49
Anyone now anything about the 'Jeti' moduls and receivers??????????
Thread: DX6i service announcement.
09/02/2009 13:11:32
No, going to get a 2.4 modul for my Futaba '9C' and keep my '8' for 35. I've never had any probs on 35 in the past approx 20 years. I only got the 6i to go with the mCX as a better alternative to the E-Flight controller and as I am now going petrol, 2.4 might be useful.
09/02/2009 11:42:56
Bought mine 9/1/09 and it was faulty, though not at first (thought my senior moments had all joined into one when I could not control my mCX). Horizon were only going to replace the faulty elevator pot. But, as all the pots were from the same batch I was not happy, AFTER ALL WHO KNOWS WHEN ANOTHER POT MAY GO FAULTY! Anyway the model shop (Steve Webs) gave me my money back without question.
Thread: The November Grand Prize Draw
13/11/2008 15:39:00
Do I get one hump or two if I dont win!!!!!!!!!!
Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
03/07/2008 09:50:00
ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ITS MINE, HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread: The May Grand Prize Draw
02/05/2008 16:25:00
COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread: From the archives......
30/04/2008 19:35:00


Without digging out all my old mags and working from memory (there's a little pea size bit of grey matter in my head) I think the COBRA may have been a  variation of the DC WASP. But I could be talking a load of cobras.


30/04/2008 16:55:00

Well here's my two penny's worth (or should that be 2.4 to make one new penny),

Became interested in aero modelling @7years old (born 1947) and started reading Aeromodeller around '58-'59. Must have built almost all of the KK flying scale models with limited success (perseverance and the optimism of youth). Never finished the Veron Cardinal, my mother accidentally broke the built but uncovered wing.

I lived in central London (Elephant & Castle) and it was a bus ride to the nearest park (Ruskin Park) to fly????? my KK rubber models. It was Clapham common in the early '60s for radio control, but only in boats. I remenber the questionair in the aeromodeller and bought the first RCM&E and have continued to buy it to the present day. Infact I have every issue published; did I hear some one say- 'sad person get a life?'

Built my first Rx in '62. It was the 'UK RECIEVER' published in the RCM&E (still have the Rx). Followed by a valve Tx using a 3A5(DCC90) double triod valve also published in the RCM&E by I think 'windy' Kreulen (a Dutch contributer). Only used these in boats. By the late '60s participation in modelling took a back seat as work, women, marriage, children and house buying (not necessarily in that order) took my attention.

Came back to the fold in '76-'77 when I purchased a second hand Futaba DigiMax 4 digital outfit and put it in a plane called a 'Jolly Roger'. This was short lived and a Galaxy Models Escort soon followed. Got my 'A' cert. in '80 (still the SMAE then) and have continued aeromodelling to the present day, other than a 2 year break for a divorce.

I've got a new vintage 'Fuji 099', with R/C throttle and a 'SKY SCOOTER' plane and thought it would be fun to conceal the modern gear and have the old 'UK Rx' on display in the cabin suspended by rubber bands as we used to do.

Do you think I could fool anybody???

Allan Warner

Thread: The April Grand Prize Draw
20/04/2008 11:04:00
Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread: The March Grand Prize Draw
04/03/2008 10:26:00
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