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Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
27/06/2019 11:21:50

Well, thought I'd pop back and see what's what during a break with my battles with the building trade/structural engineers/Welsh water and now the NHS. Watched some of the video, I was starting to loose the will to live. But, the obvious attitudes, condescending and disparaging, and lack of knowledge/understanding of our operations was manifest. It further reinforced my opinion that we are being used, they just want us to help finance the setting up of the system and then we will be given the big 'E' (elbow) and squeezed out.

16/06/2019 10:41:50

Always with the ridicule in place of logical counter argument, really. Here's a rather innocuous, what used to be a wholly government department, the 'nudge' department **LINK** then there is a more 'doubtful' organisation 'common purpose' that recruits members from all walks of life, industry,civil service, judiciary, NHS, politics etc to progress certain ideals **LINK** IIRC only 6 families control all of the papers in the West. I personally know that in July 2018 on a Saturday there was a march in central London of 74,000 people that never got reported, not on national TV or local or the papers. It's naïve to think that we are not controlled. There is much more but its off topic and the post would be pulled.

16/06/2019 10:08:42

Martin, false flags!!! There are those power blocks that have been 'engineering a crisis' with Iran for some time, they want a war!

16/06/2019 09:51:42

Steve J, do you not get what this is about. Drop your prejudice and think. Governments, and those behind them, need to control the flow of information to the public. They need to manipulate, change and eliminate that which runs counter to their narrative. All the MSM(main stream media), papers, radio and TV are controlled. The BBC is no more than a biased propaganda machine. This control allows them to alter and form public opinion in a way that suits them. Drone technology allows for a counter view from behind the 'line' from a vantage point that could not be achieved any other way allowing the 'official' narrative to be challenged. It also allows light to be shone on establishment activities that could not be seen in any other way. Troublingly, it also allows them to mount 'surveillance' on those areas not covered by fixed cameras, vast though they are. Is it any wonder that governments wish to keep this technology under strict control and for their use only. Safety was just to mobilise public opinion, commercial activity was, in the main, to conceal the true agenda. Call me paranoid if you like but in a world where, saying something to a friend which is unintentionally overheard by a third person(stranger) who takes offence, is classed as a crime(hate crime) and can get you sent to jail for up to 6 years. There are plenty more examples, eg since the UK signed the UN migration pact it is a hate crime to speak against mass migration, its part of the agreement.

16/06/2019 07:47:24



Thought perhaps people may want to see these two videos(before they possibly get taken down). It opens up the field on why all this 'control' of drones is being pushed so hard.

Thread: AJAX
11/06/2019 10:38:00

David, I ended up paring the RC weight down to 6.5gm using readily available and cheap items. I also decided to start my adventures into rubber RC with the ACE as an easier build(not having built 'sticks and tissue' for 60 years).

Unfortunately, due to extreme events in my life everything is now on hold, probably permanently. Without to much detail, it looks certain that I am going to be held financially liable for the actions of the builder/developer of my new house(2007) even though I had no input or control over them. The resulting bill looks to be in excess of 6 figures which I am unable to pay. Thus the utility company will likely undertake the remedial works, considerable, involving mine and three other properties and bill me. This will cause me to go bankrupt, the house will be seized and sold and I and the wife will be homeless. The next week or so should finally confirm the situation.

Its like being violently mugged, having your wallet and all your possessions taken, along with being given a severe beating. Then when you report it to the police being told you are the one, the victim, who is going to be held responsible, charged and prosecuted. My wife said its like blaming a rape victim for the rape.

Thread: Drone harassment
06/06/2019 20:35:10

It is perfectly legal, there is no law against it(not yet anyway), to photograph anyone or anything in/from a public place. You could be infringing other laws if you used a telephoto lens to spy on your neighbours in their bedroom.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
06/06/2019 20:14:07

Oh John, there you go again. Taking the wrong inference from my comments, never mind. But, you do make me laugh.

06/06/2019 18:57:25

John, The only toys I see being thrown out of the pram are possibly by you. You seem a little sensitive to innocent comments. You never suggest anything, just criticise any alternative strategies. You go ahead and pay as soon as you are able as that's your choice. But, its my opinion, one that I am entitled to hold and voice like you are to counter, that besides having a cosy warm feeling of complying you will be paying towards the end of the hobby for the many. I've answered many/all your questions but from your posts you seem to have difficulty fully understanding them, or are you being deliberately obtuse? I would welcome you coming up with some alternative suggestions to possibly enhance the BMFA's negotiating position other than full compliance, or are you totally bereft of ideas. Nothing wrong with that if that's the case. Because, as far as I can see there is no alternative to compliance or 'side stepping' the registration and fee thus denying them of what they want from us, our money. It may be £16.50/year now but do you really think it will stay that way? Perhaps that doesn't overly bother you? You'll pay the increasing fee and put up with the tighter regulations until in a few years you make the decision to leave and go back to your previous pastimes. Granted its a slim chance but if enough people did it and cause a reasonable reduction in the revenue stream it may have an effect. Do nothing and we will be considered a soft target. Unless the BMFA manage to wring some concessions which I think is unlikely that is the state of play as I see it. Still I live in hope.

06/06/2019 17:55:33

What is most annoying about this scheme is that it won't address the real problem - the phantom rogue drone pilots.

Sorry Nigel, they are just an excuse and to garner public support.

The real problem is US! They don't want us in the lower airspace. They'll tolerate us initially whilst we pay to set up the system. After that they'll squeeze us out by increasing cost and regulation.

06/06/2019 12:39:39

John, we all know your position. You will pay the fee and be a good order follower. That's your choice. Others here are of a different mind and I have been trying to make suggestions, like others, of ways to circumvent and not break the rules/laws at least initially. I know you think it is a meaningless gesture to not pay but if they don't get the income for the first couple of years then they will have to reconsider.

Doc, absolutely. In any conflict it's the good guys who are the first to die.

06/06/2019 12:06:15

Pete, you echo my position exactly. Who knows, some on here may enjoy a bit of free flight etc. as a complete change for a while.

06/06/2019 11:42:13

If you bother to properly read my posts you will see that I have already stated that I will be joining my club and of course paying BMFA.

I'm not arguing about anything, weight limits or otherwise. I'm making suggestions of alternatives.

John, read my previous post again, follow the link, look up RCModelreviews and Xjet on YouTube and do some web searching. If you see nothing then there is little I can do to open your eye's.

06/06/2019 11:27:21

Have all the people who keep on saying you must register and pay got selective vision. Go sub 250g, at least for a year or two and see how things pan out. Those that have the sites, rediscover free flight etc. Bruce Simpson in his YouTube channels has looked at sub 250g FPV quads. He is going to do a build of a sub 250g FPV plane that he currently fly's. There is a thread on RCGroups on sub 250g planes like a rat up a drainpipe watch the video. Search and you should find more. I'm sure there will be more in the future. Here's the dichotomy with this due to the weight limitation, you have larger(still small'ish) planes with low wing loading and thus a limited weather window. But they are easier to see. Or, you go smaller with higher wing loading, faster with a larger weather window. But harder to see and control. Pick a medium position, add light weight FPV and it becomes much more user friendly to us oldsters with our slower reactions and reduced visual acuity. I can see areas of activity developing in this category. I think the main division will be between the lighter loaded LOS planes and the higher loaded faster FPV planes and of course FPV quads. It's not what we're used to, it's a challenge. The bonus is I don't end up paying for the very chains they want to bind me with!

06/06/2019 06:52:52

In my club we have a number of members who only fly FF rubber power, no need to register or take the test. I will join the club for 2020 but not register or take test until I reconsider the situation in the spring of 2020 I may then decide to just fly sub 250g for a while. There are some interesting developments in this area and I'm sure there will be more. We're and inventive lot, us aero modellers. After all it was our brethren who caused the drone to exist in the first place.

CL - is currently included in this registration scheme which strikes me as totally stupid. CL is tethered flight the length of the wires. There is absolutely no way it could interfere with any drone deliveries.

A solution, that is employed in other countries, is to register all model flying sites and give them a form of ATZ like full size airports/airfields. This makes eminent sense to me as:- 1/ we do not fly cross country but stay within the limited airspace confines of our club site; 2/ any commercial activity can easily programme these locations as 'no-go' areas with no consequences as by and large these sites are away from any significant population.

Amazon has still not stated how they intend to overcome the actual final delivery problems, at the property, of security, registration of receipt, weather protection location at the address for the parcel etc. Where I live its 5 and 4 bed detached houses and detached bungalows all around. I've tried to envisage how 'drone deliveries' would work in this easy environment but come up with a big fail for almost all properties. With a critical eye try and envisage deliveries where you live. Then consider a more densely populated situation of semi's, terraced houses and flats. The turbulence and wind sheer around the houses in my location is considerable a lot of the time. A few well publicised crashes of drones through windows or into expensive cars will give cause to think. Any personal injuries would soon cause a cessation of operations. I've seen nothing to change my opinion that this concept has very limited use for deliveries to individual properties

05/06/2019 20:51:20

You may not have had plod but we had fire engines and the fire chief turn up at our field a week or so back. A club member was flying aero's with his turbo prop plane with smoke and a member of the public reported a light aircraft crash!

05/06/2019 20:05:24

I've read the BMFA report and as it says the government is prepared to ride rough shod over us and ignore its previous undertakings. I know that there are those that just cant bear to miss flying, even in the depths of a UK winter, but we have only one option of protest left. That option is to do neither the test or register and pay the fee until March/April 2020. A nation wide unobtrusive organised withholding of our compliance seemingly is the only form of protest left to us.

Further to the fees now and in the future. A contributor to another forum I visit was requested to attend a trial of the registration and test system. Whilst there in London he reports that he got the distinct impression that the fee would soon go up to £50/y.

Thread: Laminating film prior to silk and dope
05/06/2019 15:06:15

From my investigations on this technique(have the bits and bobs but not done it):

LF - better if you can get some sub 30 micron unless its for a large model.

LF - matt finish is best(adhesion of dope and tissue/silk)

LF - has heat activated adhesive on rear but sometimes a light application of thinned balsaloc to airframe helps.

Dope - non shrinking acetone based. Thinned 50/50 with acetone. Water based dope has mixed reports.

Application of tissue - some put it on damp, some dry. Depends on the tissue and what suits you.

Several trial frames seems like a good idea and saves a model. Google this topic with various wording and you'll get lots to read. Once you get the right items it seems it's a 'suck it and see' matter of several trial frames.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
05/06/2019 11:43:38

Cuban8, if you are correct in your assumption don't you find it strange that this draconian control has occurred at about the same time in all Western developed nations and virtually nowhere else?

05/06/2019 09:38:14

Pete, I know its not about safety, that was just to garner public support. I also don't believe its about Amazon delivering parcels. There may be a bit of that but I believe there is some other 'hidden' agenda at work here. Not sure what but just a few moments thought about large scale deliveries by drone makes you realise that its a non starter.

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