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Thread: To stabilise or not to stabilise - the gyro question
09/09/2020 15:15:30

I would not like to say its cheating but personally i like the challenge of flying the model and not just seeing the model fly. I assume comps like the Nats still dont allow gyros in scale and F3a, lost track a bit but would be sad in my view if they are now allowed, just my opinion but i can see there uses but only ever owned for my helis. Linds

Thread: LMC Gnatty
31/08/2020 19:00:39

Hi Leccyflyer, yes wings built with 6inch wide bandage although i always us pva rather than epoxy as i prefer not too have a hard edge on the veneer that could form a shear edge but i did let in a channel and pockets for mini servos although these are all 3mm hard balsa lined with attention to grain direction. The veneer is only very thin and as Bob say's it could be down to some degradation of the adhesive over the years but the the fact is when i put pressure on the wing from the underside there is a compression on the veneer on top that indicates a line some 9 inches away from the center line on each side. it only flex's a very small amount so the jury is still out as to if this is actually an issue but i just don't like seeing it so i think i have mentally now decided to drop in a spar just to be on the safe side as it is not that big a job and once done you will never know so its all about piece of mind.


30/08/2020 21:03:05

Well Gnatty was ready for flight so with the weather holding good i decided to get the maiden out the way and then assuming all good finish of the decals etc later. Pleased to say generally hugely successful, in fact the cg was a little too safe so will adjust by moving the battery back a little. The OS46 LA never missed a beat on the 11x5 graupner prop and even without a stearable nose wheel tracking was not a problem.


Full chat but running just a little on the rich side as the motor has not run for years, wheels just about to leave the ground


Steady as a rock on climb out

7f5a8170.jpg Classic Gnatty Farnborough pass


Just a lovely model to fly and has not lost any of its charm


The model was a delight to fly. A few minor tweaks to make to the CG and a look at the wing just to make sure all is ok as there was some evidence of some flex in the top film covering but i suspect this may have been caused by how the wing was packed for transport. causing some pressure but with foam wings its difficult to know so i would rather go overkill and insert a ply spar than have a wing failure. Its been a long time since i had a model with a foam wing but this should only take a couple of hours to cut a slot cut a ply brace, glue in place a pact the covering up and i will do this now with the some extra finishing touches to complete. a Good day.


16/08/2020 12:10:23

Excellent pics of this classic. Simon noted your point re tailplane, Mine actually has a spruce spar let in although i have not heard of any issues before. Motor is an OS46LA so should be fun. Linds

Thread: Rusty Fergusson
16/08/2020 12:06:06

Hi Nigel., No Flaps in the end, it really does not need them although fitment would be easy enough and gives you another element to play with. The wing area / loading and washout makes it a pussycat. Linds

Thread: LMC Gnatty
15/08/2020 21:48:26

The Leicester Model Centre Gnatty. I don't recall a thread on these classic 80's kits, was certainly popular at our club at the time, i had the Gnatty Sports which featured a straight wing but always wanted the Super Gnatty which featured a swept anhedral wing and finally got my hands on an old kit a couple of years ago and have been putting it together a little bit at a time since. The kit featured a fibreglass fuselage and foam wing with sheet tailplane and loosely based on the Folland Gnat, ok very very loosely based but has an undeniable jet like character. The part kit i acquired had no plan or instructions so has been put together based on memory and examination of on line photos, i have added a few personal tweaks such as the wing tips but has been a fun project and now very close to its maiden flight so thought i would post a few pics.





Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
15/08/2020 21:25:19

Super job Danny, at that weight this should be really nice. Linds

Thread: Rusty Fergusson
15/08/2020 21:22:04

A few more flights now and even an entry in a local fly in comp scoring a 2nd place in a pseudo scale schedule makes this design one of my favorites so stable yet maneuverable. It has now performed all sorts of aerobatics and capable of just about anything other than 3D hovering. What has surprised me is the accuracy with which it can be flown and with the slow speed handling you can fly it a very tight area. The rudder has great authority without any pitching issues making side slip and flat turns a doddle. Even in quite a breeze the model remains stable and not bumped around when others remain grounded. Anyway a couple more pics from today.




Video to follow when we get a chance. Linds

Thread: (Last) Flight of the Phoenix
23/07/2020 13:23:50

Quite right Ron missed that but I'm with you re solution. Linds

23/07/2020 10:57:46

Just a thought having read through the comments, whilst elevator linkage, servo failure and tail plane junction all valid i have not read any mention of the main wing stiffness or lack of. Some years back i saw a foam glider wings quite literally rotate as if someone had grabbed the wing tip and twisted it back whilst at speed and this has all the makings of a similar situation given the power on loop scenario. wing twist is a can be deadly when extreme or can provoke a range of pitch and roll reactions that are difficult to predict and define. I expect the solution ultimately is flying within the flight envelope for the models structure however checking how easily the tips can twist may offer some further insight and possible cause. Linds

Thread: Rusty Fergusson
17/07/2020 18:10:26

Thanks guys, plan already with the ed although i suspect any publication would be towards the end of the year earliest i would think. Will get some more pics and video next time out.



Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
16/07/2020 12:59:12

Super job Danny, been quietly watching in the background and looking forward to seeing this one completed, must catch up soon. Linds

Thread: Rusty Fergusson
16/07/2020 12:56:52

New needle valve sorted from Just Engines, great service, ordered about midday and arrived next day so already installed and looking forward to flying again soon so i guess for the moment this brings this design to a close, plan will be submitted to the mag. Something a bit different next time i think. Linds

12/07/2020 12:55:36

many thanks guys, just need to track down a replacement OS70 Surpass needle now, i have spares of a lot of things but not one of these, either that or out with a metal detector although i think i have more chance of finding another saxon gold hawd rather than my missing needle valve. Linds

11/07/2020 22:20:51

Finally had the chance for the maiden flight of Rusty Ferguson today and get some photos together


I am really rather pleased with this design and with the ground shots out the way fuel up and engine running nicely a few taxi runs were carried out which proved a need for steerable rather than castering tail wheel will be an advantage so i will update back in the workshop. With that noted the model was lined up, power applied and committed to aviation.


Some models just feel right and i was delighted to find that this is just one of them. Just a couple of clicks of down elevator and aileron had her flying straight and level and just feel very locked in


Capable of all the basic aerobatics and infact probably aided by the deep fuselage produce quite an impressive slow roll showing good rudder authority and pitch control. The old OS70 Surpass has ample power to spare and large loops and steep climbs were easy, although i found myself playing touch a goes quite quickly.



The flight curtailed with a dead stick landing which proved the slow speed and stall design characteristics were also a delight. the only issue and cause of the deadstick was a fractured spring steel retainer on the needle valve failure that had allowed the needle to vibrate loose and fall out which curtailed flying. A shame to get just the one flight but was an absolute delight. chuffed with this one and will be one of my favorites i think.


Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
04/07/2020 22:06:43

Finally got another chance to do some more work on the canopy, inevitably the fit had some areas of shrinkage and expansion so a little filler and sanding was required to loose the edges and get a good clean fit, still a little sanding to do but the fit and look is now just so much better for the effort.



good progress and worked so well that i am going to look at some other sections of the canopy as well as the rear gun turret moulding next which originally was planed to be made in two sections but maybe forming in one is worth a go as i already have a plug ready.

I'm not going to embarrass myself by saying more soon but its good progress none the less. Linds


Thread: Rusty Fergusson
03/07/2020 08:00:58

Well model now finished and waiting opportunity for test flight. I have pondered adding the wing struts time and time again but I'm really not sure it needs then so for the moment at least i have decided to go without, i may yet change my mind once i see how it looks in the air. Any way i have kept the scheme very simple on this one with basically all white, clear or antique fabric and just a couple of red highlights on the tips and fin. A few panel lines and obligatory rust marks to finish.


Oh and of course every crop duster needs a suitable pilot, this guy i think fits the bill nicely


Flying shots etc when opportunity arrives, not this weekend i feel


Thread: Vinyl cutter
27/06/2020 22:22:44

Also a Silhouette Cameo user for several years, can thoroughly recommend and its optical scanner function is also very useful tool. Linds

Thread: Rusty Fergusson
27/06/2020 21:55:13

Plenty of space in the natch for fuel tank or battery, slec tank fitted with loads of space to get set up just right and should provide more than adequate should it go electric


Underside of the cowl is neat and tubes for tank and oil bleed from engine exit, these are retain by p clips screwed it the firewall


Radio installation pretty much complete, again not short of space. A quick cg test would put the 5 cell sub c nmh battery i intend to use just behind the U/C position so has loads of space and a simply ply tray will be made to fix in place across the fuselage width.


Got a bit carried away really and decided to add some purely cosmetic wire bracing to the tail surfaces as well as a logo and bit of rust paint


with a name like Rusty Ferguson i figured a few panels and rust marks were necessary



I also added some hinges to the right hand door to make it accessible and fitted a battery monitor and bit of a dashboard and of cause a pilot of suitable character although i will save his face till later


bit more detailing on the wing, fit the battery and ready for test flights i guess now, assembled shots asap


Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
25/06/2020 12:55:18

SR71, if i am correct in assuming the club you refer to of which i am also a member then perhaps i should add that the A and B certificate stipulations are part of a legal agreement by the council and certainly not 'officious' committee, in fact quite the opposite. The site is a public space and we need to act accordingly I'm afraid and comply with legal stipulations to retain its use. Sometimes things are not perfect but keeping the site active is better than losing it. As Cuban 8 and others state the A and B are not difficult.

Is the hobby dead - no just changing as it always does


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