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Thread: Terrysaur
11/08/2019 14:22:55


ok so now for the interesting bit, the head. I use blue foam for this again but soft balsa would be just fine, but fist job was to transfer the shape onto the foam


Cut out and glue to each side of the central profile to we have the required thickness.

more soon Linds

11/08/2019 14:17:20

tail 4.jpg

On the underside I used blue foam block sanded and carved to shape, soft balsa block would work just as well.

I also took the opportunity to cover the tail plane with iron on fabric and then used some more glass cloth with acrylic resin with a slight overlap to the covering.

tail 5.jpg

The rest of the fuselage body was also covered with glass cloth and acrylic resin plus a bit of filler here and there. I think I used 4 or 5 coats of resin with a light sand in between which gave me a good enough surface for painting.

tail 6.jpg

next job was to fit the wing bolt plate and servo rails together with the rear snakes for the V Tail. These were quite simply drilled through using a brass tube with a couple of slots cut in the end, fitted to my drill and used to cut through the tail and into the fuselage. Actually much easier to do than it sounds. Wing bolts were set by positioning the wing against the front former, fitting the dowels and then drilling down through the top of the wing having marked the position of the plate.

tail 7.jpg

elevators had ply plates fitted for horns, covered with heat shrink fabric and attached to the tail plane with fuzzy mylar hinges. I spent some time ensuring the rod length from servo (standard size futaba) to each elevator was very similar so the control throws would be the same without extensive electronic tweaking on the transmitter.

Plenty of space for a 4 cell nimh 2300mah up front and room for the receiver in the rear.

Next job was to cover the wing and fit the mini HS81MG servos I seem to always use these days in the underside of the wing attached to 1.5mm plates that are screw fixed into the wing.

11/08/2019 11:21:29

I'll jump forward to the tail plane and elevators, very simply the main tail plane being a V tail is made in two halves from 6mm balsa strips over the plan, the halves are then joined at 120 degrees. I re enforced the joint with a little glass cloth each side. The elevators are from 1.5mm sheet with 6mm leading edges and 3mm riblets top and bottom. the leading edge being sanded to a round and a general taper front to rear.

tail 2.jpg

the tail plane is now slotted into the rear tail up against the rear former and then wedges of 3mm balsa glued either side.

tail 1.jpgThe top sheeting is 3mm that spans across the tail to the rear former following the shape of the fuselage as indicted by the black line as shown above.

more soon. Linds

11/08/2019 11:12:15

Thank Stephen, always good to try something different I think.

The fuselage of body starts by cutting out a profile section from 3mm hard balsa or lite-ply. 6mm balsa former halves are then cut and glued each side of the profile. 6mm square balsa stringers tie everything together.



Next job is to sheet the fuselage with 3mm balsa cut to varies strip widths and glued around the formers a little bit like traditional ship planking. it takes a while and a little patience but the result is a strong and stable form.


Now I had a bit of an accident on the bench a broke the tail section of the profile off by knocking the body off the bench so normally there would be a tail section with a slot that the v tail would slot into as per the 3d image already shown. not to worry I grafted a new section in place and reinforced.

09/08/2019 21:27:15

I figured this 3d might make my waffling easier to understand.

ts trailing edge 3d.jpg

The fuselage or body is a bit like building a boat hull using a central keel or profile with formers added either side and then the body sheeted with strips of 3mm balsa and the head and neck modelled from blue foam although soft balsa would work just as well but I'll add some more photos and cover that in more detail soon.

ts body 3d.jpg

more soon. Linds

09/08/2019 21:17:34

Looks great Kiwi.

for Terrysaur I started with the wings built as two separate wing panels joined with ply spar braces. The main difference from normal was that the spars are 6mm medium to hard balsa curved to start with and were pinned down onto the building board first starting with the lower spar first then a 6mm spacer at the centre section and the top spar added such that it sits on the 6mm spacer at the centre and onto the lower spar at the tip so that the spars taper from centre to tip overall. front 1.5mm balsa webbing was then glued in place. A 3mm ply wing spar brace was then glued in place to the rear of the spar and then the wing ribblets were then added to the front and rear of the spar together with 6mm square rear trailing edge and two laminates of 3mm balsa for the leading edge.


At this stage the wing looks quite solid but there is a lot of tension in it due to the curve of the spar and leading edge so the next job was to add the trailing edge sheeting such that the shape stays stable. The wing can then be removed and the second panel made and joined with the spar brace. The centre section sheeting can also be added


The leading edge sheeting can also be added which will stabilise the structure and allow the wing to be flipped upside down so we can add the trailing edge which is basically 1.5mm balsa cut to shape built up as an extension of the underside trailing edge sheeting. I also remembers to grind some slots in the ribs for the servo cables but this will be shown as holes in the ribs on the final plan. I also added a further ply spar brace and 6mm balsa for the wing dowels to fix into.


To support the extended trailing edge ribs are added to the trailing edge extending of the 6mm rear spar line including some soft balsa blocks for the wing bolts to pass through.


The top of the rear was then sheeted with 1.5 balsa trimmed to fit and sanded and filled to blend in


The leading edge sheeting was then completed. I propped and jigged the wing at this stage with the tip raised by 6mm to build some washout into the wing and then added the wing tips from 6mm soft balsa sheet.


The ailerons are simply 1.5 balsa sheet with 6mm balsa leading edge and 3mm balsa ribs. Diagonal 3mm ribs were also added together with 1mm ply bracing for the horn fixings top and bottom


more soon Linds

04/08/2019 19:32:23

jurasic lark.jpg

So here is something a little bit different and just a bit of fun for the slopes. test flights done and the model fly's quite nicely so build blog over the next few weeks as time allows.

terry saur 1.jpg

more soon Linds

Thread: header pipe
18/05/2019 21:35:19

Hi John, from memory I have a figure of about 14 inches from the piston centreline to the cone on the pipe however this will depend on individual motor, prop and fuel being used so some experimentation will be required by starting with a longer section of connecting silicon tube and reducing the length say 1/4 inch at a time whilst checking for peak rpm and throttle response. hope that helps. Lindsay

Thread: Matt's renaissance build
12/05/2019 21:21:49

Nice one, it struck me that a biplane version would work well. Lindsay

Thread: Tony Oneilll Renaissance
12/05/2019 21:18:13

Excellent well done hope you enjoy it. Lindsay

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
25/03/2019 00:19:03

Hi Monz, thanks for the interest, in due course I hope it will be available, have had a number of requests including some larger versions from the LMA but I have to get the prototype finished first and some test flights done so that is still a few months away. There has been more progress and will update this thread in due course.


Thread: 2019 Mass Build
06/03/2019 10:08:06

Gents image below is from the original plan sent into the mag, I have identified the centre line and position of first two ribs out, hope this helps clarify any irregularities found. Lindsren.jpg

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
31/12/2018 19:25:04

Dave was something just a little bit special, a fellow club member for many years and of course his association with RCM&E magazine and this forum, he was a friend that I will miss greatly. Our thoughts our with his family. Lindsay

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
30/12/2018 21:03:59

Sorry not had much chance to update just really busy with work this last year and combined with a few other priorities flying and building has ended up suffering. There is some progress though since the last update, the model has now had its first coat of primer, panel line detailing started, dummy exhaust model has been started from which I will make a mould and cast these in resin due to all the horrible angles and shapes as I will never carve two the same.

the cowls also have a series of dome mouldings and these are being done the same way, again in progress but not complete just yet. There have also been an annoying number of 'hanger rash' issues that have had to be dealt with simply through storage and moving things around so much but everything is now dealt with and glass cloth coated so that should be a thing of the past.

I will update before to long when time allows to update the photos


Edited By Lindsay Todd on 30/12/2018 21:04:56

25/10/2018 00:47:18

Yes bit embarrassing this has taken so long, house move and restoration largely to blame (still on going but at least its the internals now). Just thought I would add a couple of photos of the cowls with the second row of plates in place just before the finishing resin going on.



Will crack on and get the cowls finished now with blisters and details and get the final coat of primer. Will then get both engines mounted and test fit the cowls and then look at the dummy exhausts and ensure the cooling around the DLE 20's is sufficient so quite a bit to do but will get this done hopefully over the next 2-3 weeks.


Thread: Renaissance by Lindsay Todd
25/10/2018 00:39:33

Hi Nick, sorry still a bit confused as he last photo relates to gluing the u/c plate and underside of nose section that spans across the fuselage and then sanded and trimmed to shape, I can't see a 'wavy line' anywhere. Are you referring to the internal fuselage tray that forms the battery bay and servo tray that has a jigsaw type joint, if so that could be a single piece, its just the way it was designed for the cnc parts and not critical in any way.


24/10/2018 01:20:57

Hi Nick, sorry not sure I understand the question about the fuzz being scalloped, can you elaborate a bit?

24/10/2018 01:19:51

Hi Dave, re tailplane area, 18-20% of the main wing area is usually a pretty safe bet. Linds

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
24/10/2018 01:11:53

Well evidence of some work at last, actually more complex than it might look to create the fins around the edge of the cowls. As I am relying on a clearance to aid cooling the plates need to be set at an angle of about 3 degrees. Fortunately this translated into a 3mm spacer but the down side was that each cowl required 28 trapezoidal plates to be glued in place around the circumference, each one being moistened and clamped to create a slight curve. then marked out and glued in two rows, the second row overlapping the first to create the desired effect.

img_4160.jpgThe plates are made from 0.5 ply and equi-spaced around the cowl with a 7mm overhang and glued at the front edge with pva and taped till dry.


Spacers of 3mm were used to set the angle whilst the glue dried


Lets just say it took longer than planned, the second row of plates now goes on and overlaps the first so its a repeat of the process and there were two cowls to do. I'll photo when dry and then give them a coat of epoxy laminating resin on the outside and run a bead of epoxy and micro balloons into the inside gap to fix there position. So glad this job is nearly out of the way, just some blisters and panel details to follow.


Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day
24/10/2018 00:47:28

Sadly could not make the change of date due to other commitments, looks like it was a great day, love the video of Ian's Pup. Linds

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