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Thread: Weston Park 2017
18/06/2017 15:43:10

Well thoroughly enjoyed Weston Park yesterday, never seen the crowds so big and the flight line filled with such variety. Good variety of trade stands and plenty on offer to look at. Some people have said to expensive but I can't help thinking you get what you pay for sometimes and Weston seemed to offer a lot for the money. My wife was with me and thoroughly enjoyed the day too including a wander around the house and gardens which were superb.

a few pics

weston 1.jpg

weston 2.jpg

weston 3.jpg

weston 6.jpg

weston 5.jpg

Roll on Weston 2018!

Thread: Lindsay Todd's Fred - RCM&E April 2017
28/05/2017 23:59:28

Hi Bertrand, the wing section was simply the scale section from the drawings I had and a straight line drawn from trailing to leading edge to remove the under camber. As simple as that really just to make construction a little easier. It probably does have a reference code or someone will have laid claim to defining its or very similar performance but I have not bothered to track it down or define it as so often in model scales the potential performance figures become a little 'vague' in the real world so I tend to stick with practical evidence and a common sense approach. Linds

Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
16/05/2017 10:32:23

All original movement correct I always use about 25-30% expo so that's a good idea, beautiful scheme and build good luck with the maiden. Linds

Thread: Greenacres 2017
14/05/2017 21:12:52

Nice pics Tim, I have about 1200 now to filter down, I think well put the Ukele concert world tour on hold till next year, Chris can keep his ear plugs safe till then. Joking aside I was genuinely impressed and cheers for letting me embarrass myself albeit in relative privacy,

see you guys soon


10/05/2017 22:08:51
Posted by Tim Hooper on 24/02/2017 07:58:37:
Posted by Lindsay Todd on 23/02/2017 23:38:14:

Excellent can do all 3 for once Linds

And me! Bring your guitar, OK?


What in public, I'm not sure people are ready for that.

Thread: How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?
25/04/2017 13:09:30

Much prefer building from plans either my own or other peoples as I enjoy the challenge of the build plus I just like doing things my way, always an irritation with an artf and some kits I have built when the chosen route seems to be in opposition to my own thoughts. Linds

Thread: I think i have found my next build project
13/04/2017 23:52:56

Well that looks right up your street Stephen. Linds

Thread: Jonathon Livingston Seagull
08/04/2017 18:33:23

Wonderful book, still have a copy from when I was a kid. Linds

Thread: Lindsay Todd's Fred - RCM&E April 2017
31/03/2017 10:42:27

For the first couple of flights she came in at 3.2lb without the battery, I have since added a few bits and pieces so probably close to 4lb with battery so that would sound about right. We have the benefit of nice short grass or tarmac so if your around 300 watts let her build up speed and don't pull her off to soon or steeply. Have fun. Will have mine at Wrexham fly in tomorrow.


28/03/2017 13:27:58

Blimey that's quick, super job. I'll check the spec again on my motor, its pulling just under 300watts as I recall, fly's fine but not much reserve to play with. Linds

Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
27/02/2017 12:58:25

It is very flattering to have my design Skywriter chosen I would be the first to suggests that it is not one that I logically thought of as being a mass build design, there are a few tricky bits as people have already commented. I built the prototype some years ago now so although the basic design is still in my head the details are inevitably not so letting the active participants get involved rather than a designer jumping in and saying something is right or wrong is probably the better option. I actually prefer to see how people can enhance or find different solutions to things and often think why didn't I do it that way myself. I am watching silently as and when I get a chance. Linds

ps always thought Tim's Clean Sweep to be a good choice for Mass Build.

Thread: Learning to play guitar
23/02/2017 23:56:39

Ok so I lost count make it 5 guitars and a uke oh, The 12string is a Kay model I got for my 15th Birthday many moons ago now, despite it being a Grattan Catalogue job still has a nice action and lovely tone.



Thread: Greenacres 2017
23/02/2017 23:38:14

Excellent can do all 3 for once Linds

Thread: Learning to play guitar
23/02/2017 15:33:45

I shall follow this with interest, been secretly strumming to myself for years, no way confident enough/shy to play with others but on occasions it sounds good to me but my wife can never recognise what I am playing. Four guitars only one that I would classify as a good one which is a Tanglewood Acoustic, the others pretty cheap and recently picked up a classical from an auction for £4 which seemed to good to resist. Yup also have a concert size uke that I bought again from an auction just before Christmas and know about five chords now - good stress reliever for me, not sure about my wife! Linds

Thread: Civilian Coupe (1932)
05/02/2017 17:52:12

Very nice Tim, I like that a lot. Linds

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
03/02/2017 22:30:02

A bit more progress, cowl fronts have now been sanded to the round profile and given a coat of glass cloth with acrylic finishing resin, touch of filler here and there, sand and a coat of primer. This needs sanding fill and final coat of primer but actually pretty close even on first coating which was pleasing, Still need to grind out the insides a little so that's probably the next job on the cowls before final coat I will fuel proof the insides with epoxy laminating resin.s3850003.jpg

The wings have now had first prime coat sanded back and a little more filler added here and there and then the final prime coat put down so are now pretty much ready for marking out panel lines and detailing


Still need to work out the fixings for the hatches but that should not be too difficult and at least every thing fits as it should. Also made a start on a bit of detailing on the rudder with the surface for rib stitching, looks like rivets at the moment but once the solartex strips go down over the top the effect seems to work quite well.


More soon. Linds

Thread: Skywriter Design
14/01/2017 21:46:04

Derek, sorry I misread what you meant on the outside the doubler is 6mm down from the top edge to provide a gluing surface for the top sheeting and a lip for the battery hatch, take a look at page 6 as I needed to change the size of the hatch when new batteries arrived that were slightly larger and the photo should clearly show what I mean


14/01/2017 01:03:19

Hi Derek, there should be a 6nn gap at the top so that a 6mm square longeron can be added along the top edge, this is just about visible in the photo on the blog so sound like it should be trimmed but take a look at the photo first and just double check. Linds

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
09/01/2017 13:24:00

Thanks for the encouragement guys, not much to report from the weekends tasks which largely related to carving and sanding the front of the cowls to shape. Still a bit more sanding to do, taking my time to ensure the shape is correct and not have to pile on filler due to errors, once done I'll get some glass cloth down on the outside to stabilise the shape and give them some hanger rash protection before I start cutting away at the insides with a dremel sander to reduce the front cowl wall thickness and give space for dummy radial engines to be fitted.

Thread: DH87B Hornet Moth
05/01/2017 13:04:10

Ooh watching with interest, one of my bucket list models to be sure. Linds (not sure about the free flight bit though)

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