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Thread: Eric Clutton FRED
02/11/2016 10:38:31

GeeW, Oh yes its coming, test flew back in August but we are making some revisions for aesthetic and performance benefit we hope (Actually fly's very nicely in its power only mode but gliding was a bit too limited so bigger two piece wing option coming plus a couple of other little bits) I'll update the build blog before long. Linds

Thread: Bristol Blenheim Mk1V
01/11/2016 13:36:05

Thought I would bump this blog a bit as may come as a surprise but the design has been back on the bench over the weekend getting the removable belly pan glassed that will give access to the inner fuselage and servo area, one of those fiddly jobs that just needed doing so some progress is being made when space and time allows. I hope to get the cowls completed over the next couple of months so come spring she should be ready for the maiden at last. Linds

Thread: Eric Clutton FRED
01/11/2016 13:28:13

Hi Steven, thanks for your interest, this one will be a free plan at some point in the future but a few more things to do before I send the plan to the editor. Only the one test flight so far so a few things to check out and complete but not too long I hope. Linds

Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day
29/10/2016 21:54:41

sorry have to pull out, torn my shoulder muscles so I'm grounded for a few weeks I think sad have fun everyone


Thread: Eric Clutton FRED
26/10/2016 13:14:27

Well pleased to announce that Fred has now flown, a little more down thrust and right thrust required but other than that she flew really nicely. A few little jobs still to complete so will get those done (add a pilot) and get some in flight pics and video soon. Linds

18/10/2016 22:59:28

Well a few updates starting with a very simple exhaust formed from abs tube, bent with the aid of a little steam from the kettle and then glued into the dummy cylinder each side of the fuselage, not scale but in keeping with the look of the model without getting too carried away. I also mounted some magnets to the battery hatch for retention and will show that later (forgot to take a photo).


Also time to add a bit of a wind shield cut from a scrap of clear 0.5mm acetate, to be honest it should be a little bigger but the miser in me prevented me going to buy another sheet or even scrounge a bit of plastic from a pop bottle would do but I can come back to this again later if necessary, pinned in place and glued with canopy glue till dry then pins removed and a 4mm wide strip of self adhesive red tape over the joint.


The undercarriage has now been painted red to match and put to one side while I finished off the wing by fiiting the Hitec HS85MG servos to the ply hatches and fitting into the wing, each needing an extension lead that links to a Y lead in the centre section. The ailerons have been hinged using strips of solarfilm top and bottom this gives a good strong hinge line and no gaps. 2mm rods and clevices make up the connections.



The wings are secured by bolts that pass through the tube spar each side of the centre section


As of last weekend she now looks like this, almost ready, in fact probably ready for her maiden flight bujt I just want to run the watt metre with a few prop combinations to make sure we have adequate power and make sure she balances correctly on the estimated cg.


more soon. Linds

Edited By Lindsay Todd on 18/10/2016 23:01:26

06/10/2016 22:28:47

Many thanks Colin, I had not noticed, will have a good read later. Linds

06/10/2016 13:26:48

Thank you ever so much for contributing to the blog, its great to hear that the aircraft is still around. Whilst my model is strictly sport scale and has some fairly obvious deviations to keep construction pretty simple who knows it might just inspire something a bit bigger and more accurate to the original down the line.

The model is now very close to its maiden flight and I hope to have it at the Ashborne Scale event all being well. I'll update the blog soon. Linds

Thread: why do people feel compelled to build such large models?
24/09/2016 23:37:23

I don't think ego comes into it in most cases although for sure it exists but most seem to do it because they enjoy the challenge and quite simply they can. Why are some people compelled to climb Everest or swim the channel or anything else for that matter. I would hate to see us all like sheep doing the same thing, how boring. My current models range from less than 1m span to a 4m span glider and 25lb scale petrol model and I enjoy them all for different reasons, as it should be.

Thread: Eric Clutton FRED
24/09/2016 23:16:41

Cheers Stephen, doing a bit of a catch up so a bit more done. Need a dummy engine so some scrap balsa put to good use with 3 ovals for each cylinder group with spacers between. these glued together and then painted black


out with the scalpel and remove a small section of film and then glue the cylinders in place using a further spacer such that it clears the cowl.


When I get a chance I'll add an inlet manifold and exhaust stub from plastic tube.


Next job was to deal with the dummy oleo . To do this I have used two sizes of abs plastic tube, some electrical fittings, some ball link clevices and some 2mm control rod wire. Staring with the upper sections using 3mm outside diameter tube cut to length, a clevise link as used on Bowden cable and a small electrical loop tag, the various parts were glued together with epoxy.


The lower oleo leg is made from small diameter such that it slides inside the larger, a length of 2mm threaded rod bent at about 15 degrees at the thread end such that a ball link clevise can be screwed on, the tube is then slid over and glued in place with cyno. The two parts making up a reasonable oleo.


For assembly the electrical upper oleo is fitted on the inside of the top wing centre strut, a little rc modelers glue will secure later. The lower leg slides over the axel and slid into the upper oleo, A washer and then the wheel keeps all in place. Just a lick of paint needed.



Glad that bit is done as it was stalling progress a bit. Anyway she now looks like this with a few stickers already applied.

s3620007.jpg more soon. Linds

24/09/2016 19:52:49

Quick test fit of the rudder once covered and I can press on with other parts


Next time to cover and install the centre section of the wing onto the fuselage. All the wires can be sprung open and removed with care and can be similarly re installed so we can fixed the wires to the centre section with clamps and then fit the assembly to the fuselage



A quick check with a spirit level confirmed all square so time to fit the tailplane. I decided to pre fit the elevators using fuzzy mylar hinges with a 2mm piano wire connector prior to gluing the unit in place using a tape to check for square and a level to ensure parallel with the wing.


With that done and dry I decided I might as well fit the elevator and rudder servos, these are installed from the underside onto ply rails. I used two standard size futaba servos. A ply hatch will be fitted as a cover. I also installed the undercarriage with saddle clamps, this was bent to shape and silver soldered.


Ply servo hatch cut to size, hardwood rails have been glued to the fuselage sides aligned with the to parallel lines drawn on the hatch and four screws will secure in place.


Next job was to connect the pushrods to horns fitted to the elevator and rudder. Note the ply plate with slot that will carry a commercial tail wheel unit.


Next it seemed like a good time to fit the motor, an Eflight 480 1100kv 250 watt item in this case. Bolted directly to the bulkhead, no doubt will need some final adjustment after maiden flight.


The cowl, covered in silver solarfilm (I seriously doubted this would work out as well as it did, so well done solafilm) there are a few joints but that alternative was more time consuming than I wanted to commit. It is simply fixed with three screws.


Next was to cover the wings starting with the ailerons. The underside is covered first and then the control horns need to be fitted, and then cover the top side. At least with the horns I chose to use.



more soon. Linds

24/09/2016 19:26:55

Well its been a while but some more progress made starting with drilling through the main wing spars and then fitting captive nuts to the lower block to accept 4mm long bolts.


Next the aileron servos (Hitec HS85) are fixed to ply plates with hard wood blocks, output arm changed to longest and exit through the slot in the plates which are in turn the screwed into the wings. A short extension lead is required to reach the centre section.



Next job was to test fit the hinges for the all moving rudder, for this I used two medium size robart type hinges which should be up to the job, an extra hard balsa doubler was also added to the rear fuz to help with security and strength. Holes were drilled and countersunk ready to be glued later.



Another job done was to finish off the instrument panel.


Next job is to start the covering. In his case solarfilm red and silver. Just remembered in time to show the rear snakes fitted before I finished covering the underside of the fuz, also added a ply plate for the tail wheel bracket to fix onto.



Thread: Ashbourne Scale Day October 2016
23/09/2016 22:34:19

Excellent, will be there. Linds

Thread: Going Batty
07/09/2016 15:09:28

You got it Bob, I cut the leading edge of the aileron from 6mm thick sheet to match the aileron cutout in the wing then glue the 2mm plan on centre line, then ribs either side, but either way will work fine I'm sure. Linds

Thread: Eric Clutton FRED
19/08/2016 23:57:46

Other things like work have dot in the way of late plus a couple of events to attend so I have really only just got back onto the model to push it along and get finished. First job was to make up the ailerons. These are made from 3mm balsa wedges with a 6mm balsa leading edge set at an angle to allow for top hinging. The constructions started by cutting a 3mm ply plate and fixing into slots cut on the underside of two of the wedges that will be the control horn fixing plate. the wedges are then aligned and glued to a strip of 6mm balsa cut to depth and width and butt glued to the front of the ribs


The trailing edge of 15mmx1.5 mm is then glued top and bottom and then cap strips 6mm wide will be glued over the top and bottom of the ribs to finish.


Whilst these were drying I took to fixing a couple of hardwood blocks in place over the spar tube to allow for a through bolt fixing for the outer panels. Set against the spar and flush with the top surface of the wing and a further 3mm plate glued below that will retain a captive nut. These are well bonded with slow cure epoxy and next job will be to assemble the wing and drill a clearance hole for a 5mm bolt.

s3470002.jpg The remaining sheeting has also been added, a bit of filler here and there and sanded ready for covering. I just have the aileron fixing plates now to make and finish off the ailerons and can think about control snakes and servos prior to covering.

More soon Linds

04/08/2016 12:01:41

Well it did not make it over to the Isle of Man, I got close but no point spoiling it through rushing at the last minute. I did get a copy of the plan drawn up for my friend and he's seen all the photo's and keen to get stuck into a winter building project and make one for himself so you can't ask for a better result than that. I'll hopefully get this finished for Greenacres August even with a bit of luck now, that gives me just under two weeks - yikes! Linds

Thread: The Guppy
04/08/2016 11:58:06

Guppy seems quite fitting Steve with that tail as you say, certainly seems to go well. Linds

Thread: The Dawn Flyer's Club House
31/07/2016 01:37:26

Looks superb. glad you like her. Lindsay

Thread: RIP AA Barry
27/07/2016 15:09:03

Very sad to learn, my deepest condolences to his family and friends

Thread: Verhees Delta
15/07/2016 22:39:16

impressive use of 3d and very neat build, watching with great interest. Linds

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