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Thread: Anyone interested in a Nats meet-up?
18/08/2018 20:48:06

Tea area? I wouldn`t know where to find it. Control tower or better still the beer tent, then after a few bevvies we could really have a slanging match.

Thread: Chorus Gull
15/08/2018 10:22:30

Hi David, I missed that one which is of the 1/4 scale version.

I possibly confused the ribs with the Spiteful from the same publication.

14/08/2018 21:17:29

Hi David, I think you mean the pic of the tail end which was just put there to illustrate the rudder angle or something. This would be the 1/4 scale version and I am afraid that I do not have any pics of the build.

The wing is very simple but due to not having any vertical sides the fus. really needs a jig of some sort but I do not remember using one on the 1/4 scale one.

14/08/2018 11:53:44

You don`t need to worry about building in an underside taper since this will automatically appear when the wing halves are joined with a little dihedral. I do not remember bothering with wash out. The wing loading on mine is quite low and there is no tendency to tip stall.

The sandwich method is not a good idea for tapered ribs, much better to download the basic Profili s/w which will produce an accurate outline of each rib. You can easily add building tabs as well and use these to provide wash out. A foam wing would be rather heavy and look quite wrong since the design calls for a partially open structure.

13/08/2018 21:44:53

Hey, I built the original some years ago powered by an OS 52S. Great model. I seem to remember that the published ribs were shown at the wrong size but a SAE got you the right ones. I sold this on to a club mate who is crazy on the Mew Gull because I built a 1/4 scale version powered (over powered) by a YS110 so if you bear with me I shall describe this in more detail.

I easily found a free PDF by Colin Usher on t`internet of the original, but re drawn by a lady, who unfortunately does not know the difference between a rudder and a tailplane as you will see if you look at it, but otherwise quite good except that one of the formers is way too narrow; quite a job to work out the correct size given the awkward shape of them. I could not wait for a mate to print it to 1/4 scale for me so `tiled` it; 64 sheets of A4! But not all in one go.

I much prefer the bubble canopy version and luckily found one from MRM at W&W.

I wanted this to be more aerobatic since the smaller one would do four point rolls better than many F3A`s so I mirrored the wing top section to the bottom of it which made it fully symmetrical and of course a little thicker.

The spats are a real problem so I made GF moulds for these, fixed with silicone, and halved the length of the torsion bars to stop the u/c bending back and the spats going through the bottom of the wing. The cowl is also GF. I should still have the moulds for these.

If the rudder was a bit bigger it would easily do the complete 1970`s style F3A schedule.

Thread: Unusual gear failure
11/08/2018 00:20:51

I would not use Orange if I did not trust them. Even my 1/4 scale Stampe has had a 9ch in it from new.

My 72" Spit. inexplicably went in with a £120 JR Rx even after very many previously uneventful flights and my Lanc. went down at Greenacres last year with a similar Rx. (Two other models crashed at the same time). Both are still in use with no further problems.

My point is that it was a combination of Rx615/Orange module/wrong model memory but the reason is still a bit obscure.

The Spit. failure was almost identical in that all controls including full throttle in this case stayed where they were at the point where control was lost.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
10/08/2018 23:55:02

Unfortunately you cannot simply just go out and buy one of these.

Thread: Unusual gear failure
10/08/2018 20:13:51

Pete, I am determined to go into this a little further even if only for peace of mind since I cannot get my head round why some Rx`s should respond to model match and others not. Will keep you posted.

What confuses me is that the older Orange 6ch Rx seems to work as expected. Will try some others when I can.

I have not as yet tried the FrSky X series Rx`s on that Tx but the D series definately do not have model match.

Thread: Greenacres MAC Fly Ins 2018
10/08/2018 15:17:01

I was going to attend this one too but that wind and rain forecast has put me off.

Thread: Unusual gear failure
10/08/2018 15:13:45

Peter, model match does work with the module on any kind of Orange, Spektrum or JR Rx, except apparently the Rx615.

And you are right, I forgot to re bind it and set the failsafe after reversing the throttle! If I had done so I would have noticed the incorrect memory. Therefore it could not have gone failsafe but the controls just stayed as they were. Still a mystery. Unlikely to have been a power failure since two packs were supplying a Failover switch with two power inputs to the Rx.

Nigel, yes, the YS thankfully only suffered a broken throttle arm.

The Tx module is fairly new and was used to fly another model as well, so no problem there.

My old module failed due to a broken antenna to pcb solder joint, so worth a bit of epoxy here. Not repairable because the lack of a load blew the RF output stage.

10/08/2018 11:55:09

I had a strange type of failure last Sunday, resulting in the loss of a model.

I decided to swap motors between a Dalotel (YS63) and my Jumbo Dancer which was a 1.4x Limbo Dancer (OS91FX) since the former was under powered. The JD tended to be used as a flying test bed and I have a number of Rx`s, mainly FrSky and Orange which need checking out in the air. The Dalo is on an Orange Rx615 with satellite using a JR DSX9, the other one with a similar Rx and JR PCM9X2 with an Orange module, both of which have been in use since they came on the market.

I should have twigged that there was something amiss since I had to re centre the control surface trims even though these had been set to neutral on the bench. A range check seemed to confirm that all was OK but on starting the YS found that the throttle was reversed. Strange. I took it up and as expected it was somewhat tail heavy due to the lighter motor but I calmed it down with some elevator trim and throttled back. Suddenly, from quite a height it put its nose straight down and refused to respond to any controls. The hard baked earth did nothing much good with the Rx knocked out of its case and one of the two LiFe packs squashed flat.

Back on the bench for the autopsy and of course everything worked fine including the squashed pack and Rx. I then noticed that the 9X2 was on the wrong model memory so nothing should be happening. I swapped the Rx for an Orange 6ch without satellite and the model match worked normally.

I then checked the 615Rx in the Dalo with the DSX9 and model match also worked normally so the problem must lie with using an Orange module and a 615Rx. It does not explain why the set up went failsafe though. I have very many Orange Rx`s which have been in use for many years and have never come across this problem before.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
10/08/2018 10:18:34

Might be interested very much nearer the date. Could break it by that time!

Thread: Are there any kits for “Classic” F3a style flying
07/08/2018 19:22:03

Probably more intelligible than Chinglese then!

Thread: Peacemaker
07/08/2018 15:57:52

Now with the canopy fitted. Forgot to add the driver first.


Thread: Some advice required please :)
06/08/2018 21:53:17

As an examiner, just my 2p worth.

Don`t start with safe, AS3X etc because you will take ages to learn anything worthwhile, unless you mean to go it alone without club instructors. Like driving an auto car then taking your test in a manual.

Don`t think that an electric foamie is so easy to fly that the test, if you intend to take it, will be a doddle with it. Chances are that the wind speed and direction will be unfavourable and you will be blown about all over the place. An i/c trainer, of which there are many to choose from, will perform well in adverse conditions and teach you much more than a foamie possibly could.

Do buy the best r/c gear that you can afford after taking advice from fellow users. You will soon regret buying a cheapo basic 5ch. set.

Thread: Are there any kits for “Classic” F3a style flying
06/08/2018 21:20:43

Stu, join the UKCAA for all your info and look at their website. My era too.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 72” Mosquito – Build Log
05/08/2018 21:31:18

As I see it, the problem here Allan is that a standard servo connector can only take up to a certain size of wire, in our case 62x0.01mm strands, (0.62 which I reckon will struggle to carry even 5A if a 1 mains lighting cable is anything to go by. 5A is easily reached with digi servos, especially if there are several of them using the same power feed.

My car uses a Canbus but blowed if I know how it works.

Anyway enough digression.

05/08/2018 17:25:18

Good luck with the maiden Geoff. Fabulous job. You will not be nervous of course, will you?

I still have to pluck up courage to retest mine. My current excuse is that there is not enough wind in the right direction at the moment.

05/08/2018 17:15:13

The problem with that is that you still need to power the servos, so no advantage. Lay off the wine.

S bus has never appealed to me either because I don`t like the idea of powering loads of stuff via two flimsy wires.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 05/08/2018 17:16:22

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 05/08/2018 17:16:53

Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
03/08/2018 10:58:38

flea fli 005.jpg

flea fli 003.jpg

For those who have not seen this elsewhere a couple of pics of my new Flea Fli. OS 26s power.

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