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Thread: Chorus Gull
19/10/2020 18:30:04

Very nicely flown, you should be pleased with your effort. Your test pilot made a faultless landing.

Thread: Chip Shop
17/10/2020 18:04:19

A bit more of the tail, this time with the tips added. These took ages with pins and tape everywhere trying to hold the elevators level in order to shape them.

chipmunk 009.jpg

chipmunk 010.jpg

Fin and rudder next. Taking on board the problems encountered I decided to build the fin over a central core which was later cut away. The ribs were cut down the centre to do this and I did not need to worry about the angles of them. Slight problem. I fitted and sanded the tip then realised that I had to sheet the fin making the rudder too thin so I added more sheeting to the tip and the rudder ribs which worked out OK. The shrouds are from 1/64" GRP and I think that I should have just about enough rudder movement. No hinges glued as yet and just wondering whether to get some Goriila glue for these but have never tried it. Problem will be keeping them central with the correct gap but that is way in the future.

chipmunk 011.jpg

chipmunk 012.jpg

Wing ribs to cut next I think!

Thread: Unfairly vilified engines.
15/10/2020 09:33:39

One brand I did not mention above is YS because these took care of a rather specialised end of the market, those requiring top performance and prepared to pay for it. I have collected quite a few 110s, 63s and a 53 which I use all the time. Most were obtained half price from people who bought them but had no clue as to how to start them. They run OK straight out of the box but a simple but strict first start of the day procedure in order to fully prime the engine and pressurise the tank has to be followed otherwise a weak start can result in a broken shaft. Ultra reliable and rarely need a setting tweaking.

Thread: Where have all the Lipos gone?
14/10/2020 20:20:49

Hear hear Matt.

Thread: Unfairly vilified engines.
14/10/2020 20:18:03

Thanks ES,

When I gave up flying competitions I got hold of one of those ST`s brand new for next to nothing. I preferred to use a TK fuel pressure system which the MAG carb could not handle so I substituted it for a Dynamix. Ran it for 9 years inverted in a Dalotel and it started first time by hand every time. No maintenance required but I killed it in a crash.

I have since acquired two more, built from spares by Motors and Rotors. Probably the best engines I have ever owned. One is currently in a Curare.

14/10/2020 16:01:27

Over the years I have owned very many different brands and sizes of engines, mostly good but some bad, the bad ones being bought after I restarted the hobby in 1998.

I bought an excellent JR computer set then went to a show and got a kit for an aerobat, retracts, the lot, including an MDS 48 which had the usual glowing, best thing since whatever reports in the mags. Very noisy little so and so and the carb slot was mis machined to make a letter P causing it to stick at full throttle, easily filed out to shape. Nobody in my new club could get them to idle but I found that with a cooler plug and 10% nitro there was no problem at all.

Next worst out of the box was an Irvine 36 which had zero compression and I gave up trying to start it (with a starter) after an hour. Next time out I got it to run and after a very long running in period it became a reliable if not too powerful motor.

An NGH 38FS would only run at 3/4 stated RPM and the camshaft failed after about 20min running. All of them I have seen are as bad as you can get (again a glowing mag report).

Got a PAW 55 R/C which is the hardest to start diesel I have ever owned and expensive too.

Top of the good list has to be Laser, Mills, Webra 91, Speed 60, OS 91FX, OS 25FX, ST 61 XRE, West 36 and for sheer power OPS Ursus 60 Risonanza. The Webra Speed along with HP 61`s were great most of the time but required a regular bearing change.

Earlier motors like AM were very good but DC ones utter rubbish. Cannot fault the Cox range.

I have an SC40 which is very good indeed but their 32FS is badly made.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
13/10/2020 17:49:11

Thanks for the gift and glad to see that the u/c units are all now functioning. A pleasure to help if I can. Now the fans-------?

Thread: Chip Shop
12/10/2020 16:54:21

Now got both elevator halves shaped and they seem to fit reasonably well. I practice I shall space them by 1/16th from the tail TE. I glued an extra strip of balsa inside each shroud to strengthen them. The joiner has also been made with a silver soldered horn and will be epoxied in on final assembly. Since the hinges float about a bit in their elevator pockets at the moment I shall have to cross my fingers that everything eventually moves freely.

chipmunk 007.jpg

chipmunk 008.jpg

11/10/2020 20:47:19

OK, I shall start again on this thread.

When I was just under five years old we moved to Swindon because my father knew something about new metals, titanium and zirconium, and got a job as a buyer for Vickers Aircraft which was only a couple of miles away. In those days there were Vampires, Venoms or whatever regularly flying over our house breaking the sound barrier. I was given an aircraft recognition chart and guess what was my favourite outline? The Chippy was a fairly common sight then.

I have since built a Tiggy. Stampe and Mew Gull with that nose shape so this one just had to happen.

I need something to occupy me in the shed for a long time and the last build, the Super Aeromaster went together rather more quickly than expected. This one at my version of 1:5 scale may take a little longer.


Strangely I started with the GRP hinges since they are needed to get anywhere. I now have the tail and elevators mostly built and with a bit of persuasion from a Dremel and sandpaper have got one to fit-ish. How much elevator movement is required?


Pics of the brass tubing being soldered to the PCB material and the build so far.


chipmunk 002.jpg

chipmunk 003.jpg

chipmunk 004.jpg

chipmunk 005.jpg

chipmunk 006.jpg

Someone please remind me never to build a tailplane like that again, it would have been much simpler to build it upside down and accept that it would have a little dihedral.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 11/10/2020 20:52:37

Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
11/10/2020 09:37:34

You certainly do not need `tex on what is supposed to be a lightweight model. I now only use the HK stuff because it is easy to apply and a fraction of the cost of Oracover.

10/10/2020 20:00:36

I used 1/16th soft sheet wetted and taped on layer by layer using aliphatic. Probably about four from what I can remember.

Thread: Chip Shop
10/10/2020 10:54:11

Thanks Danny, I was just looking at the fin/rudder bit on the other thread.

Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
10/10/2020 10:49:35

Looking at my model I think I used 5x3 mm, not 4mm which would be too small.

Thread: Chip Shop
09/10/2020 19:59:54

Thanks Danny, it looks as though I shall have to poke epoxy into the holes in the elevators on final assembly so shall add an extra rib the other side of the hinges on them to make a proper job I hope. All hinges have holes drilled to allow the glue to grab. I too have soldered brass tubing to the PCB hinges to minimise wear, a long and thankless task on that lot.

I have some pics but will wait until I have got a bit further. Going through the website to find the bits I want is a nightmare.

My local print shop has only recently acquired a plotter and have not as yet worked out how to do a mirror image of the wing. I could do with this as I would be able to cut out the ribs to draw round rather than ruining the original print, but there is another place which may be able to do it.

09/10/2020 14:52:37

Changed my mind about starting my own blog because I already have questions and run into a possible snag with the elevator hinges which I am sure has been addressed here but cannot find the answer.

Having built the tail bar final shaping I have made a start on the elevators. The hinges are glued into the tail but how will I be able to fit the screws into position for final assembly because they would be buried in the elevator LE? Or do I have to glue the hinges to the elevators after covering and finishing?

Thread: OS 46 - stripped crankcase cover screw threads
06/10/2020 20:29:19

I believe that they will be M3 and I think that I still have some of those helicoils left in my kit but don`t hold your breath.

PM me and I will confirm.

Thread: Chip Shop
05/10/2020 18:38:21

Got me hooked on one of these things now, but mine will be 82" at 1:5 scale. I have the blown up plan and have made a tentative start with the aileron and flap hinges but will start my own blog when I have something to show on it.

Thread: Sellers beware!
04/10/2020 16:00:23

I got well and truly caught out by Paypal too once. I ordered a s/h portable TV which was delivered in a sorry state with the box it was in collapsed and water pouring out of it. Unfortunately I had it delivered to work and the numbskull in the stores signed for it. Paypal said to send it back at my own expense which I duly did but could get no response from the seller, at which point PP closed the case and wanted nothing else to do with it, so I had no Telly and no 50 quid.

I did however recently gain a £150 diesel heater for my shed which arrived damaged. The seller wanted me to return it to China although he was UK based. They refused to respond further so I repaired it and it is working great.

Thread: Regulating to 6v
04/10/2020 15:43:27

I have had one of those sets for a long time and only remember charging my Eneloops about twice. Don`t over complicate things.

Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
04/10/2020 15:38:37

If you look at my build thread I believe that it reveals all, but here it is again. Spray the carbon with a little 3M 05917 Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter, then you can use normal c.a. Very useful stuff at £10 or so per can and the cheapest way to buy it.

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