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Thread: Petrol engine cutting out on take-off
24/05/2019 21:12:04

Sounded as though dirt was being pulled through the fuel line. Filters from the fuel pump and tank to motor need to be much finer than for glow fuel. Once crap is in a diaphragm carb. it can be difficult to find and remove. I have had more motor cuts for one reason or another on petrols than any other type.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
24/05/2019 20:55:43

On a different note I think that we should be allowed to fly standing by the runway rather than being herded back into a line way off. I found this unexpected, difficult and unnecessary last year particularly with my Spit. I noted that the star solo performers were not expected to do this. Also, why should we fly from right up one end of the field? If they want to do the same this year I shall take it up with the flightline director.

What was your motor doing after the replacement parts were fitted Pete? Same as before?

Flew my new Spit. again yesterday with lots more church roof up front and it is much better but a leg refused to come down. New servos for the retracts bought today but time for me is running out so may just take the old one.

24/05/2019 15:17:22

Yes, I meant Tiger Team.

24/05/2019 11:19:14

Got my W&W pass today. Slots are Stampe and WW2 (small).

Thread: Peculiar petrol engine idle
22/05/2019 20:10:03

I have an RCG (not RCGF) 30 which is fine, also a similar RCG 50. The 50 started to quit after 2.5 mins in the air or on the ground. Someone spotted a tiny piece of black crap in the fuel line just by the carb. It could not be sucked out due to the diaphragm being closed but I got it out in the end. Could be a similar problem with yours. Hope you sort it before W&W.

Thread: Lidl XL Glider
22/05/2019 19:44:32

I still have an original kit. If you want it I shall be at W&W.

Thread: Cordless - Dremel or Aldi special?
20/05/2019 18:34:02

I bought a cordless Dremel when I was working in the US in 1998 (had to get a 240 to 110V transformer). The 7.2V NiCad still holds full capacity, the drill permanently has a 1/16th" bit in it and is so small and handy it is untrue. Would not be without it. Current ones are not US built (Russian I think). I bought an Aldi (or was it Lidl) one as a spare. Works fine and can recommend it. Also have mains B&Q one (Skill) which is great for the heavier work and you can still get spares for them.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/05/2019 18:18:45

Looks great.

Thread: Charge currents
19/05/2019 16:47:58

Got me stumped there. Are you sure that the meter read 35V and not 0.35V or 3.5V?

They cannot be LiFe because the two together would be 26.4V, not 24V. Only NiMh, NiCad or lead acid can give 24V in total unless the stated 24V is just nominal. Li-on cells could also be somewhere near and much more likely to be found in a drill these days.

Is it the charger which came with the drill or something else?

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
17/05/2019 20:44:14

I asked before the thread was closed down if there could be a poll on this forum for who intends to register. Can this be implemented please?

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
17/05/2019 20:34:41

Not managed to fill it in either, so shall just have to ignore it. Pointless if you are flying in more than one slot with a choice of models. Don`t know why they should need to make it so difficult.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
16/05/2019 22:59:32

That seems pretty clear then, so why are we being hounded?

16/05/2019 21:53:38

We seem to have polls on this forum for various things so how about one for `do you intend to register, yes or no`?

Thread: Taranis 9 channel
13/05/2019 16:16:57

I also normally use JRDSX9 and now have so many JR/Spektrum/Orange Rx`s to go with it that a total change would be very expensive. I also have a 9X2 modular Tx. (plus a few others such as TGY 6 and 10 ch. sets).

Quite a few years ago I bought an X9D plus 2x X8 and 2x D8 Rx`s. Also have a FrSky Tx module which came with two more D8`s. In order to get the X9D to work with all of my Rx`s the local Taranis guru put it on global s/w (at least I think that was the reason). Trouble is that it gets used so rarely that I need to go and see him every time that I want to do something different. I am totally useless with this type of programming. First attempt saw the trims working in the wrong direction. Interesting maiden.

May decide to keep the module and Rx`s and sell the rest. The only thing is that many of my scale models require at least 9 channels.

Thread: Aileron differential
12/05/2019 19:19:14

I have a few models which require quite a lot of differential, namely an o/d 81" Lanc, a HK one, a Precedent Stampe and a Mercury Tiger Moth. The Stampe is done mechanically by offsetting the servo arms as is the 81" Lanc. Servo power on the other two is sufficient to just use the Tx diff. 2:1 on these types of model is about normal. If you wish to roll without the addition of rudder you can always use a mix switch. 30 to 50% rudder mix seems to be about right. Strangely, the Tiggy needs rudder mix but the Stampe does not.

Thread: Wots with chris foss?
07/05/2019 20:49:49

John Lee,

I am going back there on Friday but judging by the large line up of foamies I doubt if I shall spend any money flying, just take a break. They used to have `proper` i/c aerobats. Nothing in particular against the foamies but on my last visit a couple of years ago there was not much else worth flying and I got bored because they are too easy. I do like Acrowots though.

Thread: Mercury Tiger Moth
07/05/2019 20:30:12

I built the Mercury Tiggy from some rather incomplete down loaded plans some years ago, originally with a Mills 0.75. The inverted motor proved difficult to start and operate since the compression screw was inaccessible and the structure rather fragile to get a good grip on. I tried to make a longer one but it did not work out too well, so in the end I electrified it (sorry). It still flies a treat and can cope with a high wind. Won a prize at Greenacres with it for the best between wars model. You must mix about 30% rudder in with the ailerons to get a smooth turn or it will bite you.

Thought that I had some pics in my album but they must be on another PC.

A Mills usually starts and runs perfectly in the wrong direction anyway but why bother?

Thread: CAA registration consulation
07/05/2019 17:53:42

These delivery drones will obviously work in countries which have large open spaces such as the US and Africa, but never in Blighty other than for emergency services.

I believe that a shotgun licence lasts for five years and works out cheaper in the end so if you see an Amazon drone over your garden or flying field you will know what to do!!!!!

Anyway, who is going to enforce any legislation which states that you cannot fly a toy aeroplane without first registering? The Bill will not even turn out if you get burgled or mugged. And who has the equipment to see if your model is at over 400ft or whatever? Are they seriously thinking of taking a set of scales with them to check the weight of your foamie? It beggars belief.

06/05/2019 15:07:36

Worth reading that FT article about the AMA opposition. I just googled the heading.

03/05/2019 20:01:43

Just been chatting to my best model flying mate down at the pub. He had heard a whisper somewhere about this lot but owns neither a smart phone nor a PC and never intends to do so. So how does the government intend to contact people like him? Send a letter to every household in the land to see if they have a toy plane hidden in the loft? They could all be fined £1000 even if they just start up the motor to scare off the rats up there because they could accidentally let go of it, in which case they would be flying it illegally. (All of this above nonsense with tongue in cheek of course).

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