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Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
30/03/2013 18:32:06

I always cover everything before hinging but then I fly 70% i.c. so it is important to ensure that there are no gaps. Adding pins is always a good idea and essential if using epoxied ordinary ones. I just use soft brass dressmaking pins which are invisible when clipped off so you can do this after covering.

30/03/2013 17:58:58

Mike, just a bit of extra advice. If using the flocked or `hairy hinges` as they are known, use only ZAP thin cyano as it is one of the few which are thin enough to capilliary into the hinge. Put these on the control surface first, i.e. an aileron with just a tiny drop on each side. Leave for at least ten minutes to completely set then push into the flying surface ensuring full movement. With the aileron at full down again apply a drop either side. Watch out for runs and mop up with tissue. This is really very easy but if you have not done it before then the above should prevent any unforseen pitfalls.

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
29/03/2013 21:13:09

They are from a white circle, a red circle and a blue ring. Hope this helps.

Thread: WolstonFlyer's Tucano
27/03/2013 19:05:19

See messages, Martin

26/03/2013 22:47:44

Wolston, I have hundreds of 25mm brass threaded rods so PM me if you want some.

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
26/03/2013 22:41:33

Back to the Tucano then. My i.c. one is now complete bar the exhausts which are the subject of experimentation with trying to make a GRP mould from a plug of silicone tube pushed over an offcut from an old alloy header pipe. Not expecting much luck there but I shall persevere.

Flying the 44" one I did not have much trouble seeing it in the air but the yellow upper trim did not stand out so on this one I have added a wide yellow strip to the underside of each wing, parallell to the fus, to make it more visible.

26/03/2013 22:21:13

And very many thanks from myself, David, for trying to offer an explanation for that seemingly impossible model speed.

26/03/2013 19:42:40


25/03/2013 18:58:13

Hi David, it was a standard aerobatic model of 1970`s vintage with only an HP61 up front. The weight would have been around 9.75lbs and span 67", so a loading of about 24oz/sq.ft. Not a particularly slippy model.

We digress just a bit from the Tucano thread I am afraid.

25/03/2013 15:40:36

Hi David, yes quite. That is why I said the results were surprising. Obviously we were trying for speed and would not have entered from level flight. There was a howling gale blowing and each up/downwind run gave 130/190mph giving a wind speed of 30mph which seemed about right. I have heard of many instances of people trying to fly whilst in a flat out car or a heli and in each case they could not keep up with the model (WW2 types).

24/03/2013 23:02:54

That all looks to be very neatly made indeed. Nice covering.

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
22/03/2013 23:42:37

I have added some 5 1/2oz of lead to the tail.

The hatch was then filmed over.

This still only brings the cg to a point forward of where I think it should be but will be a safe starting place.

The choice of motor for test flying has been changed to a YS63S which should just about propel it into earth orbit.

Everything checked over and the only excuse now is the weather again.

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
22/03/2013 23:24:47

I cannot agree more Geoff.

22/03/2013 23:10:44

Right, I`m going to throw my paddle in again.

So why do we designers and builders go to all the trouble of going to a model shop and only choosing the very lightest balsa and other materials for our project? We do not then ballast the thing and undo all the good work unless it is a glider on a windy day.

22/03/2013 22:38:39

Yes I agree Phill but you are just adding weight. I cannot stress enough that light models fly better.

Just ask any aerobat.

22/03/2013 22:13:23

Hi Geoff, thanks for your reply and comments. I also have 50+ years in electronics and a strong background in batteries of many types. The whole point is that in using a high `C` rated pack it will be far less abused and will last many more cycles which in the long term will more than repay the extra initial cost. Any increase in performance does not really come into the equation.

Incidentally, some years ago I did some speed testing on models using just flag wavers and stop watches, so probably not too accurate. The interesting outcome was that the models actually flew faster than the theoretical speed of a `prop slicing through soft butter` so to speak. I can only surmise that this was due to the airfoil section of the prop giving that extra speed. I seem to remember that a model with an 11x7 @ 12000rpm ish prop did an average of 160mph over six runs.

22/03/2013 19:32:16

Whilst I am griping, if you have a CNC pack and cannot hold the fus sides to the tailpost with other than a couple of clothes pegs then you have been done and should send the whole thing back to MHS. I simply held the bits together with my fingers whilst cyanoing the formers in place.

I do feel very sorry for newbies having such an amount of trouble with what should be a very simple and quick process and do hope that this experience will not put them off trying something else.

If unsure about the rigidity of your pack pieces, go to a model shop and pick out the very lightest of say 3/16 balsa and see just how easily this bends. That is what you should have had in your planpack.

22/03/2013 19:13:10

I find this fascinating that people are going into theoretical volume of air displaced etc. for such a small, simple model. All you need to do, since we now all know the motor size required, is to pick the largest diameter/lowest pitch recommended by the manufacturer and from the current draw figures add 50% for the ESC type. If it draws say 30A on this prop then get a 50A ESC and a 45-70C battery such as a Turnigy Nano 2200mA/hr. No need then to use two cheapo 30C batteries. Your model will be much lighter, you only need one pack at a time and it will fly very much better.

See the power set up on` Martin`s retract version`.  This has been flight tested and works.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 22/03/2013 19:16:46

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
20/03/2013 23:15:26

Very nearly there at last. Ailerons and flaps hooked up and the Tx programmed. Servo slow is employed on the flaps. A mock up assembly is done, really just awaiting some cowl fixings.

A CG check was done, and even with the battery as far back as possible that long nose made it about three feet too nose heavy so lots of church roof will be required in the tail. All up weight without that is a miserly 6lbs 13oz (3.1kg) so the 63 it will be test flown with will be rather more than enough.

Some pics, the shed debris and all.

Thread: UKCAA - Models, engines and schedules
16/03/2013 22:37:03

The brakes are very effective indeed when landing on a short patch. I am not quick enough on the sticks to try them in a vertical dive manoeuvre but then, how many other than Prettner himself would be able to. He had an array of switches on the back of his Tx, I believe, which even in those early days of radio would `programme` it for each figure.


Terry only did his own research on these and was not involved with anyone other than myself. Most flyers soon cottoned on to the idea.

A while ago I bought one of your Loaded Dice, 140 size I think, models from a fellow club member, finished in primer with retracts etc. I shall probably not finish it so if anyone wishes to give it a home just give me the fifty quid I paid and it is yours. There is a slight warp in one wing panel.

Martin Mc

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