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Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
31/10/2013 21:14:43

Hope you don`t mind me putting this here but it is a good place for it. A mate has just purchased the HP61 from Als Hobbies on my recommendation but when he received it the needle valve had been nicked. Anyone got one please?

Have also posted this on the wanted site.

31/10/2013 19:48:19

Thanks Steve, it must be an error on the cover of the November issue.

I remember Dave Nieman flying in to Fradley using his newly acquired heli licence. He was given a Jim Davis warbird on mode 1 but did not like it so changed to mode 2. Still not being keen he removed all of the Tx centring springs. Quote "that`s better". What a flyer.

Probably repeating myself here but just what has happened to aerobatics? Three flightlines to accommodate 70 flyers dominated the Nats until the turnaround schedule was introduced. One of the things which killed it for me. It just looks like a load of disjointed unrecognisable rubbish now with no spectator appeal. Humpty bump? What is it supposed to be? Evidently you need several surplus £grand to even think of being competitive these days. Umpteen classes with sometimes only one entrant, even at the Nats.

30/10/2013 21:31:14

Hi Steve,

So where is it and on which page? There are none missing from my copy. The mind boggles! Maybe I picked up a pre-print shop sample or something from WHS.

Thread: Full body pilots
30/10/2013 20:42:41

Hi Karl, I did not see that bit but the prices are a little out of my reach and I would ideally like to do this in American colours. Thanks anyway.

30/10/2013 20:14:43

C-J, I shall try to find that, thanks.

30/10/2013 20:12:20

Thanks WF but at £200 er no.

Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
30/10/2013 20:06:17

Nice pic, and oh, er, Pete also. I remember him well. Whatever happened to Mark Redsell? He just took the gold and disappeared forever.

Thanks for the pics of me Terry, I have some already but not all. Did I really look like that then?

Conversed a couple of days ago with the one and only David Hardaker. He still flies, and has his original Lightning.

The November issue of R/C Model Flyer cover says that there is an article on retro aerobatics but certainly not in my copy although a fellow club member says that he saw my Curare in it ????

Martin Mc

Thread: Full body pilots
30/10/2013 14:38:15

Thanks for the prompt replies.

cymaz, I think that they only do 1:4 upwards and that guy already flies my Mew Gull. Probably a good bet when I do my Stampe.

John, have phoned them and I may be able to squeeze in a 1:6.

Will wait a bit though to see if there are any more suggestions.

Regards, Martin

30/10/2013 11:15:29

Hi all,

Already put this on my build blog but am trying a wider audience.

Looking for a full length pilot figure, preferably WW2 US, about 225-250mm high. Have tried all the usual suspects but drawn a blank so far (and no I am not going to even try to make one). Anyone know of a stockist please?

Thread: Martins i/c Mustang
29/10/2013 20:19:52

Well done, but I cannot even draw stick men let alone sculpt.

29/10/2013 19:40:37

Thanks Tony but, er, not me

29/10/2013 19:32:48

Not a lot to show for my efforts lately because most of the work is being channelled into the cowl.

I have made the exhaust stacks which are now partially painted. Note that the tubing should read 8mm, not 6 as on the plan. Mine are alloy from an old tank antenna, actually from an E.D. carrier wave ground based Tx. so they could well be from nearly the right period!

martins ic mustang 049.jpg

Some of the interior has been fitted and painted.

martins ic mustang 052.jpg

The elevators and rudder covered with Solartex.

martins ic mustang 051.jpg

The canopy has been partly cut to size to check if it fits. It is a Topflite pattern from Vortex and is slightly larger than the MHS one but it seems fine.

martins ic mustang 053.jpg

Elevator and rudder horns from 1/16" GRP.

martins ic mustang 054.jpg

Question. Anyone know where I can get an appropriate 1:7 full body pilot since the whole `office` is in view? I have searched all of the likely sites I know but nothing turned up. I am not trying to go overboard with detail on this but a head and shoulders one would look a bit silly.

The oleos have not turned up yet and am reluctant to go ahead with much more until they do. No doubt from `Tims Boatyard` again.

Thread: How many build projects (ARTF and trad') do you have running?
26/10/2013 15:56:03

To damned many!

Thread: Martins i/c Mustang
25/10/2013 22:26:56

With a lot of persuasion using the Dremel on the mount the motor fits reasonably well (phew!). I just put a little too much angle on the firewall and nose ring for the mount centreline offset (it was 3 degrees, 2 would have been better). I shall probably continue this by making the glass cowl which is a long job.

martins ic mustang 006.jpg

Sorry again about the lousy pic.

25/10/2013 20:06:34

Got the other retract set and the gear door sequencers today in a package marked `From Tim`s Boatyard, Stains`. Wot? These were ordered from HK international so I don`t know what is going on here.

The retracts have metal centres but it looks like monkey metal to me. I can make them fit.

The sequencer destructions have to be seen to be believed. I thought I had seen Chinglese but these have to take the biscuit. Perhaps I will give the doors a miss.

martins ic mustang 002.jpg

martins ic mustang 003.jpg

martins ic mustang.jpg

martins ic mustang 001.jpg

The nose is now basically sorted but was quite difficult since the lower half is to be a plug for a GF mold and aligning all those bits of wood took ages. Just the rounded front of the chin to complete.

martins ic mustang 004.jpg

martins ic mustang 005.jpg

Even though the servos, switch and tailwheel parts are installed this is a large and heavy fus. I can see where the AUW of 9lbs comes from.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
25/10/2013 00:42:38

Turns out that the Laser `100` is actually an eighty which I already have so it will be going back.

Flipped through most of this blog and it looks like I shall have a lot of work ahead of me.

Some twenty years ago I had a flight in a Stampe and since I had previously had a couple of flying lessons the pilot let me loop it. Hanging upside down on only a leather strap at 1500 ft. was quite nerve racking. My fingernails were biting into the cockpit side when he did an Immellman.. Amazing amount of back stick required for the loop.

Some time later I was after a job as an aeroplane restorer and did some work on a crashed Rothmans Stampe. The 1mm ply LE sheeting had some holes to repair and the 4" patches needed to be tapered at the edges at 15:1. Not easy. I re-made some broken ribs which were very flimsy, being made from 10x5 mm with a T piece 3x5mm set in a groove. These were spaced with similar strips held with tiny triangular metal plates glued and pinned with just 5mm panel pins. If you get the lengths right you end up with the correct wing section.

To think that I had actually been up in one of these things!

Hope you do not mind me relating this here but now you know why I wish to build one.

24/10/2013 15:10:31

Just happened accross an unopened original kit yesterday. Been looking for a while. Also got a BNIB Laser 100 from the same source, both at a very reasonable price, so when my current Mustang project is done I shall be joining in the fray.

That GF cowl would save me an enormous ammount of time making my own.


Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
23/10/2013 22:57:55

It may be of interest to know that Al`s hobbies at the jet centre, Wolverton, has just acquired a huge amount of stuff from the estate of a deceased modeller. Lots of vintage engines including HP Bluehead and Mercos of all sorts. Most of these are unrun or BNIB. Lots of kits too, although I did not look very closely since I found a long sought after original 1/4 scale Precedent Stamp kit untouched and a Laser 100 BNIB to go with it. Only went in for a couple of bits of wood and a tube of glue!

The previous owner did not just buy one engine of a type but four or five at a time for some reason.

Martin Mc.

Thread: Martins i/c Mustang
23/10/2013 19:52:40

Probably a good idea. It looks great. Will try with the pics.

22/10/2013 22:46:46

Hi Colin, the only target date is the local club class 1 scale day next July and I intend to claim the trophy for the third year running either with this or something else but there is much competition which is why I am trying to add a few extra features. I think I have worked out the tailwheel doors (in my mind) but the rest will have to wait. Useless at cockpit detail so will have to make up for it in some other way.

I do retro aerobatics normally so this scale stuff is a little alien to me (but I am getting better at it).

Good luck with the Seafang. Was it you who was thinking of a flat wing Spiteful as I have a few pics of my old i/c one?

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