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Thread: Fuel proofing
08/04/2012 22:07:23

Hello all,

I have always had problems with trying to fuel proof a model finished in enamel paint, say Humbrol or even Spektrum, when using 20% nitro. Tufkote lasts for a time: acrylic is much better but I have not as yet found any in satin for WW2 models. Dulux Diamond Glaze is a possibility so does anyone have experience of this or can suggest something suitable please? Epoxied prices are through the roof and getting the correct colours could be a problem.


Thread: Quadcopter
08/04/2012 21:44:22

Hi Mike,

Before it died I managed a few short hops and experimented with the pots a little but probably had them set lower than that. The motors certainly responded to rocking but that was the point at which they started to fail. Will keep you posted,


08/04/2012 19:35:26

Hi all, well, my KK board came set up for a quad OK but on first tests in a warehouse a couple of motors died occasionally. This turned out to be the unused and untapped front mounts touching the motor windings, eventually destroying one of them. Having a ding dong with HobbyKing at the moment to get them replaced (Donkey motors, real donkeys). Will order rather better ones when they are back in stock so in the meantime must just wait . I hear that the gyros on the KK are not good enough to auto stabilize. What do you reckon?

Thread: Percival Mew Gull
07/04/2012 21:35:50

If anyone is interested I have now built a 1/4 scale version from plans (scaled up) posted in PDF format by Colin Usher. This is rather adequately powered by a YS 110 and is a dream to fly. Since the design has aerobatic possibilities I modified the section to fully symmetrical, retaining the thickness ratio (RAF 30 modified). The tail is fully built up construction. The cg is too far forward at the moment for my liking so will experiment with this. Having trouble relocating the website but I am sure that Colin would help with this. Note that F1 is way too narrow as shown on the plan.

Thread: Soldering Irons and butain gas
22/03/2012 19:46:58

What a lot this wonderful hobby teaches us. I was taught how to harden/anneal metals using heat/ fast cooling/ very slow cooling/ immersion in oil when at school but it is too long ago to remember the details.

For your interest, I only use Telux flux for soft soldering piano wire or brass. It is none corrosive and much better than Fluxite. Essential for good linkage joints.

I would love to know what manufacturers use to get those perfect alloy welds on silencers etc.


21/03/2012 22:54:58

In most cases a wire wrapped soft solder joint is all that is required for u/c legs. If you must use some sort of brazing, quench the joint whilst still cherry red, polish up with sand paper until most of the metal is bright then reheat gently until it turns to straw colour. Allow to cool slowly. Not great but it works for me.


Thread: Sunspots
20/03/2012 23:54:17

Same sort of thing happened to me 10 days ago. Kept the Sanyo 1200 nicad topped up occasionally during rhe winter. Put it on a slow charge the night before when it registered about 400mAh, quite normal, Turned on to check at the field and it died within 10 seconds. 2V only from pack. My cherished Spit. lives again thanks to lady luck. I normally cycle them but did not in this case. This is the one pack which I did not change as a matter of course. You live and learn.


18/03/2012 22:45:46

Very funny, sonny.

Thread: Oh cheer, Spring's here, how much flying are you getting in?
18/03/2012 19:21:09

Just where do you people live? Here in Bucks it was a horribly freezing day due to the east wind. Put the models in the van, left them there and crawled back into the nice warm shed.

Last Sunday it was great, but only three or four other members appeared. What do the other eighty-odd do?

Martin Mc

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 18/03/2012 19:24:41

Thread: Soldering Irons and butain gas
18/03/2012 18:39:51

I got some silver solder, loads of it, on ebay for about a tenner. I think it came from a guy in Milton Keynes. Much easier than (brass) brazing. You also need the flux which Nexus can supply. The above mentioned torches will also do aluminium welding using Techno Weld if you are brave enough.


18/03/2012 18:27:28

Hi David,

If you are looking for a gas torch then get one from your local DIY( Wickes, B&Q etc) of the type with a screw on propane/butane can. These are cheap and will braze/silver solder u/c legs etc. Don`t touch the tiny expensive ones.

I solder electronics professionally and although this is a cheapo, can recommend a temperature controlled soldering station which will last you forever @£34.95 from The bits are only £1.09 to boot.

Catalogue No. SD01116.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 18/03/2012 18:30:31

Thread: Sunspots
17/03/2012 17:24:05

PS. Try keeping the Tx further from the model at switch on and turn the tranny on for a few seconds before turning on the Rx to allow it to pick up a couple of spare frequencies. Works for me.


17/03/2012 17:18:22

Yes, I too have had a JR set loose its bind with the Rx a couple of times but could not even guess at the cause. Each time after a period of non use.


17/03/2012 16:19:31

I realise that there are two different tales of woe going on here, Erfolg`s and mine. When I said a `nearby` club it is actually 25 miles away, so local interference can be ruled out.

I do know a little about vhf and shf radio having worked with it for many years, but confess to a lack of understanding of the possible effects of solar activity which some correspondents are clearly familiar with.

I would have thought that once you have `bagged` your pair of frequencies (JR), then nobody else could access them.

By the way, my wireless router kept dropping out at about the same time. It is only 30cm away.

Let`s hope that this weekend is not a repeat.

Thanks for your replies,


16/03/2012 23:42:39

Hi John,

Lets see what other replies there are before we draw conclusions.

If not many, then I shall shut up!


16/03/2012 23:38:24

Hi Martyn,

I would tend to disagree with that having flown for many years on 27. A sunspot high noticeably increased glitching for everyone. I omitted to say that an electric glider also inexplicably went in at my site last weekend.

I sincerely hope that this is not the case but have not previously had even the merest twich on 2.4 over the past few years.

Martin Mc

Thread: Oh cheer, Spring's here, how much flying are you getting in?
16/03/2012 23:25:18


Directed to this post by moderator. Please see my thread headed `Sunspots`.


Thread: Sunspots
16/03/2012 22:10:22

Hi all,

There has been a lot of publicity lately about the current high level of sunspot activity affecting various things including radio transmissions. In fact today a newspaper reported that many people were experiencing TV reception problems.

I do not wish to be alarmist, but how does this affect us?

Late last year I had my first scare on 2.4 when a well trusted model suddenly locked out for several seconds. Luckily control was regained, the model landed, and no faults found. Subsequent flights no problem.

I have heard that on Sunday last four models at a relatively nearby club were destroyed due to a similar occurrence, all on 2.4.

Yesterday I took up a 2M funfly for a test flight prior to its sale. On applying down elevator on low throttle setting it blacked out resulting in heavy damage.

No problems have been found with the gear after the crash.

We were used to this in the bad old days of 27mHz but on super reliable 2.4?

Anyone else having problems like this recently?

Thread: Quadcopter
14/03/2012 22:57:12

Hi Mike,

Received same board as yours today. Looks like it does indeed come ready for a quad. I googled `connecting KK board` and looked at `KK controller board for quad flyers` and although a bit Chinglese gives you the gist of it. I assume that all esc power connectors are commoned to the flight battery and that the board is powered via the servo outputs but have not had time (or courage) to connect it as yet.


13/03/2012 19:09:47

Hi Mike,

No replies on that one as yet. Will let you know if I find out other than on this forum.


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