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Thread: Mosquito
06/10/2008 19:54:00
Terry, thanks for the reply and yes any photos you can send would be greatly appreciated. The 81" is also covered with hand written instructions, so is probably a direct scale up. I sympathise with your problems with Photobucket. Cannot get the hang of it myself either but once managed to publish some pics here using some other software.MM.
Thread: Depron Ribs?
29/09/2008 23:32:00
Hi Biggles. What do you call a good price and who was it from please?
Thread: From the archives.......
29/09/2008 23:28:00

Chris, I also started R/C life building a Timber scaled up for an AM 25. UK Rx and `120V battery pack over the shoulder in a gas mask bag and Tx in a biscuit tin`. Did me no harm either.

Thread: Don't say you didn't fly this weekend
29/09/2008 23:16:00
I am in a club with 100 members. Went up Sun. am and nobody there. Watched the GP and returned-still alone! Perfect flying day. What is the matter with them since all they have done is moan recently about the poor conditions. Active members wanted.
Thread: Depron Ribs?
28/09/2008 20:33:00
Bruce, £50 total. Looked up some manufacturers a while ago and that seems to be the minimum outlay. Cannot remember them now but could look it up. Also carbon rod and tube can be bought very cheaply from a company in Rickmandsworth for about £1 per metre for a minimum outlay of £25 the last time I used them.  RBJ reinforced plastics LTD.
28/09/2008 19:39:00
I think that we need to form a small group to buy Depron in quantity to get it at a reasonable price. I believe that £50 would get us quite a bit, enough each for lots of ribs and foamies. Any ideas on this?
Thread: Mosquito
28/09/2008 19:31:00
Has anyone out there built the Brian Taylor 81" Mossie because although I consider myself to be a very experienced builder I am having trouble understanding some aspects of the plan, particularly the outer end of the inboard flaps and the apparent abrupt change in the wing skin above the cowl position. Are build instructions available anywhere please?
Thread: Mode 1 or 2?
27/09/2008 21:27:00
Hi Biggles, most of my flying in the 70`s was at the Sutton Coldfield site at Fradley near Lichfield and I cannot recall anyone who flew other than mode 1 out of a membership of 100+. Mind you, a lot of us were competion fliers. Remember, Wolfgang Matt and Hanno Prettner fly mode 1, both world champions.
24/09/2008 21:54:00
It does not come with any!
23/09/2008 23:16:00
Stuey, I think that you are correct. Come to think of it, I do not recall a problem when using the model on 1300mAh hydrides. The higher capacity cells can certainly only be charged at a low (1/10C) rate, so the discharge max. current would probably be much less than a lower capacity pack. Just wondering how the 1500mAh pack supplied with the JR DSX9 would perform with digi servos since I presume that they would expect us to use them with their currently top of the range set.
21/09/2008 19:38:00
Hi Doug, Bought an AR6100 yesterday and it took several attempts to bind properly without flashing LEDs but is now fine. Maybe some minor problems have still to be sorted out, but I still have more faith in this than 35mHz.
Thread: Mode 1 or 2?
19/09/2008 23:22:00
Have posted similar elsewhere, but mode one was the natural progression from reed outfits. I can spot a mode two flier from a mile off trying to do a level eight point roll. Beats me how they manage it at all. Why are most southern fliers mode two and midlands upwards predominately mode one? Even the obscure Aussies, I believe,  fly the more natural mode for a model. Think about it. It uses both sides of your brain for the primary controls  and you cannot affect pitch with an aileron input so you can `flick the stick` for point rolls. I have flown full size a few times and an aileron/elevator joystick seems perfectly natural but then you also have your feet to operate the rudder. Tried mode two once on a fun fly and was thankful to get down in one piece in the long grass!
19/09/2008 22:37:00
Timbo, flown the model today with the new set-up and now feel completely `locked in` and  in full control for the first time in its 2 year life. But!!! on switching on the DSX9 for the second flight the Rx refused to respond until it was switched off  and on again. Could not repeat it and no further problems but has anyone else experienced this? There was one other 2.4 in operation at the time. MM.
18/09/2008 20:57:00
Timbo, yes, they were AA size but not had the problem in other models. The 4.8V pack is now C cells. Had far too many Lipo failures in lecky models (including top brands) to trust them as yet in anything which does not have a BEC.  Martin.
17/09/2008 22:31:00
Timbo, this may not be the ideal place to put this, but I think that it may be relevant.. I have a Dalotel now on JR DSX9 but previously on JR 3810. The radio makes no difference. I used MG995 cheapo digi servos and found that occasionally one would suffer a delay in returning to neutral; changing the servo seemed to help for a short time. I have just installed some decent Multiplex digi servos and the problem re-occurred, but only with all servos plugged in. The Rx pack is a 2000 NiMh, and when I measured the output with all servos operating it was below 3.8V. Changing to a 2000 Nicad has completely cured the problem. Could this be the cause of some brown outs? I never felt completely in control with the NiMh`s (tested to hold full capacity). Should we only use Lipo`s (which I do not trust) or Nicads with digi servos?
Thread: I give up!
16/09/2008 23:07:00
Not quite Timbo! I hate to keep saying this but the cause of many failures is due to the totally crappy servo connectors we now have to put up with. They simply do not snap in and lock together properly and individual pins are prone to being pushed out giving an intermittent connection. Manufacturers please take note.
15/09/2008 22:34:00
Martin R, you only really have a couple or so of prop sizes per ic motor, so go with the manufactures recommended size except for Japanese products which will state a rediculousely large prop to keep the noise beow their level, ie OS 91FX - recommended 14x10 to 14x11. Actual - 14x6. MM.
14/09/2008 19:15:00

Hi Shaun, only saw this thread recently and have only read some of the earlier posts but I remember measuring the current drain on a popular 9g servo and it was found to be 250mA with the motor disconnected from the gearbox and free running. Just what they draw in normal use I hate to think. A typical 3A UBEC should be OK but if you use slightly larger servos the drain is usually much less.

With regard to Rx positioning, I deliberately velcrod a futaba 2.4gHz Rx to an ESC running at 500W and there were no adverse effects whatsoever!

Thread: Ohm's Law?
07/09/2008 17:35:00
Peter R, I vaguely remember tuning resonators and susceptances many years ago on 1.9gHz. Glad we do not have to do this to get our gear to work!
04/09/2008 22:04:00

Enough of this! Just guestimate what you will need, put a prop on it and go fly. Works well for me. (P.S.) I am also an electronics engineer and work with 4-wire micro sized reversable brushless motors .

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