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Thread: Tony Nijhuis 63" Spit
26/03/2008 20:22:00
Shaun, as is usual with my models, I made a glass fibre cowl which is not as difficult as it may sound. This is simply screwed to plastic angle mounts after engine installation, the only tricky bit being to get a spanner in to tighten a four stroke exhaust. Could reproduce these on a small scale if it would be worth my while re-stocking with cloth, resin, etc. The type of female mould I use can only be used a few times. I am no expert at this and cannot guarantee a professional product. If anyone is desperate I could possibly do these for around £20+pp. Remember that these will be shaped to fit MY fus., but are very flexible.
Thread: Fitting retracts to foam cored wings
22/03/2008 21:08:00
Graham, go with the ply plates every time on foam. I have always used 1/8 birch ply inset so that the edges front and rear align with the wing section. Fit balsa infill on top of this and sand to section. 3" square plates should be about right. Do not dowel these in as is sometimes recommended because in the event of a heavy landing the plates will usually just pull out and not cause further damage. The balsa infill will probably be about right when cut down to the ply to make your u/c flush with the surface. I usually make the rough cutouts with the heated end of a ruler, and finish with a 8mm or so Dremel burr with 60 grit paper glued to the end. Cut the pushrod holes with a heated tube before joining the wing.
Thread: What connector?
13/03/2008 18:40:00
Timbo, only for commercial use. The bod in the street is still, thankfully, able to buy it. If you want some, or 60/40, just email me.
13/03/2008 12:58:00
Sn62 is normal lead/tin with 2% added silver.
12/03/2008 21:33:00
I agree with Timbo, 2mm for up to 1000mAh, 4mm thereafter. 2mm are 1/4 of the weight of 4mm. Many motors come supplied with 3.5mm so I now use them, but for motors only. For small motors I stick with 2mm. Don`t forget to use SN62 solder on these - if you can get it, or you may suffer from corrosion problems in the future.
Thread: Li-pos
10/03/2008 16:20:00

I have briefly used a Loong-Max 3s1p 1000 @ around 10A max. and it seems as good as any.

You may wish to try the Orion `E` for your leccy glider. You will probably req. a 1000 pack to get the CofG correct.

Thread: Pick a plane 2008
02/03/2008 15:34:00



Chipmonk, in that order.

Thread: Deadsticks!
24/02/2008 16:36:00
Remember that you must have the main mixture needle set for max. revs before you start to fiddle with the bottom end. The 2 1/2 turns is just a guide. When you have the idle set correctly the motor should snap open to full revs immediately.
20/02/2008 19:36:00
Hi Ernie, if your motor is anything like an OS you will need to gradually screw in the idle needle during the first hour or so of running because as the piston seal builds up the mixture draw will increase making it richer on idle. To test, allow it to idle for 30 sec then open the throttle slowly (about 2 sec). If it splutters and takes time to come up to full revs then it is too rich on idle. Screw in the needle 1/8 turn at a time if it is a twin needle carb, or out if it is an airbleed type such as a YS. If the motor stops immediately when opening quickly, then it is too lean on idle. We need to know the type of motor. If it is a YS and the above does not work, send it back. Also, if you are using a tuned pipe you will need to use an Enya No. 3 plug.
Thread: Spektrum DX6
09/02/2008 17:25:00
Thanks Timbo thats what I thought, but it seems strange to manufacture a set compatible with only one Rx. Using the car, I intend to do a full range check soon. The Tx knocks spots off the Futaba EX6 2.4 and from test flights today with two sets the system works faultlessly. I was dubious about the Spekky system but now look forward to one of the higher end sets when available.
Thread: Pick a plane 2008!
08/02/2008 23:44:00
Daniel, email me if you want a good Dalotel plan and Tony does not oblige.
Thread: What cars type and model do the aged flyers use to transport their models
08/02/2008 23:34:00
Bob, snap! I had the same and bought the same with similar results. Best car around for modellers despite what Clarkson says about it.
Thread: Spektrum DX6
08/02/2008 23:23:00
Does anyone know of a full range Rx which will work with a DX6?
Thread: Pick a plane 2008!
04/02/2008 21:25:00
Tom Pratt, if you want a small foamie Ultimate, try BRC Hobbies. Twelve quid! Martin.
26/01/2008 16:55:00

Superworm, I did not mean you - it was Don`s rubber jobs! Some may be into the kinky stuff, but not me!

P.S., come on everybody, you know you want a Mossie, so vote for it.

25/01/2008 22:36:00
I once had a 60 powered Warhawk and a Mitchel- they were both great models to fly.
25/01/2008 22:26:00
25/01/2008 19:43:00

Here is my 2p worth:

1/dH mosquito for 2x30 fs or electric.

2/Rutan Long EZ for i/c or electric. I have already published a 1/8 scale electric version of the Cozy but my 1/4 scale i/c one just refuses to unstick from grass!

3/ Stamp SV for 60fs.

I have previously had a S6B which was fantastic but you really need water. Also a Spiteful, which I still have from RCMW plans but the wing loading is excessive, similarly a Mew Gull which I would not part with but has been featured before. Please, not yet another Hurricane! Remember that these have to go on a  fairly small plan. I could supply plans for a 25-36 or 60 size Dalotel which is an easy to build and viceless aerobat if the mag. is interested. I have had at least seven of these in various sizes and would never tire of flying one. Maybe that could be my No.4 on Tony`s list?

Thread: Which Radio Gear????
18/01/2008 23:25:00
2.4 should as far as I know be like Bluetooth, ie. the lock codes are for all intents and puposes limitless, so any other equipment operating nearby should have no effect. Having said that, has anyone tried an airborne camera system in their model whilst using 2.4 radio?
Thread: Tony Nijhuis 63" Spit
10/01/2008 12:45:00
Yes, I have downsized from a YS63S to a YS53FZ since it was a little overpowered and I wanted to put the 63 back into another model. It also means that I can go down 1" in pitch which slows the landing approach considerably. I use a 13x5 Zinger wood. Martin.
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