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Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
21/04/2013 19:44:23

Flew them both again this weekend and after mixing in a whopping 16% opposite aileron to rudder the 44" will now knife edge quite well.

Problems with my o/d 62". I tried a reversal turn and it did a spectacular high speed stall despite being very smooth with the elevator. I have now removed most of the weight from the rear as the elevator trim was `hunting`, i.e. I could not find a happy setting, suggesting a rearward cg. This frightened me to death. I could not try it again today because I suspect a small fuel pipe leak since the YS did not have much tank pressure on landing. Easily sorted and hope to fly again soon.

19/04/2013 18:23:58

Luckily the oleos had a couple of M2 tapped holes. The covers are just two pieces of 1/32 ply laminated.

Have done this to the i.c. version as well using thin GRP laminated between two ply parts, but this was rather more difficult because I had to use the leg fixing screws to mount them. Hope to try these in the air again tomorrow.

18/04/2013 22:56:03


Fuzzy shot of it now with everything bar the exhausts which I too shall make from balsa.

The i.c. version has GRP exhausts and will post pics on that blog when the stickers are added.

18/04/2013 22:03:54

Ah, got it now on page 35 of that link. Thanks all.

18/04/2013 21:28:23

Excuse my ignorance, but does anyone know where the `AVTUR` stickers go on ZF446?

16/04/2013 22:17:04

Phil, I got my plastic spinners from Inwood but this was some time ago. I would expect that Perkins do an on line catalogue. Sometimes you can get blank spinners which you can (try to) cut yourself. Cannot remember where the listing on HK was and a shame that they seem to have got rid of the search facility.

15/04/2013 23:13:03


Don`t know about the quality, but Perkins do plastic three bladers which I have used. They may do 45mm. 6mm to 4 or 3mm adaptors are available from HobbyKing for ali spinners if you can wait that long.

15/04/2013 17:41:59

I had a discussion about theoretical speed versus actually measured on the forum recently whereas the theoretical maximum on the model in question was 80mph and the actual measured speed was 160; Ok, after a dive each time but as an average of six level flight runs. I tend to watch the shadow of a model over the flight patch and try to imagine it as a car passing by. In most cases it seems pretty quick.

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
09/04/2013 22:33:22

Nothing received. Please see my PM.


Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
07/04/2013 21:48:47

Thanks again for the accolades for mine. Just hope that I can keep them in one piece for long enough.

What I would like to know is how many are now completed and flown, how many are nearly there and how many actually intend to take thier`s to Greenacres? A poll perhaps Mr mod?

07/04/2013 20:17:56

Those schemes sure beat the hell out of mine. Well done guys.

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
07/04/2013 19:09:06

Thanks Colin.

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
07/04/2013 18:27:02

Flew the i.c. one today. Please see `Martin`s i.c. Tucano`. Also the electric one again, this time with a balanced and centred prop. Much better!

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
07/04/2013 18:18:01

It`s flown! A small issue with aileron trim to start with but this can be resolved by moving the flap trim. Only one flight because I like to check everything inside after the first fright of any model. The ailerons are very effective and a reduction of movement will be required. Power is more than adequate on the 63. Someone took a video of the landing, which was uneventful, but it was only on a phone cam and I have not received a copy as yet. I did not try anything much other than a couple of rolls and flew it round on quarter power just to get the feel. Some pics of the exhausts:

martins i.c tucano 042.jpg

martins i.c tucano 043.jpgmartins i.c tucano 044.jpg

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
05/04/2013 23:45:09

I shall put a couple of pics up tomorrow of the completed model (less decals) before I try to bend it. Itching now to get back in the air. Looking forward to seeing your version as well.

05/04/2013 23:24:35

Yes quite. My last but one message disappeared just as I was about to send so repeated it at the risk of it going in twice.

Any lull in this nasty wind may see the 62 version flying this weekend. It now sports dummy exhausts and Tim has promised a decal set for it.

05/04/2013 22:58:16

Point taken there Nig, most of mine have an u/c and I fly from grass.

05/04/2013 22:12:31

OK, disagree then but I have just had a look at some of my models, most of which have a soft balsa LE, and cannot find any dings. Not so the tail feathers which are much more prone to this. You may not like the cyano idea but try it at least on the TE where it works wonders on the very thin section.

05/04/2013 19:24:16

Whilst I can understand the concern of some newbies wishing to have some ding resistance to the LE it really is not necessary. Any built up or foam wing normally has a very soft balsa LE so that it is easily shaped and I have never heard of one having dowel or carbon added. If you decide that you must add hardness here then just run super thin cyano round the edges. Better still, avoid banging it against the car boot or a door frame!

01/04/2013 22:29:01

martins i.c tucano 039.jpg

martins i.c tucano 041.jpg

martins i.c tucano 040.jpg

Finally managed to save some pics of dressmaking pins through hinges although I had to use `edit` instead of the normal `view`. These are almost invisible and difficult to show in a simple photo.

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