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Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
03/03/2013 20:50:50

Nigel, if you can get anything like that I shall be your first customer. It was great for sticking on trim.

03/03/2013 20:06:35

Codename, that is for coating the outer surface prior to painting. At least, that is what I use it for.

03/03/2013 19:47:15

Phil, sorry to disagree, but Wickes works with heat on Litespan and I also use it as a heat activated contact adhesive sometimes when laminating thin balsa. I have many models built with this to prove it!

Thread: Any Quadcopter experts here?
03/03/2013 19:35:52

I am a BMFA examiner and can take people for a heli `A` test but how do I stand with these since they are quite different. I take mine to the field occasionally for a buzz but only when it is quiet and since I do not have a heli `A` myself then should I really do this?

03/03/2013 19:30:16

Since this is a relatively new aspect of the hobby I think that this would be a good idea. Tried a while ago to start a thread but not much response.

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
03/03/2013 19:15:46

Well, when I use Litespan, as I frequently do, I just dilute some Wickes Building Adhesive which works out at about 1% of the price. Most of these fancy named glues are no more than this stuff.

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
03/03/2013 18:59:29

With the awkward bits already done, the rest of the tail can be covered in minutes.

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
03/03/2013 18:21:13

In my opinion, do not ever coat balsa with PVA (balsa lock) apart from maybe concave and other difficult bits such as around a cowl since this will cause premature adhesion and you will probably end up with lots of air bubbles. It is just not necessary with Solarfilm and is really restricted to Litespan types which have no adhesive layer. Please see my postings today on `Martin`s i.c. Tucano` for some covering tips. I am using Solarfilm polyester here.

If you should ever try to remove Solarfilm you will find out just how well it sticks to balsa.

Thread: Martin's i.c. Tucano
03/03/2013 16:15:24

Back to covering. I did the rear end under the tail next just to make life easier. The main piece for one side is then cut well oversize and taped to the top.

First pic is just a size comparison of the two models. The next is how you trim around the canopy using a ruler taped on.

Trim to the hidden side of the ruler with a new blade. This edge can now be tacked on.

The film is now trimmed around the canopy rear edge and tacked with a cool iron. Sorry about the striplamp reflections.

The rest is tacked on then trimmed and sealed with a medium iron heat. The firewall and wingseat parts are pulled round, slitting if required. The piece around the fairing needs to be cut as you gradually peel back the main side piece. Seal all the edges using higher heat then work towards the centre to avoid air bubbles. The film must adhere to the balsa-not a smooth shiny surface so whatever you do, do not try to use a heatgun.

02/03/2013 22:52:36

Got your email Chris but even I do not have these pics any more on my camera or PC. Thanks very much for trying. I think that there were only about ten or so in the end and if anyone wants to know about the contents I can probably help out.


02/03/2013 22:22:26

A lightweight twill weave cloth is glassed over the waxed cowl then a heavy twill cloth on top of this and left to harden.

Much hammering and cursing later you should have a female mould as shown in an earlier pic. This is cleaned, filled as required, sanded and very well waxed ready to put the gel coat and the cloth on the inside, which is what I am doing right now so fingers crossed.

02/03/2013 22:08:34

Back to the build then. The u/c is checked for fit and operation.

The covering is started.

Fiddley bits are done around the tail. A ruler heated with the covering iron and pressed into a tight corner is the accepted way of doing this.

Canopy trim and some of the pin striping added along with the front upper covering. Not strictly in the normal order but will make life easier later.

Not sure if I am repeating myself here but this is what I am using to make the cowl.


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 27/05/2013 22:52:08

02/03/2013 19:14:40

Thanks for all your requested responses.

02/03/2013 19:08:46

I reached a stage where I could no longer store photos, and thinking that I had reached a limit decided to delete some to make way. Unbeknown to me it also deleted them from my posts.

02/03/2013 19:04:06

Hi Pete, thanks for your reply. The reason that I put this on a different blog was to separate it from the Hawes one which I have already covered.

02/03/2013 17:23:24

Besides losing a lot of pics from this blog it seems to have disappeared completely from `Build blogs and kit reviews`. If anyone can read this would they be so kind as to send a reply please before I waste any more time posting more pics which I now seem able to store again.

I have had no response from the moderators as yet. Why has this blog been deleted? Can it be restored please under the above heading?


27/02/2013 22:55:12

Well, only some of the latest pics of the cowl build and retract installation have downloaded so I will have to suspend this blog for a while until the problem is sorted out. No replies or suggestions from the mods as yet.

I have tried many times but the pics just seem to appear in `my photos` at random.

26/02/2013 23:06:52

I thought that I had reached a photo limit on the site so deleted a few albums. Did not realise that this would also delete them from this blog. Sorry. Any way that these can be recovered Mr mod?

The film is tacked on to each end then trimmed and ironed partially over the inner surface. I cannot show these pics since the site seems to have gone haywire.

The bottom and sides are added in one piece.

It is finally shrunk and sealed on with a hot setting.

26/02/2013 22:02:17

So some more covering.

The underbelly is pinned to the wing and shaped to match the fus. The wingbolt holes are marked and cut with a suitable sharpened tube.

I seem to have lost the rest of the pics in `my photos` for some reason so back in a bit.

Thread: 2013 Mass Build - general chat thread
26/02/2013 19:07:19

Mike, as mine was not built like that I do not know the positions of the snakes you are using but I have a couple of tips.

1, Before glueing push 16swg piano wire through them to keep them straight otherwise you will have slop in the linkage.

2, Ensure that you sand the outer parts of the snakes before applying epoxy or it will not stick.

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