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Thread: What is wrong with RTF?
19/10/2007 22:33:00
Don`t worry Gareth, we shall always be here to help with pleasure.
Thread: 3 blade props
19/10/2007 22:20:00
Shaun, thanks for that very interesting site. Not read all of it yet but must disagree with the tip shape bit so far from practical experience. Will peruse the whole thing later and it may enlighten me.
Thread: What is wrong with RTF?
19/10/2007 21:59:00
Going to open a can of worms here. If we all are rich enough to just buy any model we fancy, who will be left to design them?
Thread: What Glue DO You Use
19/10/2007 21:50:00
See earlier posts. It is basically pva but sets much more quickly and can be sanded easily on a soft balsa joins. OK for going over spot glued joins but does not stick to CA.
Thread: Futaba Futaba 6EX 2.4Ghz mode change from 2 to 1
18/10/2007 22:26:00
It is possible, have done it, but it took me an hour fiddling with a pair of tweezers to get the centring spring onto the other stick! The procedure is standard, just transfer the ratchet and spring from one stick to the other. Best of luck! (I still hate Futaba!). If you do not want the spring to ping across your workshop into oblivion, try putting the Tx in a large clear plastic bag and work with your hands inside it.
Thread: What is wrong with RTF?
18/10/2007 20:59:00
I don`t have problem with ARTF`ers, they have kept the nobby bouyant recently and I admit to owning two my self, but only because I could not have built the alterntive kit for anywhere near the price. I enjoy building as least as much as flying. My only concern is that time and again I have seen models scrapped for minor damage because either they were so weakly built that a repair was not possible or that the flyer just did not have a clue where to start. It cannot be a bad idea to at least try a simple build kit or whatever even if it takes you ages or you give up in despair. At least you will begin to appreciate the effort which goes into a model, and treat it with a lot more respect  for that effort.
Thread: solartex
17/10/2007 22:31:00
On tissue tears we just used to run a bead of balsa cement along the tear then when it set it would pull the tissue together making the repair almost invisible. You will be lucky to find anywhere selling it these days though. Liverpool Glue Company was where I bought the last lot, some time ago.
Thread: 3 blade props
17/10/2007 21:19:00

I try to be flexible in my approach to anything Myron.

Re the shape (props of course), I found that if the tips were rounded as per the wing tips of a model, the noise went back up by 3dBa. Square them up back to the original `Rev-up` shape and it went down again. Says something for the efficiency of CAP tips maybe.

17/10/2007 20:04:00
Tried that. Goes all wrinkly though.
Thread: Multiplex servos
17/10/2007 20:01:00
Do it just the same as for a retract servo, but this time there will be more than one involved. Have not tried this yet but you would need to use some ingenuity in order to common the red wires and still be able to unplug your servos. A lot of large models use a bespoke wiring harness to achieve this. As long as the brown /black and orange/white are commoned thoughout the system it will work, with the Rx pack only drawing a small current to power it. I have considered 6V for a large model I have nearly finished but looking at other reports I may stick with 4.8 or maybe 8.4 regulated to 5V using much heavier duty wiring than normal.
Thread: 3 blade props
17/10/2007 19:38:00
I used to use three bladers in competitions when we were strictly checked for noise at most events. The advantage is that the tips of the much smaller diameter prop run at a lower speed than a two blade and were therefore quieter, in fact 3dB down, i.e. half as noisy. The big disadvantage is that they are much less efficient. A 9 1/2" or less prop on a powerful 60 doing 14k+ produces a lot less thrust than an 11" two blade at the same revs. The generally much lower revving electric set up will not suffer the same fate because of the increase in prop efficiency at a lower speed. Explains why many models still tend to land like a bat out of hell when on idle. Anyone got a rule of thumb formula to convert two blade to three blade?
Thread: Multiplex servos
17/10/2007 00:18:00
Should not be a problem from my experience but presume the battery is AA NiMh from the capacity stated. NiCads would be able to supply a higher current possibly but are probably not necessary. Try deliberately stalling acouple of the servos to check that everything is still OK (not from a fully charged pack though). If you are concerned then a separate Rx pack of much lower capacity is always a good idea. You do not need a Multibox if you are capable of disconnecting the red wires from the servo plugs and commoning them together via a separate switch to the servo battery, otherwise stick with the commercial item. I currently run 4 digis/ 2retracts on a couple of models from 2000NiMh cells but realise that the number of flights is limited somewhat. I would not try 6V because your Rx may not like it.
Thread: 35mHz interference poser
16/10/2007 23:45:00
Can anyone who is well up on radio please try to answer this. At my local patch I found that under certain conditions I could not not use ch73 if someone else was on ch67. It caused a total lockout of my gear with all servos driving to one end even with the model in one hand, the Tx with full aerial in the other and the offending Tx with the aerial fully down. Which (JR) Tx/  model/ PCM, PPM, IPD, any Rx I cared to use made no difference. The offending Tx`s were probably Futaba, but that is beside the point. There is a gas pumping station a field or two away which I believe transmits telemetry information. This lasted for up to 10 secs at a time, mainly noticeable on Saturdays. A little unnerving when you are in the air at the time! For it to happen it seemed to require one or two other Tx`s to be in use at the same time on whatever other channels (not close ones). Needless to say I do not use ch73 now if anyone is there on 67, but otherwise it is OK. I am a radio coms. engineer, I know quite a bit about the causes of interference but I am blowed if I can anwer this one. All of the gear performs immaculately on any other channel.
Thread: Mode 1 or Mode2
16/10/2007 22:44:00
Christopher, ever tried flying on mode 2 after being brought up on the most natural mode? It is most wierd. I applaud anyone who can do a proper 8 point roll on mode 2. When I used to fly aerobatics the continental fliers were the main opposition and they all flew mode 1. It is a north/south divide thing though.
Thread: Futaba vs JR 2.4
16/10/2007 22:26:00
I am in no rush. Thanks Timbo.
Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lancaster
16/10/2007 22:23:00
Have nearly finished the 1/9 scale version and had the same problem aligning the wing/tail incidence. Spent a long time doing it and have recently had the use of a laser level to check it. Result- spot on! Worth borrowing or even buying one of these considering the total cost of the project.
Thread: Futaba vs JR 2.4
16/10/2007 20:29:00
Jan to Feb I am informed.
16/10/2007 19:14:00
Thanks for your comments gents, but I am really looking for a comparison between the two completely different systems, not the individual Tx`s. The 6EX is obviously a base set which is far below the spec of the equipment I normally fly, but the Spektrum is not high enough spec for what I want in the future, thinking more of a 12ch with all bells, whistles etc.
Thread: How local is your 'local flying field'?
16/10/2007 00:20:00
Ben and Stephen, all of my early flying from the age of 11 was done from Sutton Park, including mostly homebuilt single channel gear, around 1960! The flying site was wide open then, with virtually none of the gorse you have to contend with now. It was 3 miles away and I used to cycle there with a cardboard box strapped to my back containing the model. Great bunch of guys. I learned the hard way! I now live in Aylesbury and the excellent site is about a 10min drive.
Thread: Futaba vs JR 2.4
15/10/2007 23:34:00
Any comments on the best system to go for? I have a Futaba 6EX which performs immaculately but have heard that the JR/Spectrum system is experiencing long lock-outs in the USA. Want to buy a top range system when available but have previously preferred JR.
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