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Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
30/08/2019 20:33:22

When is that Bert? I intend to go to the RCME fly-in on 14th-15th, weather permitting.

Thread: CofG
30/08/2019 08:51:10

Nope, its not the prop Peter. Both engines like an 18x8, in this case a G-Sonic composite. I have also used wooden ones on both model versions.

Thread: OS 40 FP Mixture problem
29/08/2019 22:43:19

I have never had a problem with the old FP motors. Are you sure that you have opened or closed the slow running needle enough and not just closing the carb. too much to get a slow idle? If the motor starts to slow down on idle then it is too rich, v v if it speeds up after a few seconds it is too lean. You could also try a slightly cooler plug and use 10% nitro which will make the motor much less sensitive to settings.

When I restarted the hobby after an enforced lay off I stupidly bought an MDS 48 after reading the (then) glowing reports about them. The above fuel/plug combination totally sorted it.

Thread: CofG
29/08/2019 16:18:36

The 155 is now fitted but suffered from vibration on the test runs/flight which was traced to the motor fixing screws which have now been changed to M4`s as in the old Spit. The cg was readjusted back to as per plan and test flown today. I added a few clicks of down trim (not even noticeable on the ground) and it now flies much more happily for some reason. Maybe there was simply too much power for this lighter airframe before. Had to curtail it due to severe changes in the motor mixture but I think I have traced this to a small split in the filter line. Will try again when the wind is next down the strip.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
29/08/2019 15:19:13

We`ll talk you into it long before then Pete.

Thread: Broken servo arm screw
28/08/2019 17:07:28

Their slim wing servos of which I use a lot come with substantial arms, but the more normal shaped minis do not. They can often be interchanged.

27/08/2019 20:18:36

I now use lots of Corona servos Bob and have not as yet had a problem. Don`t be so heavy handed!

Thread: August Nationals 2019
27/08/2019 20:15:13

I agree that a later time of arrival could be published in case of delays. I did not see 17.30 anywhere. I also accept that it is up to the station commander to release his field when he sees fit and did not intend to blame either him or the BMFA, but we were all a bit hot under the collar by 18.30. Apologies.

Regarding attendance I would say that it was much quieter than usual with plenty of space to camp where you wished and no scrambling for a parking space near the trade tents. Maybe families pressurised their dads (grandads!) to take them to the coast instead due to the weather.

The traders get fewer and fewer alas, perhaps because the fees charged cannot balance the expected profit, especially if there was poor weather. In the 1970`s a lot of large shops pulled out due to this; a fact repeated at Sandown Park. There were noticeably less food vendors too, although the hog roast by the beer tent was something else.

The swap meet was enormous this year. Got exactly what I wanted and having an almost empty shopping list and seen a lot of good flying I beat a retreat before the heat set in again.

Thread: Broken servo arm screw
27/08/2019 19:29:59

I have several MG servos with shakeproof washers supplied but the easy answer is a dab of Evostick. Mending servos these days is a waste of time since they are generally so cheap to replace. Balance the cost of one against the rest of the model.

Thread: Fieseler Storch
27/08/2019 19:17:28

Got the fus. minus all wing fixings and cockpit done and ready for covering the initial parts and was looking forward to the videos of the wing construction, but alas they just jump to a completed wing so a waste of time.

The tail, elevators, fin and rudder may as well have been made from 1/4" sheet; at least this could be shaped a little instead of having very thick TE`s. After all, why use three parts when thirty will do. A bit like a dreaded Guillows kit where the c.a. weighs more than the wooden bits.

The wing has a drawing showing the rib positions but otherwise can be likened to a thousand part jigsaw puzzle without a picture to go by.

I bought six servos for the wing but when they arrived they were analogue MG, not my usual digis. Wondered why they were so cheap so got six slim wing servos which will make installation much simpler. Three of the others will be fine in the fus.

Now getting the ribs sorted out and ready for fitting after I have figured out what goes where and in which order.

Wish me luck.

Thread: August Nationals 2019
25/08/2019 16:46:03

Saw some flying and pretty much able to buy what I went for so decided to up sticks because it was just too hot to hang around.

The only gripe is, and I would appreciate an explanation from the BMFA, is why was I held in a queue until 18.30 since all full size flying had long finished? This spoiled it a bit for a lot of people.

Thread: Cutting holes in soft balsa
22/08/2019 19:28:41

I often use a sharpened ally tube but got a set of 10 assorted diamond tipped cutters on ebay from China for £4.19 post free. You need to use a pillar drill with them though. Brilliant on balsa and ply and are supposed to cut metal too but I have not tried. Cannot remember where I posted details on this forum.

Thread: Wot 4 xl so it's a OS 91 surpass or DLE 20 petrol......Thoughts and advice needed
22/08/2019 19:21:35

Don`t bother with petrol in my opinion. I have had more hassel/dead sticks with these than anything else. Stick a Laser 155 in it. Little noise, fit and forget, plenty of power.

Thread: Fieseler Storch
22/08/2019 11:22:50

Some pics of the fus. ready to start covering. Added the parts to fill in the voids as per the videos and changed the front a little by widening the gap to accept a small tank.

fieseler storch 010.jpg

fieseler storch 011.jpg

fieseler storch 012.jpg

Now looking at the tail, you can see a few glaring omissions regarding the laser cutting. I shall simply chop off the ears and glue the parts together.

fieseler storch 009.jpg

The videos show the guy covering this without the sheeting but this is quality light balsa so I shall use it.

18/08/2019 14:42:45

Now that I have the basic fus. structure together I realised that those T nuts should in fact be fitted from the underside since the u/c must bolt on from the inside! Much debonder required.

15/08/2019 21:32:59

Started to watch more of those videos and they are very informative indeed so far. Many possible pitfalls pointed out already and I am only on No. 6.

15/08/2019 20:16:45

Got one of those Hatori tubes Don, but the cowl is so shallow that even with other elbows I doubt if it could be fitted.

Anyway, that is a long way off to worry about just yet.

15/08/2019 16:55:42

God, he does stretch it out a bit. I notice that there is no comment on the wrong way up T nuts. Jumped from almost nothing to a nearly built fus.

Got my engine mount now and have worked out the thrust line details so all I have to do is build it!

No room in there for an internal silencer as far as I can see.

This could be a very long and tedious build.

14/08/2019 21:39:59

Thanks Colin, I shall have a look tomorrow.

14/08/2019 11:40:58

Just having a little look at this and trial fitting a few bits at the fus. front to see how well they fit while awaiting the engine mount. I put in the u/c T nuts then realised that these actually fit from underneath - the wrong way round so will probably need nuts and washers to prevent them from pulling out but can see no reason why I should not put the ply plate in the other way up.

The supplied i/c firewalls have a hole drilled and are centre marked for the right thrust offset. I shall need to work out just how far back the rear of the cowl should be. There is no indication of this in the pics. I can make balsa wedges to angle the firewall as required. Interesting that the electric version has no right thrust but mine certainly will.

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