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Thread: How to Paint Roundels
11/03/2020 16:34:51

Good idea of using segments to reduce waste, never thought of that.

11/03/2020 14:37:29 You can buy it by the metre and they go to the large shows. Don`t be tempted by their crafty cutter or the roundel tool. Waste of money.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
10/03/2020 19:08:50

I went to my local Tesco Extra yesterday and there was not a Paracetamol tablet, bar of soap, kitchen towel or a bog roll in sight. Visited Poundland and Aldi which had some so bought one pack of four from the latter since I am down to four rolls. I think I may survive for a while. What is the matter with people? It is not quite WW3 and if you don`t get it you will have no future immunity unless a vaccine comes out very soon.

Just waiting for a new model design to come out called Cov-19, Brexit etc.

Thread: How to Paint Roundels
10/03/2020 18:49:53

A much easier way is to use masking film and a compass cutter. I had to modify mine to cut the larger circles and you need to work out the various sizes for each colour.

I used to do roundels on layered paper but it does not take too well in damp conditions. It was fixed on with dried PVA then ironed to the surface.

Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
10/03/2020 18:37:02

You do not say if the Corona and TGY ones were of the same power/size. What do you expect if you leave a servo running for 30min? The power has to be dissipated with heat because there is nowhere else for it to go. Not a fair test at all.

The cases are not meant to be crash proof so if you keep on crashing then expect some gear damage too.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
10/03/2020 18:25:44

I have not yet sent my WW entry. Are we just going to call it Stampe Team? How many are going?

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 17:38:15

I could do with some of those too Geoff, but how do I tell my Silhouette to cut from them? At the moment I have to cut each individual colour from vinyl then stick one on top of the other which is a tad tedious. Being a thicky I would need step by step instructions please.

PM me for my email.

Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
09/03/2020 15:06:53

If ever tempted by GoTek servos then forget them. Just stopping the movement by hand can strip the gears.

Esky micros are another good bet if they are still available.

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 15:02:33

Now twiddling my thumbs again although not on sticks I am going to build the JP. Got the last available FMS fan on order from the place the Gnat one came from: a very reasonable price. Ordered a FMS 40A ESC from Banggood UK for £12. Just hope that it does not need some sort of programming card.

Useful to know that enlarging the cheat hole creates more thrust.

I have a 4Max 2600 which is the same size as a Zippy Compact 2200 except 1/2" longer so if the model requires nose weight I can use this.

After struggling with the covering film on the Concorde/Hunter/Gnat I may well go for tissue on this since I have a load of water based Ferrari red paint. It would make life a bit easier and I know how to get a good finish.

I shall order the canopy and intakes from TN this time rather than make my own.

Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
08/03/2020 18:31:00

+++ for Corona DMG ones. Very powerful and reliable and have the look of quality, with a large range available.

On larger stuff there is little to choose from standard sized Savox, metal or plastic, and Hitech 5485 carbonite geared ones. Metal gears will wear and cause slop eventually so I believe that most F3A fliers stick with suitable plastic ones.

Never had a problem with any of the above (yet) and due to SMT technology there is very little to vibrate apart any more. Some of the mini ones I use on i/c models do not even have rubber grommets.

Thread: Nano Tech Cels
08/03/2020 18:13:20

I have two Multistar 4s 1400`s which I have been using for years in my Organic e-slot glider for club comps. Two flights per pack each time then on storage until the next comp. Brilliant batteries which only get hammered for 30s per flight.

08/03/2020 16:47:28

Must be luck of the draw with these, but I shall not be buying any more. HK keep pushing them with their advertising special offers so I smell a rat.

08/03/2020 10:29:14

The couple of 2200mAh ones I bought puffed up badly after just one flight each with very light loading. A club mate, who only flies electric, had nine of them with a similar result, so draw your own conclusions. The little 240mAh do not seem to suffer from this.

I now generally use Zippy Compacts which are fine.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
07/03/2020 16:14:54

Nice looking model. Good idea using twin elevator servos and I have already decided on that if I build another in the range because trying to get a smooth operation with a `Y` either with or without tubes is well nigh impossible. I ended up with a 2.5kg servo on my Gnat.

I think that tissue/paint will not have added any weight.

06/03/2020 15:27:03

Extending the motor wires will not cause a problem as long as they are the correct gauge, I have done this a few times. Do not lengthen the battery leads.

Thread: Digital Servo Refreshing Rate, HELP needed
06/03/2020 15:19:49

Don`t run the servo for more than 1min on the tester. I have heard that people are complaining that they burn out after an hour or so!

Pretty standard cheapo servo which will do the job. Have one or two myself.

Thread: TN Folland Gnat
04/03/2020 14:09:47

Have now added some yellow trim to the canopy because mine looked rubbish. Still does.

I have found that by adding a little restriction to the outlet I can give it a bit of a turbine roar.


gnat 005.jpg

gnat 006.jpg

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 04/03/2020 14:26:17

Thread: TN Hunter Plus
04/03/2020 14:05:27

Looks better than mine Dave, great job.

Just added some trim to the canopy of my Gnat, but that is on a separate thread.

Thread: Are binding plugs all the same??
03/03/2020 18:33:57

In a nutshell I would say yes they are, i.e. JR, Spektrum, TGY, Orange etc.

Thread: TN Folland Gnat
03/03/2020 16:47:38

Got mine finished at last, a longer build than I anticipated. A problem point was that one of the the outer sides did not fit, despite being identical to the other. I should have given it more attention because it governs the tail position. The turtle deck kept splitting down the pencilled in centre line but I got it fitted OK eventually. I was in two minds as to whether to cover the wing before fitting and risk damaging it when sanding the upper intake parts but this worked out fine. The tail and fin plus any possible fus. parts were filmed before assembly.

I decided to add a rudder to make the model more versatile and intended to fit the servo under the deck but forgot, so it is just at the front of this with a 2mm carbon link rod.

Weight is 22oz with a 2200 Lipo or 23.5oz with a 4Max 2600. My stock of 2200`s are seriously below capacity due to neglect so may go with the latter after a test flight.


gnat 001.jpg

gnat 002.jpg

gnat 003.jpg

gnat 004.jpg

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