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Thread: The Ohmen
07/08/2019 14:46:54

Dean, just build it as per plan and it will be fine. I would assume that you will use two aileron channels so a cut out either side of centre will be the obvious thing to do. Fit the drawstrings before covering the wing.

07/08/2019 10:10:10

With the servos as far back as possible, just in front of the wing bolt plate, the battery on mine is more or less over the cg. This is with a 2200, but a 3000 will make it a tad nose heavy. Remember that the covering will move the cg rearwards.

Thread: servo repair
05/08/2019 11:36:09

No real need if you can find my album entitled 72" Spitfire, where there are a few of the gear mod.

05/08/2019 10:20:56

The units I modified are either Vailley or a HK copy, can`t remember which, 96deg. for a 1:5 Spit. but they fit my 1:6 fine. The 3mm servo rod conveniently screws straight on.

I always used to fit a separate retract battery but now only do so if not fitting ordinary electric ones since they have an auto shut off.

04/08/2019 22:10:49

I burnt out several Bluebird retract servos trying to get them to operate bomb doors. Fine until I started the motors. I should have checked that they were in the `no load` position both open and closed. I have used the system suggested by Cuban 8 above with great success, and my latest Spit. with these only has HS 5485 carbonite geared ones operating air units with the cylinders chopped off (lock up and down).

Thread: The Ohmen
02/08/2019 19:53:38

I have made these in the past but much simpler to buy a SLEC one. None too easy to position correctly which ever way you go.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
28/07/2019 22:54:53

Mine was the least powerful at W&W. I seem to remember 30cc petrols being the order of the day. Need a bit more for loops, and my Spit. was overpowered.

Thread: 2.5oz spinner on motor?
28/07/2019 19:16:26

No detrimental effect noticed with this set up.

28/07/2019 17:15:54

My 50cc powered 96" Hurricane has about 1kg of lead cast into the spinner would you believe. Very accurately set up with spirit levels whilst pouring in the molten metal. It has been flying for quite a number of years now, and so far there are no problems with the bearings. Great tickover!

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
28/07/2019 17:06:26

The JR switches were probably the best available but sadly no more. Futaba are very similar but most may be copies now. Twin batteries/switches are a good idea but when using these I now fit HK Failover ones which are identical to the eye wateringly priced Powerbox offerings. No problems with these as yet.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
28/07/2019 16:45:44

Just got the 180 in mine as a replacement for the 155 which is now in my new Spit. Not too bad a job after sawing off the front part of the engine bulkhead so that it could be replaced with a wider piece; even the cowl fits without the baffles fouling. Will try to strip the bubbled paint from the u/c fairings and generally tidy it up whilst it is disassembled.

28/07/2019 16:37:36

Don`t understand what you mean Steve. Can you perhaps post a pic of the part? Do you mean where the opposing wires meet, if so, I did not bother on mine.

Thread: The Ohmen
22/07/2019 17:19:10

As you can see from my pics I covered the fus. with metallic and painted the cowl over tissue and dope, by far the easiest way to do it. By the way, that looks like a very neat job.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 22/07/2019 17:20:35

Thread: CofG
21/07/2019 21:46:21

Hi Peter,

On this one I have used super light wheels which are unlikely to alter the cg measurably.

It is now definitely not the thrust line. The wing incidence should be as per plan. As I said, the laser is not that precise, indeed a click or two on the elevator trim could alter this reading considerably but it is a good guide.

Currently trying to modify a split mount to get the 155 in. Not easy.

Thread: Moon landing
21/07/2019 20:29:57

I have sat back and had a good laugh at you all once again. You are easily stirred up arn`t you. Keeps the forum alive. Must think of a new subject for next time that things get a bit quiet!

Thanks to all for the informative replies though.

21/07/2019 00:13:26

G.S., thanks for calling me a troll. I am only reporting what I saw when it supposedly happened.


That video looked quite good, maybe too good compared with the earlier transmissions. I was referring to the Apollo 11 lift off, not the later ones.

It only goes to confirm my suspicions that this lot was fabricated because they often forgot to put in the 2.5 sec delay between instruction/response/confirmation, especially towards the end when they were actually talking over each other.

I accept that many thousands of people were involved but it would only have taken a handful, suitably paid a few $m each to keep quiet and dupe them, as well as the rest of the world.

Kennedy said that it would happen before the end of the decade. The Yanks would have looked very foolish if they did not come up with something by then.

More brickbats expected!

Thread: CofG
20/07/2019 23:52:27

Hi Peter,

Measuring with a straight edge rather than the laser, the incidence is most likely accurate to the plan. I cannot really see me having been that far out here.

Thread: Stockpiling
20/07/2019 19:20:05

As I said Jon, unlike some others I am in no great rush for one but just please let me know when it is available. It is only for my old Spit. when I swap the motor to the Stampe.

Thread: Moon landing
20/07/2019 19:09:59

Some of you will no doubt remember that I put a thread on here a while ago regarding a theory that this was all done in Hollywood. Many hundreds of generally nasty replies from people calling me a lunatic etc.

I have watched most of the recent stuff on TV and was slowly coming round to believing that it actually happened until I saw one of the `take offs` again. A few sparks, no dust, no flame from the rocket and the camera tilted up with the craft, and please don`t tell me again that it was controlled from the Earth. Why did it stop when it did and not follow the craft up further?

Also, on the `landings`, we can hear every word said by the crew with a rocket motor inches below them.

NASA have recently admitted that a Mars mission would not be possible until they found a way to get through Earth`s radiation belt without frying the crew.

I rest my case.

Thread: Stockpiling
20/07/2019 18:38:21

The only plugs I use are Enya 3, OS 8 and OSF. Always best to buy these on ebay on a card of ten or so which works out at about £2.50 each. Genuine ones too.

As I see it, anyone buying a large quantity of every component in an engine must be hoping to assemble and sell them on. Tell them to `go away` Jon. We need the spares out here.

And by the way, I am now in the market for another 180 when you have one available, no rush.

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