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Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
20/11/2019 15:28:30

Jon, I have a pair of Eurokits air units, 90 degrees and ex Lanc. if you are interested. Same as the ones in my 1:5 Hurricane.

18/11/2019 14:59:12

Don`t blame you for stating as above Jon. I was just saying what worked for me on that motor but cannot recommend it. I did try this briefly on a 180 but it was a lousy pressed spinner and, shall we say, did not like it.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
17/11/2019 16:19:34

Mine turned out spot on 1" forward of the top wing TE with a 155. Changing to a 180 made no real difference in this respect. I just put the servos wherever they fitted best and the battery in front of the bottom wing, modern gear being light enough to make little difference. Covering is Solartex.

Thread: TN Concorde
16/11/2019 21:52:19

Thanks Alan, but it was the other side of the mains I was interested in. I think I now know how I shall make mine.

I avoided those MCR series units because the latest ones I bought would not work with certain Rx`s which only output a 3V pulse instead of the required 5V; older ones are fine. Also, I have found that because the geometry is hopelessly wrong, the nose legs twist on retraction causing them to foul.

16/11/2019 15:32:22

Here is my effort at the nose leg which seems to work quite well. When the wheels eventually arrive I shall probably make it a twin and can get on with the mains.

concorde 001.jpg

concorde 002.jpg

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/11/2019 20:52:42

Here is a pic. of my Hurricane spinner. 1.33kg.vailley hurricane.jpg

Thread: TN Concorde
15/11/2019 20:12:02

Hi, I am not at your stage yet but have the elevon servo mounts installed including the inner ones. The nose leg is being done but i found the opening to be too narrow so have modified it a bit. The steering is being done with fishing line and some piano wire to centre it I hope. Pics. to follow when I get the servo installed. Fingers crossed that it will work.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/11/2019 10:31:58

I have a 50cc petrol Hurricane. The 5" spinner was filled with lead, probably about a kg and over about 10 years of flying I have not noticed any problems. Great care was taken to ensure that it was perfectly level when pouring in the molten lead.

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
13/11/2019 10:17:53

curare 008.jpg

This is the sort of thing I usually employ. It puts no strain on the rudder or its hinges.

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
13/11/2019 09:04:09

Thanks Peter. My battery pack is miles from the intended esc position so when the wire arrives from HK EU I shall do some testing before making a decision.

12/11/2019 20:01:25

I shall not be attempting this design but am following your excellent build with interest. One question, do the battery leads to the esc`s need to be lengthened and do you propose to take any measures to prevent the latter from blowing up due to eddy currents (I think) in the extra wiring? The reason I ask is because one esc on my TN Mosquito failed on take off on the second flight despite low Z capacitors being added. Currently building the Concorde and Tony says that long wiring has never caused him a problem.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
08/11/2019 18:20:39

Why bother with a sprung u/c on a Stampe?

Thread: TN Concorde
06/11/2019 15:45:43

A quick question please if anyone can help before I make a mistake. As shown on the plan, are the jig tabs on R2 and R6 way too long or should the front packing piece be 12mm, not 9?

Thread: Gas engineers
04/11/2019 20:30:22

I now live in my 3rd house with a Baxi back boiler, (one was my parents` former house). It had to go in my second house but only because a wanted rid of the storage tanks in order to build a staircase to the loft. I installed a Ferolli combi one and my gas bill immediately doubled, but this may have been due to the (ex) Mrs. having unlimited hot water available! Most houses in my area have had these replaced at £3000+ and on enquiring about a replacement igniter unit was told that I stood no chance, but a quick google got one plus anything else I may need for it.

Thread: Soldering iron or flame torch
04/11/2019 20:10:19

Just get a cheap soldering station. The tip stays at the same temperature no matter what the job. I can easily solder 6swg wire with only a 3mm tip. Whatever you do, don`t even think about the lead free stuff.

Thread: TN Concorde
01/11/2019 09:53:55

Making a start on mine. I have a few of the retracts shown in the picture above and had already decided to use them. I like the novel nose wheel steering, and would appreciate a pic. of the other side of that main wheel since I shall also be making mine that way.

Progress is a bit slow producing my own kit of parts but all of the ply has been cut. I ran into a slight problem straight away in that in order to fit the Power Fun units the EN holes need to be cut over size meaning that they are now sloppy in the mounts, overcome by wrapping a strip of 1/64th" ply between the stiffening rings, the rear one of which is slightly fatter than the front. I have plenty of 250 micron acetate so will try this for the tubes, meaning an even larger hole in EN4.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
30/10/2019 15:51:25

Having seen the original in the flesh I built one when the plan came out, OS 25FX powered. As far as I know it still exists, having been passed around the club a bit.

As for the whereabouts now of the mag. and plan, they will be buried amongst the rest of my junk somewhere.

Construction is quite simple and should give you no problems. What is missing from your plan? It would take me forever to find what you want now, but come back if you are really stuck.

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
27/10/2019 19:40:31

Sounds just like the SLEC cut cnc pack for a 72" Spit. I built. Whatever the ribs were made from it was not what I would call lite ply.

Thread: Fieseler Storch
25/10/2019 19:35:32

Looks like you are onto a winner there with one that size Andy.

Mine is 2.38kg, about 5.16lb, rather more than they estimated as usual but should be fine.

I have left off the dangley bits as yet, also the tail supports because they would do nothing and just push the cg even more rearward. I have loads of laser cut bits left over and no clue as to what they were intended for.

A slight problem. Even though I thought that I had set everything up ready to go, when I came to final assembly and testing, the left LE and flaps went the wrong way and the travel was a mile out. Obviously my error and in future must do this before I have a celebratory beer.

TN Concorde plan is already on the building board for scrutiny: fans, esc`s and most of the wood to hand.

25/10/2019 15:20:19

After a disproportionate amount of effort I now have this thing as far as I intend to go before attempting to fly it.

I found it necessary to modify a great number of parts, mainly the control horns. I had to discard the supplied ones because they are nowhere near long enough and easily fall off anyway. You can see from the pics. that I needed to use a ball link on the tops of the ailerons because they cannot work if built as per plan. The holes in the centre parts of the hinges are far too large for 2mm bolts and caused lots of play so I bushed them with brass tubing - a long job. The tailwheel was discarded and substituted with a HK one.

Found that the Flying Legends example is in dark grey only so this suited me fine. The German crosses from HK are not scale but saved a lot of time.

The cg has turned out a tad rearwards with an empty tank but worth a try as it is. The motor has not been run for years so fingers crossed.

Some pics.

fieseler storch 018.jpg

fieseler storch 019.jpg

fieseler storch 020.jpg

fieseler storch 021.jpg

fieseler storch 022.jpg

fieseler storch 023.jpg

fieseler storch 025.jpg

fieseler storch 027.jpg

Lots of wiring for those nine channels.

fieseler storch 027.jpg

fieseler storch 026.jpg

The flaps in their various stages.

fieseler storch 028.jpg

fieseler storch 029.jpg

fieseler storch 030.jpg

Anyone still thinking of building one of these I would say forget about it, and if you already have the kit then try to flog it to some mug!

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