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Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
17/06/2020 14:20:32

Well, from Tony`s comments it looks like my 450-475gm is in order so I shall stop worrying. I shall carry out the same tests on my Gnat and enlarged Hunter.

Tried a test taxi with my Concorde the other day but although it ran for a few yards on the not as short as it could be grass it suddenly went round in circles, only to find that my fishing line steering had broken so a rethink needed. This needs to be held back on the ground for a fair time whilst the PF fans get up to speed. Not sure if using 10 wheels causes more or less friction with the grass.

Thread: Aeromaster
17/06/2020 14:07:03

My wire bender disappeared years ago and nowhere had the K&S in stock so I made one as per the video. 8g? No problem.

17/06/2020 09:09:15

Just for future reference it is worth googling `a method for bending music wire`. Instead of the wire being clamped, the end in the bender is allowed to slide and if done correctly will result in repeatable identical sets (well, it sort of worked for me).

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
16/06/2020 21:23:03

Further to my post above I have checked it on a 4Max 2600 at 70% charge. 475g thrust with the battery hatch fitted.

Model weighs 710g or 24oz with this.

16/06/2020 19:21:46

I said that I would test my Provost so here is how it did on a slightly discharged Zippy Compact 2200 3s, FMS fan and suspended on luggage scales:

Amps, settled down at 24.

Watts, about 240-250.

Thrust, 460g.

Battery hatch covered as much as I could. Watt meter disconnected and hatch cover fitted, thrust 450g.

What do you all reckon to this? Will it go? Cheat hole is 50x50mm.

Thread: Aeromaster
15/06/2020 21:58:53

Yes I am. I have used their small chequered red/white before but that is too small and did not realise that this stuff is so large. More on the way from Rapid R/C.

This is my effort; the upper which was done second is slightly better than the other. A devil to do and I would really like the ailerons to match up.

aeromaster 036.jpg

aeromaster 037.jpg

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
15/06/2020 18:00:00

After all these bad omens I shall have to recheck mine for thrust/ weight before venturing out with it.

Thread: Aeromaster
15/06/2020 17:06:00

Sorry, I thought that the blocks were to be all the way across the fus.

I have covered the bottom of the wings with black and white check which is a little larger than I expected but should be very visible. It suddenly dawned on me that I should have ordered rather more since there are two wings to do and the ailerons, elevators and tail will require quite a lot. Doh! The upper surfaces will be in red/white sunburst which may be a pain to do but should look good.

Thread: Difficult transition from stick to switch
14/06/2020 18:49:11

I may be a bit unconventional here but have been flying my e-slot Organic, glider drive motor, DSX9 gear on mode 1 for quite a few years, so this is the set up:

Mode switch towards me, thermal mode, elevator, ailerons neutral and flaps down 3mm.

Centre position, launch mode, elevator down trim, flaps neutral.

Switch away, full crow.

Only down side is that I have to open the throttle with my chin and with a rather overpowered model this can be hit and miss.

If landing into wind I switch to launch mode to get penetration then when just coming up to the landing spot bang in the crow.

I have the option of adding a bit of flap on a slider but only because the system would not allow me to disable it.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
13/06/2020 17:13:10

You will love flying that, chuck a bucket of water on the grass and it will go.

Long ago I had a 60 powered version as part of a team of six, a very easy model to fly although landing on water was a challenge. Four point rolls better than most aerobatic designs.

Mine met its demise when flying for a TV crew. Three of us were skimming the lake but they kept shouting "lower, lower" and I thought they meant me. Water is definitely as hard as concrete when you hit it.

Thread: Sc 30 four stroke
13/06/2020 15:29:52

Thanks, but I do not need any more models.

1/4 turn out is very close to not working at all like mine. When I get time I may well look at removing material here and there to see if I can get the needle tip further in.

Thread: Aeromaster
13/06/2020 15:24:32

I really cannot see any need for cross bracing at the moment because it all feels very solid when bolted up.

I have been working on the cowl to get the T nuts in position and the front to align with the crankshaft.

This has been more trouble than I envisaged because a lot of GRP had to be removed from one side to compensate for the right thrust; each time of trial fitting meant spot glueing the backplate in position, sanding some off, debonding it and trying again.

That Laser 80 is quite a lump so did a trial assembly now that the tail and fin are fitted. As expected, cg way forward but I could maybe fit the servos at the rear instead of my usual pull-pull/pushrod and that is without the u/c.

I need to fair in the fin next and am toying with the idea of covering the wings and tail to see how it affects things before I decide.

Are you actually going to use those huge blocks as shown on the plan? I have not seen tapped ply for over 40 years now since we all use T nuts on a ply plate? If so, then angle them to match the lower wing section.

Thread: Sc 30 four stroke
12/06/2020 17:16:39

I obviously have an out of spec. needle or jet but only just out because 1/2 to 3/4 turn is not a lot compared with most. I shall find a way of taming the beast. It would not really put me off getting another if the price was right.

Thread: Dangerous
11/06/2020 22:31:52

Not seen that thing before Peter.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
11/06/2020 21:15:13

Just had a peek at mine and those would fit maybe, but £48! they also do a 3s at 17mm deep for £37. Probably not too different to the Zippy 3300`s I have already and may think about getting some FMS or PowerFun fans, but there again my Concorde may not work out on its maiden so I would have those bits to hand.

Thread: Dangerous
11/06/2020 20:51:17

Jason, on every set I have had the trims work normally so I would have had no reason to check this pre flight since all controls would have already been set at neutral without using trims, not knowing that they could possibly be wrong on a FrSky.

I really like the strong radio link but the rest of it is just too complex for what I need; the alert `RSSI low` when the Tx is too close is also a bit disconcerting.

11/06/2020 19:02:39

Peter C,

On my s/w there are two places in which you can reverse a servo direction and I picked the wrong one which does not include trims. Very interesting test flight when putting in down trim made matters much worse.

Thread: Aeromaster
11/06/2020 18:41:55

Bit the bullet and drilled the holes a little at a time. Thankfully the (temporary) bolts aligned perfectly and the upper wing is in exactly the right place. Without the tail fitted I cannot as yet use my laser incidence meter to see if the upper wing is at 1 deg. less than the lower but packing can be added later as needed.

Best of luck making the struts. If you do not have a wire bender then google it where you should find an excellent video on how to make one which will allow you to set the length between bends accurately. I made one.

Tail end to fit next I expect, plus the cowl backplate fixings before I can add the u/c mount. Should be good fun.

aeromaster 033.jpg

aeromaster 034.jpg

aeromaster 035.jpg

11/06/2020 16:49:00

I have just finished my sewing and glued up the underside plates. Thought that I had all the struts aligned but they are not quite right and the wings are currently bolted/clamped on awaiting drilling the top one for the four bolts. Currently plucking up a bit of Dutch courage to do it. The top/bottom alignment looks fine, as is the distance between the left and right tips.

Thread: Dangerous
11/06/2020 16:37:02

`That said Martin` does indeed have a PCM9X2 with a DJT module but has yet to fly with it; also a FrSky Tx and half a dozen X8/D8 Rx`s but this is on the back burner now because it is far too easy to misprogram it, i.e., end up with reversed trims etc. He will stick mainly with the DSX9`s.

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