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Thread: CAA registration consulation
01/05/2019 19:19:50

For any of you who have not watched the above you tube video in full, I urge you to do so.

01/05/2019 18:51:12

And like I said earlier, refuse to register, also inform your club mates, 98% of whom will not have read any of this.

Thread: Aircraft grade Plywood?
01/05/2019 09:30:39

I beg to differ on the thicknesses. Lite ply is metric, birch is still generally imperial, although I once did a little repair work on a full size Stampe and the LE sheeting was 1mm aircraft grade birch. No different to the stuff we use except for the inflated price.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
30/04/2019 22:07:49

Regarding the above 40,000 `drone` users, this infers that the BBC appear to think that this is the current number of quadcopter operators currently in this country. How can we put them right on this? It would mean that nearly all BMFA members own one!

30/04/2019 19:45:51

What can they do about it if we all refuse to register? Nothing. Think about that. About time that we stood up to these jobsworths.

29/04/2019 09:52:31

When I heard about this latest fiasco via my club yesterday I duly filled out the consultation form.

They obviously do indeed know the difference between a model aircraft and a `drone` because it asks if you own one. I answered `no` because although I have some racers I am very unlikely to fly one again since our farmer banned them for some reason best known only to him.

I pointed out that the proportion of remote controlled `drones` versus model aircraft must be very small indeed.

I also queried the figure of 170,000 expected to sign up. Where did they get that from, worldwide numbers maybe?

Say for the sake of argument that there are 50 clubs registered with the BMFA, each having 100 members who would be forced to sign up or give up then 5000 registration fees would not generate the capital they wish for.

Other flyers would most likely not bother even if they knew about registration.

Come on BMFA, show them that you have teeth.

Thread: source for Hobby Eagle stabilisers
28/04/2019 13:51:47

Thanks Denis.

28/04/2019 09:51:47

I was considering getting a middle of the range one, but now not so sure since the pic shows just one aileron output; fat lot of good these days.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
22/04/2019 16:37:29

I watched a FunCub being flown yesterday and was suitably impressed. Good luck with it.

21/04/2019 22:40:51

Thanks for the comments.

I zoom the original around in the normal fashion but am getting used to this one bit by bit. Don`t want to take any chances because it is booked in to fly at WW.

I checked up on the full size cg and could not believe it. They state between 4ft and 4ft 8in aft of the LE and considering that the root chord is only 8ft 4in that is a very long way back. No wonder that the elevators are a bit sensitive on them.

Fitted a G-Sonic composite 18x8 prop to the 180 this time instead of my usual wooden ones and get a very slow idle with it. No need for full power even for a take off.

Thread: Radio, servo malfunction
21/04/2019 18:56:14

Not read all of this but I had a similar problem. Turned out to be the JR 591`s which will only work on 4.8V affecting the others. I was using 6V. I now use quite a few Corona servos on 6.6V LiFe packs with no problems.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/04/2019 18:45:08

Some pics of my latest much lighter version of my earlier TN Spitfire. More info on `Don`t just stand there, get one up!` under TN builders.

spitfire 72 049.jpg

spitfire 72 050.jpg

spitfire 72 051.jpg

spitfire 72 052.jpg

spitfire 72 053.jpg

spitfire 72 054.jpg

spitfire 72 055.jpg

spitfire 72 056.jpg

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
21/04/2019 18:30:03

Back to the field with it today and of course quite an audience. Found some correct servo horns which worked fine at home but, you guessed it, one leg would not go up properly and lock. Simple fix but not at the field maybe so I decided on another test flight without retracting the u/c.

I have added a lot more lead in the nose and moved the cg 1/2" forward, now 4" behind the LE. Very much better behaved in the air now. I did not try the flaps, just circled round a bit and made a very fast landing because there was zero wind. Interestingly the roll rate is much faster than my other one, despite the throws being the same.

Remembered to take the camera today so here are some pics which I shall also put on the new models thread.

spitfire 72 049.jpg

spitfire 72 050.jpg

spitfire 72 051.jpg

spitfire 72 052.jpg

spitfire 72 053.jpg

spitfire 72 054.jpg

spitfire 72 055.jpg

spitfire 72 056.jpg

Thread: The Ohmen
18/04/2019 17:27:37

You are correct of course Peter, but if the model in question is near enough anyway then this does not become too much of an issue.

I have only built one design, the Dalotel, which rarely needs electronic or manual correction. I am now on about my eighth one, between 48 and 78" spans. Still have three. Amazing since only one full size prototype was ever made.

The only other model I have which comes near to this is a Curare.

17/04/2019 22:22:26

No, but they do not have to wait and observe an error as we do.

As a former twice British F3A team member and British champion I would almost have given my right arm for the radios we have today. We had to keep tweaking various bits of the design to get things as near perfect as possible. Corrections became automatic reactions after many hours of practice. I can still do it but prefer to take the easy way out.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
17/04/2019 20:24:03

Thanks DD. The centre section of the wing is only 10.5" so I would not really expect this to have made that much difference, especially with 16oz of fuel on board. Projecting the tapered LE to the centre only seems to give a 1/4" gap. I was surprised that the nose did not try to dip on take off which is the case with my old one and others I have flown so this also points to a rearward cg.

Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me a bit. I wonder what the cg percentage of the chord is on the full size?

Thread: The Ohmen
17/04/2019 20:04:43

Percy, I would yes, it is worth doing. Maybe even 1" rake back.

Peter, it makes use of your computer gear and life easier. No more hit and miss.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
17/04/2019 15:52:55

No excuses any more because the weather was perfect today although a bit of wind would have been appreciated.

Promised pics but forgot the camera so here they aren`t.

Started with some taxiing around when an u/c leg half collapsed. It seems that the after market servo arm slipped on the splines somehow. Fixed it, tried to force it to fail which it would not so bit the bullet. Yikes! Talk about a bucking bronco. The slightest touch of up had it standing on its tail so I throttled back to just above idle when it and myself settled down a bit. Did a couple of circuits trying to lose height and went for a landing. This was very fast due to lack of wind plus I did not wish to stall it. The same leg failed again but no damage.

Back to the hangar to sort out the servo arms. Realised that I had forgotten to add 40% expo to the elevator but that would not have made it so sensitive. The cg is spot on to the plan at 4.5" behind the LE, but it is obviously way out. Thinking about this I reckon that because I have added a wing centre section it needs to be much further forward. Got to scrounge some lead from someone.

Thread: The Ohmen
17/04/2019 15:27:14

Tried it today and it will spin without any other changes. Still pushes to the u/c in KE, more so left than right so increased the rud/el mix. I tend to fly with the least possible throws so it would stand much more elevator on high rate. I am probably being a bit picky here since this really is a pleasant model to fly.

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
17/04/2019 09:39:53

Thanks, I shall try him.

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