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Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
17/04/2019 09:39:53

Thanks, I shall try him.

Thread: How do you buy your Balsa?
16/04/2019 09:36:30

I now mainly buy from BC since their stuff is superb. Tentatively tried by mail order and as has been stated you get exactly what you ask for. My latest creation was started at the beginning of November, the aim being to create a much lighter version of a previous model, so needing only the very lightest material I drove there to select my own. Made a day out on the coast to boot.

The nearest LMS is a 50 mile round trip. They have a very large selection of wood but because of the increased price I tend to only top up any shortages from there.

Don`t use much strip wood and having tried making my own decided that it was just not worth the effort.

Thread: The Ohmen
16/04/2019 09:14:46

I don`t think it is much to do with the elevators extending over the rudder since all of my aerobatic models and many others capable of aerobatics are built like that. The fin rake angle, if any, is however critical. Many other factors are at work here as well, just to make life more difficult.

15/04/2019 21:11:56

I have decided to try a mod. on the fin/rudder because application of rudder pushes the tail up, not down. This prevents mine from performing an upright spin (it will do inverted ones), also I have found it very noticeable on take off if using a lot of rudder, when the nose gets pushed down. What I have done is to angle the top of the fin rearwards by 3/4" to give it some rake back and make a new rudder, keeping the area of it the same. This worked on single channel models in years of yore so that they could be `buttoned up` by waggling the rudder just after launch. Just finished the mod. so will let you know soon if it works.


Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
13/04/2019 09:28:20

Got there eventually. I found another section in the manual which sort of explains it. Pressing the two keys together can get you to the pump volume (manual temp. setting) or to target temp. (auto setting). Hit and miss as to which of them shows apparently.

12/04/2019 21:02:19

Thanks Peter, I shall try again tomorrow.

12/04/2019 20:23:56

Hi Peter,

I have looked at every video that I can find on line already before I messed with it. Not done anything inadvertently. Before I try again, you say the top two buttons but what are yours labeled please because mine has a different layout for them? Do you mean OK and star?

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Registration
12/04/2019 19:34:33

Tried to post there a few times but the password I thought I had does not work. If I try to re register it just says that my email address is already in use. Where can I go from here?

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
12/04/2019 19:27:03

Got it installed today and tried a run. Scrolling through the options I came to ambient temperature; the next press of OK should be the target but it just goes straight to Hz which I assume is the frequency of the pump. Tried this many times with the same result. It rapidly heated the shed from 14 deg to 22 deg so I did a proper shut down. Tried to set the target temp. again but no luck. Any ideas out there?

P.S., no error codes.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 12/04/2019 19:27:50

11/04/2019 18:30:46

Having cleared a little of my shed I decided to have a look at mine and see if I could straighten it out. Don`t know about the base plate by hand as has been suggested, mine took a lot of beating with a big hammer and some thick metal plates plus bending with mole wrenches. The assembly clips now all fit after similar treatment.

After some searching on line I found some operation instructions for a not too dissimilar display so started to go through it. Suddenly the unit started up and went through the procedure, eventually giving out heat even though I had not set any temperatures. Panic now since I did not know how to stop it properly. I hit the on/off once without holding it down (as I now know you should) and after clouds of smoke it stopped. Happy that it seems to work I shall install it tomorrow.

One inclusion which puzzled me was a small plastic part with one end about 3/4" and a small hole at the other. My son informed me that it was an empty party popper. Some joker in the packing dept no doubt.

Thread: matt fuelproofer
09/04/2019 20:44:21

Sadolin PV67 is the same as Tuffkote. Don`t know for sure if it is only in gloss or not but a googling should tell you. Thin with cellulose for spraying. Comes in 1l cans.

Thread: Touche
08/04/2019 17:15:17

I use 6g wire with no loop. Gave up on those things years ago because a) I no longer have my wire bender and b) they just cause the legs to bend back on take off. Try it. No clamps on the ones I have, grub screws only.

08/04/2019 16:51:49

A slight correction to my previous post. Not flown this model for a couple of years and forgot that I changed the carb. back to an ST one, this time with no pressure regulator. Could not use this with a regulator since the main needle cannot not be closed down sufficiently. Surprisingly it draws fuel quite well on tank pressure alone. The spare motor is similarly equipped but has not as yet been run. Sorry if I mislead you.

As for retracts I have changed my two Dalotel ones to HK electric metal trunion types but these are very weak and need a 1/16th grp plate fitting over the top or they fracture easily. Don`t try the smaller and cheaper plastic trunion ones because the slightest side load breaks the tips of the cam.

08/04/2019 14:46:50

Hi Martyn,

Did you disassemble that Dynamix? If so, I wish you luck getting the spray bar back in the right place. They are very critical. Once got hold of a load of Webra carb. bits which should have made up several units but can only get one to work properly. The parts are often none interchangeable with sliders being of different thicknesses and they generally look as though they have been made by several different people in their bike sheds.

My Curare uses a ST61XRE with a Dynamix. Exactly the same as the one I put in my first Dalotel and did not even need a tweak during the nine years` life of the model. My spare identical motor just refuses to work but I have not tried it lately. All use a TK pressure regulator, not a pump. The one in the Curare was very finicky until I accidentally filled the tank with 20% nitro YS mix. Got to the field and put the correct straight fuel in it. Back to its old ways until I realised what I had done.

Retracts. You are injecting silicone oil into the units and the valve or are you not? They will leak like a sieve under engine vibration if you don`t.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
07/04/2019 18:26:22

Just another update. The model is now complete and ready to go. I intended to go to the field today but the weather was dull and lousy.

I applied silicone sealer to the wing seat but to my dismay the Sellotape masking pulled off some of the Diamond Glaze coating on the wing. Never happened before but easily solved.

At the last moment I decided to add a separate LiFe 1100 battery for the retracts. This gives me more peace of mind and only adds about 2oz to the weight.

Ran up the motor in the garden because I like annoying the neighbours on Sundays. Started instantly with no adjustment necessary other than the throttle low end servo travel.

Thread: Steerable nose wheel set up
07/04/2019 18:02:03

The only way I could get the cheap and nasty HK unit on my Hawk to fold forwards was to use two servos in front of it connected with wires.martin`s hawk 025.jpg

Not very pretty.

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
07/04/2019 17:46:18

After having to wait 45 days for the seller to respond I now have my money back and the damaged heater to boot. I have not tried to repair it as yet because the weather was turning much better. How wrong can you be. Electric heaters have needed to go full blast again lately.

Thread: Laser tank breather
04/04/2019 20:51:49

Mine is like that too. With fuel being drawn from the tank by the motor it cannot spill out, also the carb. needle aperture is so small that even with the motor stopped it is unlikely to happen, and if it did then the motor would be starved of fuel and stop.

spitfire 72 041.jpg

The bung is only there for transport.

Thread: A sticky glassing problem!
04/04/2019 20:42:27

Not that I had a sticky surface problem, but what I have done on my latest creation as before was to use 25gm cloth with the thinnest possible layer of resin (I tried the mini roller method this time), roughly sanded it down then several coats of `sanding sealer`, actually clear dope with lots of Johnson`s Baby Powder added, then a coat of Halfords` brush on grey primer, thinned and with more talc. Finally, after flatting, a coat of 20% clear dope unsanded to prevent the masking tape from lifting the base colour coat. A bit off thread but this is very light and quick to do. Found out the hard way.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
04/04/2019 19:43:27

Wondered what you meant!

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