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Thread: Drones Again........
22/09/2015 19:06:04

Almost as ridiculous as jumping to conclusions when somebody is trying to make a subtle point that generalisations are not helping and this thread is full of generalisations.

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22/09/2015 18:18:48

Assuming by "drone" the reference is camera platforms.......well if taking video's of the same field every time you fly is your bag, fair enough, it's a free country! Something tells me the majority wouldn't be so keen.....this highlights the problem of the common use of the word "drone" and the generalisations associated with it, the genre is more sophisticated than it's given credit for, to me a drone is something capable of autonomous flight, that could be fixed wing or Multi-rotor.

When somebody uses the term "drone", what are they actually talking about? FPV platforms, FPV racers, video and photography platforms, acro & 3D Multi-Rotors?......all quite different, some really well suited to clubs....some really not.

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22/09/2015 17:38:38
Posted by Flyer on 22/09/2015 13:52:17:

I think the problem is not so much as the term 'drone', but the lack of sensible use by the person operating. I would suggest that the majority of people purchasing the 'drones' do not realise that they need to confirm with the regulations put in place by the CAA. I think we are all worried that model flying may inadvertently fall under increased legislation (as per gun clubs etc) by the inconsiderate use by people who fly these things inappropriately.

The end users need to be brought into clubs etc to ensure that they are aware of the operating regulations. There is a place for all model aircraft (including drones), as long as they are used responsibly. In that sense, there are many club flyers who need to revise the BMFA handbook !!! as even a small trainer could cause a lot of damage.

If people are aware of their responsibilities, and they chose to ignore them, then by all means throw the book at them.

Just my two pennarth.

I think you will find it is the minority.....not the majority. As for traditional flying clubs, some are clearly hostile and the truth is, FPV racing aside, your average model aircraft club has nothing to offer the average "drone" flyer.

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22/09/2015 12:45:55
Posted by Bill_B on 21/09/2015 19:49:28:

Scott, bird strikes are a daily occurance worldwide and are an act of nature, however, engine manufactures are still required to certify their engines to withstand a certain amount of damage as a result. Without going over old ground ad nauseum, drones are a different kettle of fish. Any sized drone in the vicinity of a live airfield is a risk which is unacceptable and IMHO, unnecessary.

I have flown around airfields plenty of times (with permission) with a "drone".....but then I have flown lot's within active airfields with an RC model aircraft as well.....I am sure there are lot's of RC clubs who would take issue with the idea of them being classed as an "unacceptable risk".

21/09/2015 19:02:49

A bird strike is far, far, far more likely and a lot of these alleged incidents have either proven to be false or have never been substantiated.

Thread: Are Turnigy lipos any good?
30/06/2015 20:23:08

Ok, you guys win.....all "experts" clearly.

30/06/2015 17:42:44

You are comparing Turnigy to companies with a reputation for quality and quality assurance........a reputation they deserve....Turnigy has the mediocre overall reputation it deserves.

Turnigy is a's not a product.....the products are re-branded OEM and as somebody who has actually been involved in this OEM process......let's just say it is not to the same standard as Honda, JR, Stihl or Sony and I rather think they would be horrified at the implication.

Turnigy comes from more than one source, therefore it's theoretically possible that you would recieve 2 batteries manufactured in two different locations to two different standards......hardly Honda, Sony, etc is it?

Unless a distributor set's a certain standard....and regularly checks that standard when they distribute batteries, then it's inevitable there will be shortfalls if those factories are left to their own devices....and take it from me, HK do not operate the same standards of QA as many European distributors.


Edited By scott cuppello on 30/06/2015 17:43:39

30/06/2015 17:11:23
Posted by john stones 1 on 30/06/2015 15:06:43:

You can only say as you see and know from personal use Scott, Turnigy lipos are by a long long way the most commonly used at our club and very few are dissatisfied ?


P.S maybe we should start doing a club lottery smiley

I think my experience is based a little more than personal use.

30/06/2015 12:09:05

The ones I purchased last year are all in the bin suffering from high IR and are swollen. No doubt very soon people will start flocking to this thread with the usual "I have 30 orders and never had a problem" routine......well take it from somebody who knows for a fact and why....lack of QA and standardisation means that purchasing these things is a lottery.

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
21/06/2015 22:26:21
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 21/06/2015 20:09:25:

Hopefully you have all read about the "flying for all" initiative in the Yorkshire Coast Model Flyers club profile in the last edition of BMFA News. an excellent initiative that has been very successful. Find out more at **LINK**

Edited By Andy Symons - BMFA on 21/06/2015 20:25:32

That link has had 66 views!!!

21/06/2015 18:19:53

Sorry for the nonsense....distracted!

21/06/2015 18:19:16

My local club tried the ATC....unsurprisingly (for me) they were not I said, youngsters simply do not relate to aviation in the way we did.

I worked for a decade with youngsters in Motor Sport and there is plenty of interest and plenty of good kids, same can be said right not for plenty of hobbies and sports (so no point blaming smart phones and computer games).......the point is that none of these have the image issues that aermodelling has.

21/06/2015 13:42:46

What the "baby boomer" generation have in common with their now middle-aged offspring is growing up in a post war/cold war 20th century when aviation was the fastest developing technology, we were brought up on a national pride of the achievements of our aero industry & our airforce and a staple of war movies on Sunday afternoons.....but that is mere forward to the 21st century.

What would I expect a youngster to identify with, my 1/4 scale Tiger Moth or my 250 FPV Racers?....not a difficult one to answer really. Given some of the hostility I have recieved (and that is a middle aged bloke talking) for the latter from the some of the older modellers.....I'm getting down with the kids.....because it's a hobby and I just want to have fun......if that fun is held at an indoor meet or in local be it.

Some traditional clubs won't benefit from the fast growing new scenes (although some of the more progressive clubs are in on the act......good for them) and therefore the new blood that goes with it, not without a big shift in attitude.

Thread: lander electric retracts
06/02/2015 12:46:26

The smaller set's for the Cougar, etc, are good for the price, some people have complained of them stopping working without realising that you frequently need to adust servo end-points on the retract channel with e-retracts in order for them to operate reliably, other than that and keeping them clean and moisture free, nothing to worry about.

Thread: Black horse Fieseler Storch
28/10/2014 17:08:10

80w/lb on such a draggy airframe potentially offers little to no reserve in certain circumstances, personally I would be upping that figure, 100w/lb would offer peace of mind and using 8s should be achievable for around 62A for 1800w.......I always aim for around 60A or as close to 10c as possible with such conversions to achieve reasonable AUW, good flight times and decent battery life (based on the more common size of packs you would use for a model this size).

Thread: Is there a reliable method gluing canopies to balsa
31/07/2014 09:08:55

UHU Por and other foam glues (medium to thick) are brilliant for attaching plastic to wood.

25/07/2014 17:01:23

Told you he was one of the good guys!

Thread: Hobbyking delivery
23/07/2014 21:07:50

Word of warning, last week it seems German/Euro customs officers inspected ALL HK parcels with SCS and shipping invoices were check against actual web prices.....something I have never heard of before, lot's of people were pretty miffed due to the length of time this investigation took (parcels were held for around 8 days).

20/07/2014 07:56:45

Philip at PW is one of the good guys for sure.

Thread: Worst movie ever?
16/07/2014 16:36:01

Pearl Harbor.......Tora, Tora, Tora did it properly 30 years earlier without CGI, the insulting re-writing of history and worst of all, a pointless love story......must be the worst aerial warfare movie ever made.

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