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Thread: Delivery problems!
26/02/2013 21:10:46
Posted by Bearair on 26/02/2013 20:54:31:
Posted by John Privett on 26/02/2013 20:40:22:
Posted by Paul Marsh on 26/02/2013 20:15:03:

($ should be £, but their website is so screwed up - by still showing $$$'s)

The website may be poor in many respects, but as they bill you in US$ I don't think it unreasonable that the site shows $ prices. You can get an indication of the likely £ cost, but it's only an indication as the exchange rate is determined by your bank/card provider/paypal.

I have never ordered from Hking but i am very tempted by the Habicht Iwould I pay in dollars even though I would only buy from the UK warehouse?

We purchase in USD, most of the worlds trade is in USD, our margins are so small that the USD must be the currency used for re-sale as fluctuations between Sterling and USD can potentially wipe out any meagre profit.....however, you CAN ask the Website to show prices in Sterling.....however, these Sterling prices will always be "on the day" as fixing prices in Sterling would mean having to raise prices....may I point out that UK Customers can purchase from the UK, DE, NL & HK Warehouses.....therefore one currency makes even more sense taking this into consideration.

26/02/2013 20:56:01
Posted by Paul Marsh on 26/02/2013 19:53:41:

Ok fair enough. Still won't be ordering anymore HK stuff. Their loss, considering how much I spend on the hobby every year.

On the subject of paying the customs. I need the 17-digit number to pay the fee. Of course I don't have it, as it is probably on the slip, which I never received. According to Parcelforce it was ready for delivery on the 7th, but somehow did a world tour before being released from customs and going back again.

Already opened up a Paypal dispute, and won't conclude it until I actually have the parcel. Whenever/if that happens...indecision

Ok, Paul tell you what, send me your order purchase number via PM and I will investigate if your conspiracy theory is true, if we have sent you a model from Hong Kong despite a UK order, I will personally guarantee that not only will I apologise in public, we will also cancel the undelivered model and pay for it to be shipped back to HK AND send you a Sonic 64 from the UK Warehouse with a FREE battery, ok?

26/02/2013 16:13:53
Posted by Tony Smith 7 on 26/02/2013 11:56:43:

Posted by Paul Marsh on 25/02/2013 18:42:23:

Don't understand it, ordered from HK UK warehouse, still came from China, and normally don't get customs on it. Not going to order from Hobbyking again. Much more expensive than buying in this country. Surprised how they can stay in business, even though other people seemed happy.

So I'm paying £130 odd for a flying wing, where someone at Northwich had one for sale for £90 BNIB. and having to wait a month for it...

Not in a good mood.angry

If it were me I'd put a claim in for the costs. Your order should say "UK warehouse" on the item description, the P&P option should be the UK one. And you should be paying the UK price for the item which from memory is higher than the Hong Kong price. That is your proof that your order should have been delivered from within the UK. Of course if it shows ordered from Hong Kong then you don't really have a dispute.

Claim your duty back from Hobby King, raising a Paypal dispute if necessary.

Or you could cancel the order and refuse the shipment, Paypal claim again if necessary.

An order placed at the UK Warehouse is NEVER referred to Hong Kong.....the system will NOT allow this, if you recieve a product from the Hong Kong ordered it from the Hong Kong Warehouse......end of story.

Simple fact is, yes, it's an older website and may confuse sometime.....but.......there are big givaways as to where you are ordering from through the payment process......the user has a certain amount of responsibility for their own order....and there is a helpline if you are unsure.

Sorry, but the idea that this is our fault is stretching things to say the least, there is a location tab on the top left hand side of the main page, if you sign in then use this location tab and click on will ONLY see products available in the UK....I have pointed this out many times before.

Thread: Orange 3-axis Stabiliser V2
23/02/2013 10:19:22

There is a file marked "V2 Manual" it covers both versions, and should give you enough information to set this unit up, it certainly worked for me.

Downloadable instructions are common for e-tailers, it keeps costs down and offers a constant source for upgrades/revisions....things are changing, many people will learn how to set up planes, electronics, etc, via You-Tube, Forums, etc, thousands of our customers don't seem to have an issue with it.

22/02/2013 17:03:10

Please see files Tab on the product listing.....instructions and relevant information can be downloaded in seconds from that section.

21/02/2013 17:23:13

No, sorry if I was unclear....I am refering to the control surface reactions and making sure that they are the correct orientation in relation each axis, eg: Pick the tail up and make sure the elevator goes "up" and not "down" and so on.

The mounting of the unit itself should be pins front, although you can turn the unit through 180 degrees.....but remember this may reverse the reactions of control surfaces.....main thing to remember is this, it must be mounted in the same orientation used to set it up,

21/02/2013 15:50:25

I never had too much to do with the Orange Flight Stabilizer when I was in Hong Kong but I did set one up recently, few tips:

Watch the gains, the pots do little from zero to around 50-60%, then they get sensitive.

Unit must be secure and mounted as close to C of G as possible.

Wind up gains to maximum while checking orientation/direction of control surfaces, once you are happy that all the control surfaces are compensating in the right direction for pitch/roll/, wind them back to around 50%, fly/adjust, fly/adjust.....turn each pot by no more than around 1/16-1/8th of a turn at a time, note that roll (ailerons) is more sensitive than the others and will almost certainly need less adjustment.

To give you an idea, I ended up really happy with the unit (basically, you could not really tell a unit had been fitted, there was no over-compensation) with the roll pot at around 1 o'clock and the others at nearer 2 o'clock.

If the gains are too high you are heading for trouble and possibly burnt out servo's, crashes can occur from servo lock so it has to be gently does it while setting it up and pre-flights are an absolute must.

Edited By Scott Cuppello - HobbyKing on 21/02/2013 15:50:55

Thread: Delivery problems!
20/02/2013 09:57:12

This order was placed with the Hong King Warehouse, not the UK warehouse.....the OP may think differently but that is the plain simple fact of it I am afraid.

The tracking number generated will be there to see if the OP logs into his account, that tracking number can be used with both HK Post and Parcelforce........this model is sat in a depot waitng to be collected, I can't do this for the OP, I am always willing to help but some things I simply can not do.....please call your local Parcelforce depot.

19/02/2013 10:32:44

No, that is from Hong Kong.

19/02/2013 10:29:15

Ok Paul, sorry to see this but let's take a logical approach here.......Hobbyking did not try to deliver the plane....Parcelforce Parcelforce didn't post a card through the door......which is against there own policy I believe, however, you must surely have a tracking number so why not use that tracking number to a - Firstly check the delivery status on the Parcelforce website and failing that, b - Talk to your nearest Parcelforce depot and ask them to track it.......which is all CS can do except they are 9,000 miles and 8 hours difference away.

Thread: It may not be just HK that is changing things.
13/02/2013 18:43:57

I can't give out Supplier information with regard our Brands......we co-operate with many factories in Asia for production of a large number of our brands & products......but they are simply a tool to physically produce the product for us, we have in-house engineering, design and testing teams who oversee new products and concepts, some brands may have a brand manager.

Edited By Scott Cuppello - HobbyKing on 13/02/2013 18:44:37

Edited By Scott Cuppello - HobbyKing on 13/02/2013 18:45:16

13/02/2013 12:25:42

Orange is Orange......not a re-branded anything.....certainly not Frsky.

Thread: Hobby King Zlin 50 (70 size)
12/02/2013 18:55:53
Posted by jeff2wings on 11/02/2013 22:36:14:

Well Simon ,that's good to know , Chinese artf's are known for iffy c.o.g's LOL !laugh any way it's in the post so when its deliverd will post some pics of box contents smiley

I own one of these myself, it's flyable but a little nose-heavy at reccomended C of G.....I moved mine way back (always seem to) and never suffered a "moment"'s well behaved as previously mentioned.

Edited By Scott Cuppello - HobbyKing on 12/02/2013 18:56:12

Thread: It may not be just HK that is changing things.
12/02/2013 07:26:09
Posted by Pete B on 11/02/2013 19:22:22:
Posted by Scott Cuppello - HobbyKing on 11/02/2013 16:22:45:

Sorry Tony, I don't think it was clear at all, especially as we are named in the article according to the OP? If it was clear, I wouldn't be asking.

I don't see anything in the OP which could be conferred as a criticism of HK, Scott. If anything, the references to HK are complimentary.

Erfolg quoted a comment which has appeared in this month's magazine and he was disputing the writer's assertion that modellers get a much better service from UK model shops. I too have had poor service more often from UK sellers than from any overseas supplier, so I agree with Erfolg totally.

Bearing in mind that this copy would have been written some months earlier, it was likely that Hobbyking had not yet opened its UK branch, so the writer's information is out of date. I don't know his motive for adding the last part of the sentence, though...........disgust

The specific point Erfolg was making was to draw attention to the fact that fairly sophisticated models are now being sold as toys by non-modelling outlets through Amazon - which suggests that they be more likely to be bought by those who are unaware of the responsibilities and possible pitfalls associated with R/C models.

HK, GS and other direct sellers who have cut out the middle man really don't have anything to fear from Amazon sellers - you can beat them hands-down any day. On the other hand, every model sold from a bike shop is one less sold from a local model shop.

If I were a UK LMS or dealer at the end of the retail chain, I'd be beating on the door of Ripmax asking what they were thinking by supplying anyone who'll take the stock. On second thoughts, perhaps I wouldn't, as rocking the boat might just incur the disfavour of the middle man.........


Sorry, I have been taken out of context again.....I didn't think for one second the OP was criticising us! I am still waiting for an explanation however as to who is greedy and ignorant? All I said was that as we were mentioned in the original article as I understand it, then there is a strong inference.............sorry if I had not made myself clear.

11/02/2013 16:22:45

Sorry Tony, I don't think it was clear at all, especially as we are named in the article according to the OP? If it was clear, I wouldn't be asking.

Edited By Scott Cuppello - HobbyKing on 11/02/2013 16:24:41

11/02/2013 13:39:07
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 10/02/2013 13:21:03:

But the far more likely problem, the one that really causes me annoyance, is how many potential recruits to our hobby are we losing to the greed and ignorance of these people?

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 10/02/2013 13:29:50

I think It is perfectly clear to all that you are not a fan of ours & frankly all the anti-HK tosh I keep reading is largely predictable.....but can you explain to whom exactly the above statement refers please?

Thread: HobbyKing-Large Box ?
11/02/2013 10:00:30
Posted by PeD on 10/02/2013 21:37:14:

At last the "Eureka" moment. After many hours of 2 way telephonics was indulged in(actually 2 mins),calculators calculated, comptometers comptomted, the proverbial "penny" finally dropped.

Perhaps it was the way the "thread" question was worded, that no one else (nor HK rep) noticed. Much grovelling may have to ensue.

The Explanation

In the begining (not that begining) an item from HK (in this case a glider) is selected and along with other items is placed in the "cart". Now if you've been adding up the cost of these items as you go ie:$100/£100 total, as you switch to the next stage to select method of "postage" the actual price of the items has suddenly increased by appx £7 and the "large box" required appears.

Now to the uninitiated ie: "me" it would appear that this extra £7 is a charge for the "box", in fact it's the "postage" charge automatically added in to the original cart price.

Now in my defence (apart from age and being an OAP with a non understanding wife) I've never seen this arragement done before. It leads you too believe that on continuing on to the next screen having selected a payment option, a further "postage" costs will have been added.

Apologiese to all concerned for my misunderstanding of the purchasing system.

With regard to an outer box being added. I would have thought that in this day of our "Globals" freezing at any moment, the original packaging should be made adequate without having to "beef or horsemeat" it up, thus saving yet more waste on unwanted packaging.


PS. If after this debacle someone has any views on the Phoenix 2000 apart from an HK rep. much appreciated.

This is one of some many threads on this forum with a similar outcome.......I have to question the wisdom and more the point desire to start a negative thread before even starting to try and understand or resolve a problem......aplology accepted.....once again.

11/02/2013 09:56:38
Posted by Kelly on 10/02/2013 15:15:45:

Why did my Mustang arrive with a damaged canopy and minor crush damage ?

If the kits are packed in the box by a team in Honkong,is the damage due to possibly customs taking bits outand not putting them back properly?

eg the main U/C leg being packed inside the canopy on my Mustang causing creasing and scuff damage.

Have a look at my unboxing video on to see what I mean

It's not good to see this but put bluntly.....the Post Office, not Hobbyking damaged the parcel?! Did you take this up with CS?

10/02/2013 11:12:38

There is a point there......somewhere......but I don't get it, you blaming us for wrapping it too well now? So are we having a "they are wrapping it up too well" thread or a "it turned up damaged" thread?

Now, I can't speak for the girls that are packing this stuff in the UK but I think it's safe to assume that a global packing conspiracy which would have to involve the warehouse packing staff from the floor to management is a tad far feteched........even on here.

I have parcels sent to me sometimes by the UK Warehouse......including once a glider that had protective material all the way round it then was put into a larger box and it got here safe and sound.....that will do for me, no hassle with broken parts, if we charged you a small amount for the added security of this box ...........which you AGREED to when you purchased the model, after all, you could just hit the delete button at any would complain? If so, Well....I can't help you with see, we have responsibility to send out the model as securely wrapped as possible and as much as anything, damaged goods is in nobodys interest and is hardly the basis of commercial success for an e-commerce company.

So your self admitted conjecture is just that....easily explained and frankly with a bit of thought applied.....shouldn't have needed explaining.

08/02/2013 09:11:10 isn't.....any new kit we sell is taken to the main warehouse in Hong Kong where one of the supervisors packs the kit to a standard good enough for International shipping, add's dummy labels, etc, then weighs it......that weight and the box dimensions are given to the Product Team who input this data for the kit before it goes on do I know this? Because I have done it dozens and dozens of times myself......NOTHING is artificially added.

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